Asics Gel Excite 4

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Asics Gel Excite 4 Review Facts

These well-cushioned running shoes are ideal for low mileage runners. The Asics Gel Excite 4 are shoes that manage to provide comfort over any other feature. The Gel Cushioning System manages to bring remarkable shock absorption for softer landings and more efficient transitions. The upper from these shoes have been redesigned and it offers more breathability than the Gel Excite 3. The holes in the mesh upper are wider than before and the overlays are placed strategically for enhanced fit and better durability. These shoes are especially good for runners that prefer plush cushioning or runners looking for affordable recovery shoes.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Extended durability
  • Plush cushioning
  • Available in different width options
  • Affordable
  • Poor traction on wet surfaces
  • Take a while to break in
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  • I bought these for my husband who has a reconstructed foot, he has screws and plates. He has not been able to run since the surgery. After wearing these shoes on his 1st ever 10 mile run, he has no pain. I am thrilled. I do Marathons and he is wanting to do them with me and he has found a way to do so with these shoes.
  • These shoes support my low arches and my orthotics. They come up a bit higher in the back and support my heels well and I have good space even after my inserts.
  • My job entails me running back and forth constantly, literally, for 8 hours. These feel like camas for my feet. They break in real easy. These have really worked for my joint pain and they have really good durable tread on them. I have tried many other brands and these work the best in my opinion.
  • These shoes are great for runners and walkers. The mesh material on the top is very flexible and they are very durable, I had mine for over a year. They did have a slight rub in the heel to start but it has diminished with the break in. I would suggest getting good socks too so you do not have any issues with the rubbing.
  • All the Nike running shoes I have had gave me issues. This shoe fits my feet with so much more running support around ankle and in the arch. Wouldn't recommend these for wide feet however. They seem to be for normal to slender being that they hug the feet with cushion around the ankle and arch. Very very comfortable brand for running.
  • Thee have a great fit to them, are light and very comfortable on the feet. I went a half size up and they seem to be doing great. The soles could use a bit more cushion but I just added inserts. These have great absorbency when I run in them and I ave no residual pain.
  • I can’t really say how ugly these shoes are. However, they are extremely comfortable. I wear these for my 10+ hour shifts and my feet never get fatigued. They are really thick and clunky but comfortable.
  • These shoes are really comfortable. I realized after a couple wears the toe box was a bit tight. I ended up getting a stretcher for them and they fit great now. I like them a lot and they are a great color.
  • There was no break in time. These were very comfortable and light as well as fit to size, which was nice. I can feel the wind on my toes when I run and I like that these have eliminated all of my knee pain.They have great shock absorbency as well. I would highly recommend these to anyone needing a great pair of gym shoes!
  • Wearing these is very similar to wearing my old Noosa Tri-8’s. They are great for my distance runs and feel nice on my feet. The style on these is really nice too.
  • I always reorder thes show when my old one wears. This one felt snugger than I am used too but they ended up breaking in well. I always know when It is time to get another pair because the bottom treads start peeling apart.
  • Asics got my attention due to their ethical practices when in production. And they are comfortable and fit my narrow feet. I wouldn't suggest for people with wide feet. The give my toes a squeeze now and then but nothing terrible.
  • The really enjoy the cool mesh design on these and that they were true to size for me. I have complicated feet to fit and these were perfect. Very well made shoes.
  • They really cupped my narrow heel while allowing plenty of toe space. I have super narrow feet and I am not sure these shoes were made for wide feet. They fit snug around the whole foot. I would suggest wide footed people get at least a .5 size up.
  • I ordered these at a .5 size larger and I love them. I am prone to shin splints and my high arches cause pain in my heels and ankles if I do not get enough support. These have supported me perfect and I have no pain. These shoes are fantastic and fit great.
  • These shoes work great with my neutral foot. I also have high arches and they give good support. They are a bit narrower than the Gel Nimbus’ I usually purchase. All in all, a great an comfortable shoe.
  • These shoes are super durable, lasting ages it seems like. I only run about 4 miles a week but I wear them out as well. They are just really comfortable. You can purchase these in a wide and they are nice. I have a wide foot and do not have to order a size up when I order the wide size. Great jogging shoes.
  • These shoes haven't created the fatigue other brands have when I wear them. I wore these out of the box and used them for work and the gym and had no issues. They have really nice cushioning.
  • I am in love with how well supported these shoes are. They are great for standing and walking on concrete all day, that is what I use them for. They have a nice thick cushioning These shoes haven't put any extra pressure on my toes like some shoes. They are great.
  • I like to walk long distances and these being so light is what sold me. Then, the fact they were so freaking comfortable. They fit me like a glove and were very cushy. I loved the last model and these haven’t disappointed.
  • I like that these shoes are vegan made. I ended up buying a second gray pair for dressing up with. They are so comfortable and are really stylish. My other pair is for working out. They are a versatile shoe and always comfy.
  • These have helped me with ll my issues. My ankles no longer roll and creat knee pain. They have great arch support. One of my arches is higher and the shoe is so good I can make one shoe tighter and it adds more arch support. I wear these almost everyday, all day and the sole is still kicking butt. The are also really light. I really have no complaints for this shoe. Great job Asics.
  • I am really unhappy with these shoes. I need good shoes to work in, I am a nurse. Htse however after about 2 weeks of wear started squeaking horribly. I mean I had another pair and tried them and the same thing. I can't wear these to work because they are walking up patients. This is so annoying, you do not even know!
  • For one, I prefer the black bottoms. They are way easier to keep clean. Second, these are not like the last pair I bought of these. They seem to be way narrower. They were to tight in the toe area so I returned them.
  • I wore these one day and I had so much pain in my feet. I am on my feet all day. I would not recommend these shoes, they really do not provide any support.
  • If you are just lifting or doing a little walking, these are ok. But i tried these in my zumba class and they were not good at all. My feet hurt so bad. They are obviously not made for any sort of fast movement or laterals. I’d do better with no shoes at all.
  • There was no cushion or arch support for me. I tried to give them a bit of time to break in but, nope. It put a lot of pressure in the ball of my foot. I think this is just a horribly made shoe.
  • The heel started to come apart and fray on these. They were comfortable but didn't set well.
  • 2 decades I have been wearing Asics and loved them all. However, these, these were so bad. Everything hurt: hips,shins, ankles. Even replacing the insoles did no good. These are just really bad Asics.
  • After minimal wear, lie once a week, these have started to fall apart to a point they are not wearable. The toes are rubbing holes in the mesh. This is happening on both shoes.
  • These were a bit short to start. Then, they had no support and the cushioning was off. The insides felt flat. These were just bad quality and I am an Asics fan.
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The outsole of these shoes has a very flat design. The lugs are very shallow and the lug distribution is very uniform. Due to those characteristics, the outsole performs the best when running on flat and even surfaces. When running on wet surfaces, the traction can be compromised. These shoes feature an ASICS High Abrasion Rubber Plus (AHAR+) outsole. One that has been recognized for its durability. The AHAR+ component covers most of the surface of the outsole with the exemption of some areas in the forefoot. Those areas are covered with a Blown Rubber compound for enhanced grip and cushioning. The Flex Grooves provide good flexibly from the base of the shoe.


These shoes feature a SpEVA midsole from ASICS. That midsole unit covers the full length of the shoe providing lightweight protection and durability to the whole shoe. The SpEVA midsole manages to provide great cushioning and comfort to your underfoot. It is also known to provide more durability and cushioning than traditional EVA midsoles. In the rearfoot area, the shoes feature the Gel Cushioning System. It consists of a Gel unit (made of a silicone-like material) in the heel area of the shoe for better shock absorption and extra cushioning. The combination of both technologies in the midsole of the shoe makes the Excite 4 a very comfortable easy to ride shoe.


The upper of these shoes have been redesigned in order to provide better breathability, more durable structure and a better look. This time the mesh upper comes with wider holes that allow more air to come in and go out from the shoe for optimal perspiration and comfort. The new design of the overlays promotes a better fit for enhanced responsiveness and comfort. The stitched overlays come in different colors and are more durable than the ones used in the Excite 3. These shoes feature 3M reflective materials in the sides and back of the shoes for better visibility when running on lower light conditions. You can also find removable and really cushioned EVA sock liners inside the shoes for better comfort.


Despite the plush cushioning in the midsole area of the shoe and the AHAR+ outsole, these shoes maintain a low weight. For the men's version, they are 8.9oz and the average weight of the women’s shoe is 8.6 oz. Have in mind that the weight of the shoe depends on the size and width you get.


These shoes have been improved in order to provide better breathability. The redesigned upper mesh comes with wider holes to let the air get in easier and the moist to escape faster from the inside of the shoe. Most of the shoe is covered in that breathable mesh. The EVA sock liner the Gel Excite 4 feature provides good moisture management properties, so the excess of sweat in the shoe can get wicked away. These shoes will keep your feet cool and dry for longer, lowering the risk of getting blisters or uncomfortable hot spots due to excess of moisture.


These shoes are many runners favorites due to the plush cushioning they provide. Recognized as highly comfortable shoes, the Gel Excite 4 have been chosen by many as their recovery shoes. The Blown Rubber in the outsole, combined with the SpEVA midsole and the molded EVA sock liner, provide great cushioning and high energy return. The Gel Cushioning System is one of the best technologies from ASICS, it provides remarkable shock absorption generating very soft landings. These shoes come in different widths, so the comfort expands to different shapes of feet. From Normal to Extra Wide, these shoes can accommodate with comfort any kind of foot shape.



These shoes have the classic style of ASICS, they look very lightweight but powerful. The combination of colors and the stitched overlays gives them a very distinctive look. The big ASICS logos placed on both sides of the shoe are made with 3M reflective material designed to make you visible when running on dark conditions. You can find these shoes in a variety of colors, Lapis/Hot Pink/Safety Yellow, Black/White/Mint, Carbon/Silver/Black, Classic Blue/Silver/Black are some of the most popular combinations. The wide toe box makes them seem bigger than they really are.


As most of the running shoes from ASICS, these shoes have been designed to last for a longer. The outsole features the AHAR+ technology, one strategically placed in the areas of higher abrasion for enhanced durability. The SpEVA midsole claims to be more durable, flexible and lighter than the regular EVA midsoles from the brand. The redesign of the upper provides better structured and stitched overlays that bring durable structural stability to the shoes overall. The cushioning of the Gel Excite 4 last more than in other similar shoes, heavy runners can give a good use of these shoes. The padded collar and tongue also retain their shape for longer.


From the outsole to the upper, these shoes provide basic but very effective protection technologies. The most remarkable one is the Gel Cushioning System that makes sure to absorb the impacts of landing with precision and ease. The silicone-like material used in the unit makes possible to your knees and hips to have softer landings. The cushioning of the SpEVA midsole helps to convert the energy from the landings into more powerful take-offs. A toe cap is featured in these shoes. It will make sure to protect you from any debris you may find on the road. The upper provides a good fit and combined with the heel counter, they securely lock your foot in the right position preventing injuries.


The redesigned upper features stitched overlays located with precision in order to provide a sock-like feeling that makes the shoe very responsive to your moves from the top down. The fit and the flexibility these shoes provide make possible for it to adapt with ease to the movements you make while running. The SpEVA midsole and the Blown Carbon rubber compound in the outsole gives a bouncy feeling that translates into a smooth heel to toe transitions. The Gel Cushioning System in the heel area manages to absorb the impact from landings and helps creating more energetic toe offs. The traction of these shoes is very good when running on dry asphalt.


Thanks to the plush cushioning these shoes provide, they are able to support many shapes of feet. The high arch support in the midsole provides support not only for neutral runners, but underpronators as well. The shoes are not orthopedic shoes that can fix the supination, but are able to provide comfortable runs. The molded EVA sock liners are removable so you can put your custom made orthopedic insoles for better support. These shoes welcome heavy runners, the good and durable cushioning makes them better than similar shoes. The Gel Excite 4 have been recognized as good recovery shoes due to the support and comfort they can bring.


These shoes are made for taking you for comfortable short distance runs in the city. They perform their best on the road, so asphalt, running tracks, and some light gravel are the natural surfaces for these shoes. Perfect for taking them to gym training sessions and other indoor activities. If you like to walk long distances or you are looking for shoes for standing long periods of time these shoes will suit you very well.


One of the best pros of these shoes is that they are affordable. Just above the $100 USD line for the most affordable running shoes, we think they are worth to consider when looking for low-cost shoes. These shoes run about $120 USD. As they have been released a while ago, you can even find better deals online. The price of the shoes depends on the size but also on the width. Remember that they come in different widths. Regardless, these are a good deal.


The shallow lugs in the outsole and the very uniform lug pattern make these shoe not very versatile when it comes to running on different surfaces. They definitely do their best when running on asphalt, pavement, and track. The AHAR+ technology in the outsole provides extended durability and additional traction in the heel area of the shoe. The Blown Carbon rubber compound provides good grip in their forefoot area. The traction can be better, but it is not bad when sticking to road running. Be careful when running on wet surfaces, they do not do very well on those.


The Flex Grooves places along the midfoot and forefoot areas of the outsole manage to provide good flexibility to the shoe. The extra cushioning and padding make them feel less flexible than they really are. The SpEVA midsole is known to be very flexible in order to adapt to your movements and foot shape. They look bulky and they feel like that for a couple of runs. After those runs, you will be able to feel more flexibility from the shoes.


The padded collar and tongue, in combination with the heel counter, will lock your foot in the right position for extra stability. Those features manage to generate a good position for your feet, knees, and hips. The stitched overlays on the upper provide structural stability to the shoes and provide a sock-like feeling to your feet. The wide surface of the shoe generates a greater contact area for your foot to land in a more stable way. The SpEVA midsole and the molded EVA sock liner provide extra stability thanks to the adaptive cushioning.


The ASICS Gel Excite 4 has a 10 mm drop. This is a standard drop and promotes a cushioned heel strike with a very smooth transition for a more comfortable gait cycle. As mentioned above, these shoes are known to perform well as recovery shoes, especially for people that are used to a heel strike.
Key Features

Key Features

• SpEVA midsole
• AHAR+ outsole
• Gel Cushioning System
• Removable molded EVA sock liner
• Reflectivity in dark conditions
• Synthetic nylon mesh upper
• Blown Rubber compound in the outsole
Bottom line

Bottom line

The ASICS Gel Excite 4 is the favorite amongst many runners as low mileage and recovery shoes. The amazing cushioning they provide make any run, walk or wait standing up more comfortable than ever before. These shoes are equipped to absorb the impact of landings in a very efficient way thanks to the Gel Cushioning System unique from the brand. The upper was redesigned for better breathability and more responsive fit. You will not have to worry about blisters anymore, the optimal breathability of these shoes will keep your feet dry and cool for longer. The molded EVA sock liners are removable so you can use your own custom-made insoles in them. They provide good support for neutral runners and runners who underpronate. What are you waiting for, they are really good value for your money.