Asics Gel Exalt 3

The Asics Gel Exalt is now in its third design iteration and continues to be a sturdy, reasonably-priced option. It might not be the ultimate choice for those looking for long distance shoes, but it can be a good fit for those short to moderate runs and races. Asics continues to be a brand recommended by many podiatrists due to its thoughtful construction, which should result in feet that are both healthy and happy. This shoe offers a good design that includes innovative technology and good value with a classic look.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Reasonable pricing 
  • Generous toe box
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Will give you a smooth, cushioned ride
  • Cons
    • Not engineered for the longest runs
    • Might not excite those who crave flash and dazzle
    • Weight could be a factor
    • Key Features
      Whether you’re running on asphalt roads, concrete sidewalks, or gravel trails, the outsoles of your running shoes are going to take a beating, that’s truly where the rubber hits the road. Asics has considered all of this with its AHAR (ASICS High Abrasion Rubber) Technology, which will ward off premature wearing and sole breakdowns. The Gel Exalt benefits from this quality addition and you’ll enjoy the confidence produced by the excellent traction. The measurements are in standard sizes and the width is considered to be average, not excessively tight and binding nor overly loose. The shoe’s curvature should be a comfortable match as well for your foot’s natural shape.
      The star of the midsole is Asics’ SpEVA material, which combines the best features of sponge/foam and rubber ball material. The SPEVA blend will literally put more spring in your step, with a 20 percent improvement in rebound according to Asics’ testing results. The easier it is to break free of gravity and launch into your next stride, the less effort you will need to expand; it is as simple as that. That big boost of extra oomph will get your feet off the ground and into your next stride with less work and more energy.
      We’ve all experienced running shoes that rub us the wrong way, and a poorly-fitting upper can often be the culprit. No two pairs of feet are exactly the same, so it’s imperative to find running shoes that can take your special specs into account. The Asics Gel-Exalt 3 uppers’ flexibility ensures that they will conform nicely to your foot shape as you lace them up, and night runners will appreciate the reflective elements. Breathable mesh is abundant, with overlays stitched on. The padded tongue and generous toe box adds to your comfort and will reduce the risk of chafing.
      The Asics Gel Exalt weighs in at 10.7 oz. for the men’s model and 8.9 oz. for women’s. Asics accomplishes significant weight reduction by means of its Trusstic System Technology, which maintains the shoes’ structural integrity while simultaneously reducing overall weight. The Exalts certainly won’t be mistaken for ultralight running shoes, which can tip the scales at less than 7 oz. for men’s models, but they should be fine for runners not looking to PR on their next marathon.
      Running in chilly temps can be cool but becoming excessively hot is definitely not, especially where your feet are concerned. It’s hard to cool off a hotfoot when you’re running on blistering blacktop or pumping out the internal warmth while in the heat of a race, especially if poor shoe design is conspiring against you. You will appreciate the Exalt’s uppers, which feature breathable mesh that allow for necessary air flow. This will facilitate the desired two-way transmission of warmer air heading out and fresh air taking its place. Not only that, but the Asics Gel Exalts’ relatively broad toe box also contributes by providing more room for transfer of air in and out.
      The Asics Gel-Exalt women’s models are available in Blue/Mint/Flash Yellow and Silver/Pink Glow/Flash Coral, and the men’s versions come in Black/Silver/Racing Red and Silver/Black/Storm. Each model features the stripe design that is found on the sides of all Asics shoes. Asics is a well-respected, quality brand that you can wear with pride, whether they are gracing your feet while you run your daily errands or posing for pictures with your latest race finisher’s medal. In terms of the style, Asics really gives you the best of both worlds: a classic look and design and innovative technologies.
      The Gel Exalts are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association, which means that you can rest assured that these shoes won’t fall apart after a few trips around the track. A key contributor to the Exalts’ long-lasting quality is the AHAR technology that makes the outsoles durable and long-lasting. The Asics company traces its roots back to the 1940s and to the famous Onitsuka Tiger shoes. Forty years ago that pioneering running shoe company merged with two others to form the present firm, whose name is an acronym of the Latin phrase, "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body.” Like the firm itself, these shoes are built to last.
      Running surfaces run the gamut, with cracked roads, chipped sidewalks, and rocks and pebbles all out there posing potential hazards to your feet. Because of these and other dangers it is good to know that the Asics Gel Exalts have outsoles that are composed of a thick but flexible rubber that helps protect you from injury. Other factors to consider are the motor vehicles, bicycles, and even skateboarders who can compete with runners for the room on the road, which is why the Exalts have included reflective components in their uppers. These light-catchers will make you more visible for those low-light and nighttime runs. The Exalts boast solid construction that provides stability, which will protect your feet from hazards.
      This shoe includes Asics Rearfoot Gel Cushioning System. This shock-absorbing system soaks up the impact that accompanies your foot’s forceful contact with running surfaces. The Exalt 3 should not be confused with minimalistic shoes that can give you the impression of running barefoot, but they do have the 10-millimeter drop associated with other Asics models, so your range of motion won’t be limited. Their more-or-less standard weight should result in a typical level of responsiveness for most runners.
      Asics developed its DuoMax Support system, composed of high-density EVA material, to help overpronators. Placed in the midsole area, DuoMax increases the Exalts’ support, and the GEL cushioning produces a similar result through its effect on the rear area of the shoe. These advanced technologies will provide support for your everyday runs. If you need to wear orthotic devices due to flat feet or other structural issues, you’ll be glad to know that the Gel Exalt 3 has a sock liner that can be taken out. This will allow you to insert your devices and still have plenty of room for your feet to be comfortably positioned.
      The Asics Gel Exalt running shoes are developed for road use. They don’t have the heavy-duty grooves that you would want for more challenging terrain, and their sole material has been developed for the surfaces and temperature conditions that will be expected on asphalt, pavement, and concrete. Because of their durable construction and cushiony quality, they could be used for some limited, light off-road running surfaces or the well-graded dirt roads that you might find in the country. The Gel Exalts can be expected to perform more effectively in these conditions in comparison to flyweight, extreme racing shoes, but their relatively shallow and flatter lugs won’t be up to the task of serious trail, ice, or snow running.
      The saying goes that “you get what you pay for,” but sometimes what you’re “getting” has more to do with the running shoes’ fancy design, VIP endorsements, and over-the-top ad campaigns instead of what value the shoes themselves actually have to offer. The Asics Gel Exalt offers plenty of impressive and advanced features for the asking price. Rearfoot GEL Cushioning, DuoMax Support, SpEVA midsole material, Trusstic System Technology, and AHAR Outsole are all the result of years of research, innovation, and lab testing, and these technologies and the well-regarded Asics reputation form the foundation of the Exalt package. My search of online retail prices for this particular running shoe revealed costs ranging from $40 to $120, with the Gel Exalts is billed as a “low priced Asics” on at least one site.
      The Exalts’ sole is divided into nine sections; three in the heel area and six in the mid and front parts of the shoe. A central groove starts out wide in the back and then gradually tapers down as it approaches the front, before banging a hard turn toward the outer edge of the shoe. This design, combined with the Exalt’s moderate lugs, will provide sufficient traction for road use.
      The Exalt 3 has two horizontal flex grooves in the front part of the shoe, allowing it to flex in response to the changes in road and terrain beneath and, more importantly, in the flexing of your foot’s joints. If your foot joints can move more freely there is a greater likelihood of comfort and efficiency. However, this limited number of horizontal flex grooves paired with only a single vertical groove means that the Exalt 3’s flexibility is not in the same league as much “groovier” shoes such as the Nike Free Run.
      The Gel Exalt 3 is a neutral shoe, but the Asics DuoMax Support System endows them with significant stability. Another contributor to the shoe’s stability is the Trusstic System, which adds firmness to the outsole. This midfoot innovation links the front and back parts of the foot into a unit that is aligned with forwarding propulsion in mind.
      The Gel Exalt 3 has a drop of 10 mm which is an average drop and comfortable for most runners. Minimalist shoes might appeal to those intrigued by the purported benefits of barefoot running, while fans of the highly-cushioned Hoka One Ones and similar styles would fall into the maximalist camp. The Exalt 3, however, is aimed at a more traditional running experience.
      Key Features
      • AHAR (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) Technology precludes premature wearing
      • Endorsed by the American Podiatric Medical Association
      • Rearfoot Gel Cushioning System soaks up the impact
      • DuoMax Support System provides support and stability
      • Trusstic System Technology maintains structural integrity
      Bottom Line
      Asics is one of the few brands that are recommended by podiatrists, and this is due to their high-quality construction that should ultimately help reduce injuries. The Gel Exalt 3 is endowed with many cutting-edge technologies that have been researched and created to render a comfortable running experience. Those looking for a pioneering shoe that claims to reach a previously-unattainable running plateau will probably want to continue their quest elsewhere. The GEL Exalt isn’t the lightest in weight or flashiest in design, but then again it’s also far from being the most expensive. It is a durable and stable option that will be a good and wise choice for a wide variety of runners.
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      By Pete Miller
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