Inov-8 All Train 215

The Inov-8 All Train 215 is a great sneaker for a variety of exercising purposes. It is engineered to deliver an exceptional training experience through Crossfit and high-intensity interval workouts. They are lightweight and breathable and the construction helps athletes to move quickly and efficiently through their workout. Their construction allows for extreme flexibility thanks to the materials used and through the META FLEX technology found in the midfoot. The traction delivered through the dual-rubber compounds found on the outsole help you to perform at an optimal level in any direction. These sneakers offer just enough cushioning to provide support and comfort and are a great fit for any exercise aficionado. 

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Pros & Cons
  • Great all-around training sneaker for a variety of training purposes
  • Injected EVA midsole delivers just the right amount of cushioning
  • Dual rubber outsole is both grippy and durable
  • Meta-cradle technology delivers a secure and comfortable fit
  • Lightweight and breathable upper
  • META FLEX technology makes the sneaker extremely flexible 
  • Cons
    • Not a lot of solid rope protection in the shoe
    • Not built for long-distance running
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the 215 is a combination of grip and stability. It features a geometric design with triangular claw-like flat shapes in multi-directional placement for traction when you move in any direction. It is also made up of two different kinds of rubber- one that is soft and one that is harder. The harder areas are strategically placed in the areas of the outsole that receive the most wear in order to enhance durability. Softer rubber is positioned in areas where more grip is required. This softer rubber is made up of a Dual-C sticky rubber compound which is designed to grip a multitude of surfaces. The outsole also features Inov-8’s META FLEX technology. This technology is a groove at the forefoot of the outsole to enable better flexibility and allows for more efficient and natural movement of your foot throughout your workout.
      This sneaker is Inov-8’s first shot at an all-around training sneaker so they engineered the midsole to adapt to a variety of activities. Unlike the company’s 235 or 250 models, this sneaker is not specifically designed for activities like heavy weight-lifting. However, with that said, many Cross-Fitters have said that this shoe works great for lifting in general, but not for heavy power-lifting. The reason for this is because the midsole features more of a drop than traditional lifting shoes and offers a little more cushioning and give. Unlike the other models listed, this sneaker features an injected EVA foam midsole, not a compression molded midsole. This means that the sneaker will offer more give and response in a lightweight package. The midsole is soft and lightweight and will provide just the right amount of cushioning for plyometrics, calisthenics, and small amounts of running. They are softer in the heel than heavy-lift shoes so you shouldn’t rely on them for that. The heel cup works well at keeping your heel secure as you move through various exercises.
      Several consumers have commented on how great this shoe looks in terms of its upper. It is a great all-around sneaker in terms of looks and isn’t as boxy looking as many other training sneakers. The upper features a mesh material that is very flexible and extremely breathable. Because it is a training shoe that can be used for a multitude of exercises, the fit in the forefoot is a little roomier than many other training shoes, allowing for your foot to splay naturally. The new AdapterFit Met-cradle is featured at the midfoot area and is designed to lock your foot in place with support and comfort. It is a synthetic overlay that also works as the lacing system so as you tighten your laces, the Met-cradle fastens more securely to your foot. This works in conjunction with a soft, elastic, mesh liner which allows for an even more comfortable locked-down fit. The heel counter on this sneaker is more lightweight than other sneakers in the training department but works with the heel cup to secure your heel and foot throughout your workout.
      These sneakers are incredibly light on the feet. One thing you don’t want during intensive training exercises is bulky heavy cinderblock-like shoes on your feet. On the contrary, the 215’s weigh in at a mere 7.6 ounces per shoe which is very lightweight.
      This shoes' upper is made up of a very lightweight mesh which is also extremely breathable. The pores in the mesh of the forefoot flex and move easily and allow for optimal airflow into and out of the foot chamber. The Mesh stops underneath the foot-cradle but works with the lightweight and soft elastic material to provide comfort and breathability. The Met-cradle itself has holes in it as well to allow for proper and necessary air movement.
      Sometimes training sneakers designed for Cross-fit and other high-intensity interval workouts tend to lack in the comfort department because they may be too stiff or minimal. However, the Inov-8 All Train 215 has been hailed as an extremely comfortable all-around training sneaker that offers just the right amount of cushioning and comfort. Unlike other training shoes, this sneaker features more of a cushioned midsole that has more give and spring than other training shoes so when you are doing box jumps, burpees, or sprints, you will feel more comfortable. Their lightweight composition allows for great comfort as well because they are so light you won’t even notice that you have shoes on your feet, according to some consumers. The Met-cradle at the midfoot helps the sneaker fit snugly and securely to your foot while the forefoot allows for a more natural toe splay.
      The silhouette of the All Train 215 is more like a running sneaker than a training shoe. Many training shoes feature a boxy look in order to allow for proper toe splay and support. However, Inov-8 was able to design this sneaker to be both functional and stylish. The toe box of this shoe is less boxy but still provides ample room for your toes. The colors offered are a great draw to this sneaker as well; anywhere from subdued grays and blacks to bright orange and teal. Several consumers have remarked that these shoes look great both in the gym and out on the town.
      The grippy Dual-C softer rubber of these shoes’ outsole works in conjunction with the harder rubber on this outsole to provide great durability. The harder rubber is strategically placed in areas of the outsole that endure the more strenuous parts of high-intensity workouts and help the sneaker to maintain its durability. Because the Met-cradle at the midfoot area allows the shoe to hug your foot snugly, the shoe won’t move around on your foot, allowing it to maintain its shape as well. The forefoot is made of mesh but is protected with a rubber toe cap and synthetic overlay at the toe to increase durability as well.
      The Inov-8 All Train 215 will protect your feet in a number of ways. The dual-rubber outsole will keep your feet protected where they need to be most with the tougher rubber while the softer rubber will allow for more grip. You will be protected from blistering and irritation thanks to the soft elastic lining and the Met-cradle found at the midfoot. Your toes will also be protected thanks to the rubber toe cap and synthetic overlay at the toe.
      These training shoes offer more response than many others on the market because they have more cushioning in the injected EVA midsole. Several users have said that they offer just the right amount of cushioning and response thanks to this midsole and soft rubber found in the outsole. They aren’t so responsive that you can run for miles and miles but they are responsive enough to deliver an effective and efficient workout.
      While these sneakers are not marketed as being a typical “functional fitness” shoe, they are great for training. A large number of consumers have said they are excellent in the support department if you are using them for high-intensity training and small bouts of running. The heel cup offers enough support and cushion to keep you stable as you lift but they are not recommended for heavy lifting because they do not have a zero drop and may be “too soft” for that. The Met-cradle found at the middle of the shoe is great for support because they hold your foot in place as you move. The multidirectional triangular tread pattern helps you to move in many different directions, keeping you supported even on lateral movements.
      The name of this shoe includes the words “all train” meaning that they were engineered to be used in a variety of exercise areas. Many reviewers said that these shoes worked great on asphalt, gravel, wood, and indoor terrains. That means these can be worn for cross-fit or other high-intensity workouts inside or out.
      Depending on the colorway you are after, these shoes can be purchased for anywhere from $65 to $120. This is an excellent value considering they are high-quality sneakers that can be used for a multitude of exercises.
      The 215’s got high marks from reviewers in the traction category. Inov-8 engineered the outsole to be both grippy and durable with the dual-rubber compounds used on the outsole. The triangular tread pattern allows for optimal movement in any direction and the grippy softer rubber found on a majority of the outsole delivers excellent grip.
      Flexibility is another shining characteristic of the Inov-8 All Train 215. If you were to hold these shoes in your hands, you would be able to easily fold them in half, proving that they are extremely flexible. The META FLEX technology found at the forefoot of the shoe aids in the sneaker’s flexibility by allowing the forefoot the move and flex naturally with the movement of your foot. The lightweight materials that make up this sneaker allow it to bend and flex easily and efficiently.
      While these sneakers are not marketed specifically as “stability” sneakers, they do offer some stabilizing qualities. They are made for people with a neutral gait but provide stabilizing support through the Meta-cradle at the midfoot. This technology holds your foot in place while you move and allows your foot to flex naturally while keeping you supported. The heel cup cradles your heel securely as well so you will feel stabilized as you move through your workout. However, it should be noted that this sneaker does not feature a stiff heel counter so if you are looking for heavy lifting shoes, these will not offer the right amount of stabilization.
      Most training shoes on the market feature a zero drop but the Inov-8 All Train 215 is an all-around training sneaker so they do not offer that feature. Rather, they have more cushioning and soft support in the midsole, resulting in an 8mm drop. This puts these shoes in between a typical running sneaker and a typical training shoe.
      Key Features
      - Dual-C sticky rubber on the outsole for maximum grip
      - Met-cradle found at the midfoot delivers support and security while allowing the foot to move and flex
      - Lightweight and breathable mesh upper allows for excellent breathability
      - Triangular rubber treads help you to move multi-directionally and allow for excellent lateral movements
      - Injected EVA midsole provides just the right amount of cushioning, comfort and support
      Bottom Line
      The Inov-8 All Train 215 is the company’s first stab at an all-around training sneaker and many consumers agree that they did a great job in its engineering. They offer just the right amount of cushioning for such activities such as box jumps, burpees, jump roping, and lifting. While they are not meant to stabilize you effectively during heavy lifting, many weightlifting enthusiasts have welcomed the combination of the 8mm drop and Heel-Lock technology offered in the heel cup. The Dual-C sticky rubber and triangular treads help you to move in any direction effectively while the harder rubber allows the sneaker to maintain its integrity because it is placed in the areas that endure the most wear. It is a breathable sneaker that fits like a glove thanks to the Meta-cradle technology found at the midfoot and is extremely lightweight. The price point will work for the majority of consumers. In the end, this is an excellent sneaker if you are looking for a shoe to wear for a variety of exercising activities.
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      By Abbie Copeland
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