Brooks Purecadence 7

The Brooks PureCadence 7 is part of the Pure Project series which debuted at the height of the minimalist movement so the PureCadence aims to be fast and light. It falls under the ‘light stability’ category as they incorporate guide rails. In order to maintain a natural low to the ground experience that the Pure series is known for the PureCadence 7 continues to use the Biomogo DNA LT foam with light guide rails for added support. The side walls of the shoe offer slight aesthetic changes compared to the previous version but still retains the same underfoot feel of the predecessor. The major update to this shoe can be seen in its air woven upper. Because of its stability features, runners with knee or joint pain can use this shoe and can benefit from its comfort and support.

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Pros & Cons
  • Good cushioning and responsiveness due to the BioMoGo midsole
  • Seamless construction and no-sew overlays that prevent friction and injuries
  • Affordable price
  • Low profile that is great for overpronators
  • Lightweight
  • Cons
    • Air-woven upper mesh does not offer great breathability and might be hot to wear in the summer
    • Key Features
      The Brooks PureCadence 7 sole had no changes with the latest version of this shoe. The outsole uses a durable rubber and Omega Flex Grooves to bring a solid grip and durability to the shoe. This combination also adds some flexibility to the midsole without affecting the shoe's cushioning. The rubber in the outsole is very segmented which gives an independent suspension. The outsole has a toe split which has been seen in all the versions of the shoe. Although it started off as a design choice with no function, this split now helps separate the big toe and aids in an efficient toe-off.
      It’s no surprise to see the Biomogo midsole material as it is found in almost every Brooks shoe. A cool fact that environmentally-aware runners can appreciate is that the BioMogo will degrade 50 times faster than standard EVA midsole.

      There is lots of padding on the inside and it's lined with smooth fabrics. This lets your feet feel great while you are running. There are lightweight guard rails to ease the body to more natural motion. You can see a rounded heel which helps encourage a mid-strike. If you are getting a little sloppy and are landing on your heel, this rounded heel helps roll you onto your toes. The shoe has a bootie inside the shoe which wraps around the feet like a sock. This bootie material is extremely soft and forgiving.
      The upper is made of stretch mesh material with layers of synthetic on top that gives great structural integrity and breathability. It also has a nearly seamless construction throughout the top so there are no seams or stitches on the inside to irritate your foot. The upper also features 3D printed welds which go all the way to the top of the shoe to provide a little more support. Some reviewers did not enjoy the material as it reminded them of denim.
      The shoe weighs 9 ounces for men and 7.6 ounces for women. While still considered lightweight, the men’s version is 0.4 ounces and the women’s 0.1 ounces heavier than its predecessor. Instead of opting for an engineered mesh seen in the PureCadence 6, this shoe uses an air-woven mesh with no seams. This material change contributes to the additional weight of the shoe as most other features are the same.
      Although the PureCadence 7 allows for some ventilation on the upper, it does not do a better job compared to the previous editions of the shoe. While the woven air mesh provides a snug fit, it does not have too many pores to allow for ventilation. We are not sure how this shoe will fare in the summer as there are not many ways to vent heat from the upper.
      The upper is seamless with no stitching which helps reduce potential friction points. The sockliner is superbly soft and does a good job at moisture management. The last of the shoe is curved to mimic the anatomy of the feet and provides a glove-like feel. However, one area that could be improved is the air-woven mesh as it currently is not great at ventilating the shoe.

      BioMogo is Brook’s high-end cushioning foam which provides comfort to the entire shoe from the forefoot to the heel. It works on a wide range of temperatures from the hottest days to cold and gives you the same experience. Some runners found that the PureCadence 7 took a few runs to break in because of its low drop. But once broken-in, the shoe becomes comfortable and remains so.
      The Purecadence has safe colors which the majority of runners enjoy. Those who prefer something bright and exciting will not find the options suitable. There are 2 colorways available for men- Peacoat/Silver/White and Ebony/Dark Red/Black and 4 colorways for Women-Black/Purple/Multi, Grey/Black/Pink, Grey/Rose/White, and Lagoon/Black/Multi. We found the style and color option for women to be better than the men’s version who have limited options. You can see standard Brooks branding on the tongue and the side of the shoe.
      Durability is the strong suit of the upper and it showed little to no signs of wear and tear during the first 100 miles of running. The aggressive tread keeps the ground from making too much contact with the foam of the outsole.

      The treads of the outsole are described as being ‘pod-like’ and are deep enough to take on uneven roads and harsh surfaces without losing their grip. Many reviewers have found very little wear on the outsole even after hundreds of miles. Brooks is known for the durability of the midsole and they claim that the Biomogo molecules do not break down easily with normal use. This means that runners will experience the same level of comfort even after you gather some serious mileage in this shoe.
      Reflective patches surround the heel improving low-light visibility. The outsole features thick treads which protect the runner from debris, rocks and uneven surfaces underfoot. The Biomogo material lends a soft and responsive cushioning to the midsole which helps absorb landing shock and comforts the foot during long runs. Being moderately stable, the shoe has features like guard rails and a heel counter to discourage over-pronation thus preventing injuries in the heel from rolling.
      The Brooks DNA midsole provides adaptive cushioning which brings a good deal of responsiveness to the shoe. The BioMogo is made of a non-newtonian fluid which returns the amount of pressure applied to it thus helping runners add speed to their run. Despite the low profile of the shoe, it is still very resilient. While the Guide Rail serves to align your joints with your feet, it inevitably helps prevent exhaustion in the last miles of your race adding a bit of boost to your stride.
      If you enjoyed the fit of the PureCadence 6, you will love that this shoe provides an identical fit. The shape of the shoe is narrow but has more width in the toe box to give the toes some wiggle room. The 3D printing on the upper provides a nice and secure lockdown across that instep. The lacing system is standard and helps adjust the fit according to your needs. A staple feature of the series, this shoe also has Guide Rails which helps maintain a stable stride.
      The Purecadence 7 is a versatile shoe as it can be used in the gym, as a daily training shoe or a racing shoe. Primarily a road-running shoe, the PureCadence 7 has a grooved tread in its strong rubber outsole which allows runners to take the shoe out on dirt roads, pavements, concrete, and gravel. Some runners tested the shoe out in the gym and found its performance acceptable. But we would not recommend this shoe for trail runs as it will not be able to give you a good enough grip.
      The price of the shoe is the biggest differentiator from its competitors such as the Asics Gel DS trainer 22 or the Nike LunarGlide 9. If you’re looking for a budget daily trainer which will last you for hundreds of miles, the PureCadence 7 will serve the purpose. Fans of the series are happy to note that the price of the shoe doesn’t differ from the previous edition.
      The Purecadence 7 is designed to be a road-running shoe with many runners using this shoe as a daily trainer or a racing day shoe. Being lightweight, it allows runners to increase their pace and the tread is aggressive enough to allow them to land on rough surfaces without slipping. While the traction is great, the tread design allowed some small stones to get lodged in. However this shoe does not have deep enough lugs to provide a good grip on trails, mud or snow thus we would not recommend it for trail running.
      While the segmented tread helps with the flexibility, the shoe remains a stiff one. There is not much gap between the heel to toe which offers a smooth transition. The bouncy BioMoGo midsole offers some flexibility but it is primarily responsible for cushioning and response. There is a tradeoff between stability and flexibility but most reviewers were happy with the limited flexibility.
      Technically this shoe is a neutral running shoe but it does have mild stability features. The Purecadence 7 has guardrails running from one side to another which is visible as a darker colored foam. This shoe uses a dual-density foam which means the white foam is not as firm as the blue foam. This mix prevents you from pronating. The shoe has an internal booty which holds the foot like a sock improving stability. The overlays in the upper also help hold the foot securely.

      One reviewer compared the guide rails to the bumpers in a bowling alley as it provides a customized level of support where it is needed. The rounded heel helps guide the foot into the path that it wants to go in. If you thought the shoe had enough stability features, here’s one more. A heel counter keeps the rear of the foot stable and keeps the heel from moving about.
      Proponents of low-drop shoes will find this shoe with its minimal 4mm drop attractive. Many researchers believe that minimal drops encourage the runner to strike midfoot rather than at the heel which strengthens the calves and Achilles. Such a movement mimics the natural barefoot stance of the feet and encourages running to be as normal as possible.

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      Key Features
      -BioMoGo DNA whose cushioning dynamically adapts to the feet
      -Close-to-Foot fit with a stretch-woven upper
      -Soft internal bootie
      -Lightweight guide rails to keep the body in alignment
      -4mm drop
      -Flexible sole which disperses impact away from the foot
      Bottom Line
      The PureCadence 7 is built to give good response and comfort needed for your daily runs or even racing days. The shoe has incorporated popular features of Brooks such as the BioMoGo midsole, internal bootie, guide rails, and plush collar. While we cannot say we enjoyed the new upper as much, it could serve the purpose for runners looking for winter shoes. Other negatives are the lack of color options for men and some time needed to break-in the shoe. Nevertheless, the shoe achieves its purpose of speed without a heavy weight while still providing a ground-feel.

      Overpronators who are looking for stability shoes without bulk and medial posts will find this shoe a nice change. This shoe is not meant for a heel striker as it may provide a jarring experience for you. It is heavier than a road shoe like the Saucony Kinvara but in return for the extra one and a half ounces, you will get extra traction and stability. The shoe is priced affordably and is cheaper than its competitors making it a good option for those looking for budget shoes.
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      By Abbie Copeland
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