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Hair Tips For Runners: Loose Ponytails To Best Conditioners

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These are the best hair tips for runners who always deal with dry or knotted strands. Hair Tips For Runners: Loose Ponytails To Best Conditioners www.runnerclick.com

We love getting sweaty. We are sporty and strong and never say no to a run. But we also like being glam sometimes.

We appreciate nicely styled beach waves and appreciate how transformative a new hair color can be.

The problem is that all those knots post-run is not a good look. We are in desperate need for the best hair tips as runners.

We often schedule our runs depending on when we did or have to wash our hair. We have dry shampoo at all times in our gym bags.

But we cannot for the life of us figure out the best way to style our hair during a run. Some might find wearing a braid only leaves their hair full of knots.

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As runners, many of us also don’t know how to treat our hair once we get sweaty. Or maybe haven’t discovered the beauty of a can dry shampoo.

So we are breaking down the best hair tips specifically for runners and other athletes so we can always look as good as we feel.

Don’t Wash Every Day

The worse thing anyone can do to their hair is to wash it every day. Some might feel like it’s too greasy after working up a sweat. But natural oils are healthy for the hair in order to keep it from both strands and the scale from becoming dry.

Instead, invest in some good dry shampoo. The problem is that some dry shampoos can be too powdery. Options like Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo works well smells great and is super affordable.

Other runner tested options include R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo and Batiste Dry Shampoo.

Deep Condition Throughout The Week

Another great hair tip for runners is to make sure to deep condition at least once a week. But it’s even better to do so throughout the week.

This is because sweat, which ultimately is salt, dries out the hair. A deep conditioner will help keep hair silky, soft and hydrated.

Use days off to really treat hair and style for the next two or more days.

Try products like Silk18 or Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deep Conditioning Treatment.

Another pro tip is to leave in conditioner. This is a great option for those who shower both before and after a workout. Just wet hair and apply a leave-in condition.

These products are designed to be left in without rinsing. Then post-run, the runner can rinse and style their hair.

Must-try options include Sun Bum 3-in-1 Leave-In Conditioner and Mixed Chicks Leave In.

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Hair Styles For Runners: Braids, Buns, and Cuts

Sure we need tips on how to treat hair before and after our runs. But what about during?

How should runner style their hair?

Those with mid to longer lengths should braid their hair. For starters, it gets strands out of the way, pulled back and off the face.

It also prevents loose ponytail hairs from getting frizzy and sweating against the neck and back.

Braids also are believed to put less stress of the hair. There won’t be as much breakage from high ponytails.

Another hairstyle it a low or high bun. This might put more stress on the hair when bound tight, but it does keep the hair off the face. This is a greats style for leaving in conditioner.

Other runners opt for shorter haircuts when they get sick of their long hair always getting tangled.

Pixie cuts and bobs are stylish and easy to take care of post workouts. Just keep in mind that these are drastic changes.

It can also be hard to pull back certain shorter haircuts. So those who love a ponytail or braid should think twice.

Accessorize During The Run

Shorter hairstyles require a sweatband, visor or hair to keep hair out of the face.

Runners can also try bobby pins and other cute accessories designed to keep the hair in place. A great hair tip for runners is to spray the pin with hairspray before using to prevent it from sliding out of the hair mid-run.

Buffs, headbands, and running caps are all great options to use during a run. Not only does this keep the hair in place and out of the eyes, but it also protects it from the rain in some cases, wind and even sweats.

A general rule to headbands is size according to hair texture. Thinner hair works great with thinner bands. Thick hair requires thicker headbands for keeping strands pulled back.

Perfecting The Loose Ponytail

Photo by Gesina Kunkel on Unsplash

Another great secret hair tip for runners is to double up on elastics. This is only for those who find their hair won’t stay in a ponytail when running.

This just requires a bit more support, so double up on elastics and the ponytail will stay in place.

Opt for thicker cloth options to prevent them from getting knotted or tangled in the hair.

Those who find pieces fall out of their ponytail can try a double ponytail. Section the hair in half and have one ponytail on the top of the head, one underneath it.

This is a great option for long hair with layers.

Don’t Use Products During Runs—Except Light Hairspray

We love hair products when not running, but skip these before a run. Mouse and gels can drip and cause the hair to get too oily.

Even worse, all that product can drip into the face and eyes. Ouch.

If the runner does need some product, like when keeping hair in place, a great hair tip for runners is to go for a lightweight hairspray. Just be mindful where its sprayed.


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