Bose Quiet Control 30

Music is one of the greatest motivators in the world of fitness. A heart-pounding playlist can drive someone to break their personal records whether they’re running, lifting weights, or performing any other high-intensity physical activity. With increased awareness of this fact comes increased interest in music-related accessories for the purpose of accommodating a workout. This trend of combining music and fitness has led many products, such as headphones and music listening devices, to be redesigned for the purpose of aerodynamics and versatility in a variety of situations. The Bose Quiet Control 30 is a pair of earbuds that showcases one of the latest developments in the field of high-performance exercise headphones: the neckband earbud. Although it may look a bit clunky, the end result of this design is extremely impressive and speaks for itself.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Easy to connect with listening devices
  • Amazing noise cancellation
  • Minimal wires add convenience
  • Fantastic companion app
  • Terrific audio quality
  • Cons
    • Not water resistant
    • Awkward neckband
    • Key Features
      Since these headphones are styled as a pair of earbuds, the Bose Quiet Control 30 is functional in a wide variety of situations. This convenience and versatility is even greater due to the fact that these earbuds are wireless, so fewer cables will get in the way of intense physical activity.

      Because of these features, these Bose headphones can be used to great effect while performing a wide range of exercises. In addition to running, the Quiet Control 30 can be effectively utilized while weight training, performing calisthenics, and performing other cardiovascular exercises such as cycling. Unfortunately, the lack of water resistance means that they aren’t viable for use in water-related exercises. However, the most significant benefit offered by this product over its competitors is the impressive active noise cancellation it provides, making these effective for use in some of the loudest environments.
      Basic Features
      At its core, the Bose Quiet Control 30 provides wearers with the ability to listen to their music clearly through small speakers in each ear. This should come as no surprise to anyone with even a passing knowledge of headphones; the fact that these headphones also include an inline remote with a microphone should also come as no surprise to those who are familiar with smartphone-compatible headphones.

      The entire package obtained when purchasing these headphones new comes with three different sets of ear tips that can be attached to the ends of this product. These tips all come in different sizes, allowing the wearer to find one that comfortably fits their ears while preventing sound from leaking out of them. While this is a major convenience that helps customers with a wide range of ear sizes and shapes use this product comfortably, it isn’t quite as convenient as many other earbuds that offer upwards of four different tips. These tips will often come in varied shapes as well as sizes, providing greater comfort and utility that is, unfortunately, lacking in this Bose product.
      Advanced Features
      As a pair of wireless headphones, the Bose Quiet Control 30 can only be connected to listening devices that are compatible with some form of wireless connectivity. This is a standard feature for most smartphones and modern computing devices, but anyone using legacy music players may have some difficulty establishing a solid connection. Something these Bose earbuds offer that helps them stand apart from their peers is the option to connect with either Bluetooth or NFC; for comparison, most wireless earbuds only offer Bluetooth.

      The most notable advanced feature included with these earbuds is their neckband. This is a relatively new development in earbud design that works to provide active noise cancellation. Although it requires more power than simply using the headphones normally, activating the noise suppression feature through the inline remote will trigger a highly advanced live noise reduction aspect to the wearer’s listening experience. The way this works is by capturing background noise through several microphones added to the neckband, which then isolates and removes the picked up noise. The result is a crisp and clear sound, even when the wearer is in an extremely noisy environment.
      Sound Quality
      Bose is a company well known for their amazing sound quality. Consider the fact that they are the official headset provider for the NFL: if coaches are able to use Bose products for relaying messages to their players in a gigantic outdoor stadium surrounded by thousands of screaming fans, then it’s not a far cry to assume that they can provide a high sound quality for the average runner or gym goer.

      Tech reviewers who have tried the Bose Quiet Control 30 have stated that they offer a level of sound quality on par with previous models in their product line. This is far from an insult since this means that Bose is able to once again deliver an impressive level of fidelity and clarity to the listener. However, these base features are all taken to the extreme when paired with the Bose Connect app. Thanks to this companion app, users of these headphones can fine-tune the EQ settings on the fly, as well as adjust the level of noise cancellation. For these reasons, audiophiles will love the Quiet Control 30, although those who have already bought a pair of the previous model might not see enough of a difference to make the upgrade.
      Most wireless headphones like the Bose Quiet Control 30 connect to the wearer’s listening device via Bluetooth. This isn’t a horrible method of connection since the vast majority of modern listening devices support this form of wireless connectivity. However, it is known for being confusing to set up at times and can be notoriously fickle when trying to maintain a stable connection. Fortunately, Bose understands the frustration that can come from this method of pairing and offers an alternative as well.

      In addition to Bluetooth, the Bose Quiet Control 30 offers Near-Field Communication connectivity, also known as NFC. While this form of wireless connection isn’t as ubiquitous as Bluetooth, it manages to provide a much more stable connection with a higher overall quality. For this reason, anyone who owns a smart device that offers NFC functionality should be strongly motivated to try this product and experience its high fidelity and connection speeds. Aside from this, another way these headphones manage to connect to the listener’s devices is through the Bose Connect app, which can ease some of the pain from Bluetooth pairing as well as provide the option to tweak specific sound settings.
      For any in-ear style headphones, including just about every pair of earbuds, comfort is going to be an issue for a sizable portion of prospective customers; the same can be said for the Bose Quiet Control 30. This is going to be disappointing for many fans of this headphone manufacturer since all of their over-the-ear models feature fantastic comfort. And while they make an honest effort to appease those with sensitive ears through the inclusion of different-sized ear tips, the end result is simply not up to pair with the rest of their catalog. In the best case scenario, these earbuds will need to be removed after an hour of listening in order to give the wearer’s ears a chance to recover.
      While not as well known for their fashion sense as they are for their functionality, Bose still makes an effort to endow their products with a decent sense of style. The Quiet Control 30 is fairly limited in terms of how it can express that style, but the few design elements that are present for this purpose manage to work. However, there is one jarring exception that is going to split prospective customers right down the middle.

      In order to provide amazing active noise cancellation, these Bose earbuds come with a neckband. This small plastic band wraps around the back of the wearer’s neck and serves this important purpose beautifully. Unfortunately, the side effect of this technology is that the wearer will no longer have a low-profile set of earbuds. In order to get the most effectiveness out of this neckband, customers are discouraged from hiding it under their clothes. Because of this, the Bose Quiet Control 30 tends to stand out like a sore thumb. For customers who want a pair of earbuds that look good or even those who want a pair that doesn’t make them stand out, these headphones are a hard pass.
      The average lifespan of a Bose product, according to professional reviewers and customers who have left their opinions online, is around 2 to 3 years. That same lifespan should be expected when using the Bose Quiet Control 30, provided the wearer treats them carefully and avoids sustaining any damage to the earbuds themselves. Something else that can potentially affect this product’s longevity is its need for regular firmware updates. Although this provides the benefit of improved sound quality over time, failing to properly install an update runs the risk of damaging the device from a software angle instead of a hardware one. Fortunately, Bose offers an excellent support section on their website that will assist troubled customers with their issues.
      Ease of Use
      Because the Bose Quiet Connect 30 is wireless, the ease in which they can be set up and used for music listening is a bit more complicated than ordinary analog headphones. The process of pairing any smart device with a Bluetooth accessory will range from simple and intuitive to mind-bogglingly frustrating, but the addition of NFC compatibility somewhat alleviates this concern for those who have NFC devices. Additionally, the neckband will take some getting used to, although it doesn’t get in the way too much. With the companion app on the user’s smartphone, setting everything up is much simpler, but the end result is still somewhat convoluted in comparison to the more primitive alternatives available to customers.
      Power Source
      Something that is inevitably going to cause some individuals to feel inconvenienced when using the Bose Quiet Control 30 is the fact that it needs to be charged before using it, since it is wireless and can’t simply be powered through the headphone jack. Furthermore, the fact that this product is equipped with several additional microphones for the purposes of fielding calls and providing active noise cancellation, means the amount of power needed is greater. Many customers are at the point where they have a glut of smart products, devices, and accessories that all require charging, meaning they may have limited outlet space and intimidating power bills. While the Quiet Control 30 won’t do these customers any favors, people who aren’t drowning in consumer electronics will find these to be a decent pick.
      Consider that Bose is one of the most recognized brands of sound-based products and has several high-level endorsements. Then consider the fact that these headphones offer cutting-edge technology such as their active noise cancellation and NFC connectivity. Because of these facts, it should then come as no surprise that the Bose Quiet Control 30 are some of the most expensive wireless earbuds on the market right now. Although the technology and branding justify this price, it’s still far too substantial of an asking investment for casual music listeners and trainers.
      Key Features

      • In-the-ear design

      • Wireless connection via NFC or Bluetooth

      • 3 different ear tips for comfort

      • Wraparound neckband for active noise cancellation

      • Inline remote with microphone for taking calls

      • Compatible with Bose Connect companion app

      Bottom Line
      The Bose Quiet Comfort 30 is a truly impressive piece of engineering and design. Bose continues to top themselves with consistently stronger and more powerful consumer electronics. While these weren’t initially much better than their predecessor, firmware updates have allowed these earbuds to surpass the Quiet Comfort 20 in terms of audio quality. Even better is the fact that none of this fidelity and clarity will be lost due to external factors since the NFC connectivity and active noise cancellation will prevent these impediments. This is truly the product of choice for audiophiles that enjoy exercising, but anyone who doesn’t fit that frankly limited demographic is going to be dissuaded by its price.
      Where to Buy
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      Where to buy
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