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How to Lose 25 Pounds of Fat in 2-4 Months: 7 Keys to Follow!

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How to Lose 25 Pounds of Fat in 2-4 Months: 7 Keys to Follow! How to Lose 25 Pounds of Fat in 2-4 Months: 7 Keys to Follow! www.runnerclick.com

Ditch the idea of fads diets – they can be difficult, soul-crushing, and often lead to short-term results. 

To lose 25 pounds for good in a matter of months, stick to these few simple rules that will melt away excess body fat and help you feel great. 

1. Keep A Food Journal

Losing weight is a matter of CICO (Calories in/Calories out). If you consume more calories than you burn on a given day, those calories will be stored as fat over time. 

To determine how many calories you need to eat, you can consult this free calorie calculator.

I find that success happens when you are honest with yourself. If you snuck a few bites of leftover birthday cake out of the fridge or any junk food – write it down. You can still eat birthday cake and lose weight, but you need to log those calories. Small bites, licks, and tastes can really add up if you aren’t careful! 

While pen and paper work just fine, there are tons of free weight loss apps (such as Lose It!) that calculate the calories of your meals, as well as key nutrition such as carbs and lean protein. 

You can even just take a photo of the bar code and many of these apps calculate the nutrition for you!

2. Remember – You Want To Lose Fat, Not Muscle!

Not all calories are created equal within your body. Sure, you may be hitting under your daily calorie count and those numbers are continuing to go down on the scale, but if you aren’t eating enough protein you are likely losing muscle instead of fat. 

Your body needs protein to operate and get you through the day, and if you don’t consume enough protein, it will derive its daily protein needs from your muscles. 

To determine how much protein you need in a day, multiply your weight by .36. I; for instance, require around 52 grams of high protein a day to ensure that I don’t lose hard-earned muscle mass. It may seem like a lot, but there are plenty of low-calorie foods to help you hit your mark. 

A grilled chicken breast contains around 43 grams of protein and around 215 calories. If I add a good protein Greek yogurt, eggs, or beans to my daily calorie intake, hitting that mark is super easy (and filling!).

Grilled chicken and veggies are the perfect weight-loss dinner, but they can become a little boring over time. To spice things up, throw some chicken into a salad or a wrap, and low-calorie condiments can go a long way to transform a  bland meal into something more exciting. 

3. Keep Active!

By staying active, your body will burn more calories throughout the day. Hitting up the gym for a cardio workout or going for a run a few days a week is a great way to build muscle and burn excess calories, but there are tons of simple changes you can make to continuously burn calories. 

If you are heading to the grocery store, park in the very last parking space in the parking lot and walk – and that’s some great physical activity! If you are stuck in the office all day, get up and take small moderate intensity walks throughout the building, and always opt for the stairs rather than an elevator.

 Investing in a small desk bike is another way to fit in those steps while chained to your desk as well. 

4. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is essential for quick and effective weight loss. Ensuring that your body is hydrated is not only the cornerstone for good overall health, but it’s a great way to trick your brain into thinking that you’re full. 

Studies have shown that drinking water increases energy output (aka burning calories) up to 30 percent and lasts up to 60 minutes. Keeping a crisp glass of water next to you all day helps to keep you feeling full, increases energy output, and tames that snacking monster in your brain. 

Tired of boring water? Invest in an infuser bottle and toss in fresh fruit to give your water a bit of a kick. 

5. Be Kind To Yourself

No matter how dedicated you are, everyone has a bad day. Whether it was a little late-night binging, or you gave in to temptation at a holiday party, one day of excess will not derail your entire diet or lead to weight gain. The real test is how quickly you can regroup and get back on the horse. 

While going over your daily calories is not ideal, one calorie-dense meal isn’t likely to impact your progress. In fact, many find that a cheat meal can actually positively affect your progress by giving your ‘diet brain’ a bit of a break. Just ask the Rock!  

We’re not perfect, and a little ‘planned chaos’ can help you keep your eye on the prize.

6. Don’t Just Rely on the Scale

We like to think that the numbers on the scale are the only metric to measure success, but that just isn’t true! If you are working out and building muscle at the gym, your numbers may not be falling as quickly as you like because you are also gaining muscle as you lose fat. 

I know firsthand that nothing derails my motivation as quickly as stalled scale numbers. That’s why it’s super important to measure more than just your body weight. 

If you are just getting started, I suggest taking your measurements and writing those numbers down next to your starting weight. When you weigh in once a week, also check in on your measurements. Even if you didn’t lose any weight on the scale, you may be surprised to discover you lost inches off of your waistline. 

I also suggest taking a before picture of yourself, and updating that picture a few times a month. On days where I feel that a little late-night ice cream will soothe my soul, I simply look at the photos of all of my progress and make a cup of tea instead.

7. Celebrate Milestones

The road to losing 25 pounds in a matter of months isn’t a straight line. There will be challenges, but the most important thing you can do to reach your weight loss goal is to celebrate all of the little victories along the way – on and off the scale. 

Celebrating all of the small successes with things like new running shoes, a massage, a movie, or a new pair of jeans helps to celebrate good behavior and will keep you on track. 

Losing 25 Pounds Will Make A Big Difference

Overall, losing just 10 pounds translates to one pant size. At the 10-pound mark, you will notice that your pants will start to fit a little looser and you’ll just feel better. 

At 25 pounds, it may be time to invest in some new clothes! With simple lifestyle changes in your diet plan and exercise, the road to a new and slimmer you is easy to achieve with a little perseverance and dedication. 

Losing weight doesn’t mean that you have to cut out the birthday cake entirely. If you are at a birthday party, eat a piece of cake and log your calories. Just don’t eat the entire cake. 

Sure, a weight loss pill would make weight loss so much easier, but you don’t need it!

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