Best Intra-Workout Supplements Reviewed & Rated for Quality


Exercise, training, and diet form part of the noble pursuit of well-being and a healthy lifestyle. Virtually everyone aspires to pursue and live a healthy life, but only a few people manage to pursue this interest successfully. This is perhaps to reinforce the maxim “easier said than done”, as not many people pursue and achieve a healthy lifestyle. This is perhaps because they have a busy lifestyle and rarely have any spare time for training or exercise. Several others continue to live on unhealthy food choices such as fast foods without exercising at all. The repercussions are often unimaginable; from lifestyle disease to cancer and even death.

Scivation Xtend
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  • Hydration-inducing electrolytes
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  • MuscleTech
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  • Muscle-enhancing formula
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Kaged Muscle
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Sticking to a healthy diet plan and exercising on a regular basis can bring immense benefits. However, despite working so hard at the gym and doing every exercise recommended by top trainers and fitness instructors, some people still fail to attain the fitness goals they have set for themselves. Others fail to build the desired muscle mass and constantly feel fatigued after exercising for a short time. Fortunately, there are some intra-supplements athletes could use to stimulate muscle tissue growth while inhibiting muscle tissue breakdown. They can be taken before, during, and even after a workout, but they are commonly taking during the exercise. They are often high in Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and have fast absorption rates. They are also fast-acting and can be used to achieve faster results. Below are the top 10 best brands reviewed for quality.


10 Best Intra-Workout Supplements


1. Scivation Xtend

The advanced BCAA drink mix features 7g of BCAAs, 2 1/2 g of L-Glutamine, and 1g of Citrulline Malate. It is also blended with hydration-inducing electrolytes and provides a calorie-free way to support runners and athletes who have to put up with the most taxing gym sessions. You will be able to handle the challenges of a grueling workout knowing that you have the full support of the Scivation Xtend.
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7 Grams of BCAAs

The product contains a high proportion of BCAAs to help support the growth of muscles. It may also support muscle strength to enhance the performance of athletes. It is great for runners looking to boost their muscle growth and strength.


The product is packed with sugar-free ingredients and contains no carbohydrates and no calories. If you are looking for low sugar products to add to your regular diet, then you should try the Scivation Xtend.

Cost and Value

This BCAA drink is popular among runners and athletes who want to take their training to another level by consuming food products that boost their muscle growth and strength. It is also quite affordable.

Promotes muscle growth

Enhances muscle strength

Sugar-free and carbohydrate-free

Helps to stay hydrated


Can taste like chalk

May have the smell of flour

2. MuscleTech

The Amino Build Next Gen from the highly-innovative MuscleTech features a clinically-dosed muscle-enhancing formula designed to enhance performance. With massive doses of BCAAs, this product can be ideal for building muscle mass while accelerating fat loss. Those looking to grow or build some muscle and increase their strength should look no further than the Amino Build Next Gen. It will also help you recover faster and take your athletic performance to another level.
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Dose of BCAAs

The product contains 8g of BCAAs to help preserve muscle glycogen stores while fueling skeletal muscles and minimizing protein breakdown. You will be building muscle while reducing protein breakdown to maximum results.

Dose of Electrolytes

The watermelon juice and coconut water included as part of the ingredients used to make the formula work with other ingredients to replenish the electrolytes lost while the athlete is training hard in the gym.

Cost and Value

The MuscleTech product will help to replenish the electrolytes lost in the gym while preserving muscle glycogen stores and boosting endurance. Users have also realized a 40% increase in strength. In addition, the cost is never beyond the reach of a dedicated athlete.

8 grams of BCAAs

Boosts endurance to last longer

Enhances strength to perform better

Helps athletes to stay hydrated


May taste gross

Some athletes may experience some stomach discomfort

3. Beast Sports Nutrition

This creature creatine complex brings more benefits than the user can comprehend. It contains an advanced form of creatine and can be very effective in fueling overall muscle growth and boosting muscle strength. If you are into frequent exercise and often sustain muscle injury due to the breakdown of muscle fibers to rebuild bigger and stronger muscles, then the Beast creatine complex could be ideal.
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Fuels Muscle Growth

To speed up muscle growth and develop huge muscles, users could try the Creature creatine formula and enjoy near-instant results. It is great for runners who also want to add some muscle.

Optimizes Muscle Strength

Strength training is common among runners and athletes. If you want to maximize muscle strength, add the Beast creature creatine to your daily diet and live to celebrate the results.

Cost and Value

Users of the Beast Creature creatine have registered remarkable increases in muscle growth and strength. Runners could add the unique creatine formula to their regular diet to realize remarkable gains. It will also help to speed up recovery.

Stimulates lean muscle

Fuels muscle growth

Accelerates recovery

Enhances endurance


May cause cramping

Side effects may include headaches

4. Kaged Muscle

4. Kaged Muscle
The product contains top-quality ingredients that include fermented BCAAs and L-Citrulline. The perfect ratio of these ingredients could stimulate muscle protein synthesis. The Kaged Muscle BCAAs is vegetable-sourced and vegan-friendly. You don’t have to worry about animal products when consuming the Kaged Muscle if you are a vegan. The BCAAs are microencapsulated to help maximize absorption and solubility, thanks to the Kaged patented technology.
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Muscle Protein Synthesis

The instantized fermented BCAAs contained in the Kaged Muscle are rapidly dissolving and of the highest quality. They effectively stimulate muscle protein synthesis to help you build muscles fast.


The vegetable-sourced BCAAs will help you build muscle without worrying about animal products, especially if you are a vegan. This vegan-friendly formulation is very popular among vegans.

Cost and Value

It features a patented vegetable fermentation process and is specially formulated in the U.S. for the vegan athlete. It is great for the runner who wants to experience muscle growth in a vegan-friendly manner. The cost is also modest.

Features a vegetable fermentation for the vegan athlete

Rapidly dissolving BCAAs

Stimulates muscle growth

Helps to maximize muscle pumps


May cause stomach upset

Some users may not like the taste

5. Gaspari

5. Gaspari
The company took their nutrition expertise to the next level with the SizeOn creatine drink. With advancing clinical research, the company has been able to revolutionize the world of workout supplements to help support runners and athletes and their fitness goals and ambitions. The high-quality whey hydrosylate with mostly dipeptides and tripeptides allow for great muscle performance. Users will also experience unparalleled skeletal recovery.
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Whey Hydrosylate

The superior quality whey hydrosylate in the product also contains a high dose of L-LEUCINE to help speed up skeletal recovery and boost athletic performance. You can resume training sooner and notice an increase in performance.


This cutting-edge formula of ammonia-scavenging amino acid salt (L-Aspartate and L-Ornithine) helps athletes to fight fatigue and continue performing throughout their training sessions. It could help them to push their limits and achieve so much more.

Cost and Value

This cutting-edge formula is great for runners looking to battle fatigue while training hard to realize immediate gains in muscle size. It helps skeletal muscle recovery and boosts athletic performance. In addition, it is quite affordable.

Helps to realize muscle gains

Boosts athletic performance

Speed up skeletal muscle recovery

Contains no carbohydrate hybrid


May form a solid block if not stored under ideal conditions

Can be crumpy

6. Cellucor COR

6. Cellucor COR
Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are among the essential amino acids. In fact, many consider them the most essential. The body is unable to produce these amino acids naturally and must be consumed from food items or supplementary diets to enjoy the related benefits. Consuming BCAAs at any time of the day and working out could help to boost muscle synthesis. Athletes who have used the Cellulor COR have greatly benefited from speedy recovery following a high-intensity gym session.
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Promotes Faster Recovery

High-intensity gym sessions can cause the muscle fibers to tear and rebuild to become bigger and stronger. If you want to promote faster muscle recovery, you should consume the Cellulor COR.

Supports Immune System

The Cellulor COR enhances the body’s immune system to enable the body to respond better to exercise. It will also help runners to enhance their response to disease and other disease-causing pathogens and microbes.

Cost and Value

This BCAA product is designed for athletes looking to boost their immune response and recovery following an intense gym session. It also enhances muscle protein synthesis for bigger and stronger muscles. The product is pocket-friendly.

Increases muscle protein synthesis

Boost’s immune’s response to training

Promotes faster recovery

Comes in unbeatable flavors


The softgels may get stuck together

Side effects may include stomach pain

7. Controlled Labs Purple Wraath

7. Controlled Labs Purple Wraath
The Purple Wraath is considered the “Holy Grail” of muscle-building and enhanced athletic performance for a reason. Besides maximizing lean muscle gains, it also speeds up fat loss and enhances recovery. Runners can use it to increase strength and boost endurance. If you are constantly worried about decreased energy levels following a session at the gym, you might want to add Purple Wraath to your daily diet to boost your energy levels.
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Super Endurance Complex

This product from Controlled Labs is designed to enhance endurance and enable athletes to train for longer without feeling fatigued. Whether you want to run for longer periods or prevent muscle breakdown when in the middle of your training session, the Purple Wraath could help you achieve all that.

Promote Optimal Athletic Performance

Athletic performance may deteriorate as you continue to lift weights, run faster, or complete complex exercises. However, to maintain optimal performance, you need to boost your energy levels and stimulate muscle performance. The Purple Wraath could help you perform better.

Cost and Value

This fast-absorption and fast-acting supplement is designed for athletes looking to take their performance to another level. It has helped athletes to increase their muscle mass while boosting their strength and energy. Moreover, the cost is quite modest.

Fast-acting/fast-absorption formula

Stimulates metabolism and results in reduced body fat

Caffeine-free ergogenic formula

Increases athletic performance


May taste awful

Stomach upset is one of the side effects

8. Intra Surge

8. Intra Surge
The INTRASURGE is a superior intra-workout supplement from Jacked Factory. It accommodates virtually anyone: from causal gym-goers to elite athletes. It is highly water-soluble and great-tasting too. The fermented BCAAs are great at boosting athletic performance and enhancing endurance. It also contains natural caffeine extracted from the coffee bean. Whether you are looking to recover faster or boost stamina and focus better, the INTRASURGE could be the ideal supplement you need to take your exercise regime to another level. Training hard and challenging yourself every day is not enough if you are not realizing substantial gains.
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Boosts Muscle Tissue Growth

The INTRASURGE is superb when it comes to stimulating muscle tissue growth. Your muscles will grow so fast that you’ll start to feel as if the weight has become lighter. It is great for the runner who is also a passionate bodybuilder.

Increase Energy

Running, cycling, jogging, sprinting, and weightlifting can consume much energy. However, adding the INTTASURGE to your organic food diet could provide an instant energy source to boost stamina and increase focus. You will also realize a sudden increase in your overall athletic performance, as you will be able to run faster and lift heavier.

Cost and Value

The INTRASURGE is ideal for any athlete looking to boost muscle tissue growth while promoting fat loss. It is designed for both the novice and professional athlete looking to take his or her training to another level. The BCAA also has the greatest taste and easily dissolves in water.

Promotes quick recovery and fat loss

Boosts energy and stamina, allowing the athlete to perform at optimal levels

Stimulates muscle tissue growth

Great at inhibiting muscle tissue breakdown


Side effects may include stomach discomfort and stomach upset

Some athletes do not like the taste

9. Rich Piana

9. Rich Piana
This recovery power can be very effective in speeding up skeletal muscle recovery after a taxing workout. Besides speeding up your muscle-recovery efforts, it can also aid your muscle-building process. The product is based on the late Rich Piana’s philosophy emphasizing that artificial ingredients and supplements should never replace high-quality organic food but instead be consumed in conjunction with natural food to help propel the user to reach athletic goals faster.
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All-Day-Long Supplement

The product is designed to be consumed during any time of the day. You can sip it before, during, and after your workout. It will help to spice up your diet and add some extra nutrients for healthy muscle growth and recovery.

Creatine and Beta Alanine

This high-quality formulation also contains Creatine and Beta Alanine to boost muscle strength and enable the athlete to perform at optimum. These elements will help to meet your muscle-building needs while boosting endurance.

Cost and Value

The BCAA formulation powder will help to stimulate muscle growth and recovery. It is great for runners and athletes looking to stimulate their muscle growth while enjoying the benefits of quick recovery. It is highly affordable as well.

Aids muscle-building efforts

Speeds up the muscle recovery process

Doubles as a post-workout recovery drink and an intra-workout supplement

Contains hydrating electrolytes


Not everyone will find the taste pleasant

The smell can be awful

10. Cannabol BCAA

10. Cannabol BCAA
If you want to take full advantage of your workouts to gain the most impressive results, you should consider the Cannabol BCAA. This BCAA formula is ideal for runners who spend much time in the gym but never realize any remarkable gains. This can be a highly discouraging experience. However, with the Cannabol product from Force Factor, all that can change. The results include impressive gains that could encourage any individual to hit the gym regularly.
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Increase Strength and Endurance

The cell hydration formula is designed to boost strength and endurance, resulting in better athletic performance. It can help runners to run faster and longer whereas bodybuilders can lift heavier and for extended periods.

Prevent Muscle Degradation

The Cannabol intra-workout supplement helps to maintain energy before, during, and after your workout. If you are a marathoner looking to add some muscle and boost muscle strength, you’ll be surprised at how much more you could lift for longer periods.

Cost and Value

This muscle-building formula is ideal for marathoners and sprinters looking to build more muscle to enable them to run faster and for longer. Besides helping to boost endurance, it also speeds up recovery. It is very pocket-friendly.

It discourages muscle breakdown

Users experience incredible endurance

Promotes faster recovery among athletes

Stimulates muscle growth


Some athletes may not like the aftertaste

May cause stomach upset

Exercise and training can take so much energy, leaving you looking and feeling weak after a tiring gym session. When you are already drained by the time you show up at the gym, you are likely to perform at less-than-optimal levels. However, there might be a remedy for fatigue. There are several workout supplements to use to provide an instant source of energy, promote muscle tissue growth, boost endurance, and enhance performance.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Intra-Workout Supplement

It is safe to say that most professional athletes do not necessarily have the best of everything but make the best use of whatever they’ve got. They use the available resources to transform their training goals into reality. But despite the hard work and consistent training at the gym, some of them never achieve their dream athletic physique or the desired results. This is partly because they don’t eat enough of what their body requires to produce the results they look forward to. At other times, they take too long to recover from an intensive workout. Regardless, this should not stop you from actively pursuing your training and fitness goals. All you need to do is change tactics or improvise and adapt.

You might want to consider intra-workout supplements rich in BCAAs to help speed up the muscle tissue recovery process and minimize protein tissue breakdown if you want to realize substantial gains. These have proven very effective when it comes to increasing energy to allow the athlete to run faster or lift heavier while enduring long periods of training. Moreover, the athlete will be able to recover faster and train harder the next time he or she hits the gym. However, with so many of these products on the market, it often becomes very challenging when faced with the task of choosing the best. Different manufacturers have used different secret formulas and unique ingredient to distinguish their products from the rest. Below are the criteria for evaluating the best intra-workout supplements to help you take your training to another level.


These products work in different ways depending on what is contained in them. They can help to maximize your training intensity while decreasing fatigue and allowing a faster muscle recovery. You will also experience increased muscle growth, thanks to the ingredients in them. However, while they all contain amino acids that are the basic muscle building blocks and generally tend to work the same way to achieve the desired outcome, they are distinctively different in the contents of the bottle. The several different ingredients contained in them may work in a similar way or in a slightly different manner.

BCAAs: – The most common elements contained in the bottle include Branched-Chain Amino Acids, commonly referred to as BCAAs (leucine, valine, and isoleucine). The surplus availability of amino acids – the basic muscle building blocks – during and after training, determines the results that can be achieved from the training session. Consuming some extra BCAAs through supplements ensures you have enough muscle building blocks to stimulate muscle growth. You don’t want to be training hard every single day with nothing much to show for it. Therefore, BCAAs should be part of the main ingredients used to make the product. This could help you to build muscle fast.

Beta Alanine: – Beta Alanine can be very effective in delaying muscle fatigue. Apparently, muscle fatigue causes athletes to feel too tired to continue with their training, often leading to premature termination of training. This intramuscular buffer is very effective in offsetting the acid accumulating in the muscle as the athlete continues to train. Being able to continue exercising for longer could lead to better results, unlike if you were to end your training session sooner. If you want to reduce muscle fatigue when exercising then you should probably consider products with Beta Alanine as one of the main ingredients.

Glutamine: – On the other hand, Glutamine should also be available in plenty. L-Glutamine is one of the main ingredients used in making these products. It is also the most abundant form of amino acid available in the human body. It helps in speedy muscle recovery and repair, thereby resulting in muscle growth. Training hard at the gym increases the chances of depleting your Glutamine stores. Therefore, you should have sufficient Glutamine in the body to replenish the stores once you are done with training. You could have it in the form of a drink to sip before, during, or after your training.

Electrolytes: – These are also very important in keeping you hydrated after training hard for long hours. You might have heard that it is important to stay hydrated when exercising or training at the gym. Apparently, training hard causes you to lose some of the electrolytes in the body through the process of sweating. In fact, the harder you work out the more likely you are to sweat and lose much of the electrolytes in the body. Some of these supplements contain sodium and potassium, but others may contain coconut water and melon juice to ensure the athletes stay hydrated throughout the training session. When you feel hydrated, you will be able to perform better without feeling excessively fatigued.

Powder vs. Capsule vs. Softgel

Here, personal preference plays a key role in deciding how you want to consume your intra-workout supplements. People have different preferences when it comes to taking these products. If you would like to consume it in the form of a drink before, during, or after exercise, consider the powder option. It easily dissolves in water and in various other drinks to allow you to consume it in liquid form, which is easily absorbed by the body. If you are not enthusiastic about swallowing pills daily to meet your dietary requirements, the powder option provides a convenient way to take your preferred muscle booster in liquid form by mixing it with water or any other fluid you are comfortable drinking as you exercise, including fruit juices and energy drinks.

Others are in softgel and capsule form and are swallowed with water or other fluids and released into the body over an extended time. The extended release makes it ideal for athletes to have access to energy in small bits throughout their training. This is unlike the powder form that is instantly absorbed by the body upon consumption, thereby providing instant energy and other benefits, including delayed fatigue. This allows the athletes to consume the supplement and enjoy the benefits almost immediately. Therefore, if you are going to invest in any of these, you should consider the form in which you prefer to take them.

It is also a matter of personal preference, as some people prefer the convenience offered by capsules to the bulkiness of powder. The powder is also more likely to spill all over the place, but capsules and softgels are easier to carry and use. You can take a few of these capsules and softgels and carry to the gym for use during your training. Regardless, it all depends on personal preference.


Flavor is also a key factor to consider because you don’t want to invest in a product you dislike the taste and would not consume on a daily basis. For instance, if you find that the powder form of a supplement tastes like chalk, you are unlikely to follow through until you finish consuming it. In contrast, great-tasting products are likely to be consumed daily by athletes and other users. If you enjoy consuming a product because of its great taste, you are likely to enjoy its benefits because you will have sufficient amounts of the essential ingredients in your body. Again, the flavor is also a matter of personal preference. For instance, while some people want to consume sweetened powder, others prefer tasteless powder because they will mix with fruit juices to enjoy the flavor of their favorite drink without the smell of the powdered product. There are several different flavors the athletes could choose to motivate them to consume their dietary supplements, but they have to choose flavors they are comfortable with if they want to derive maximum benefits from them.


While this is often overlooked when shopping for these products, it is also a critical factor. Good supplements work in a similar manner, and it doesn’t make much sense spending too much on a product you could readily find an alternative at a cheaper price. In addition, you don’t have to break the bank to achieve your desired physique and personal training goals while indeed there are inexpensive ways to achieve the same. The price of the product is very important if you are on a budget, but you also need to find a balance between quality and price. Some of the cheapest products are often not of the best quality. The price should bring you real value for your money, as you are spending your hard-earned money to achieve your desired physique and level of fitness.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are intra-workout supplements?

A: They adopted their name from the term “intra”, which means in between or in the middle. These are supplements consumed in the middle of a high-intensity training session. They have proven very important in peaking performance at the gym. They are also packed with the right nutrients to supply the body with what it needs to perform at optimum levels. Some of the benefits attributed to consuming them include stimulating muscle tissue growth and enhancing endurance.

Q: Must I use intra-workout supplements?

A: Absolutely not. Taking these products depends on personal ambitions and training goals. You can still train without taking them and realize substantial gains. However, adding them to your training could bring more benefits. They are great for athletes whose fitness routines have hit the plateau phase and would like to take their training to another level. In addition, there are many benefits linked to taking these powerful ingredients, including increased performance and increased muscle protein synthesis. You will also experience increased endurance and reduced fatigue during your workouts. If you want to stay hydrated during your training sessions, you should introduce some of the supplement to your daily workout routine. Regardless, you could still gain from training without consuming any of these products. But for maximum gains, you might want to commit to high-quality intra-workout supplement

Q: How do intra-workout supplements work?

A: Resistance training often involves the activation of numerous catabolic effects, which can often inhibit performance and hinder effective muscular development. It is also associated with significant changes in the muscle protein turnover rate that heightens muscular degradation and protein synthesis. According to research, muscle protein balance tends to be negative in the initial process of recovery. Getting the best results out of a gym training session requires the athlete to replenish depleted protein and energy stores. This feeds the muscle with the essential nutrients in the middle of the training session to nurture a more anabolic environment. The result is increased performance and overall gains.

Q: Who needs intra-workout supplements?

A: Some people are not sure whether or not they need to use these products. Ideally, they are great for athletes looking to add some muscle and boost their endurance levels, especially bodybuilders. While pre- and post-workout supplements have done a great job in managing catabolism, recent studies have demonstrated that intra-workout supplements can be more effective in helping the athlete to achieve significant gains faster. Therefore, if you have been exercising for longer without realizing significant gains, you might want to try these products to get great results.

Q: Where can I find intra-workout supplements?

A: These products are widely available in several stores across the country. Whether you live near a convenience store or drive past a departmental store on your way to work, there are many placed to find the products. However, if you lack the time or the patience to pay any of these physical stores a visit, you could log onto your computer and visit popular e-commerce platforms for convenience. Browse through the products and choose the one that matches your goals and budget. In addition, making purchases online has the advantage of having the product delivered to your doorstep.


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