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15 Best Places to Run in Seattle: (Top Tracks, Trails and Routes)

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15 Best Places to Run in Seattle: (Top Tracks, Trails and Routes) 15 Best Places to Run in Seattle: (Top Tracks, Trails and Routes) www.runnerclick.com

From the infamous Space Needle to the Museum of Pop Culture, there are many fascinating things to see in Seattle. It could be easy to let your workout hit the wayside when on vacation, but don’t let it.

There are so many running trails in Seattle. All you need to do is pack your sneakers!

Is Seattle a Good City for Running?

Known as the Emerald City, Seattle is a great place to run.

Seattle running routes vary a lot. You will find paved and dirt trails and beautiful roadways to run, flat and hilly terrain.

You can run in a busy metropolitan area and in a wooded spot filled with wildlife.

We bet you are now if you were not wondering where to run in Seattle before starting this article.

Wondering where the top places are to run?

Here are our 15 favorites:

  1. Ravenna Park
  2. Lake Union Loop
  3. Discovery Park
  4. Elliott Bay Trail
  5. Burke Gilman Trail
  6. Myrtle Edwards Park
  7. Carkeek Park
  8. Edgewater Hotel to Howe Stairs
  9. Tiger Mountain Loop
  10. Green Lake Park
  11. Washington Park Arboretum
  12. Capitol Hill
  13. Lake Washington Boulevard
  14. Seward Park
  15. Ballard Bridge Loop

The 3 Best Places for Trail Running in Seattle

Looking to run on a trail right in the city of Seattle? There are some great places to explore.

Ravenna Park is a beautiful, wooded trail featuring about four and a half miles of trails. It is a great place to grab some shade on a hot day.

Discovery Park is nestled within a wooded area of over 500 acres. These trails go through woods, wetlands, beaches, and past bluffs.

Featuring about 6 miles of trails is Carkeek Park. This very popular spot features stunning views of Puget Sound. Just a short 9 miles from the city, you will feel like you are in the country when you run through these 220 acres of forest.

2 Great Places to Run in Downtown Seattle

Let’s not forget there are also opportunities for running in Seattle downtown.

One fun route is to run from the Edgewater Hotel to the Howe Street Stairs. At your “turnaround” point, you will climb 388 steps to hit an elevation of 160 feet, then you head back to where you started. The total run is 5.2 miles.

You can always run the Elliott Bay Trail if you are looking for a place to run downtown. You can get 7 miles on this path on a main waterfront trail route. Running Seattle’s waterfront is beautiful and peaceful and worth considering as an option.

You also get to see the Olympic Sculpture Park and Pike Place Market by running the Elliott Bay Trail.

Where Can I Do Long Runs in Seattle?

Depending on how long your run is, you have some options in Seattle.

The Burke-Gilman Trail is a great place to run. It is an asphalt trail at just over 18 miles long one way.

Looking to find out how to access this trail? Visit this website.

For runners who are not afraid of trails and challenging terrain, check out the Tiger Mountain Loop. This is a 16-mile loop trail that will have you hammering up and down hills, including the popular Poo Poo Point.

Where Can I Run At Night in Seattle?

Assuming you are doing all of the normal things to keep yourself safe at night when you run, there are certain places that are better than others in Seattle.

Speaking of keeping yourself safe… don’t forget to wear safety gear. That includes a reflective or light-up vest and a headlamp if it is truly dark out. You should not wear headphones when running at night, especially if unfamiliar with the area. Lastly, running with a buddy is safer than running alone.

One of the top places local runners recommend for a long run is almost a perfect 10K. Lake Union, only a couple of miles from the city, and the loop around the lake is a beautiful and relaxing jaunt.

A second option is Elliott Bay Trail. This is a paved path with enough traffic to help you feel safe on your next Seattle night run.

Is It Safe to Run in Seattle?

Statistically, Seattle is a very safe place compared to other cities of its size. Of course, most major cities are a bit more dangerous at night, and you should always be cognizant of your surroundings to stay as safe as possible.

Some of the more dangerous neighborhoods are South Park, Rainier Beach, Othello, and Beacon Hill.

Where to Run Track in Seattle?

Sometimes you have a great workout planned, and business or pleasure brings you to a new city. If that is you, we have your back. Running track in Seattle has options for you.

Are you wondering if the Seattle University Track is open? The answer is a resounding YES! Seattle University is open to the members of the community.

If you were hoping to run at Husky Stadium, you would be disappointed. Their track is not open to the public.

Struggling to find a track to run on? Never forget that many middle and high school tracks are open to community members. They may not be fancy, but they get the job done.

Where Can I Run a 5K in Seattle?

Seattle has a great running guide to help you find a 5K to train for. There is already a 2023 Seattle Running Calendar put together by RunGuides.com. Not looking to toe the line? There are so many Seattle jogging trails that you are sure to find a place to travel the 3.1 miles that constitute a 5K.

If you prefer a Seattle fun run to an actual race, we encourage you to find a local running group. They often host events just like that.

Enjoy Running in Seattle!

We hope you truly enjoy exploring the running trails Seattle has to offer, whether you are visiting or are a local. This beautiful city has a lot to offer.

Why not lace up and explore that way?

*Check out our list of the best running races in Washington.

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