Best Ryka Running Shoes Rated


Ryka creates shoes just for women and have been crafting great products for over 25 years.

Their shoes offer good technology and a nice amount of comfort for a very good price.  They don’t come with the flash and flair of bigger and more expensive brands, but if you want something simple, functional and effective to improve your runs at a low price, that’s what you’ll find here. Ryka’s shoes are well-crafted and are a massive step-up from other low-cost names, and they offer products for a variety of runners and running styles.

Ryka is a popular brand for lady runners and they apply a lot of fact-finding research into producing ladies running shoes. Whatever the running preference, they produce a shoe to meet the requirements and all the shoes are designed to work for a ladies foot shape and foot anatomy. A lot of female runners but not all, tend to have a more narrow foot compared to men and this is taken into account when designing shoes for FIT, comfort, safety, and protection.

Enjoy this top rated and current line up.

Last Updated: February 9, 2018
By Brian Price:

For the lady runners, we have comparatively researched to produce a list of ten current excellent Ryka running shoes. This brand is moving forward to release new shoe models so be sure to watch this site for the latest updates. Enjoy our criteria for reviewing and see what we factored in for finding the best shoes. Any questions? Look for useful answers in our FAQs section.

Ryka Fanatic Plus V2
  • Ryka Fanatic Plus V2
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Removable Ortholite Footbed
  • Price: See Here
Ryka Intent XT 2
  • Ryka Intent XT 2
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Exceptional traction
  • Price: See Here
Ryka Ultimate
  • Ryka Ultimate
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Lightweight Molded EVA Midsole
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Ryka Running Shoes


1. Ryka Fanatic Plus V2

These are a very good all-round running shoe, and will work well for anyone without particular needs. They have mesh uppers, a plush tongue and collar as well as breathable fabric. The underfoot is cushioned and the rubber outsole reduces impact and chances of injury.
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These are very comfortable and provide a snug, breathable fit. They offer particularly good support for those with narrow feet and narrow heels, and the bounce and cushion goes a long way in preventing any troublesome impact-related pain. If you have wide feet, these might not be for you. The insole is removable.

These have no durability issues and are of great quality. They look good, and many users like the design.

These are slightly more expensive than some other Ryka offerings, but they're still a great bargain buy.
  • A good all-rounder
  • Plush feel and breathable design
  • Good at reducing impact
  • Great if you have narrow feet or heels
  • Top quality with good durability
  • These are not a good option if you have wide feet.

2. Ryka Intent XT 2 SR

These are a great trail running shoe and come in two color options. The design allows for great traction and durability with added support. They are water-resistant and stain-resistant and are great in pretty much all trail conditions.
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The big plus here is the fantastic traction, which is provided by slip-resistant rubber bottoms along with the dynamic shape of the sole. Many users have commented on the great grip, so if traction is your priority, then these are a top buy. They also work well for those who tend to overpronate. The support and stability are great. That said, if you’re not accustomed to a stiffer fit with high arches, you may find these uncomfortable.

The quality here ensures a well-supported run that will last for a while. There are no reported durability issues with these.

These are one of the priciest on this list, but as a good trail running shoe, they're well worth the price.
  • Great for trail running
  • Good for all conditions and won’t stain
  • Excellent for those who like arch support and pronation support
  • Great stability and bounce
  • Good traction
  • Good quality and durability
  • If you don’t like stiffness and aren’t accustomed to high arches, you might not like these.
  • A little pricey for Ryka's standards

4. Ryka Ultimate

These are another good option if you’re looking for something trusty and versatile – they’re not called ‘ultimate’ for nothing! They are breathable, soft, responsive and comfortable, and their technology gives very good shock absorption and cushioning. These also offer good traction and the midfoot support is great.
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The cushion and support here are both very good, and they’re particularly effective if you have flat feet or if you like extra arch support. The ankle is pretty well-supported and they are a nice buy if you run heavily with a hard strike. For good cushion and bounce, these are an excellent option. The sizes seem to run a little small and narrow, so you might want to size up if you’re looking for real comfort or if you have wide feet.

A small amount of users have experienced slight wear with these, but this doesn’t seem to be a common complaint. The technology on offer with these shoes is top-notch, particularly for the price, so they’re a good quality affair.

These are an average price for a Ryka shoe.
  • Excellent cushion, bounce and shock-absorption.
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Great if you like arch support, ankle support and sole protection.
  • Very good technology to improve your run.
  • Sizes run a little small on occasion, and can be narrow.
  • Slight durability issues, though this is not too common.

3. Ryka Fanatic Plus

These are a lightweight and diverse option and provide decent traction and breathability. The mesh uppers are great for airflow and the precise-return footbed ensures great bounce, stability and comfort. They have good cushion and provide a nice fit.
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The tongue and collar are both padded for top comfort, and the breathability throughout is particularly good. The bounce here is great for providing a stable run on road conditions and the decent traction will keep you comfortable and stable when running. Unless you have particular needs for your feet, these offer all the structure and cosiness you need. The cushioning at the heel is a little less than some might like, which might be of importance if you often blister.

Again, these are of good durability. The quality here isn’t quite as good with some other Ryka offerings, as the fit is occasionally a little off. They can be a little loose on occasion, which of course won’t make for an ideal run.

These are around an average price for a Ryka shoe.
  •  Very good padding and comfort
  • Nice bounce and traction, sufficient for road running
  • Good durability
  • Nice breathability
  • Good structure and support
  • Not much cushion at the heel
  • The fit is these is sometimes off, with occasional looseness.

5. Ryka Encore

These are a good lightweight option with nice breathability. They come with a removable ortholite footbed and provide traction and shock absorption. They have a padded tongue and padded collar and offer a pretty secure and reliable fit. There are three designs to choose from.
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The shock absorption in these provides a nice amount of bounce and balance to keep you feeling stable. Lots of users are really happy with the comfort of these, and the wide toe box in particular is a nice addition. If you have wide toes, these are definitely for you. They are lightweight and keep you light on your feet. The main flaw with these is that they don’t seem to provide much cushion or support in the ball of the foot.

People really like the design on these, which is a quality touch. They look good without sacrificing practicality. A couple of users have reported that the stitching can come a little loose on these, but that seems to be a very rare occurrence.

Again, these run at a pretty average price for Ryka.
  • Nice comfortable padded design
  • Wide toe box
  • Shock absorption is good and keeps you stable
  • Nice aesthetic design
  • Not much padding on the ball of the foot
  • The stitching can come loose on occasion.
  • If you have slim foot, the toe box may be a little wide.

6. Ryka Motive

These are a neutral shoe and come with a lightweight and breathable design. The footbed is removable, they have breathable uppers and they provide decent traction and bounce. They come in four different designs, all of which look pretty good.
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These have a wide toe box, which is good if the front of your foot is wide. They provide a snug and comfortable fit according to most buyers, and are particularly lightweight and breathable. They are pretty stable overall, especially for neutral runners. All of that said, there is not much arch support here, and these don’t provide as much cushioning as other Ryka offerings.

Many users like the aesthetics of these, and they do indeed look and feel like a top-quality shoe. They also seem to have no durability issues, so they’re a good buy if you want something that’s going to last a while.

These are slightly on the cheaper end of the spectrum for a Ryka shoe.
  • Nice aesthetic design
  • Good durability
  • Great wide toe box
  • Very lightweight
  • Great for neutral runners
  • Not much arch support at all
  • Not particularly cushioned compared to other Ryka shoes

7. Ryka Aspire

The heel-to-toe drop in these is very small, so they are a good buy if you strike mid-foot. They are very flexible and provide decent comfort and protection, with a removable footbed for extra cushion. These are lightweight and minimal and promote a natural running pattern.
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These are very lightweight, and the design helps you to transition into a more natural running style, which promotes more comfort and productivity over time. If you’re really serious about improving your runs, these might be the model to consider. The comfort and cushion on these is nice. The footbed is a little wide for some people, so they might not be suitable if you have a narrow foot. It’s also worth noting that these can sometimes run a little small.

The durability here is great, and they are another top-quality offering from Ryka. In terms of how they encourage you to run, they are a very good piece of technology for the price point.

An average Ryka price.
  • Great if you strike mid-foot
  • Nice if you’re looking to transition into a more natural running strike
  • Particularly lightweight
  • Decent comfort and cushion
  • Good durability
  • Not suitable if you have narrow feet
  • Sizes sometimes run a little small

8. Ryka Desire

These have almost no heel-to-toe drop and are therefore suitable for those who strike mid-foot. The midsole provides good rebound and the traction is decent. The synthetic mesh upper also offers a good amount of breathability.
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These are very lightweight and they provide a comfortable experience. Most users are very happy with the comfort of these, but a small few do not like the fit – they are a little too tight for some. If you like something snug, they may be for you; otherwise, maybe not. The heel support in these is very good and they provide a decent amount of support for the arch and the lower leg. If you overpronate, these are also a good option.

These are of decent quality, but the durability isn’t as good as some other Ryka shoes – they do seem to wear fairly quickly in many cases. Many users like the aesthetics of the design.

These are the priciest offering on this list, so they're not a good option for a bargain hunter!
  • Great for mid-foot strikers.
  • Good breathability and very lightweight.
  • The fit is very snug.
  • Good heel support.
  • Decent for overpronators.
  • Very attractive design.
  • Nor particularly durable.
  • A little pricier than others on this list.
  • Maybe too tight for some – and they need a breaking-in period.

9. Ryka Indigo

These have a very cushioned midsole and are particularly padded. The design of the shoe reduces impact and there is a good amount of traction in the outer sole. Good stability is on offer here without adding too much excess weight.
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The inside of these shoes feels very soft and supportive, and they’re great for arch support and if you have a high instep. They are very lightweight without sacrificing support and they offer a snug fit. They are on occasion a little too small, so you might want to buy a size up.

These have fairly poor durability – many users have found that the rubber in the sole can wear away after a short time. Other than that, they are a good shoe of good quality.

These are another pricey option.
  • Great cushion in the midsole.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Decent comfort and stability.
  • Good for those with high arches and a high instep.
  • Nice snug fit.
  • Quite pricey.
  • Poor durability.
  • Sometimes fit a little small.

10. Women's Devotion XT Medium/Wide Training Shoe.

A great shoe from Ryka for medium and wide feet and nice for those short local road runs or other sports which require bounce and stability.

The FIT is superb and gives a true feeling of snug comfortable security. Ryka have built a lot of high performance tech into this shoe and it delivers top performance.
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The shoe kicks of as a trainer for indoor workouts and fine for local road runs. The foot-bed is an Ortholite feature with good antimicrobial qualities. For transitional performance the outsole is an 8 piece skeletal construction which works in conjunction with a feature called Re-Zorb -Lite offering mid-sole  pivot points transitional performance.

Stylish overlays constructed from strong synthetics work to give a snug foot hold and work together with an internal direct attach supportive system and a secure front lace up feature. Below the ball of the foot for good flexibility we note the layout of flex grooves.


A good solid performing upper mesh with nice wick-ability while serving to enhance stability and comfort from the shoe. The overall shoe construction offers a light flexible capability and radiates comfort through the use of durable light-weight materials.

Stability is further served through the external pod tech (Re-Zorb-Lite) system which is designed in between the outsole and midsole.

Generally the shoes is designed with features which work towards giving nice comfort in combination with stability.


An average price for a good comfortable performance shoe.

A flexible shoe.


8 piece skeletal construction

Nice and light


Not a shoe for challenging trail running.

As you can see, Ryka offers a range of options for different runners, all at a decent price. If you want something fairly simple but with relatively good technology, Ryka has all you need. They don’t have the precise engineering of expensive brands, but they are way more effective than most other cheap alternatives. As a compromise between quality and cost, you won’t find much better than this!

The Criteria Used For Reviewing The Best Ryka Running Shoes

We took a long close look at Comfort, Stability, Quality, Durability, Protection, Wick Factor and value.

Frau läuft im Sonnenuntergang

Ryka running shoes are unique in that they are only made for the ladies and they offer a nice range of shoes. We looked at shoes and factored in exactly what the shoe is required to do in terms of road running, different types of trails.

We wanted to know if the shoes allow a runner to comfortably transition into a running style which is natural? The cushion features for the foot-bed in the shoes and how good is the heel support and does the shoe give any type of support for the foot arch and lower leg? How well do the shoes accommodate narrow and/or broad feet?

Do the shoes offer a snug FIT without any restrictive qualities which can negatively be felt on the foot? For those with a high instep, how good is the arch support? What are the neutral qualities in the shoe, the breathable qualities, and the weight?

We were interested in the level of shock absorption technology designed into the shoe and how it works?

How good is the combination of cushion with bounce and do any of the shoes have features for runners with flat feet? How good are the shoes for a runner with a hard strike and when support is designed in for the ankle, what type of support and how effective?

For upper comfort which features are designed into the collar and tongue and how effective is the padding? Does the foot-bed contribute towards comfort, stability and a good bounce effect?  Can any of the shoe models serve runners that overpronate?

We looked closely at traction features built into the shoe as we wanted to know how effective the traction tech works and do the traction features have a good durability? we noted the good inclusion of slip-resistant soles which were designed into the shoes.

A sole can look impressive but it might not perform when put up to the challenges. Grip factor was interesting and we looked at which trail shoes featured lugs and the realistic performance.

We looked at the features used in the construction of the different shoe models to see if these were constructed from materials which give flexibility but retain a good level of durability?

Mesh upper features are nice and we wanted to know do they contribute towards a secure FIT, protective against the entry of water and also able to wick away moisture?

How solid are the sole systems, are they constructed from a solid performing durable rubber and is the sole tech a combination of flexibility and firmness? Where is stitching included is the stitch work professional and firm and are the seams likely to rub and cause skin friction?

In terms of wear, how durable are the materials used in the sole and overall construction of the shoe? The lace system is always of interest and we looked to ascertain if the shoe designers had given thought to lace systems which contribute towards a snug, comfortable, stabilizing secure FIT?

We looked at the protective qualities designed into the shoes for protecting against ankle, toe and general foot injuries.

The cost was very interesting and throughout the range of shoes, we noted that prices were set very reasonably and that each shoe model is available at a reasonable cost in terms of solid value for cash.



Personal safety

Safety First Sign

For a high aerobic fitness level, running is an ideal choice for you, start with short runs, run at a comfortable pace and gradually build up your distances. In judging a comfortable pace, this is up to you how you do so, you might choose as some do, a pace which is comfortable enough to talk while you run. However you decide, the aim is that you enjoy the run and feel comfortable. As your stamina increases over time you will naturally set yourself more challenging distances but keep with the philosophy of run for enjoyment while keeping fit and healthy.

We all enjoy listening to music while we run but there are times when we want the music off and our ears alert. If running at night it is smart to have your ears tuned into any noises from behind you, an approaching bike, motorbike, car or angry dog.

Running parallel or around the outskirts of a huge golf range is really enjoyable, nice environment but when those golfers hit a ball it travels at a very high velocity and if they see it heading towards you they will be shouting to warn you and you need to hear them. It is on record that people have been severely injured by flying golf balls and in some rare cases, even killed.

Bring your phone, invest in an armband to carry it, some lady runners have told me they will even pretend to be talking on the phone while running if they notice any overly suspicious people. What if you do have an accident? You will need to phone for help.

Reflective clothing or features on your running kit are very important at night, you may easily see an approaching car or motorbike but to ensure they really do see you it is important to have some level of reflective feature on you. Running shirts can have reflective features designed into the shirt, the same applies for shorts, pants, shoes, armbands, headbands.

You can think about rotating your running habits, perhaps not always run the exact same route at the same time.  Try new runs close to your home and choose runs where you feel psychologically comfortable. It’s not a nice thought but if a person is watching your running habits and they have negative intentions towards you, don’t have a routine by which they can set their watch.

Wear running clothing which lets you carry an ID card, choose a good pair of ladies running shorts with a secure pocket. Some lady runners are known to carry pepper spray with them when they run at night so investing in shorts or pants with a good pocket is a worthwhile addition to your choice of ladies running clothing.

Try to run against the traffic rather than it coming up from behind you if you can see whats coming your way you have much more time to think and react.


Health care icons, rainbow color

Be very specific in which shoes and clothing you choose for running, read reviews for ladies clothes and running shoes and choose a pair which you feel really will work for you. These shoes are the key essential part of your kit and you want comfort, durability, and protection. Think about investing in a pair of shoes just a little wider than your usual shoe size choice.

Relax when your running, don’t tighten up, hang loose and enjoy the run. If while running your body tells you it feels hungry, take along an energy snack bar because at times when you’re using up energy your body is being honest with you.

Create a good stretch routine which works for you, stretching after a warm will work wonders but excessive stretch exercises on cold muscles before a run can cause problems.

Stay hydrated, in warm weather, we lose a lot of moisture while we run and on long runs especially, we need to top up our body fluids. On cooler or cold days some people believe we need less fluid, this is not entirely correct, we will still sweat and we will still lose body moisture and it is still important to keep your body topped up so that you are well hydrated.

Invest in a good water bottle.

When you are running regularly, set a good sleeping regime as rest is very important. Also, eat healthy food and ensure that your diet is well balanced with minerals, vitamins, and protein. For your protein intake, you can consider investing in protein bars for runners, especially if you’re running long distances.

Listen to your body, if you get aches or pains even small ones, take notice of the symptoms and do some research, read runner reviews on this topic and get sound advice. Often a new ache or pain can happen if you change your running style: for example, you might choose to increase your stamina and start running further and notice muscle tightness or other body signs which are a result of how your running style has started changing to faster and further. A common complaint is tightening in the upper legs muscles and lower right hip area if you feel this research and read on how to gradually build up your stamina for running.

It’s important that you running is enjoyable and keeps you fit and healthy so don’t overdo it and set yourself running targets which your mind and body are not yet ready to achieve. Build up your stamina and enjoy yourself as you gradually find it easier to run further.

You can consider that throughout the year to try and enjoy different running experiences, a new road run, different trails, competitions can be penciled into your future plans, they are a nice way to add variety to keep fit and healthy through running.




Q: I’m a lady runner and I like sociability while keeping fit. Any Suggestions?

A: You should look at finding a running partner or  join a running club/group, this approach will mean that you continue to enjoy your passion for running and you top up your hobby with a nice level of social interaction.

Q: As a lady, I have done a lot of roads running and I want to build up my stamina and speed, can you give me any advice?

A: Yes, building up your stamina requires a step by step method to increase stamina. Once you start this plan, keep to it and gradually increase your stamina to a higher level.

Q: I have a problem with dogs when I go running since I was a child dogs have made me nervous, they seem to pick on me, what can I do?

A: I understand how you feel, dogs have a built-in instinct to pursue anything which appears to be running. Some dogs will chase and threaten but they don’t actually bite, you’re worried about being bitten. Through this link, you can see a review of strategies for dealing with nuisance dogs.

Q: I have recently started to increase my distances but I’m getting cramps in my upper leg muscles, why?

A: The fact that the cramps have started when you chose to up the level of performance required from your muscles does suggest this is a result of pushing muscle endurance, it could well be that you need to gradually build up your muscle strength and stamina. Here are two reviews which you should read, they will both put you on the right track. Preventing cramps and building up stamina.

Q: Just took up running. I’m having major problems with foot blisters, any advice?

A: My first thought is that your new to running and certain areas of skin on your feet need to harden but I think the problem is possibly bigger. Blisters will at times happen, no matter how long you have been running.  When first taking up running the first thing to do is select a shoe and socks which offer comfort, nice stability and do not have features which can rub and cause irritation resulting in blisters. Preventing blisters through choosing the right quality running shoe will serve to greatly reduce your problem.

Q: I have foot blisters and I don’t want them going septic, what can I do.?

A: I hope you have already changed your choice in running shoes to help prevent blisters, choose a better pair of running shoes. For your existing blisters, you need to treat those blisters with a good type of aid. Read here for blister treatments for runners.


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