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World’s Marathons: The Easy to Sign Up for Your Next Race

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World’s Marathons is a one-stop shop to find and register for your next international endurance race. World’s Marathons is a relatively new yet quickly expanding platform since being established in 2016, whose function is to help connect racing events to the runner and athletes in an easy way.  With World’s Marathons clean and simple web design, you easily have the world to explore as they help to connect over 4300+ world race organizations to you, the international participant. One has access to find a race in 6 of the 7 continents and within hundreds of countries including some top destinations like: China, Colombia, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Israel, Jamaica, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand, USA to name just a few among many, many more!

What is World’s Marathons?

World’s Marathons goal is to promote great endurance events and to inspire a healthy way of living. The global brand and website is based out of Sweden, working as a connection for both race event organizers to get more global recognition and for people all over the world who would like to participate in said events.
World’s Marathons team recognized a problem on the world wide web in that there was a no all-in-one destination that brought the outlets of international race events and international runners together. Meshing the two was a no-brainer to help race events grow and provide athletes a simple hub to find exciting races. And in just a short 3 year period, World’s Marathons has changed the make-up of how endurance runners have been able to discover exciting races and register globally. In their words, “Sport is a unifying activity that builds bridges!”
Growth is a great descriptor for the progression of World’s Marathons as noticed with their merger with Ahotu Marathons, a popular online running event calendar site. With two powerhouse companies together as one, they have been able to create the largest online platform for international and long distance racing.
How they help race organizers:
World’s Marathons offers race event organizers an online registration system that is presented to a host of new international runners. The site helps to promote to a new market while at the same time taking care of the online registrations and payments. The takeaway, outside of attracting a larger market, is the process of working with World’s Marathons also assists in lowering administration costs.
More so, World’s Marathons has the ability to connect in multiple languages. From starting out in English to expanding through the European market to add Italian, French, German and Spanish, they have broadened their market by being able to communicate in Chinese as well!

How they help runners:

For the adventurous runner, who not only accepts a tremendous challenge in sport but also appreciates taking the time to experience new adventures in far off and wondrous places, will not have to look any further to discover an event of their liking in a place that entices them. Distances cover half, full, and ultra-marathons so the endurance runners appetite will generously be filled. While acting as a race search engine, it’s also a site that can not only provide the details of the race but allow for the registration process to be done in a quick, efficient and safe manner.

Opting into an affiliate program or acting on an early bird special will provide you to an affordable world of deals, discounts, and promotions. Who wouldn’t love to save a few bucks on race fees? And for those who have a quick trigger finger or just simply end up changing their mind, World’s Marathons has a 24-hour cancellation policy with secure payments and returned fees brought safely back to your credit card for all international charges.

Besides bringing together runners to races, World’s Marathons also brings together all runners. The site also hosts a search engine for many international running groups to help you go for your run with friendly locals while off traveling abroad. Running definitely has the ability to connect us all.

With the ability to connect with other runners and athletes, you can show off your have completed past races while sharing your wish list for future events as well. Maybe you want to run the Great Wall of China, the city of Love on the streets of the Paris Marathon, run around the ancient temples of Angor Wat in Cambodia, or run next to the bluest sea in Rhodes, Greece. In fact, why not make a plan to do them all?

Another way World’s Marathons makes running the world easy is by making gift giving easy with the World’s Marathons Gift Card! A gift for your running buddies, running family members, or for yourself the gift card takes away from having to guess on how to gift your loved one the perfect race and travel by leaving the guesswork out of it and letting them ultimately decide their next race-cation. You set the amount and the gift pleases your running adventure partner. Everyone is happy!

In conclusion, if you are looking for an all-inclusive way to combine your passion for running and exploring, look no further with World’s Marathons.


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