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Asics Gel Pursue Review Facts

The neutral Asics Gel Pursue is mainly meant to tackle roads and pavement. It’s an option for those training for a marathon or other similar long distance. It’s also a good choice for runners toting around a bit of extra weight looking to transition to a lighter Asics brand shoe that’s closer to the ground. The Gel Pursue offers a good deal of cushioning and support and promises to offer a more responsive ride than other neutral Asics shoe. You can also purchase the Gel Pursue in wide widths for both sexes.  The shoe is breathable, thanks to its well-ventilated mesh upper and offers a snug fit.  The Trusstic system is a unique component of the shoe that helps to provide support so wearers get a stable ride.  The everyday trainer is meant to be used on the roads. The Gel Pursue’s muted style means that it can work for situations outside of running should the wearer so desire.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Breathable
  • Very responsive
  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting and well-constructed
  • Heavier than some might have liked
  • Not a particularly speedy shoe
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  • I got these a size larger hoping to have space for my orthotic; it fits as I thought it would. This means they run bit small. I supinate and this helps out against that a lot. They are really comfortable shoes.
  • I am pushing 250 and these offer a solid heel support without collapsing under the weight. It took a bit to break in; they were slightly snug at first.
  • I am able to go distance n these and still have a comfortable and light fit. I have no pain when I wear these. They are cushioned without being over soft. These fit me to size.
  • I was happy with the toe box, plenty of room. The whole shoe is quite comfortable.
  • These shoes are great from all angles. They are very comfortable and look great. They also fit perfect at a price that is affordable. Great shoe!
  • I was happy that they were perfect right out of the box. They are so comfortable and do not give me any pain.
  • Not only do these offer great arch support, they really help with relieving lower back pain. I wear them daily for sometimes over 10 hours walking and standing around and they have held up great. They are comfortable and durable and worth every penny.
  • These shoes are not over stuffed, they have a perfect amount of cushioning and provide great support for runs. I am impressed at how close to perfect they are. I have had trouble with excessive cushioning and these shoes are perfect. They provide just enough support and mild cushioning and make for a great run.
  • I prefer shoes that are light and sturdy. These are that plus some and you can't beat the price tag for the quality.
  • I was impressed by the normal colors so I was really happy when I tried them on and they were so comfortable. They fit perfect. Great shoe and design.
  • I have bought 3 prior pair and wore them until I had no choice but to switch. They are the best shoes I have ever owned. They are great with my gait and they last forever. I wish they would have kept the more neutral colors to them. The newer models are really bright and loud. They are supportive and really extra comfortable though.
  • I traded the laces, wasn't a fan. They are way lighter than any there Asics model I have bought. They look like they do in the pictures. Just like my other Asics, they come a bit high on the back of the ankle but they usually break in nice, these were no exception. The rest of the shoe feels like it was pre-broken in. They are flexible and hold up to all my workouts. They run a half size small.
  • Their shoes always run consistent in size, this is a good thing. I always go a half size larger due to my foot swell and they are perfect. They are stable and keep me comfortable and pain free. Great shoe!
  • They feel great on my bunions. I have never had a shoe this comfortable and accommodating for my feet. As a marathon runner, I can say these are fantastic shoes for comfort and running.
  • The gel in the heels of these is magic. It alleviates all my calf tightness and pain. I really am impressed by these shoes.
  • I put these through a half marathon with my large frame and they are still ready to go. I d say 300 miles so far and they are like flying carpets, light and swift. They breathe well. I really pronate a lot and these adjust my stride. Fantastic shoe all over.
  • I am very happy with these shoes. I traded my old brands in for these and got over 300 miles out of them. I am now on my 2nd pir of these and they are just like the other ones, comfortable and sturdy. I love thee shoes.
  • Out of all the models of Asics I own, these are the lightest and have the best, roomiest toe box. I have an average foot and these really support the arches and swells. I love Asics and this shoe is not disappointing.
  • These support my supination well, preventing rolling and really have a comfortable hold around my neutral running pattern.. I love the flexibility. They are so very comfortable and light. They are also extremely affordable. You cannot go wrong buying this shoe.
  • These shoes fit snug but comfortable, they do not crush my toes but keep my foot in place. The Gel heel is incredibly comfortable and gives me a little bounce. I am really impressed with the roominess of the toe box too. These are my go-to’s for the road.
  • I went from the Cloud to these and I am so impressed. Most shoes blister my arches, not these. I can run in these for over and hour and I have no issues and they are consistently comfortable.
  • These shoes are so amazingly light and soft. I came out of retirement from running recently ad these shoes have been a dream. These have kept the pain at bay and made my running experience less traumatic from the get go. The first couple runs after not running for a while can be rough but these made it a pleasure.
  • These shoes are really airy and light. I am really happy with them. These are definitely a 5 star shoe and I will be buying them again. Super comfortable.
  • I keep buying these over and over again The best and most comfortable running shoe I have bought ever. They have epic ankle support, which is something I have to have; I have tiny little ankles that like to roll, not with these shoes.
  • The Gel heels and the cushioning on these is great. The best part is they give you a little pep to your step. I am able to take these for miles with no issues and no pain. Definitely worth the money and I highly recommend them. The extra cushioning put an extra spring in my step.
  • I was disappointed in these. These are the worst Asics I have had. The support was average and the rest of the shoe just wasn't the gel I have come to love in Asics.
  • I didn't get the super cushioning and gel affect that I get from the other models. I ended up getting a half size larger because the wide wasn’t available and it fit weird, my feet were rubbing and the shoe was swimmy. They are slick and look good but not enough for me to keep them. I ended up returning them.
  • I went a half size up after reading reviews and Nope! They were too big and all over the place. I couldn't get the laces tight enough to fix it either. Very disappointed in this model, not or me.
  • These shoes were too tight. I have ordered these before so I assumed they would fit like the others. I am not sure why Asics cannot keep sizing consistent. It doesn't even make sense.
  • These shoes are lacking sole cushioning. As a valet attendant, i need a hoe that supports me. These have given me hip pain. Very uncomfortable shoe.
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The Asics Gel Pursue features a durable outsole made of rubber. The tough sole protects the shoe from general everyday use. The outsole is made up of Asics High Abrasion Resistant rubber. This material protects specific areas of the bottom of the shoe. The rubber is strategically placed to ensure the longevity of the shoe. On the sole of the shoe, there's also a Vertical Guidance Line - or flex groove - which helps the runner to move forward naturally. The DuraSponge's AHAR rubber composition provides protection from wear and also adds a layer of cushioning to the mix.

Many reviewers mentioned that they were pleased with the life of the shoe, citing its ability to take on upwards of 300 miles. The outsole also provides great traction. The shoe's horizontal flex grooves, visible as white bands running across the outsole, help to ensure a natural ride and an efficient toe-off for the wearer.


The Asics Gel Pursue is a well-cushioned neutral shoe. It's made to offer some support but the focus is to pad and protect the wearer. As a neutral shoe, it's best suited for runners with no biomechanical problems. The midsole utilizes FluidRide technology which provides a nice amount of cushioning and great energy return. The Gel Pursue contains Gel cushioning in the forefoot and rearfoot.

The shoe's cushioning is firmer than that contained in many other Asics brand models. Unlike the Cumulus or Nimbus, the Pursue features a more rigid cushioning thanks to the use of a denser midsole material. The full-length cushion helps to attenuate shock and increases the wearer's comfort. The midsole also contains the Trusstic System which provides support for the wearer but also ensures the overall weight of the shoe still remains fairly light.


The Asics Gel Pursue features a mesh upper, no different than what's found in most Asics brand shoes. This material helps to ensure the foot is well-ventilated even when encountering rain or very hot weather. The mesh upper is quite flexible, which helps to enhance comfort for the wearer. The upper has minimal synthetic overlays instead using welded panels to ensure a snug and secure fit. The use of welded materials also helps to keep the weight of the shoe down.

The upper also sports a ComforDry Sockliner. The liner helps to wick away moisture and adds an additional cushioned layer to the shoe. The ComforDry liner also provides an extra bit of bounce for the wearer. The fit of the shoe is easily adjusted using the standard lacing system. Also featured in the upper are reflective components which enhance a runner's visibility in low-light conditions.



The Asics Gel Pursue men's version weighs about 10.6 ounces and 8.7 ounces for the women's version. The shoe's Trusstic System allows the shoe to maintain structural soundness while ensuring the weight does not increase. It's not the lightest trainer in the neutral category and while many runners found the shoe comfortable, many also commented that they found the Gel Pursue a bit heavier than they would have liked.


The Asics Gel Pursue has an upper made up of fairly normal mesh material. The upper allows the wearer's foot to breathe and ensures adequate ventilation of the wearer's foot. Most reviewers found the shoe fit true to size. They found that their feet were secure in the shoe but that they were also able to breathe. Moisture build-up won't be a problem when wearing the Gel Pursue. The shoe's inner ComforDry sock liner also helps to wick away moisture and keep the wearer's foot dry. The Gel Pursue is also available in wider widths for those who require a bit of extra breathing room.


Wearers of the Asics Gel Pursue praised the shoe's overall comfortability. The Gel Pursue offers generous cushioning for the wearer and provides support, even though it's a neutral shoe. The Gel Cushioning, which has been placed in the heel and forefoot areas, provides added shock attenuation so wearers won't feel the jarring shock of each footfall.

The interior ComforDry Sockliner does two jobs. It wicks away moisture, keeping the wearer's foot dry and provides a bit of extra cushioning inside the shoe.

Wearers were happy with the comfort of the Gel Pursue citing the excellent fit and comfortable midsole padding. Many reviewers were also pleased that the Gel Pursue did not cause discomfort when worn for long periods and that there were no issues with blister formation.


The style of the Asics Gel Pursue is pretty standard. It looks like your run of the mill running shoe. There's nothing much that distinguishes the shoe from other similar Asics brand models. The design is plain and the shoe is offered in various basic color schemes. There's nothing flashy about the Gel Pursue. It's a look that will please runners looking for a more muted style.


The Asics Gel Pursue is a solid shoe built with quality materials. The outsole, made with AHAR rubber is meant to protect against wear and tear that occurs through daily use. Many reviewers were quite pleased with the shoe's ability to withstand heavy mileage training. Even the cushioning materials are meant to last a significant period of time. Runners were happy to find that the midsole cushion felt fresh even after months of training. The Gel Pursue's excellent durability makes it a great option for runners looking for a higher mileage cushioned trainer. It may also suit someone looking for a reliable shoe for marathon training.



The Asics Gel Pursue's generously cushioned midsole provides protection from impact forces. Additional protection comes along with the addition of Gel Cushioning which is found in the heel of the shoe. There's also some Gel cushion in the forefoot as well. Runners will rest easy knowing their joints are protected from repeated impact.

The shoe's tough rubber outsole also ensures protection from daily use. The AHAR rubber protects the outsole from the shearing forces of running.

In addition, the mesh upper ensures runners feet don't get too hot. This is especially important for runners living in warmer areas or training during the hottest months of the year. The welded panels featured in the upper protect runners from an unstable ride. Finally, reflective materials can be found in the Gel Pursue's upper. These reflective bits help drivers spot runners on dark early morning or evening runs.


This is one of the main selling points of the Asics Gel Pursue. The shoe is billed as one of the most responsive cushioned neutral trainers in the Asics brand lineup. Runners were very pleased with the shoe's energy return and found that Asics definitely delivered on its promise with the Gel Pursue. The bouncy ride is helped by the shoe's Gel Cushioning. Runners felt that the lower profile of the shoe aided immensely in terms of ground-feel. The rigid midsole cushion helps to enhance energy return. Runners who are used to the more pillowy cushioning of other Asics brand models may find the firmness of the Gel Pursue takes some getting used to.


Despite being a neutral trainer, the Asics Gel Pursue still offers a supportive ride. The Trusstic System in the Gel Pursue keeps the shoe in one piece and offers great arch support. The shoe also features a firmer midsole material which provides a supportive base. Many reviewers were happy with the Pursue's support. They felt the arch support was sufficient and did not cause any unwanted pressure points. The adjustable lacing system also helps to ensure a snug and secure fit around the wearer's foot.



The outsole of the Asics Gel Pursue's is made up of AHAR rubber. The material is tough enough to protect the shoe from the forces of impact. You won't have to worry about the sole of your shoe wearing out quickly.

While not made for the trails, the outsole still works to provide enough traction to keep wearers steady. The uniformly flat lugs on the Gel Pursue are a signal that technical trails are out of the question for this shoe. Still, wearers found the shoe was able to grip pavement quite well and performed fine on the treadmill and outside on the pavement. The Gel Pursue does a poor job when it comes to gripping types of terrain other than pavement. It's still a good shoe for dedicated road runners, though, and can easily be used indoors on the treadmill.



The price tag for the Asics Gel Pursue is at the lower end of the spectrum making it a great value purchase. The shoe is durable and made of quality materials that won't break down easily. It's a great long distance trainer and is a good choice for someone looking to train for a marathon. The shoe is also a good choice for someone on the heavier side who may need more padding and a more structured fit. Both categories of runners will find the Gel Pursue is priced fairly. You certainly get a lot of shoe for the price.



The Asics Gel Pursue's outsole is outfitted with AHAR rubber which provides great traction on the pavement, even when running in a rainstorm. Runners that want to head out in colder, perhaps slippery, weather may want to think about investing in crampons since the Gel Pursue is not built for that kind of weather. The traction in the Gel Pursue is fairly standard. Nothing to write home about. The outsole's flat lugs do a poor job at gripping surfaces other than the road, so you won't want the Pursue as your daily trail running shoe. Still, runners should feel stable and grounded when running in urban or suburban settings in the Gel Pursue.



The Asics Gel Pursue's flexibility is about average. The rigid outsole made of AHAR rubber contains vertical and horizontal flex grooves which help with the shoe's pliability. The deep grooves also increase the efficiency of the wearer's toe-off promoting a natural foot movement. The Trusstic System is modeled after the human foot. It also offers an added amount of flexibility. The Gel Pursue's mesh upper also provides a bit of pliability ensuring a comfortable fit.


The Asics Gel Pursue is a neutral shoe but despite its categorization, it offers a fair bit of stability. It, of course, doesn't feature a medial post since it's not a stability shoe. It does instead feature a firm wedge of cushioning in its midsole. This firm cushioning provides great arch support and also provides a stable base for runners. The shoe also features a Heel Clutch System which keeps the foot locked down and leaves the runner feeling well-supported. Runners felt that the standard lacing system did a good job of keeping their feet locked in place. The majority of reviewers were very impressed with how supportive the Gel Pursue felt.


The Asics Gel Pursue features an 8.7mm drop. It's a bit lower to the ground than other more traditional Asics brand shoes. The lower heel to toe drop provides enhanced ground feel but the shoe still promotes a heel strike. It's likely that forefoot runners won't feel very comfortable in the Gel Pursue. Reviewers who were used to running in lower drop shoes found the drop on the Pursue very noticeable.
Key Features of the Asics Gel Pursue

Key Features of the Asics Gel Pursue

  • AMPA Seal of Acceptance

  • FluidRide technology

  • DuraSponge outsole composed of AHAR rubber

  • Horizontal Flex grooves

  • Trusstic System in the midsole for added support

  • Gel Cushioning in forefoot and rearfoot

  • ComforDry Sockliner

  • Heel Clutch System

  • 3M Reflective Materials
  • Bottom Line

    Bottom Line

    You can now understand why the Asics Gel Pursue was given the AMPA (American Podiatric Medical Association) Seal of Acceptance. The Gel Pursue is a solid trainer constructed with quality materials. The neutral trainer doesn't balk on providing support to runners. The shoe feels stable and runners felt grounded even after putting in high mileage. The shoe is very durable which only helps to increase its value. The majority of reviewers found the Gel Pursue fit true to size. The Asics Gel Pursue is a great option for runners seeking to train for a marathon. This is a shoe that can provide a firm, responsive, and cushioned ride in a solid package.