10 Best Under Armour Running Shoes for Comfort Lovers


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No matter how serious you are about running, one of the top factors you probably consider, if not the most important factor, is comfort. You want to feel good. And when you feel good, you know your foot is well-supported and protected from injury. It’s a win-win. This is where the best Under Armour running shoes come into play.

You probably remember recently double-taking in the running shoes section to see an Under Armour logo on a pair of shoes. You probably thought, “Wait, what? Under Armour does running shoes now? They do shoes at all?” Maybe you’re reading this and saying the same thing: “Under Armour does running shoes?!” Well, you’re not the only one surprised. Under Armour only started putting out footwear back in 2006! Don’t let this mislead you, though. The best Under Armour running shoes are up in the ranks of Adidas, Nike, and even Brooks running shoes. As it turns out, Under Armour really knows their shoes.

Last Updated: November 4, 2017
By Brian Price:

UA tends to allow their shoes to live in the market for a while, but they do continue to release new models, as well as updates to those already established.

In this most recent update, you’ll find a few updated versions, and even some new models such as their Threadborne Slingshot.

Speedform Apollo 2
  • Speedform Apollo 2
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Molded 4D Foam footbed
  • Price: See Here
Threadborne Slingflex
  • Threadborne Slingflex
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Lightweight yet solid sole
  • Price: See Here
Speedform Gemini
  • Speedform Gemini
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Molded toe cap
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Under Armour Running Shoes


Under Armour Speedform Apollo 2

Well, we have arrived: the best of the best Under Armour running shoes. Meet Speedform Apollo 2. These shoes are attractive, high-tech, and pretty comfortable. Here’s why they land in the number one spot:
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Comfort / Stability
The Speedform Apollo 2 has an arch reinforcement system which is great for fit and stability. It is well ventilated allowing your feet to breathe easily, and the upper is durable as well. It has a dual layer midsole that provides smooth yet responsive running. With its dual-layer Charged Cushioning® topped with Micro G® foam that provide ultimate cushioning and responsiveness, it's no wonder it gets high scores on comfort from users. It has a foam infused heel that provides good support, and has welded seaming with Bemis tape for snug fit.

Durability / Quality
This is a quality made and durable running shoe that will last a long time. It has an anatomical rubber outsole for flexibility and durability, along with a durable upper, and reflective components helps others spot you.

Cost or value
The price of these running shoes can range from average to expensive depending on where you buy them from or what sales are happening, regardless it will be money well spent.
  • Anatomical rubber outsole for flexibility and durability
  • Arch reinforcement system for great fit and stability
  • Very breathable, durable upper
  • Dual layer midsole for smooth yet responsive running
  • High scores on comfort
  • Foam infused heel provide good support
  • Welded seaming with Bemis tape for snug fit
  • Dual-layer Charged Cushioning® with Micro G® foam provide ultimate cushioning and responsiveness
  • Reflective components helps others spot you

It is on the heavier side of running shoes

Sizes may run big, but narrow in the midfoot

Under Armour Threadborne Slingflex

With a little more sole than some other models from UA, their Threadborne Slingflex has a quite solid build, while staying pretty flexible. The shoe is actually much more flexible than it really looks. A lot of the customer reviews out there tend to suggest one common thing with this model. It is a universally comfortable shoe.
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Comfort / Stability
Though you won't find options for wide feet in this model, they do seem to fit pretty true to size. They're neutral running shoes, so the support for things like flat feet, plantar fasciitis, etc won't be the main focus, but the Slingflex does provide support for the average runner.

Durability / Quality
We haven't seen any major durability concerns with these. They are road shoes, so going by their upper construction, these are best left to the surface for which they are intended. UA tends to make decent products, most of which hold up the repeated use well. These don't seem to be any different.

Cost or Value
This is one of the areas that many customers really like about these. They are quite affordable. The product in all is a decently balanced running shoe, which you can pick up without breaking the bank.

Ultra-comfortable fit

The light weight reduces fatigue on longer runs



Not ideal if you need good arch support


Under Armour Speedform Gemini 2

The first thing you’ll notice when you look at the Geminis (besides pretty color options) is just how perforated the uppers are – and how breathable that means they are. Although there’s a bit of added weight for all that these shoes have going on, they prove worth it, especially if you’re looking for a shoe that offers a real support system.
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Comfort / Stability
Comfortable Under Armour shoe #3 is the Speedform Gemini. It has a dual-layered midsole that allows for strong take-offs,
ArchForm that offers additional support, and Ultrasonic welded seams for a snug, yet flexible fit. It's well ventilated allowing your feet to breathe easily, and has an embedded sockliner that helps keep moisture away.

Durability / Quality
The is a durable running shoe that is made with quality materials. It has flex grooves that are good for heel-to-toe smooth transitions, and has a molded toe cap allowing for durability and support.

Cost or value
The Speedform Gemini does run a bit higher in price, but if it's comfort you seek it'll be worth every penny.
  • ArchForm offers good support
  • Cool color options
  • Dual-layer midsole for strong take-offs
  • Embedded sock-liner wicks moisture
  • Flex grooves for heel-to-toe smooth transitions
  • Molded toe cap for durability and support
  • Ultra-breathable upper
  • Ultrasonic welded seams for snug yet flexible fit
  • They run narrow
  • Sizing runs small

Under Armour Fat Tire

An amazing trail running shoe that can withstand rocky and muddy terain, fits comfortably snug, and has really great traction.
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Comfort / Stability
This is a comfortable running shoe that offers much stability. It has a cushioning system that provides underfoot protection, It fits comfortably snug, and is well ventilated with panels in the upper so your feet can breathe. Its midsole charged foam helps protect your feet against impact, it has Strom1 technology that repels water, and it has a wider forefoot.

Durability / Quality
This is a trail running shoe that is quite comfortable considering it can handle rocky and muddy terrains quite impressively. It is very durable and made with quality. It has a WildGripper sole which is great on different types of terrain, and multi-directional lugs that provide great traction.

Cost or value
The price of the Fat Tire can be quite expensive, but considering the amount of protection you are getting it's well worth every penny.

Well ventilated panels in the upper

WildGripper sole great on different types of terrain

Snug comfortable fit

Midsole charged foam that helps protect against impact 

Strom1 technology repels water

Wider forefoot

Multi-directional lugs provide great traction


Can be seen as pricey

Shoes are heavier than other shoes

Under Armour Speedform Slingshot

It's time to feel that spring in your step with the Speedform slingshot. It will make you feel like you've gone from heel-to-toe faster than ever before. Along with its springiness, it's a very comfortable and supportive running shoe.
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Comfort / Stability
The Speedform Slingshot is a highly comfortable and stable running shoe. The sides of the upper are tight and springy while the arch is provides a tight compression. The forefoot allows your toes to move more easily. Its Dynema fabric upper is intended to be quite durable while allowing flexibility, although some users did experience wear sooner than they thought. The midsole provides all types of comfort that consists of two types of foam found in the Y-shaped Pebax® propulsion plate which also provides support and stability. It "slingshots" your foot from heel to toe very quickly. Its seamless design also provides comfort without causing irritation.

Durability / Quality
This is a running shoe that will last a long time and is made with quality materials, although there were a few users that thought the upper could last longer.

Cost or Value
The price of the Speedform Slingshot can be a bit pricey, but to experience the slingshot experience sometimes one needs to be willing to put a little money into it.

"Slingshots" your foot from heel to toe very quickly

Seamless design does not cause irritation

3D knit upper allows flexibility

Tongue construction wraps the foot

Dual-layer midsole that has Charged Cushioning® on top of Micro G® foam for extreme cushioning, support & responsiveness

Pebax® propulsion plate provides support and stability

Anatomical outsole provides great traction


Some users experienced heel slippage

Few users experienced the upper not as durable as they would like

Can be seen as expensive

Under Armour Speedform Fortis Vent

A well-cushioned lightweight running shoe that makes the runner’s foot comfortable and unrestricted. It is a long-lasting running shoe.
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Comfort / Stability
As far as comfort goes the Speedform Fortis Vent can provide lots of it. It has a breathable upper with AmourVent and mesh materials that has welded seaming with Bemis tape to prevent irritation. It will fit tight to the feel. It has an adjustable lockdown strap adds support to rear of foot, an embedded sockliner for added comfort, dual-layer foam that helps to absorbs shock, and a well cushioned heel. Its Flex grooves in the forefoot provide flexibility, and its Micro G® foam provides responsiveness.

Durability / Quality
This is a quality made running shoe that will last a long time. Its solid rubber compound is highly durable.

Cost or value
The Speedform Fortis Vent can be a bit pricey, but your feet will thank you for the comfort.

Very breathable ArmourVent upper

Comfortable snug fit

Adjustable lockdown strap adds support to rear of foot

Embedded sockliner adds comfort

Dual-layer platform absorbs shock

Well cushioned heel

Solid rubber compound that’s highly durable

Flex grooves in the forefoot provide flexibility

Micro G® foam provides responsiveness


Some users experienced heel irritation

Sizes may run small

Under Armour Speedform Gemini 2 Record

The Speedform Gemini 2 Record is a comfortable running shoe that records your every step with linked technology. It provides great support, as well as 360 degree reflectivity.
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Comfort / Stability
This is a comfortable running shoe that assists in stability. It has a welded seam with Bemis tape for support and comfort. It adds comfort with its embedded sockliner, provides support with ArchForm, and has a dual-layer Charged Cushioning midsole that adds superb comfort. Its flex grooves assist in heel-to-toe transition for a smoother ride. It's also equipped with record recording technology that tracks and stores your running metrics, although a few runners did have issues with getting the program to work properly.

Durability / Quality
Since it has a high quality rubber outsole, this shoe will last a long time and is made with quality.

Cost or value
The Speedform Gemini 2 Record can be quite expensive, but if its tracking your steps, and comfort you seek it's well worth every penny.

Welded seaming with Bemis tape for support and comfort

360° reflectivity allows others to see you easily

Embedded sockliner adds comfort

ArchForm provides support 

Dual-layer Charged Cushioning midsole adds great comfort

Flex grooves assist in heel-to-toe transition

UA Record-equipped technology tracks & stores  running metrics


Some users had difficulty with the "record technology" working properly

Sizing may run small

Under Armour Micro G Assert 6

These shoes are the happy medium when it comes to the best Under Armour running shoes. They’re not too heavy, not too minimalistic, not too flashy, and not too plain. These shoes are perfect for training, short-distance, and long-distance running. Not to mention, they’re known for their traction and durability, so you can hit the trails, too!
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Comfort / Stability
There seem to be little if not zero complaints of users about how comfortable the Micro G Assert 6 is. It is a lightweight running shoe that has a breathable upper, has durable leather overlays that provide support, and an EVA full length sockliner for added comfort. It has Micro G foam that helps with soft landings, and strong take-offs, and its extremely flexible.

Durability / Quality

With only a few reports of the upper having durability issues this is a quality made a durable running shoe that will last a long time. It has great traction with strategically placed rubber covers on high impact zones, although some users noted issues when running in wet weather.

Cost or value
The Under Armour Micro G Assert 6 running shoe runs about average in price, and you may be able to find it even cheaper on other sites such as Amazon.
  • Breathable, lightweight mesh upper
  • Durable leather overlays provide support
  • EVA sock-liner for comfortable, custom fit
  • Great traction with strategically placed rubber covers on high impact zones
  • Micro G foam for soft landings, strong take-offs
  • Ultra-flexible
  • Affordable price
  • Sizing may run small
  • Upper stitching came undone quickly for some
  • Not good on wet surfaces

Under Armour Chetco 2.0

This 2nd version of the Chetco provides more cushioning, and shock-absorbing features. It is extremely durable and impressively comfortable.
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Comfort / Stability
This is an impressively comfortable running shoe that is highly breathable. It has durable leather overlays that provide support, an EVA sockliner for comfort, and Micro G foam that provides soft landings, and strong take-offs. It's extremely flexible as well.

Durability / Quality
This is a quality made and highly durable running shoe with only a few users reporting wear of the upper. It has great traction with strategically placed rubber covers on high impact zones.

Cost or value
The price of the Chetco 2.0 is quite affordable.

Affordable price

The cushioning absorbs shock well

Thicker mesh upper with great ventilation

TPU toe cap provides protection

Heel loop provides great take off

Aggressive lugs provide great traction

EVA covers the entire midsole that provides lots of comfort and stability


It tends to run a bit heavy according to some users

Laces run short in size

Under Armour Drift

The Under Armour Drift is a running shoe that will provide you with the right amount of cushioning, support and traction.
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Comfort / Stability
The Drift running shoe will be quite comfortable and stable as a running shoe. It offers flexible supportive mesh material, synthetic material that provide structure and help keep the foot in place, along with a molded toe cap for protection. Its EVA midsole foam provides great comfort, it has a full-length EVA sockliner that adds comfort, and ClutchFit mesh which provides support.

Durability / Quality
There have since been updates to this shoe allowing the quality and durability to last longer. The rubber outsole provide great traction.

Cost / Value
The price of the Drift running shoe is quite affordable.

Flexible supportive mesh material

Synthetic material provides structure and helps keep the foot in place

Molded toe cap for protection

Rubber outsole provide great traction

EVA midsole foam provides comfort

Full-length EVA sockliner adds comfort

ClutchFit mesh provides support


The sole of the shoe was not very durable to some users

Some users reported the upper not as breathable as they would have liked

UA running shoes have the sleek style that is quintessentially Under Armour, but they also have the technology that the leading brands would be jealous of. Whereas some running shoe makers dip into trendy looks and flop, Under Armour knows how to stay classy yet trendy and stylish. Most importantly, though, they know how to make a running shoe that is jam-packed with top-notch qualities for immense comfort, support, cushion, and spring. Under Armour isn’t just well-fitted, sweat-proof clothing anymore. Check out the best Under Armour running shoes, and then get ya some.

The Criteria We Used For Our Evaluation Of the Best Under Armour Running Shoes for Comfort Lovers:

We use industry research and customer reviews to create our top ten lists, including this list of the Best Under Armour Shoes for Comfort Lovers. Below are details about the specific metrics studied in our research.


Are they breathable enough?
Your feet need to be well ventilated to prevent overheating, excessive sweat, and skin irritation. Select shoes that are made of breathable materials, like mesh.

Do they provide enough flexibility?
A flexible shoe allows your foot to move naturally. This helps keep the shoe comfortable, allows for toe splay, and encourages you to use your natural running form.

Is the sole too thick, too thin, or just right?
Some runner require lots of cushioning, while others prefer having a lot of ground feel. The outsole and midsole of your shoe are the parts of the shoe that you will want to look at to determine how much cushioning your shoes will offer, and if it is the right amount for your needs.


Is there room for the toes to move?
Having your toes smooshed into the front of your shoes is not only painful, it is plain unhealthy. Shoes fit best, and serve you best, if the toe box has enough room for your toes to splay and wiggle a bit.

How durable are they?
No one wants to constantly have to replace their running shoes because they wear out quickly. Running shoes should last 300-500 miles before needing to be replaced.

Are they comfortable?

Do they provide adequate amount of cushioning? Perhaps they have a seamless design that lessens irritation, or added support in all the right places. These are important things to know when you are looking for a good running shoe.

Other Important Factors To Consider When Selecting The Best Under Armour Shoes For Comfort Lovers:

Finding the right pair of shoes for your running workouts can be made easier by following some of the suggestions below.



Different shoe manufacturers, although they follow the same size charts, make shoes that fit differently. Some run big, while others run small. The best thing to do is to try on the pair of shoes to see if they fit the way you want. If not, try going up or down a size or even getting a wide width (if available), depending on whether the shoe is too large or too small.

When to Try Them On

Try your shoes on after you have been on your feet for a while, like in the afternoon or evening. Your feet swell as the day goes on, and it is best to try on a new pair of shoes when they are biggest to make sure they fit. Trying on shoes in the morning puts you at risk for purchasing a pair of shoes that is too narrow for your feet.




If you wear any type of orthotic insert or insoles, be sure to try your new shoes on with them (so don’t forget them at home!). They will definitely affect the way your shoes fit.


Your arch type and how much you pronate affect the way your run, and also affect which running shoes are best for your feet. Your local running store can analyze your feet and gait and help your choose the right pair of shoes for your feet.




Q: Since comfort is typically a personal preference what kinds of questions should I ask regarding comfort?

You should make sure to ask about the cushioning, how much or little is provided, how much support is offered, and how much room the toe box offers. While considering these options its also important to note that sizes vary by brand so you’ll want to make sure to have your feet measured and compare them to the sizes listed.

Q: What are some of the benefits of purchasing a running shoe based on comfort?

Research indicates that buying a good running shoe that has the right amount of comfort can prevent injury.

Q: What should I do in the process of “trying” out a running shoe?

Make sure when you try on a new running shoe, you actually run in it to test it out. Also, its best if you try on the shoe at the end of the day when your feet are a bit more swollen.

Q: How much time does it typically take to break in a new running shoe?

If you get the right running shoe they shouldn’t require any break in time. They should feel comfortable with your first run.

Q: If I am flat footed, or have a high arch what type of running shoe should I be looking for?

If you are flat footed you’ll want to look for a running shoe that maintains your stability and or has “motion control“. If you have high arches you’ll want a running shoe that is flexible with a soft midsole that absorbs shock and is well cushioned.

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