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Brooks Ghost 10 – Full Review Review Facts

The 10th edition of the Brooks Ghost features a variety of important updates from the outsole to upper. The neutral running shoe offers the same well-cushioned midsole as before and is perfect for a variety of running distances. From the 5K to the marathon, the Ghost contains ample cushioning for long-distance training.

Fans of previous Ghost versions shouldn’t be too nervous about the new iteration as the Brooks Ghost 10 has been improved in a number of ways without fiddling too much with its fit and ride feel. Whether you’re training for a fall marathon or you just want a well-cushioned trainer for daily morning cardio, the Brooks Ghost 10 is an excellent choice.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Quality design
  • Comfortable, ample cushioning
  • Supportive, secure fit
  • Grippy outsole
  • Very breathable
  • Better fit than before 
  • Flexible design
  • Lighter than Ghost 9
  • Smoother ride feel than the Ghost 9
  • Better arch support than the Ghost 9
  • Not super responsive
  • Durability issues 
  • Less reflective material around the shoe 
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  • Brooks Ghost 10s get a lot of praise for the balance of cushion and support they have.
  • The majority of reviewers say, with the right size, the toe box is roomy without being sloppy.
  • For some buyers, these shoes have helped control their supination.
  • The balance of support in the toe and heel is a high point for many reviewers.
  • The material of the upper is weather resistant and can dry over night after getting wet.
  • For most buyers, the 10s keep in line with the quality of previous versions of Brooks Ghosts.
  • A few buyers who have bunions claim these shoes are comfortable for long wear.
  • Ghost 10s work for a variety of wearers. New runners, casual runners, fast runners, and heavyset runners have all said they find these shoes to be comfortable.
  • Many buyers claim they have and/or would buy Brooks Ghost 10s again.
  • There are very few reports of foot fatigue caused by these shoes.
  • A large number of positive reviews come from 5-10K runners.
  • The Brooks Ghost 10s have helped prevent knee pain for some wearers.
  • Even with a noticeable amount of cushion and a roomy toe box, the Ghost 10s aren't bulky.
  • Several buyers with plantar fasciitis say these shoes provide comfort and support.
  • The main complaint about Brooks Ghost 10s is quick wear, especially on the tread. Quite a few reviewers claim the tread on their Ghost 10s began peeling within the first month or two.
  • Some reviewers also experienced quick wear on the insoles.
  • The Ghosts 10s have adequate traction on dry pavement, but several buyers noted that the traction doesn't hold up in wet conditions.
  • A few buyers, who are fans of Brooks Ghost 9, say they are disappointed with the overall fit and sole of the 10.
  • Sizing is an issue for some buyers, many recommend buying a half size up in order to get a good fit in the toe box.
  • Several people mention that having more color options would be an improvement.
  • Although many reviewers like the insole of the Ghost 10, it is noted by some that the shoe doesn't work well with some orthotics.
  • A couple of reviewers commented that the forefoot padding can feel awkward or increase pronation.
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The Ghost's outsole is made of two types of rubber. The forefoot, which is a little softer than the midfoot and heel, is composed of blown rubber. Carbon rubber covers the rear of the shoe for enhanced protection against wear and tear.

The outsole is similar in design to the 9 but features deeper forefoot grooves that provide a better transition feel. The softer composition of the outsole also helps to deliver a smoother ride than the Ghost 9. Overall, reviewers liked the grippy outsole and smoother ride feel of the Brooks Ghost 10 compared to the 9.


The 10's midsole contains Brooks' proprietary BioMoGo DNA EVA foam. It's the same stuff as before, but it feels a little softer underfoot. The midfoot also delivers better arch support and the heel features a newly added crash pad for a softer landing platform and enhanced support.

While the midsole BioMoGo DNA cushioning hasn't changed, reviewers were quick to point out that the feel was much softer. The result is a plush ride but one that's not totally responsive.

Still, most reviewers liked the feel of the squishier midsole and appreciated the secure fit of the heel cradle. The softer midsole material is also likely to be more forgiving for those pursuing longer distances. Users also appreciated the improved arch support of this version of the Ghost.


The upper in the Brooks Ghost 10 is a little bit more free-form with a more generous fit thanks to the newly designed flexible overlays. The toe box is roomier (height-wise especially) and the forefoot's bumper is a lot more toned down compared to the 9.

Style-wise, the upper design is sleeker. The flat laces have been replaced with round ones that still have the stretchy feel of before. The upper revamp does mean that the generously reflective design of the 9 has been pared down quite a bit so the Brooks Ghost 10 is a lot less reflective. The interior features the same BioMoGo foam sock liner as before.

The 3D Stretch Print Engineered Mesh upper was well-liked by reviewers for its flexible design and roomier feel. Users liked that even with a bit of stretch, the fit was still secure. Users also liked that the upper provided above average air circulation.

For the most part, reviewers noted that the Ghost fit true to size and that the midfoot was slightly looser than before, which improved the overall fit. A few wearers did note that the forefoot covering felt a bit vulnerable and concerned them durability-wise. Others also pointed out that the 3D Engineered Mesh upper had a tendency to let a lot of moisture in, making it a poor choice for rainy weather runs.


The 10th edition of Brooks Ghost features a slight weight change since the 9. It's a bit lighter than its predecessor, which reviewers appreciated. The weight reduction likely has something to do with the upper's sleeker design and thinner toe bumper.

Losing all the reflective material around the upper also likely played a part in reducing the overall weight of the Ghost. The men's version weighs 10 ounces and the women's weighs about 8.5 ounces.


A more flexible upper design helps to improve durability quite a bit as does the roomier toe box, which not only adds room width-wise but height-wise. The upper design is sleeker than before, with streamlined overlays that allow air to circulate a lot better than in the 9.

Reviewers liked the breathable, flexible design and greatly appreciated the larger toe box design. The engineered mesh fits securely with a slightly looser midfoot construction for an improved fit since the 9. The more breathable design, however, does seem to attract moisture in wet conditions, which reviewers found to be a downside.


Most reviewers found the Brooks Ghost 10 fairly comfortable. The new upper design being more flexible provides a free-form fit that's much improved since the 9. The shoe is also more comfortable thanks to a roomier toe box. Some also preferred the softer cushioning of the Brooks Ghost 10 compared to the 9.

While the shoe isn't as responsive as previous versions, the cushioning is nice and plush, making the Ghost a good candidate for long distance training where a bit of softness underfoot is welcomed by most.

The 3D Stretch Print upper fits exceptionally well according to reviewers who appreciated the comfort that came from having a shoe that fits true to size. A looser midfoot area also helps to bring the Brooks Ghost 10 up to a notch on the comfort scale.


The Brooks Ghost 10 is available in a ton of colorways for both men and women.

Compared to the 9, the new version features a sleeker upper design. The look is more refined than previous versions but features fewer reflective components, which some reviewers were disappointed about. The new laces, round instead of flat, are functionally the same, but provide an updated look.

Overall, the Brooks Ghost 10 is an attractive shoe. The re-designed upper modernizes the 10 even further for a look that's streamlined and fresh.


The Brooks Ghost 10 features a similar lifespan to its predecessors, although the softer composition of the outsole rubber and the toned down upper design with fewer overlays, do mean the shoe is more vulnerable to early signs of wear.

Reviewers didn't have any significant issues with durability but did worry about these weak spots in the shoe.


The Brooks Ghost 10 offers plenty of protection, as did previous versions of the shoe. The outsole, grippy as ever, provides protection from wet surfaces.

The midsole, filled with soft and protective BioMoGo DNA cushioning serves as a shock absorber.

The upper, more flexible than ever, accommodates feet of all sizes for an ultra-breathable experience to protect from overheating.

The Brooks Ghost 10 even features a toe cap (a little less chunky than before) to keep the tip of the forefoot protected. A heel crash pad, new since the 9, adds a softer landing spot for heel strikers and additional protection against impact.


The Brooks Ghost 10 is not super responsive. In fact, while the shoe is well-cushioned, great for all distances and comfortable as ever, responsiveness has definitely suffered since previous versions.

The Brooks Ghost 10 is just not as snappy. This is due to the change in ride feel. The softer overall feel of the shoe and it's cushioning makes for a plush ride but doesn't deliver in terms of responsiveness.

However, reviewers didn't necessarily find it was something to complain about since they very much liked the plush ride provided by the Brooks Ghost 10.


The Brooks Ghost 10 delivers targeted neutral support thanks to its new upper design. Better flexibility doesn't mean support is sacrificed. It's quite the opposite. The new more flexible upper overlay offers a better overall fit that hugs the foot without adding uncomfortable pressure points.

The 3D Stretch Print Engineered upper fits just right. The shoe also features a newly added crash pad at the rear for more support.

Reviewers loved the secure fit of the Brook Ghost 10 with most saying the new version fits a lot better than the 9.

Also, reviewers liked the secure heel cradle and more supportive midfoot design, too.


The 10th edition of the Brooks Ghost features two outsole materials including carbon and blown rubber. These components are meant to deliver traction and durability.

As for what kind of terrain is best suited for the Ghost? We'd recommend sticking with roads and packed dirt trails for the most part. They're not designed with trails in mind, so road running or indoor treadmill workouts should make up the bulk of your workouts in the Ghost. Thankfully, the midsole has plenty of cushioning for workouts of any distance.


The 10th edition of the Brooks Ghost features a fair price tag considering the shoe's well-cushioned midsole.

Great for all distances, including marathon training, the Ghost running shoe is ready for heavy-duty training.

It's true that some reviewers pointed out durability issues (the forefoot area's covering feels a little thin and vulnerable to tearing and the outsole's soft materials feel a little more prone to wearing down early) but overall, the Brooks shoe delivers exceptional value.


The outsole of the Brooks brand shoe features a combination of blown rubber and carbon rubber. One is softer than the other but the entire outsole delivers adequate traction.

In terms of grip, the outsole's performance hasn't changed and still delivers good traction compared to previous versions.

Reviewers commented that the outsole was very grippy.


While previous versions of the Ghost may have been a little stiff, the Brooks Ghost 10 is incredibly flexible. The upper, featuring a new free-form fit, is more accommodating than ever before. The overlays, made of a flexible material instead of hard plastic, weigh less and are a lot bendier.

Overall, the feel of the Brook Ghost 10 is softer and more flexible than the 9. The result is a smoother ride but one that's also less responsive.

Reviewers really liked the more flexible design. Most agreed that the fit was a huge improvement and liked the new stretchy 3D Print Engineered Mesh upper.


The Brooks Ghost 10 offers mild stability since it's a neutral running shoe.

The grippy outsole offers a base level of stability while the stretchy upper provides a solid, comfortable fit.

The new crash pad in the heel area adds a touch of stability upon landing (particularly for heel strikers, not so much if you're a forefoot striker, though).

The roomier toe box also lets users spread their toes, so the foot can provide natural stability as its meant to.


The Brooks Ghost 10 provides users with a fairly significant 12mm heel to toe drop. This higher drop height reduces ground-feel and responsiveness. The shoe is definitely built with the heel striker in mind as is evidenced by the rearfoot crash pad for added support.
Key Features

Key Features

- NEW freeform, flexible upper
- NEW higher and wider toe box construction
- NEW slightly lighter than the Ghost 9
- NEW smoother ride feel
- NEW sleeker upper design
- NEW crash pad at the heel for support and cushioning
- NEW deeper Flex Grooves
- NEW Round laces
- NEW improved arch support
- 3D Stretch Print Engineered Mesh upper
- Carbon rubber and blown rubber outsole
- BioMoGo DNA foam cushioning
- BioMoGo foam sock liner
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Several important updates make the Brooks Ghost 10 a marked improvement compared to its predecessor. While a softer design does sacrifice durability slightly, the cushioning is now plusher than ever and the flexible fit means the shoe is more comfortable than previous versions.

The upper still delivers above average ventilation and the price point remains fair and attractive.

The soft cushioning does reduce responsiveness somewhat, but the tradeoff is an ultra-smooth, cloud-like ride.

The fit is true to size but more generous than before thanks to a roomier toe box design. Even the design gets a makeover with a look that feels more grown-up and refined.

The Ghost still feels supportive and provides ample cushioning for all your running needs.

Whether you're going long or keeping things short this running season, the Brooks Ghost 10 should definitely be on your radar.