Asics Gel-Pursue 4

The Asics Gel-Pursue 4 is a neutral running shoe that offers cushioning, comfort, durability, responsiveness, and breathability at a fair, but not that cheap price. This new version of the Gel-Pursue family brings small changes all-around in order to take the whole running experience up a notch. While this is a model that will cause great satisfaction, it probably won’t knock you off your feet – unless you didn’t run in Asics shoes beforehand.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • DuraSponge + AHAR outsole
  • Responsive
  • FluidRide double foam midsole technology
  • Flexible, with smooth heel-to-toe transition
  • Gel Technology Cushioning System
  • Trusstic System Technology
  • Very comfortable
  • Good durability
  • Breathable
  • Great underfoot protection
  • Cons
    • Design doesn’t offer a lot of versatility
    • The price point doesn’t provide the shoe with a market advantage compared to other high-quality neutral shoes
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Asics Gel-Pursue 4 is made out of abrasion-resistant and durable blown rubber compound called DuraSponge. This outsole material protects the midsole from early wear and tear and ensures a comfy ride at the same time. The other type of rubber featured in the Pursue 4 outsole is the AHAR rubber – this is the same rubber used in car tire production, but it’s mixed with a reinforcing element that makes it suitable for running shoe outsoles. However, the AHAR rubber doesn’t translate to a tough, stiff material – as the name implies, it’s rather spongy and lightweight. In order to encourage a smooth heel-to-toe transition, the midsole incorporates the Guidance line which extends to the outsole as well. This long line separates the sole of the shoe vertically, increasing the DuraSponge and AHAR rubber flexibility.
      The midsole of the Pursue 4 is comprised of two different types of foam with help of the FluidRide technology. The first layer is made of FlyteFoam that provides good energy return and bounce in every stride, while the second layer is the SOLYTE foam that provides great cushioning and underfoot protection from the impact forces. While the SOLYTE is slightly more lightweight than the FlyteFoam foam, the main materials used in the midsole construction are both lightweight. For an even more cushioned experience, the midsole features the rearfoot and forefoot Gel Technology Cushioning System which attenuates shock and reduces the stress from ground impact. The high-quality midsole of the Asics Gel-Pursue 4 also features the brand’s famous Guidance Trusstic System Technology that offers a bit of control for mild-to-moderate overpronators, while the IGS technology links all of these midsole components together in one coherent piece.
      Aside from one strap that goes from midfoot to heel and offers some integral structure to the upper and an overlay that goes along the vamp and finishes at the eyelets, the rest of the upper features breathable and elastic mesh that provides a snug fit and reduces any hot spots. The upper also features the Heel Clutching System Technology that continues from the heel overlay and connects to the heel counter in order to increase stability and support. The lacing system is traditional and the eyelets are narrow and discreet, as with most Asics shoes. Inside the shoe is a removable ComforDry sockliner that provides an additional layer of cushioning as well as a healthy shoe box environment.
      The men’s half-pair weighs 11.1oz or 315g while the women’s is expectedly lighter at 8.8oz and 249g. This is a minor increase from the previous men’s version, while the women’s version stayed at the same weight, due to the gender-specific cushioning of this running shoe.
      With the upper that is around 80% mesh with just a couple of seamless overlays, the Asics Gel-Pursue is a well-ventilated shoe that won’t irritate your foot, cause blisters or any kind of irritation caused by sweating and overheating of the feet. Given the mesh upper that isn’t too dense, this shoe is a great choice for spring and summer months, while the breeziness it allows might cause your feet to get too cold in the winter months.
      There weren’t any issues or complaints when it comes to the Pursue 4’s comfort. With the double-foam midsole and sockliner, paired with the stretchy and flexible mesh in the upper, there isn’t much room left for discomfort when running in this neutral shoe. The Pursue 4 is available in standard lengths and runs true to size. For those of you who struggle with finding a good shoe suitable for wide feet, the good news is that the Pursue 4 comes in two width options: the standard width (B – Medium to D – Medium) and wide (2E – Wide and D – Wide). The shoelaces and the individual eyelets, as well as the padded tongue, disperse the pressure and eliminate any discomfort on the top of your feet while enabling a firm and secure grip on the foot.
      The recognizable lateral Asics logo is positioned beneath the mesh material, creating an interesting visual effect on the Gel-Pursue 4. The shoe design is simple and sporty, and features a lot of vibrant colorways that look great, but couldn’t exactly blend in with your work or casual attire. That being said, the entire sneaker features one predominant upper color with colored accents on the logo, top two eyelets, and the midfoot shank. The midsole is thick and looks very cushioned, and the rearfoot gel cushioning is even visible below the heel, as with a lot of Asics’ Gel series.
      Starting from the DuraSponge and AHAR rubber outsole to the Gel Technology Cushioning System in the midsole, the overall durability of the outsole is above average. The resilient outsole protects the feature-packed midsole from abrasions and the gel system and SOLYTE foam prevent the cushioning from flattening for a long time. As for the upper, the lack of overlays can both be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, the absence of stitching means that the fabric doesn’t have any soft spots at which to start to tear, but on the other hand, no matter how high-quality, the mesh is a rather sensible material that is prone to tearing if you go off-road or run through the grass and/or bushes. Be sure to ride the Pursue 4 on appropriate terrain, and this shoe will last you for a couple of seasons.
      As with a lot of Asics models, the Pursue 4 features gender-specific cushioning, meaning it has a lower-density top layer of the midsole, which allows women – who have a slightly different foot structure and shape – to experience midsole compression even better. Aside from the gender-specific cushioning, the midsole offers a lot of underfoot protection that will dampen the impact shock and disperse the impact forces evenly throughout the foot, reducing the toll on your feet and increasing the overall comfort. The key aspect of the underfoot protection is the rearfoot and forefoot gel cushioning system that provides a soft heel strike and toe-off. As for the upper, it doesn’t have any protective properties; however, the heel cup and the front toe mold prevent the foot from sliding or moving inside the shoebox, protecting you from injury.
      The FluidRide midsole achieves a great balance of underfoot protection and responsiveness, and the double foam structure of the midsole prevents your foot from sinking completely into the foam. The first impact is absorbed by the top layer of the midsole, while the FlyteFoam technology, which is higher in density and positioned beneath the ultra-light SOLYTE foam, brings a part of the absorbed energy back up and speeds up your stride, enabling a smooth heel-to-toe transition and an easy toe-off. One runner even noted that this shoe would be a good choice for a runner that likes to keep his pace above 5min per kilometer because it offers great bounce and energy return.
      The Asics Gel-Pursue 4 is a shoe made for runners who don’t require any additional arch support, meaning that it’s best for people with normal, medium-high and high arches. Aside from the runners with stable arches, the Gel-Pursue 4 can suit runners who have slight overpronation issues. This is due to the Guidance Trusstic System that offers additional structure and increases pronation control, while still remaining in the neutral category.
      The Asics Gel-Pursue 4 is a shoe made for road, track, light gravel, gym floors, pavement and all kinds of flat non-technical surfaces. The excellent cushioning featured in this model make the Pursue 4 a great running shoe both for short, medium and long distances. Additionally, the underfoot protection it provides means that this is a shoe suitable for daily running, especially for recreational runners who won’t log some serious mileage day in and day out and cause untimely wear and tear.
      The price of the Asics Gel-Pursue 4 steps into the triple-digit territory and most people agree that this is a fair price for the technology and quality of build that comes with the shoe. However, there are a lot of neutral running shoes that offer similar quality and cost the around the same as this shoe. With the Pursue 4, you’re getting a quality neutral shoe with good responsiveness, durability, and premium cushioning, but it’s not the only one, and the market is competitive, so whether or not this is a worthy purchase depends on whether you like and trust the Asics brand, which is one of the most popular running shoes brands in the industry.
      The AHAR rubber on the outsole is grippy and sticks to the ground easily, so the Pursue 4 provides satisfactory traction even in the absence of a prominent thread pattern or lugs. This isn’t a shoe made to tackle wet surfaces, which is more than evident from the mesh upper, although the outsole will offer a solid performance on lightly wet pavement. However, you will experience some minor slipping in these conditions, so try to take the Pursue 4 on a ride in dry weather.
      The vertical Guidance line, which is essentially a flex groove, encourages gait efficiency and doesn’t limit the natural foot flexing, especially during the toe-off phase. The mesh upper is more than flexible, and is made to adhere to the foot and move along with it organically, so the overall feel of the Gel-Pursue could be described as supportive and flexible.
      The Heel Clutching system technology improves the rearfoot support and stability and prevents the heel from slipping out of the shoebox by holding it locked in place. Additionally, the heel counter plays an important role during the heel strike and the midstroke phase of the gait cycle, because without it, the heel would tend to move backwards toward the ankle, likely causing injury. The firmer density FlyteFoam layer of the midsole offers some stability from the bottom of the shoe, and the prominent heel makes every stride full of confidence. The lacing system and the snug upper offer enough lateral stability, adding to the overall secure feeling that the sole provides.
      The heel stack height of the Pursue 4 measures 22mm, while the forefoot height is 12mm, making this shoe a part of the standard 10mm drop group of running shoes. This drop encourages the runner to shift the body mass forward with ease, reducing the strain on the tendons and muscles of the lower limbs. The 10mm drop is ideal for heel strikers and is suitable for midfoot strikers as well, but the forefoot strikers should definitely stay clear of these types of drops.
      Key Features
      ● DuraSponge + AHAR outsole
      ● FluidRide midsole technology
      ● FlyteFoam and SOLYTE foam layers in the midsole
      ● Gel Technology Cushioning System
      ● Guidance Trusstic System Technology
      ● IGS technology
      ● Breathable mesh upper
      ● Very comfortable
      ● Responsive
      ● Above average durability
      ● Neutral support but suitable for mild overpronators as well
      ● Flexible
      ● Road, track and treadmill shoe
      ● Heel Clutching system technology offers stability
      ● 10mm drop
      Bottom Line
      The Asics Gel-Pursue 4 is a great shoe for all of those looking for a reliable neutral running shoe that offers cushioning and durability at a fair price. The midsole packs a punch, with the majority of technologies being incorporated there, making this shoe a little more techy and performance-oriented than some other running shoes in this price range. All in all, this is a good Asics shoe to try if you haven’t ever worn their shoes before, because you’re very likely to be satisfied with its every aspect. However, the Pursue 4 won’t knock your socks off, especially if you’re used to their more advanced models.
      Where to Buy
      By Lizzy Pavlovic
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      Where to buy
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