Brooks Addiction 12

Brooks was founded in 1914 and is an American company which manufactures running clothes, shoes, and accessories for every type of runner, from those requiring stability shoes to racing flats or even trail shoes. Brooks focuses on the end user in designing the shoes and their approach to the market is very customer-centric, focusing on the needs of the user to design the ultimate shoe. They even let some of their top sponsored athletes get involved in the design process. Famous ultrarunner Scott Jurek helped to design the Brooks Cascadia trail shoe, which has all the features he thinks runners look for when searching for an ultra distance trail shoe.

The Brooks Addiction 12 running shoe is a motion control shoe, ideal for runners with flat feet. It has tons of grip but is best suited for road running. For runners with flat feet requiring a motion control shoe, look into this one, as it might be the shoe for you.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Brooks DNA adaptable cushioning
  • Separate crash pad - great for runners who land on their heels
  • Wide toe box
  • Many support features throughout the whole shoe
  • Cons
    • Relatively expensive
    • Some testers reported durability issues with the upper
    • Heavy
    • Key Features
      This outsole is ideal for road running. The HPR Plus outsole material is denser than regular outsole rubber to increase its resistance to wear and tear on hard surfaces, such as extended road use. The MC Pods run the length of the outsole and are great for adding flexibility without reducing motion control. The flex grooves run from one side of the foot to the other, providing great flex in one direction but not in the other. The pods in this shoe were also built for optimal road traction and the flexibility helps with that.

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      The primary material in this midsole is Brooks BioMoGo EVA cushioning. It is completely biodegradable, while also being durable and great for impact resistance and warding off muscle fatigue with it’s good energy return. It’s a full length cushioning that runs the length of the midsole protecting and guiding the foot. This shoe also features the Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar which has tri-density EVA material in key places to help reduce the amount of twisting in the stride, this also reduces overpronation. There is additional cushioning in the heel as part of an independent crash pad, great for impact protection and smoothly guiding the stride from heel to toe. This midsole offers a responsive feeling but cushioned ride and sufficient motion control to prevent injury and contribute to a natural feeling stride.
      This upper is primarily made up of highly breathable mesh material which is lightweight and has moisture wicking properties. Synthetic uppers give the shoe lots of structure and protection where runners need it most, around the toe box, while also providing a nice roomy fit in the toe box. The upper and lacing system does a great job of wrapping around the foot to provide a secure fit and good feeling shoe The lacing system utilizes flat, fatter style laces to achieve a customizable, comfortable fit. The heel cup fits snuggly around the foot, also helping to lock in the foot and give a nice secure feeling throughout the shoe.
      The Brooks Addiction 12 weighs in at just over 13.5 oz for men and just over 11.8 oz for women, making for an incredibly heavy shoe. Because of all of the support features and cushioning Brooks designers have put into this shoe it has come to be a pretty hefty shoe, which is somewhat typical for motion control shoes. Runners with huge overpornation problems typically require a lot of support. At this weight, this is a great training shoe or everyday use shoe, it is not ideal for racing.
      The upper of this shoe is designed to be highly breathable and moisture wicking, great for keeping feet cool and dry in the hottest conditions. The way that the mesh and the synthetic overlays work together allows for air to enter the shoe from the top and pass through the shoe, cooling the foot and creating a comfortable inner shoe feeling.
      This is a motion control shoe and as such, it has a ton of cushion in the midsole. This makes it perfect for guiding the stride and protecting the body from impact. The upper also does a great job of locking in the fit and providing a snug fit and great feeling shoe. The breathable and moisture wicking upper is great for keeping the foot cool and dry, even on long runs. This shoe also has a nice wide toe box, which most runners prefer for toe splay, essential for a strong toe off, optimal comfort and speed.
      Brooks designers made a couple of different color options when it came to designing the Brooks Addiction 12, but most of them are very neutral. The colors of this shoe are geared toward a conservative runner or someone who is looking for a good everyday walking shoe that will go with any outfit. Because of the larger stack height and bigger heel cup area, both common for motion control runners, this shoe has a bit of a bulkier feeling.
      This shoe has a great, durable outsole, the HPR plus technology that went into this outsole is made up of very dense carbon rubber, which is good for many miles on hard paved surfaces. Some runners did experience durability issues with the mesh upper. In some cases, there was premature wear, especially in places where the shoe flexed. The wear was mostly superficial, so it didn’t affect the performance of the shoe.
      The most protective feature of this shoe is the cushion and the motion control. As a shoe that was designed for runners that tend to overpronate, it has additional cushioning and anti-roll features throughout the midsole that guide the stride. There is also an independent crash pad that is great for warding off impact-related injuries which occur regularly for runners who tend to strike the ground heel first. The highly breathable and moisture-wicking upper is great at keeping the feet dry and comfortable and provides blister protection on long days in shoes.
      The BioMoGo cushioning is a nice responsive cushion that offers great energy return. In this shoe, there is a lot of cushioning to protect against impact, and although this cushioning style is very responsive because of layering, this shoe is closer to a cushioned shoe than it is a responsive one. Great for impact protection and a smooth ride without tons of ground feel.
      This shoe is designed with support in mind. The Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar prevents runners from twisting their foot or following through with the overpronation common for people with flat feet. Instead, the tri-density EVA cushion is placed throughout the midsole in strategic places to keep runners from injury by supporting a natural, injury-free style of stride.
      This shoe is designed for road use. The HPR plus technology featured at the outsole is great for standing up to extended use on hard surfaces such as pavement. The outsole design features flex grooves in essential locations, which is great for lightly wrapping around surfaces and moving with the foot to provide a good grip on hard, unforgiving terrain.
      Initially priced at 160 USD, this is an expensive road shoe. But, for runners who are looking for a comfortable, durable, supportive shoe, this is an acceptable price, especially if it will ward off injury and get them comfortably on the road. You can now find this shoe for as little as 90 USD on sites such as Amazon. This is a great price for a shoe that will keep you injury free in the long run.
      While the dense carbon rubber outsole is built for durability, the MC pods are built for comfortable traction. These 2 features of the outsole work together to make this shoe ideal for road use. The pods are very grippy and because of the design, have a certain amount of flex, which is not usually available in an outsole of this type. The flex grooves really help the shoe to bend around and grip hard, unforgiving surfaces.
      Flexibility is not a common trait in a motion control shoe, mostly due to the amount of cushioning required in the midsole and the stiff outsole that gives the shoe a smooth consistent ride. This is a surprisingly flexible shoe, thanks to the MC pod outsole design. It has flex grooves in key places throughout the outsole that gives flex from heel to toe, but not side to side. This lack of side to side flexibility is great for supporting a natural stride while also controlling any twisting of the foot.
      This shoe has a nice wide base and a good lacing system that really locks down the foot. These work together to give the shoe a very stable feeling throughout the stride. The Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar is comprised of wedge-shaped components that deliver stability and minimizes pronation. The EVA or BioMoGo material in the midsole is designed to give support and stability during every step for runners who tend to overpronate.
      The heel to toe offset is 12mm, which is typical for a motion control, stability shoe like this one, this also allows the space for an independent crash pad for impact protection. There are a ton of protective and stability features, and the outsole design with this 12mm offset works great to support a natural stride and get runners off their heels an onto their toes, quickly and smoothly.
      Key Features
      • Adaptive DNA cushioning
      • BioMoGo midsole
      • Heel segmented crash pad
      • Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar
      • HPR plus technology in the outsole
      • MC-pod outsole design
      • Highly breathable and moisture-wicking upper
      Bottom Line
      This is the 12th edition of an already successful line. The Brooks Addiction 12 has some great features for runners who tend to overpronate, have flat feet or just require a little extra support and cushion on their run. This is a highly comfortable road shoe with lots of impact protection. The design also encourages good form and has ample room in the toe box, great for runners with wide feet. The neutral colors make it a great choice for conservative runners or for someone who is looking for a comfortable, supportive walking shoe for everyday use. Brooks shoe designers always have the satisfaction of the users in mind when they design a shoe, and this one is no exception.
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      By Brian Price
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