Nike LunarGlide 6

According to Nike, the inspiration for the name of the shoe comes from astronauts bouncing weightlessly on the moon, and the LunarGlide 6 aims to offer runners a responsive, lightweight ride every time they embark on a running session. There’s no denying that Nike’s shoes are known for their cushioning and stability, and the LunarGlide line is lightweight thanks to Nike Lunarlon, which has been improved upon to be even lighter in this edition. Runners love the plush and responsive ride, especially the all-new engineered upper. This sixth edition of the Nike LunarGlide offers improved overall stability to keep the runner safe and comfortable throughout a run. The upper is made of a thin, seamless, durable mesh material that is well-ventilated. The platform of the shoe features Lunarlon, a high-quality foam that delivers a well-cushioned ride, while the firm midfoot section corrects overpronation with each stride. The outsole is made of Nike’s standard high-quality rubber material that provides solid traction and overall durability. This update to the well-regarded LunarGlide line represents Nike’s commitment to continually improve upon its already winning formula.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight, all-around trainer that encourages smooth transitions and support
  • Updated Lunarlon midsole offers enhanced security and padding
  • Seamless breathable upper keeps the fit cozy and secure
  • More space in the toe box than previous editions
  • Cons
    • Thin upper made some runners uneasy about taking the shoes out on the trail
    • May run slightly small
    • Key Features
      Nike made a few solid adjustments to the sixth edition of the LunarGlide's outsole unit. Runners felt these refinements, which included additional cushioning and making the overall shoe lighter. Durable rubber covers high-wear areas so the outsole’s integrity is retained over time while also providing runners with reliable surface traction. The Pressure Mapped Outsole that Nike included in this edition provides runners with additional traction and stability, and flex grooves run throughout the platform to make it more pliable and flexible, helping aid in natural movement throughout the gait cycle.
      The Lunarlon midsole provides cushioned, springy support and lives up to Nike’s reputation for making comfortable sneakers. Runners have been pleased with the denser foam in the midfoot that provides solid medial stability both while running or standing, which speaks to the LunarGlide 6’s ability to be an all-around everyday sneaker. In general, the midsole unit has been strengthened to offer more overpronation protection and to deliver a smooth ride for both neutral and overpronating runners.
      Nike applied some major updates to the LunarGlide 6’s upper. The seamless upper utilizes a breathable, lightweight mesh material that that comfortably covers the entire foot and conforms to the shape of the runner’s foot after lace-up. This snug fit is further enhanced by the Five Flywire lacing system, which is connected to the sole and run along both sides of the upper to enable a custom, comfortable fit. The external heel counter secures the foot firmly in place to avoid slippage and accidental shoe removal. Overall, the redesigned upper of the LunarGlide 6 is an improvement on an already dependable line of sneakers from one of the world’s biggest and best athletic wear companies.
      Runners looking for a light everyday running shoe with comfort and stability will find it in the LunarGlide 6. Maintaining a lightweight feel that every runner is consistently looking for, the LunarGlide 6 weighs in at 9.6 ounces/272 grams for men and 82 ounces/232 grams for women, which fits it into the “lightweight” category, and some reviewers have commented this trainer almost provides a barefoot feel. It goes without saying that overall weight can help extend runner endurance, especially on longer runs, and with the weight has dropped a full 3% from the LunarGlide 5, runners familiar with this line will find this slimmed-down edition an appealing update.
      The Nike-engineered soft foam is extremely breathable, but the key to a more breathable shoe is the upper mesh that conforms to the foot after lace-up. Nike strived to remove as much material as possible in the LunarGlide 6 and they delivered a lightweight, comfortable shoe that enhances natural motion while utilizing the breathable mesh that comprises the upper in a perfect blend of form and function. Many reviewers agree that this new update has allowed it to be more breathable through the improved seamless mesh lining and were pleased with the increase of airflow to their feet. Nike’s LunarGlide 6 doesn’t allow for the feet to get hot and sweaty enough to the point where they can be uncomfortable for runners to wear.
      Outfitting runners with both comfort and functionality can be a difficult balance to strike, but Nike's LunarGlide materials have found the balance, making it an efficient, lightweight running shoe that also scores high marks in comfortability. Reviewers found this edition a highly comfortable update to the popular line, in particular, its soft, springy Lunarlon midsole. The plastic heel support has also been updated to provide awesome support and consistent quality for the heel. Its seamless upper also helps avoid abrasions and blisters, and its light weight allows the runner to go mile after mile without feeling the drag of wearing trainers.
      Nike’s Lunarglide series continues to offer an ever-improving and evolving harmony between style and performance. Nike packs the shoe full features that are second to none, providing improved stability, a well-cushioned ride, and a breathable upper mesh. The LunarGlide 6 is also a very stylish shoe that reflects the classic Nike style that’s become iconic around the world. Coming in a large array of color schemes to satisfy a variety of personal tastes, runners who appreciate the signature look of Nike sneakers will find it well-represented in the LunarGlide 6. Much like other Nike sneakers, even as running shoes, they go well with jeans and other casual or sporty attire.
      This is a top quality Nike shoe. It has been tested on long runs, non-technical trails, and simple everyday walking. In typical Nike fashion, the soles wear out at an average rate while the rest of the shoe keeps it durability throughout its lifespan. Overall, its durability seems just as impressive as all the other LungerGlides before it. There is no question that this shoe was built to last. Runners have found that although there’s a bit more rubber used in the forefoot, the overall contact area of the shoe has been left mostly unchanged from previous editions. The amount of durable toughness that is felt on this shoe is a telltale sign of the quality of design and construction that went into producing the LunarGlide 6.
      The use of Nike's Lunarlon foam and rubber outsole, along with the mesh upper and its slim overlays, all work together for a snug, secure fit, and excellent ground feel. Reviewers were pleased with the amount of responsiveness this shoe provided.
      The great thing about a shoe that is designed for the runner who overpronates is that it gives all types of runners extra stability. Many reviewers commented on how the LunarGlide 6 kept their feet stable and felt more supported than other shoes they’ve tried. The Lunarlon foam midsole absorbs much of the shock that comes with each footfall, while greater stability is attained thanks to the new updates such as Lunarlon foam that runs from heel to toe. The Pressure Mapped Outsole also adds support, which works great in conjunction with the plastic heel counter to provide runners with a very confident run. When running on hard surfaces, like streets or paved paths, the comfortable and supportive feel and additional protection for the knees from the thrust of running, is noticeable. Overall, the LunarGlide 6 is a running shoe that features a great amount of support.
      The LunarGlide 6 performs best on the road and other traditional running surfaces. The rubber outsole is durable but also provides solid traction. Reviewers were pleased with the amount of grip the outsole offered, whether they were on a treadmill or going uphill. However, since this is not a trail running shoe, make sure to keep it on the road in to get the maximum usage out of the LunarGlide 6.
      Most Nike shoes are technically in a class by themselves when it comes to cost comparison with other models. This is because Nike style is just as an acceptable form of casual wear as it is athletic wear. Nike, once again, has managed to pack a full-featured running shoe into the body of a stylish, almost leisure-like façade. Expect to see plenty of non-runners wearing the LunarGlide 6 to local coffee shops. And being one of the top sneaker companies in the world, Nike also does a good job of pricing the LunarGlide 6 at a very competitive price point.
      Nike has a standard rubber that it uses for many of its sneakers’ outsoles, and the LunarGlide 6 is no exception. However, since this is Nike, of course, it’s a high-quality rubber that’s been tried and tested time and again. Reliable surface traction can be counted on from the LunarGlide 6, and with the numerous flex grooves that are cut into the outsole, runners will be able to grip the ground and achieve great toe-off each time out.
      The LunarGlide 6 has three points of great flexion: the flex grooves that are cut into the outsole, the breathable upper mesh that conforms to the shape of the runner’s foot after lace-up, and the Lunarlon midsole, which is springy and feels pliable beneath the feet. Overall, the LunarGlide 6 hits the sweet spot in terms of flexibility—not too firm, not too loose, but just right.
      Since this is a sneaker that addresses issues with overpronation, runners can expect the LunarGlide 6 to be an exceptionally stable shoe. However, it’s not just a stability shoe, as neutral runners can also benefit from the additional support that the LunarGlide 6 has built-in to its overall construction.
      Overpronators and neutral runners alike won’t find any surprises in the drop of the LunarGlide 6. With a 10mm drop, this is the standard drop most running shoes offer, so there are no worries about having to transition or go through a period of adjustment when slipping on a pair of LunarGlide 6’s.
      Key Features
      •Upper is comprised of open mesh and is fused over with a synthetic leather lattice

      •Updated Flywire cord lacing for maximum cushion and support

      •Firm, durable heel-to-midfoot EVA provides a natural ride

      •Soft Lunarlon foam embedded in front and rear of shoe for increased responsiveness

      •Seamless upper construction that cuts down on irritation
      Bottom Line
      As we find ourselves with another LunarGlide release the question naturally arises: is it worth the upgrade? The short answer is yes. Reviewers are heralding all of the smart upgrades that the LunarGlide 6 has received from its previous edition. And these aren’t just bells and whistles added on to simply make a new shoe: reviewers agree that overall comfort level, responsiveness, and traction are just some of the major changes they found were improved while reviewing the LunarGlide 6. Furthermore, for overpronators, this shoe is a no-brainer. It supports flat arches, is lightweight, and overall provides a smooth-running experience. There is no doubt that the LunarGlide 6 is going to end up being a lot of runners’ go-to everyday trainer when they go out for their daily run.
      Where to Buy
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