Asics FuzeX Lyte 2 Reviewed & Rated

As a footwear company, Asics has been steadily carving out their own niche among dedicated runners looking for a decent product that can provide durability and responsiveness. While they can’t offer the same impressive products or results as Nike, this humbler brand has done extraordinarily well working within the expectations of their dedicated fanbase of fitness fanatics. A fantastic example of this can be seen with Asics FuzeX Lyte 2, an incremental improvement over a model they released prior. With this version of the FuzeX Lyte, Asics made a few improvements to address concerns that customers had with the previous model. The result is an impressive performing accessory that makes for the perfect addition to a typical running session.

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Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight construction
  • Enhanced durability
  • Appealing colorways
  • Pronation support
  • Cons
    • Somewhat disappointing style
    • Uncomfortable tongue
    • Key Features
      The material that was used to construct the outsole of the Asics FuzeX Lite 2 is AHAR, short for Asics High-Abrasion Rubber. This synthetic compound was designed in-house for the explicit purpose of providing the greatest possible resilience to damage from heavy-duty running while also ensuring a decent degree of responsiveness. Certain areas of the shoe are coated with larger concentrations of this material in order to compensate for areas of high impact. Another interesting feature of this outsole is the fact that it is designed to encourage full-ground contact. In addition to ensuring a supportive ride, this aspect of its design provides greater stability for the runner that will allow them to safely and comfortably run at faster speeds.
      While the outsole may seem impressive with its AHAR technology, it’s the FuzeX Lite 2’s midsole that offers something truly unique. Asics combined the best attributes of gel and EVA foam to create Fuzegel, an entirely new and unique form of midsole cushioning that results in a surprisingly comfortable and lightweight experience. Aside from the fact that this material combines two fundamentally different components into one polymer, another impressive facet of its design is the way that it encourages a seamless transition from a rearfoot strike to a forefoot toe-off. This is yet another way that these Asics shoes manage to ensure high support for runners who may struggle with overpronation.
      The most noticeable difference between the previous FuzeX Lyte model and this one is its upper portion. Asics went with a different construction style and slightly different material to create the FuzeX Lyte 2’s upper, focusing on the familiar motif of lightweight comfort. The synthetic mesh that comprises the majority of its construction ensures that wearers will be able to continuously feel the cool air on their feet thanks to its excellent breathability, and the numerous perforations in the material that make this possible also ensures that the shoe weighs much less than prior models. Finally, the seamless construction style drastically reduces skin irritation for runners who dislike seams or stitches, although some customers have complained that the tongue of this shoe is still uncomfortable and will require constant adjusting.
      For any runners who already own the first model of the Asics FuzeX Lyte, it may be difficult to justify making the leap to this version. However, the biggest selling point that is likely to win these people over is the fact that these shoes weigh nearly an entire ounce less than the prior model, thanks to the impressive technology that went into this iteration. Thanks to the FuzeGel midsole and seamless mesh upper, these Asics running shoes weigh roughly 9 ounces for men’s sizes and 7 ½ ounces for women’s on average. There are certainly lighter shoes on the market, such as a considerable amount of products created by Nike, but they can’t offer the same blend of comfort, durability, and responsiveness that’s on display here.
      As previously mentioned, the perforated mesh fabric that comprises the Asics FuzeX Lyte 2’s upper is manufactured in a way that promotes high breathability. The numerous small holes are designed to let cool air in from outside of the shoe, where it can then circulate around the wearer’s feet and keep them dry. Hot air can then flow outside of the shoe, ensuring a constant cycle of fresh and cool air. Thanks to a combination of this upper construction and the lightweight design of the rest of the shoe, runners shouldn’t have to worry about their feet becoming uncomfortably warm or sweaty during a typical running session. However, these Asics shoes don’t come with any moisture wicking or resistance properties, so any situations where sweating or exposure to liquid is a concern should be avoided while these shoes are worn.
      When it comes to this shoe’s performance on the track or sidewalk, one of its most impressive aspects is its comfort. Thanks to the many impressive features baked into the design of the Asics FuzeX Lyte 2, runners can attack a wide variety of traditional running surfaces and feel exceptionally well-cushioned every step of the way. In all fairness, the cushioning present in this shoe isn’t as significant as one would find in something from New Balance or Skechers. However, it is significant and noticeable, with particular emphasis being placed on underfoot cushioning thanks to Asics’ FuzeGel midsole technology. Thanks to the seamless construction of these shoes upper, most of the comfort experienced on the top half is mostly focused around the avoidance of discomfort. However, the one unfortunate aspect of this shoe’s construction that doesn’t manage to avoid discomfort is its tongue, which a few customers have remarked can cause some discomfort and will likely need to be adjusted multiple times during a typical running session.
      Asics has a particular style that they have embraced and honed over the years. This style can’t quite be described as athleisure since it doesn’t really have any stylistic elements that allow them to look fashionable in a casual setting. They also aren’t strictly utilitarian or minimalist in the way that can often be observed among barefoot-style shoes or trail runners. Instead, Asics offers a visual aesthetic that is entirely it is own, resulting in a visually distinctive appearance that isn’t entirely unappealing. The choice between multiple colorways improves its stylistic versatility to a significant degree but its overall lack of fashion appeal holds it back from the same heights as brands like Adidas or Under Armour. In essence, the Asics FuzeX Lyte 2 look like decently fashionable running shoes and will only provide stylistic appeal in athletic environments for that reason.
      One of the reasons why so many runners and fitness enthusiasts seek out Asics products is for their above average durability. Over the years, this footwear brand has come to be known for offering decent resilience in the face of common running exercises; the FuzeX Lyte 2 is no exception to this rule. Runners have remarked in their online reviews that these shoes are able to withstand cumulative running lengths of hundreds of miles before needing to be replaced. This can be mostly attributed to clever design tricks, such as the emphasis on full-ground contact baked into the outsole, rather than to the strength of any particular material used in its construction. In fact, the move toward lighter materials for this version of the FuzeX Lyte resulted in a somewhat diminished durability according to individuals with experience using both models.
      Although these Asics running shoes weigh very little, they are still more than capable of providing adequate protection for the wearer’s feet. In particular, the outsole and midsole work together to provide both tangible protection for the underside of the foot against rough terrain and intangible protection by absorbing excess shock from repetitive ground impact. The outsole is especially helpful in regards to the latter form of protection since its design encourages a natural transition from the rear to the front of the foot when striking the ground. As a result, this is one of the best choices of running footwear for individuals who have issues with overpronation.
      The key to any running shoe’s responsiveness is its midsole. This is the one component of an article of footwear that has the greatest impact on its ability to respond quickly to a runner’s movements. The FuzeGel that was used for the Asics FuxeX Lyte 2’s midsole offers a decent measure of responsiveness thanks to the EVA foam portion of its construction. However, this particular material was made from a combination of EVA foam and gel cushioning, which means that it sacrifices responsiveness for higher cushion and lower weight. This tradeoff is compensated to a small degree by the design of this shoe’s outsole, which provides more responsiveness through facilitating a natural stride, but the end result is still somewhat less impressive than the traditional Asics product.
      Although the Asics FuzeX Lyte 2 is a bit of a downgrade from the previous model in terms of durability and responsiveness, one aspect of its design that is an upgrade has to do with support. Most of the new features that went into this shoe, as well as the older features that remained in this version, provide primary or secondary supportive benefits. For example, the way that this shoe’s AHAR outsole facilitates full-ground contact means that runners who struggle with gait abnormalities like overpronation will be well-compensated through its design. Additionally, the FuzeGel midsole provides a truly impressive level of underfoot support that can ward off common repetitive stress injuries such as shin splints or stress fractures.
      Asics designs running shoes that are intended for use only on traditional running surfaces. This means that the durability, protection, and traction provided by the FuzeX Lyte 2’s design is only guaranteed on surfaces commonly encountered during a casual running session. Some examples of appropriate terrain include a running track, a grassy field, a sidewalk, or an asphalt road. Some forms of non-technical running trails may be acceptable for wearers of these shoes but anything with a steep incline or populated with numerous obstacles and road hazards should be avoided. By no means will these shoes be able to handle the same stressors as a heavy-duty trail running shoe, no matter how secure and comfortable the wearer feels on these running surfaces.
      Unfortunately, the price for a pair of Asics FuzeX Lyte 2 running shoes tends to fluctuate wildly since it has ceased production. As a result, its price can be anywhere between $40 and $170 depending on the specific size and colorway. Versions of this product that are more prevalent and less popular will be on the lower end of the price spectrum but sizes and colorways that are rarer or more highly sought after will have a drastically inflated price. At its lowest prices, this product is an excellent choice for the cost. However, it is very difficult to justify paying more than $100 for these Asics running shoes, let along $170.
      So long as the wearer of these Asics running shoes sticks to appropriate running surfaces, traction will not be an issue that they need to deal with. The rubber that was used to design the FuzeX Lyte 2’s outsole will ensure a stable and consistent grip with most forms of casual running terrain without going overboard. As a result, wearers can comfortably engage in running exercises of varying speeds and intensities without experiencing any hindrance from a lack or abundance of underfoot grip. Something worth noting is the fact that these shoes prioritize a natural stride where the runner strikes the ground with their heel, makes full contact with the ground and then lifts the front of their foot to drive the next step forward. As a result of this design choice, any runner who tends to run in a different way may experience some discomfort or resistance.
      Since these shoes are much lighter and made from less material than some other running shoes on the market, the Asics FuzeX Lyte 2 is more flexible than the average pair of casual running footwear. Much of this can be attributed to the lightweight and highly perforated upper which works to provide breathability and comfort at the expense of additional cushioning or protection. The outsole is flexible as well, although the way in which it bends actually enhances its stability rather than detracts from it. It’s because of this fact that these Asics running shoes come across as an anomaly: they’re flexible without feeling unstable.
      Usually, footwear manufacturers have to strike a delicate balance between flexibility and stability when designing their running shoes. Too much of one and not enough of the other will inevitably lead to issues either in regards to comfort or control. Fortunately, Asics found a brilliant way to address this problem with the design of their AHAR outsole. Despite being made from a sturdy rubber material, this underfoot component encourages a small amount of flexibility so that the wearer performs a more naturalistic stride during a typical running session that ensures full contact with the ground. This provides the dual benefits of support for overpronation and exceptional stability, resulting in a technical marvel of a product.
      With about 8 millimeters of cushioning added to the heel of the midsole in comparison to the forefoot, the Asics FuzeX Lyte 2 has a heel drop that is about in line with most casual running shoes manufactured in recent years. This is a higher elevation than is commonly found in shoes that prioritize a more neutral stride, such as trail running shoes or minimalist barefoot-style runners. However, the peculiar outsole design of this product still allows it to provide support and stability for runners who prefer to run with a more neutral stride even while ensuring greater comfort for heel strikers. As a result, these are some of the most versatile pairs of running footwear on the market in its price range.
      Key Features

      • Asics High-Abrasion Rubber outsole

      • FuzeGel midsole made from gel and EVA foam

      • Perforated synthetic mesh upper for breathability

      • Somewhat uncomfortable tongue that may require adjustment

      • Lighter than average weight

      • Outsole prioritizes full-ground contact for stability and support

      • Fluctuating prices due to scarcity

      Bottom Line
      The Asics FuzeX Lyte 2 is not going to turn any heads in regards to its style. For that reason, runners who are looking for a pair of shoes that will also look good in casual settings will likely pass on this model in favor of something from a more well-known athleisure brand. However, hardcore runners and dedicated Asics customers will find a lot to love with this product. The way that its midsole and outsole combine to provide the perfect synthesis between flexibility and stability while also ensuring terrific pronation support has to be felt to be believed. Asics FuzeX Lyte 2 is a product well worth the cost of admission, provided you don’t try and purchase the rarest versions.
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