Adidas Cosmic 2 SL

Adidas unveiled the Cosmic 2 SL toward the end of 2017 and it has proven to be a successful model. There are a number of great features in this sneaker that appeal to the runner and every day Joe alike. The most notable feature of the Cosmic 2 SL is its style; this is a good-looking sneaker. The upper features a flexible mesh knit material that is on-point with today’s style while its silhouette is sleek and sophisticated. The non-marking Adiwear outsole provides just the right amount of grip and traction for a road running sneaker, but not too much so that it screams out that it is, indeed, a running sneaker. The cushioning provided by the shoe’s Cloudfoam insole is incredibly comfortable and supportive, while the removable Ortholite insole adds even more comfort. The upper will conform to almost any foot shape thanks to the included stretch of the mesh material and the heel counter will keep your foot from slipping out. All of these features combine to create an attractive sneaker at a price point that virtually anyone can afford. The Adidas Cosmic 2 SL really is a great all-around package for the neutral everyday runner or even for someone looking for a comfortable lifestyle sneaker. 

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Overall lightweight design
  • Stylish and great for every day or running
  • Extremely comfortable with their Cloudfoam midsole and Ortholite insole
  • Adiwear rubber outsole is durable and resistant to abrasion
  • Flexible mesh upper conforms well to a variety of foot shapes
  • Heel counter will keep the heel in place
  • Reinforced Eyelets for added durability of upper
  • Affordable price point
  • Removable Ortholite Insole
  • Cons
    • May run about a half size larger than normal
    • Some users complain that the non-marking sole makes a squeaking noise indoors
    • Key Features
      This lightweight running shoe features an outsole made from Adidas’ AdiWear rubber. This technological material is an extremely durable non-marking rubber designed to resist abrasion and provide excellent traction. It also possesses the ability to stretch and flex with the foot to allow for a great amount of natural movement throughout your run. Because it is non-marking, they are perfect to wear either indoors or out. The unilateral tread pattern is seen throughout the length of the outsole and is made up of dozens of rectangular different sized low profile lugs. There are also a good number of flex grooves placed throughout to add even more flexibility to the outsole of this sneaker.
      The Adidas Cosmic 2 SL features a Cloudfoam midsole which is an innovative material designed to deliver superior comfort and performance. Adidas engineered Cloudfoam to deliver cushioning and comfort even after hours of wear as well as to absorb shock. This shoe also features a removable Ortholite sockliner insert for added comfort and support. Ortholite is also a great weapon to fight against bacteria and odor that have a way of forming inside athletic sneakers. This insole can be removed and replaced with a customized orthotic insole if needed, but it is a great feature for anyone who does not have foot issues.
      The nearly seamless upper of the Cosmic 2 SL is made up of a 2-tone knit material that provides both comfort and breathability. It has a small amount of stretch to it so it will mold and adapt to each individual’s foot. This flexible material will help keep your foot snug and secure without being too constricting. Because it is entirely a flexible mesh material, the upper lends itself to being extremely lightweight and breathable. At the heel, you will find a semi-flexible yet firm plastic heel counter with a dip in the middle. This heel counter is designed to lock your heel in place while allowing the Achilles to move freely. The heel also boasts a pull tab at the top. Unlike many sneakers with a loop at the heel, the Cosmic 2 SL has a tab that is more of an extension of the upper to allow for easy on and off. At the base of the lacing system, you will see a synthetic mesh overlay which reinforces the eyelets for added durability of the upper. Both the tongue and the heel cup feature additional padding for added comfort.
      The Cosmic 2 SL’s Adiwear rubber outsole, Cloudfoam midsole, and knit upper combine to make a lightweight running shoe. This sneaker certainly won’t weigh your feet down and weighs in at 10.6 ounces.
      With a flexible mesh upper, the Cosmic 2 SL lends itself to a great amount of breathability. Airflow is made easy in and out of the shoe through the upper thus providing a cool and comfortable fit, even after hours of wear. The Ortholite insole also aids in breathability by effectively pulling moisture away from the foot.
      This shoe is a great option not only for working out at the gym or going for a run, but they are also excellent for everyday wear thanks to their tremendous level of comfort. The flexible knit mesh upper allows the shoe to mold to your foot easily and moves with you without constriction. Because the upper is nearly seamless in construction, you won’t feel any nagging irritation that can be caused by stitched seams. The Cloudfoam midsole and added Ortholite insole are very cushiony and provide ample comfort whether you are out for a run or out running errands. A large number of consumers have commented on how comfortable these shoes are to wear all day and that they do not make their feet hurt even after hours of wear.
      Not only is the Adidas Cosmic 2 SL a great shoe in terms of comfort and performance, but it is also aesthetically pleasing and hits many of the current trends style points. Currently, a popular shoe style is a knit upper and this sneaker fits that trend perfectly. Adidas’ well-known three stripes are tastefully emblazoned on both the lateral and medial sides of the upper, giving them a sleek look. These stripes are just a touch off in terms of color from the upper, making them a great outfit accessory if you wanted to wear them out with friends. Some of the colorways feature a shinier version of these stripes which is tasteful and attractive.
      The flexible yet protective Adiwear rubber outsole of the Cosmic 2 SL provides great durability against abrasion and is designed for long-term wear. The upper consists primarily of stretch-knit mesh material and is made to move with you so that helps in the durability department since the material won’t be pushed to its limits if it were without flexibility. Thanks to the added synthetic overlay to support the eyelets, the lacing system will stay intact without ripping. These features make the sneaker relatively durable, even though they are lightweight and made mainly of mesh.
      The Cosmic 2 SL will help protect you from ground debris thanks to the durable Adiwear rubber outsole. Although the sneakers do not boast an aggressive lug system, they are perfectly suitable to protect your feet during everyday wear, at the gym, or on a run. The mesh upper won’t protect you from severe underfoot and trail conditions however so they shouldn’t be worn trail running. If you happen to get caught in the rain, the mesh upper won’t keep your feet dry, but because these sneakers provide optimal airflow, your feet will at least dry out quickly.
      This sneaker boasts a Cloudfoam midsole which is not only amazingly cushioned and comfortable, but it also delivers a good amount of response as you walk or run. The EVA compound will absorb shock and spring back to its original shape and give you a little spring in your step. The Adiwear rubber outsole will help aid in responsiveness as well by helping you grip the ground with each step. These are not the most responsive sneaker out there, but they are great for the average neutral runner or even for everyday wear.
      The flexible mesh that makes up this shoes' upper provides a decent amount of support for your foot because it allows your foot to move naturally and gives you a more customized fit. Adidas’ three stripes on both the medial and lateral sides of the midfoot are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they will also help support your foot snugly and securely. The Ortholite insole will also help to fill in any negative space in the foot chamber and keep your foot supported. The plastic heel counter will lock your heel firmly in place while allowing your Achilles to move with ease. Cloudfoam material in the midsole adds cushioning and support to keep you comfortable throughout the day.
      The outsole of the Cosmic 2 SL is not loaded with aggressive lugs so these are not well-suited for off-road terrain. With a unilateral waffle-like design, the low-profile traction system is better suited for road running, treadmill running, gym usage, or even everyday wear.
      Adidas is a well-known brand name which, many times, comes with a larger price tag. However, the Cosmic 2 SL is a great neutral running shoe or everyday sneaker for a fraction of the price of many running shoes out there. There are many consumers who have remarked on how great of a value the Cosmic 2 SL is considering the quality of shoe that you get.
      The Adiwear rubber outsole is a highly durable non-marking material that is designed to provide excellent traction indoors or out. The small rectangular unilateral lugs will help keep you sure-footed whether you are in wet or dry conditions. A great feature about the Adiwear outsole is that it is non-marking so you won’t have to worry about your sneakers making pesky marks on the floors indoors, all while giving you great traction.
      These sneakers offer some excellent flexibility features starting with the outsole. The lightweight Adiwear rubber lends itself to a great amount of flexibility alone, but the flexibility of the outsole is increased with the help of the flex grooves that run the length of the shoe. A Cloudfoam midsole also adds to the sneaker’s flexibility because it is lightweight and responsive. Finally, the mesh upper is not only flexible alone thanks to the added stretch of the material, but because the upper is mostly seamless, it is not stiff at all. The culmination of all of these features combines to make a pretty flexible neutral running shoe.
      The Cosmic SL 2 is not marketed as a “Stability” running shoe, it is more of a neutral running shoe. They are well-suited for anyone who has a neutral gait but can but used if you tend to overpronate as well. They do not offer a ton of out-of-the-ordinary arch support so if you have arch concerns, you may need to add your own orthotic insole. These sneakers are fairly supportive and will keep your heel and foot secure, but they are not highly stabilizing shoes.
      These have a moderate drop of 10mm. This drop adds a little more support if you tend to be a heel striker but is good for any neutral runner.
      Key Features
      - Adiwear rubber non-marking outsole is highly durable and provides excellent traction
      - Cloudfoam Eva midsole is designed for long-term wear and exceptional cushioning and comfort
      - Removable Ortholite insole adds cushion, support, and helps prevent odor
      - Nearly seamless flexible knit upper is lightweight, comfortable, and breathable
      - Reinforced eyelets for added durability
      -Supportive heel cup will keep heel secure while allowing for natural Achilles movement
      Bottom Line
      Adidas’ second version of the Cosmic shoe model proves to be an excellent choice for the neutral runner or for someone looking for a comfortable lifestyle sneaker. They are cushioned, comfortable, breathable, flexible, and stylish: a great all-around package. If you are looking to rack up mileage or are on the hunt for the perfect training sneaker, then you may want to look for a shoe with more support and responsiveness features. However, if you are an everyday run-of-the-mill runner or want a sneaker to toss in your gym bag or even wear for a night out, then the Adidas Cosmic 2 SL just may be the shoe for you. Not to mention, they won’t hurt your wallet, so there really is no harm in at least giving them a try.
      Where to Buy
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