Asics Gel Kenun MX

Asics’ Gel Kenun MX running shoe has changed very little from the brand’s original Gel Kenun model. Its mesh upper and Solyte midsole still provide the same level of breathability and shock absorption that Asics’ fans have come to expect. While it is not a stability shoe, the Gel Kenun MX does come with the same stabilizing feature found on the previous model: Guidance Line technology placed on the outsole to correct underpronating feet. Some notable differences, however, are a much more durable rubber outsole and a unique range of color options. Buyers can choose from basic black and white to bright neon hues. While most reviewers are more than satisfied with this newer model, it isn’t without its drawbacks. Most notably, several reviewers are disappointed with how much narrower this shoe is than Asics’ other options, which can take away from the level of comfort and support it offers.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

-Durable outsole

-Comfortable yet corrective

-Unique color options

-Lightweight and breathable

-Relieves chronic foot pain


-Lacks toe cushioning

-Narrower fit than previous model

Key Features
The Gel Kenun MX is equipped with a highly durable rubber outsole, which reviewers say can hold up incredibly well even after consistent everyday use. Its wave-like pattern, which is also featured on its midsole, is what helps give the runner a more natural and flexible stride. Guidance Line technology, which runs from the heel all the way up to the forefoot, is also put in place to encourage a more natural stride for those with underpronation. Those who have gone on multiple long-distance runs are impressed with both its sturdiness and the freedom of movement that it allows.
The Gel Kenun MX features a Solyte midsole, which is much more lightweight than standard EVA foam material. In addition, it provides more cushioning and an added bounce. As the name suggests, it features a rearfoot Gel cushioning system for a surprisingly high level of shock absorption. While most reviewers are very happy with this feature, especially those who walk heel-first, others wish it was placed throughout the entire sole area. To provide further comfort, an Ortholite sockliner works to remove moisture and keep the foot cool and dry throughout the day.
The Gel Kenun MX features a seamlessly constructed upper, which eliminates any irritations that would be caused by seams and stitches. Its breathable mesh material wicks away sweat and greatly reduces foot odor, making this an ideal summer shoe for many buyers. An Ortholite lasting, as well as ComfortDry technology, make up the upper’s lining to provide added breathability and moisture wicking properties, just as it does for the shoe’s sockliner. Its streamlined look features Asics’ signature striped design on either side, and a traditional lacing system allows for a secure and more customized fit.
The average weight of a men’s Gel Kenun MX is 11.2 oz, while the average weight for the women’s model is 9.1 oz. Thought this appears to be on the heavier side when it comes to running shoes, due primarily to its stabilizing quality, reviewers are still highly impressed with how lightweight this model feels. Not only is this shoe incredibly easy to move around in throughout the day, it also provides just enough structure without feeling too weighed down. This makes it perfect for both long-distance runs and everyday activities.
The combination of knit, textile, and synthetic materials making up the Gel Kenun MX’s upper allow for a highly breathable wear. This mesh material is lined with a combination of Ortholite lasting and ComfortDry technology, which allows for unrestricted airflow and moisture wicking and reduces bacteria build-up. The shoe’s Ortholite sockliner draws away more moisture from the sole, keeping the runner dry and comfortable. Thanks to all of these features, many reviewers have noted how this model is the perfect go-to running shoe for the summertime.
For the most part, buyers are extremely satisfied with the Gel Kenun MX’s level of comfort. Its seamlessly constructed upper allows for less irritation throughout the day. The mesh material, combined with an Ortholite lasting and ComfortDry liner, provides a cool and breathable wear. As an added bonus, this model also allows for a custom insole to be used if need be. All of these features allow for maximum comfort throughout long distance runs or during a long day of errands. Even those with conditions such as plantar fasciitis have felt relief upon wearing these shoes. With all this said, several reviewers were not happy with how narrow this shoe’s fit is. Some have even recommended going up a size to get the proper fit.
For the most part, the style of the Gel Kenun MX is quite minimal. Its seamless, monochromatic upper features a traditional lacing system and Asics’ signature striped design on both sides. This model’s streamlined look makes it perfect for everyday wear, and it can even blend in with the buyer’s work uniform. What truly makes this model stand out is its unique color selections. Popular options are black and white, red and white, and grey paired with an opal green Rearfoot Gel cushioning. Another well-loved option is a bright neon shade that the company calls Limelight.
Many reviewers have noted that the GEL Kenun MX’s outsole is quite durable. Its strong rubber material holds up incredibly well to everyday walks on cement and concrete, making this an ideal shoe for long-distance runs. In addition, the Solyte midsole has proven to be much more cushiony and pliable than standard EVA foam, making it less likely to degrade over time. Though knit uppers are prone to wear and tear after a period of use, there is currently no online information about how sturdy the mesh material on this shoe is.
According to reviewers and critics alike, the Gel Kenun MX has proven to be an extremely protective running shoe. Its durable rubber outsole protects the runner from rough everyday terrains as well as sharp, penetrating objects. The Solyte midsole and Rearfoot Gel cushioning provide a higher level of cushioning and shock absorption than more standard materials, actively providing pain relief and preventing long-term injuries. In addition, the Ortholite lasting and sockliner work to remove moisture from the foot and keep germs at bay. Not only does this prevent horrible foot odor, it also prevents infections and irritations that come with excessive sweating.
Many reviewers have taken notice of how responsive the Gel Kenun MX’s midsole is. Its Solyte material combined with Rearfoot Gel cushioning provides a much higher level of cushioning and shock absorption than standard EVA foam. As a result, it is able to adjust and adapt better to different terrains and sudden changes in pace. The Ortholine material found in the shoe’s sockliner and inner lining also adapt quickly to rising temperatures by working quickly to remove moisture and allow for unrestricted airflow, ensuring greater comfort for the wearer. Finally, its outsole’s Guidance Line feature ensures a natural stride by correcting underpronation and allowing an easier weight transfer during runs.
It’s the Gel Kenun MX’s extremely supportive midsole and durable rubber outsole that make this shoe an excellent pick for both everyday wear and long-distance running. The Solyte midsole absorbs the impact better than standard materials, and the Rearfoot Gel cushioning ensures further comfort and pain relief. Finally, the durable outsole offers a sturdy and supportive base to keep the runner safely in motion for long periods of time. A frequent complaint, however, is that this shoe’s gel cushioning isn’t placed throughout the entire midsole. While the heel-to-toe stride is much more common, and most runners prefer added heel cushioning, some runners feel that added gel cushioning in the toe area would increase their comfort level and further reduce the likelihood of any injuries.
According to both reviews and product descriptions, the Gel Kenun MX is absolutely a road-running shoe. Its outsole is specifically designed to withstand heavy usage on concrete and cement, as well as provide a firm grip on these and other everyday terrains such as dirt or gravel. No reviewer has brought up using this shoe for heavier activities such as hiking or mud running, so it’s obviously best to put these aside and find another option if either of these are your workout of choice.
For a running shoe with several advanced features, the Gel Kenun MX is quite reasonably priced. The Asics website lists this shoe at $110, as do other online outlets such as Footlocker and Zappos. Though this seems costly to some buyers, especially those who had trouble finding their correct size, others considered it doable. Because this model is known to be very durable, and it can easily be paired with many outfits for a number of different activities, it’s easy to see why many consider these shoes to be more than worth their price tag.
Though there is no clear online information about how well this shoe performs in different types of weather, or how well its upper holds out in the rain, reviewers have stated that the Gel Kenun MX provides incredible traction on all common road surfaces. Its outsole’s wave-like tread pattern allows for not only a natural stride but also a sturdier grip on all everyday surfaces. Runners note that they feel secure and stabilized as they stay in motion for long periods of time.
While there is very little online information about how flexible the Gel Kenun MX is, the bulk of its materials suggest that it allows for a natural yet unrestricted stride. Its rubber outsole has proven to be extremely durable, yet its wave-like tread pattern ensures that the runner maintains their free movement. Its Solyte midsole has more pliability than standard EVA foam and it is better fit to move along with the foot’s natural motions. And it’s the shoe’s mesh upper, combined with Ortholite in the lasting and sockliner, that truly keep the runner feeling free. All of this allows the wearer to run and walk comfortably for long days out or extended jogging sessions.
As stated before, the Gel Kenun MX isn’t quite marketed as a stability shoe. That said, it does have one corrective feature that makes it attractive to those with minor foot conditions. Its outsole is equipped with Guidance Line technology, which consists only of a deep groove that runs from the heel all the way up to the midfoot. This feature corrects Underpronation by ensuring a smooth weight-transfer throughout each stride, thereby giving the runner the most natural range of motion possible. The shoe’s traditional lacing system further ensures a customized secure fit.
The Gel Kenun MX features the average running shoe heel-to-toe drop of 10mm, with a heel height of 23mm and a toe height of 13mm. These heights are only one millimeter more than the previous Gel Kenun model, making it another very slight difference. Runners typically prefer this drop height, as it provides much-needed heel support while still allowing for a natural stride.
Key Features
- Durable rubber outsole
- Corrective Guidance Line technology
- Solyte midsole gives more bounce and shock absorption
- Rearfoot Gel cushioning
- Ortholite sockliner for added breathability
- Mesh upper that provides breathability
- Ortholite lasting and ComfortDry liner for added airflow
- Unique range of color options
- Average price tag of $110
Bottom Line
A versatile running shoe with advanced cushioning and simple yet effective stability features, Asics’ Gel Kenun MX model is becoming a go-to running shoe for buyers of all kinds. Whether they need it for long shifts at work, a day full of errands, or long-distance running, consumers are learning that they can depend on this shoe when they really need it. Its durable outsole holds up to extensive usage. Its cushiony midsole keeps the runner supported and reduces the likelihood of long-term pain. And its mesh upper allows for a highly breathable wear that makes it the perfect fit for warm-weather activities. Reviewers have noticed, however, that many of Asics newer shoes are fitting much narrower than previous models, and this one is no exception. Should buyers decide to go up one size when purchasing this shoe, they could still make it a staple of theirs for a long time to come.
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