Asics Gel-Flux 5

Asics outdid themselves with the new Gel Flux 5. The new Gel Flux is completely unique from its predecessors with its new upper with fewer seams, more breathable materials, softer overlay, and new colors and styles.  They revamped the sole by giving it a new pattern, made it with different materials, and gave it a new structure to increase the stability. To top it all off, Asics launched this shoe at a much cheaper price than the Gel Flex 4 and the others that came before it. The use of the foam, gel, and stabilization plates in the midsole of this shoe makes it durable while running, but also makes it comfortable enough for longer runs. Asics offers this great, budget-friendly shoe to runners who may just be starting out and do not want to break the bank for an entry-level running shoe, for more experienced runners who seem to go through shoes like crazy and want a neutral shoe to help eat up some of their miles, or for those who just want a comfortable shoe to train in.

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Where to Buy
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Where to Buy
Road Runner Sports Link
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Pros & Cons
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Lightweight
  • Gel cushioning system
  • Extra Flexibility
  • Durable Traction
  • Responsive cushioning
  • Good Support
  • Low cost
  • Cons
    • Requires initial break-in¬†period
    • Sizes run small
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Asics Gel Flux 5 is fairly standard in regards to the way it's layed out. There is rubber that outlines the heel with some exposed foam underneath it to help keep the shoe lightweight. There are some more patches of rubber under the forefront of the shoe for increased durability and traction. Something, however, that is unique about the outsole is the 3D dimpled pattern that adds a little extra grip and makes the sole more aesthetically pleasing. Finally, Asics uses a high carbon rubber in the high wear and tear areas on the sole of the shoe to help improve the durability.
      As the name suggests, the Gel Flux 5's sole is made of what Asics calls a silicone-based gel. The gel is actually more of a dense rubber than actual gel, but it is gel-like. This is added to the sole of the shoe to help with the shock impact when landing. The cushioning, however, is more focused on the heel, so it is more beneficial to those runners who tend to land on their heels; therefore, if you tend to land on the forefront of your foot then the increased shock absorption might be lost to you. Other than the gel, the rest of the midsole is made from a mix of standard EVA foam and the same material used in rubber balls to give the shoes more of a rebound than if it was made from the EVA alone.
      Asics updated their upper design for the newest iteration of their Gel Flux, adding some style to their design to make the shoe more appealing to the masses. They made the toe box more breathable than the last model with mesh fabric that goes around the front of the shoe and around to the sides. Asics uses a fairly standard and simple lacing setup, allowing the laces to go through the reinforced section of the fabric upper, rather than adding plastic eyelets, to keep the weight down and to help keep the look cleaner. In addition, the shoes have a thick, padded tongue and a thicker collar for some added comfort.
      The Asics are classified as a lightweight running shoe, and they are fairly lightweight, however, there are lighter shoes on the market. It would make sense that the lighter the shoe the faster you will be able to run, so many runners are looking for something that weighs as little as possible while still being functional. Runners generally prefer their running shoes to weigh less than 10 ounces and there are a lot of shoes on the market that meets that criteria. The Gel Flux 5 comes just over that 10-ounce mark, weighing, on average, 10.7 ounces, still classifying them as lightweight.
      The upper of the Asics Gel Flux 5 is made of a breathable mesh upper to allow the runner's feet to breathe and stay cool while on the run. The toe box and the area around the front and sides of the shoe are made from the extremely breathable mesh fabric for increased airflow for the runner.
      Because of the gel cushioning midsole of the Gel Flux 5, these shoes are very cozy and pleasant to run in. There is more padding in the heel of these shoes than there is in the forefront making it better for those runners that strike on their heels; however, there is still plenty of cushioning on the forefront to make it pleasant for forefront strikers as well. Your feet will fall in love with each step while running on the silicone-based gel midsole of these shoes.
      Asics outdid themselves when it comes to the style of the Gel Flux 5. They made a major upgrade in comparison to their past Gel Flux models. Women can choose from: mid gray/white/opal green, blue/cantaloupe/peacoat, carbon/black/fuchsia, and blue print/soothing sea. Men also get four color options, getting to choose between black/silver/carbon, directoire blue/black/safety yellow, deep ocean/black, and carbon/black/cherry tomato.
      When Asics made the Gel Flux 5 they were definitely looking to make a shoe that was going to last. This is an all-around durable shoe, and with their use of spEVA foam, the dense rubber like gel, and the high abrasion rubber on the heel of the shoe, these a running shoes will last you a good long time.
      The Asics Gel Flux 5 does not offer a lot of protection for runners who over or under pronate, meaning that they roll their feet either inwards or outwards. These shoes are a neutral shoe so they do not have added extra support for some runners needs. Because these shoes are not for runners who over or under pronate, they will not do much to protect you from sore legs like other shoes might. These shoes do, however, offer good protection to the runner from the elements due to the amazing grip on the outsole. The runner will not have to worry about slipping due to poor traction while running in the rain or while running on different terrains.
      Asics built the Gel Flux 5 with what they call the guidance trusstic system. This is a plastic add-on to the midfoot section of the shoe to bolster the structural integrity and help support the pad of the foot, easing the tension on your muscles and tendons. The shoe also comes with an EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) sock liner that acts as an extra layer to keep your foot rested on a soft platform. You can either keep the sock liner in or take it out and replace it with a custom insert for added support. The shoe offers printed overlays on the upper to strengthen the side of the upper knit so it can hug your foot and keep it in place. This, combined with the traditional lacing system, works together to make sure the shoe stays snug and secure. Finally, the additional padding on the tongue and collar bring more cushion to your ankles, instep, and heels to prevent your foot from wobbling when they are in the shoe.
      The Asics Gel Flux 5 has amazing traction on the outsoles that will allow you to run in almost any terrain and in any weather. The shoes are made ideally for running on the road, tracks, or indoor on a treadmill; however, these can be worn while running in a wider variety of places. Many runners have reported that they can run comfortably with these shoes on many terrains, such as dirt trails, gravel roads, or grassy paths. Not only are these shoes made for running comfortably in different landscapes, but they are also a perfect shoe for those who just want something that will not kill their feet when they have to be on them all day for work.
      These shoes are very affordable in comparison to other running shoes. The MSRP for the shoes is only $80 which is a little cheaper than the previous iteration that had an MSRP of $100. However, as in anything else, you can find these cheaper online at different retailers. These are budget-friendly but are also a very well designed shoe that is built to last, so they are definitely worth the money.
      The outsole of the Asics Gel Flux 5 is made to give the runner superior traction while running. The heel of the outsole is designed with Asics high abrasion rubber to increase durability but to also give the runner better traction where they need it the most. In addition to the high abrasion rubber that outlines the heel, there is also more rubber patches beneath the forefront. The Gel Flux 5 also has a unique dimpled rubber pattern in the soles of the shoes to make them a little stronger and to give the runner even more of a grip. These shoes are fantastic for running in all different terrains, but also in many weather conditions and elevations. These shoes will help keep you from slipping when running in both wet and dry conditions, or whether you are running up or downhill. They just have an all-around amazing grip and fantastic traction.
      The Gel Flux 5 rank about average when it comes to flexibility. There isn't really anything that stands out either positively or negatively about these shoes when it comes to the flexibility. The DuraSponge outsole in the forefront is made from a blown abrasion resistant rubber that helps keep the shoe flexible while still maintaining durability and comfort. Asics also built the Gel Flux 5 with guidance lines that lead the foot towards a smoother gait transition, meaning it makes it easier for you to transition from running to walking, or vice versa.
      These shoes are a neutral shoe, not offering a lot in pronation control, so there is not a lot of stability to them. If you are a runner who needs help with pronation control and you want to give this shoe a try, you can replace the insole of them to give yourself some more support and increase the stability. However, if you are looking for something right out of the box then these are not the best stability option.
      The Asics Gel Flux 5 is a neutral shoe with a drop of 10 mm. This means that there is a 10 mm difference in height from the heel of the shoe to the forefront. The heel stack of these shoes is 29 mm and the forefront stack is 19 mm.

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      Key Features
      -Both rearfoot and forefoot Gel cushioning system for shock absorption and comfort
      -SpEVA midsole for increased energy return and responsiveness
      -Full-length guidance line that runs vertically in the midsole for improved gait efficiency
      -Guidance trusstic system as an added support system
      -Asics high abrasion rubber in the heel of the outsole for durability
      -DuraSponge outsole in the forefront for more responsive cushioning and better flexibility
      -Open mesh upper for maximum breathability
      Bottom Line
      If you are looking for a running shoe that is both affordable and functional then you have come to the right place. The Gel Flex 5 is a budget-friendly, well put together running shoe, that is built to last. Runners have said that the gel midsoles are very comfortable while running. The comfort mixed with the breathable mesh upper makes the shoe ideal for long distance marathon running or just an everyday training shoe. Asics outdid themselves with the newest iteration of their Gel Flux shoe giving it a complete makeover and improved almost every aspect of them. There is something for everyone in the Gel Flux 5.
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      By Jessica Brown
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