Inov-8 F-Lite 235 V2

The Inov-8 F-Lite 235 V2 is the company’s second version of the shoe and it is specifically engineered for the cross-fit and cross-training community. This update to its predecessor includes a toe bumper to protect your toes and feet from burpee fatigue as well as a new welded overlay construction to protect feet and keep them snug and secure. This highly-specialized shoe boasts a PowerHeel design to help support you as you lift weights or participate in other stationary high-powered exercises. It also features a flexible and slightly cushioned forefoot to push you successfully through lateral movements, box jumps, and sprints. These sneakers are comfortable, great-looking, supportive, and breathable and are a great option for any cross-fitter.

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Pros & Cons
  • ApapterFit technology in the upper provides a customized and comfortable fit
  • 360 Rope- Tec technology surrounds the sneaker to protect both the shoe and your foot from rope burn and injury during rope climbs
  • Flex grooves at the forefoot of the sneaker deliver excellent flexibility for cross-training and running short distances
  • PowerHeel is 40% denser than the rest of the sneaker and gives the sneaker a solid platform for weightlifting and other stationary exercises
  • Toe bumper protects toes and feet from burpee fatigue
  • Cons
    • Some users say the shoelaces are not long enough
    • A small number of consumers say that the shoe is not as durable as they’d hoped
    • Key Features
      The Inov-8 F-Lite 235 V2 is designed to be a tough cross-trainer that can take a beating. The outsole is evident of that with its thick rubber design with lots of added bonuses for the cross-fitter or cross-trainer. The geometric-patterned bottom is engineered using sticky rubber for added traction and grip so when you are doing box jumps or other cross-fit stunts, you’ll be nice and stable. The thick rubber of the outsole extends up over the toe cap to form a solid toe bumper, which is something that was not included on its predecessor, the Inov-8 F-Lite 235. This bumper delivers excellent protection against burpee fatigue and aids in the sneakers’ durability. Another great feature of the 235 V2’s outsole is the Rope-Tec 360 which wraps around the outsole and extends up through the upper to protect the shoe, and ultimately your feet, against rope burn and damage to your shoes during rope climbs. The sneaker also boasts META FLEX grooves in the forefoot region which allows the shoe to moves naturally with our foot and increases efficiency and flexibility for plyometric moves.
      Inov-8 has been a great resource for reliable footwear among runners for years and they broke into the cross-fit and cross-training world in the past years to become a great resource there as well. The midsole of the F-Lite 235 V2 is made for cross-fitters and cross-trainers. The midsole is ideal for plyometrics, weight-lifting, and for short bouts of running which is exactly what these activities include. Possibly the most impressive part of the midsole is Inov-8’s Powerheel technology present in the heel. This technology makes it so that the heel is 40% denser than the forefoot of the sneaker which delivers maximum stability when lifting weights. On the flip side, the forefoot delivers more cushioning and shock absorption to protect you during box jumps or running. The midsole also employs Inov-8’s patented Dynamic Fascia Band which replicates the windlass effect of the human plantar fascia structure. When your heel leaves the ground, the Dynamic Fascia Band resists elongation of the medial arch and carries the entire body weight of the runner by converting the shoe into a propulsion lever.
      This sneakers' upper is made up of lightweight and breathable mesh. This breathable mesh uses Inov-8’s AdapterFit technology which is designed to take the shape of the foot without inhibiting movement. At the midfoot area of the upper, you will find the company’s Met-cradle technology which adapts to the natural movement of the foot during fast, hard material and medial movements. This version of the sneaker includes a new update in its welded overlays to reduce weight while also maintaining ultimate fit and flexibility. The Met-Cradle is a soft and stretchy mesh liner that works in conjunction with the lacing system to lock the midfoot in place. The upper has another updated feature as well which is located at the heel of the shoe. The new heel counter now features a Y-lock system that securely locks the heel down in place and delivers the much-needed support during weightlifting.
      When you are at the cross-fit box or doing some crazy cross-training, you certainly don’t need your shoes adding extra weight to your workout. For this reason, Inov-8 made sure to engineer the F-Lite 235 V2 to be lightweight. Both the men’s and women’s shoes weigh a mere 8.3 ounces.
      As in previous versions of the sneaker, this shoe employs a mesh upper for exceptional breathability. This version, however, also includes the company’s AdapterFit technology which helps the sneaker to naturally conform to the foot. This is an added bonus to the sneaker because it does not add any additional weight or detract from the breathability. This shoes' upper allows for excellent airflow in and out of the foot chamber.
      The AdapterFit technology included in the shoes’ upper is designed to help the sneaker adapt to your foot easily and comfortably, making the shoe very comfortable for any foot shape. This update to the sneaker model also features a gusseted, soft, elastic mesh sock liner that locks down the midfoot to provide a snug and comfortable fit. The sneaker does not have much in the way of a midsole other than the Powerheel to stabilize you while you are lifting heavy weights and some small amount of cushioning in the forefoot to help protect your feet when you are jumping. With that said, because these are sneakers designed to take a beating at cross-fit and throughout cross-training workouts, they aren’t meant to have lots of cushion. Most customers who have used them have said they are comfortable to work out in.
      The Inov-8 F-Lite 235 V2 is definitely not meant to be a casual sneaker. Rather, it is meant to be a highly specialized workout tool for cross-fit or cross-training. Their zero drop, and lack of cushioning overall will not lend well to them being worn for daily activities. With that said, they are great-looking cross-training specialty shoes. They are built for a specific purpose and will not only do that well, but they will also look great on your feet while you are doing it. The sneaker comes in an array of colorways; from low-key to bright and exciting.
      The thick rubber outsole and rubber toe cap definitely add to the durability of these sneakers. They are designed to withstand hours upon hours of plyometrics, sprints, lateral movements, rope-climbing, weight-lifting, and burpees. Many consumers have commented on how well they hold up, especially with the upper now including AdapterFit technology, allowing the material to move and flex with your workouts better, thus reducing the possibility of tearing. However, a couple of users did comment that the upper did tear after a few weeks of gym use, but for the most part, people seem to be happy with their durability.
      The Inov-8 F-Lite 235 V2 will definitely protect your feet in the cross-fit box. The durable thick rubber outsole and thick toe cap will protect your toes and soles of your feet during burpees and things like box jumps. The AdapterFit technology of the upper not only keeps your foot snug within the sneaker, but it allows the sneaker to move and flex with you while you workout, giving you a natural foot motion throughout, rather than constricting you. The toe box area also allows your feet to splay naturally which will protect your feet from cramping and injury. The Y-shaped heel cup is designed to lock your heel in place while weightlifting, protecting you from injuring yourself. The PowerHeel located in the heel is also designed to provide a solid and level platform for such activities as well. The 360 Rope-Tec that surrounds the shoe will protect both the sneaker and your feet during rope climbs.
      Although these shoes are not necessarily meant to be worn to run long distances, they are designed to help propel you through cross-training workouts and small amounts of running and sprinting. Because of this Inov-8 wanted to be sure the sneaker would be able to handle all of these activities. Many customers have remarked how well the shoe handles not only cross-training activities but also small amounts of running; apparently, specialty cross-fit sneakers tend to lack the support needed for running any sort of distance at all but that is not the case with the Inov-8 F-Lite 235 V2. One of the reasons these sneakers respond well during cross-training and short running workouts is due to the patented Dynamic Fascia Band technology found in the midsole. This feature resists the elongation of the medial arch of the foot and turns the sneaker into one big propulsion lever that pushes you forward and up.
      This sneaker will support cross-trainers in a couple of different ways. Firstly, the PowerHeel at the back of the shoes’ midsole creates a solid platform for your foot if you are lifting heavy weights or settling in for a round of battle ropes. The PowerHeel makes it so the heel is 40% denser than the rest of the sneaker for excellent support and stability. The forefoot of the shoe is more cushioned to support your feet during jump roping, box-jumping, or running. The Y-shaped heel clip helps to lock the heel in place and supports your weight as you lift weights or participate in other stationary cross-training activities. The AdapterFit mesh material that makes up the upper will also support your feet by swelling and flexing with your foot as you go through your workout.
      These sneakers are specialty sneakers designed especially for participating in cross-fit or cross-training exercises. The great thing about these, according to other users, is that they can not only support and carry you through a tough cross-fit workout, but they will also support you through some light running while you cross-train. The outsole of the 235 V2 does not feature an aggressive lug system so they are not suitable for off-road terrains. They are excellent for indoor and solid outdoor training.
      Because these are specialty sneakers, they price tag is going to be a little higher than other sneakers on the market. However, at $130, these are an excellent purchase for anyone looking for a supportive, breathable, lightweight, and reliable cross-training sneaker.
      The outsole of this sneaker is equipped with very durable and grippy thick rubber. This rubber will help your shoes grip the floor of the cross-fit box as you move from activity to activity. This grippy rubber extends up over the toe, creating a toe bumper to protect your feet during burpees and other cross-fit activities. The great traction of this sneaker also extends up into the upper with the 360 Rope-Tec technology. This helps you grip the rope on rope climbs and helps protect the shoe and your feet from wear and tear.
      When you are transitioning from activity to activity on the cross-fit floor, you have to make sure your shoes follow suit. With that in mind, Inov-8 made sure this sneaker was flexible. The forefoot of this shoe includes a number of flex grooves which will help the shoe bend and flex with you as your run and jump through your workout. The upper includes the company’s AdapterFit technology to flex and move with your feet as well so you will not feel restricted throughout your workout.
      These are definitely NOT marketed to be stability running shoes. With that said, if you are participating in cross-fit activities, then you probably don’t have a ton of foot problems. The stability offered by these sneakers is offered mainly in the PowerHeel technology of the shoe. When you are lifting weights or grounding yourself in a lifting activity, you want to make sure that you are stabilized in your platform. The PowerHeel of this sneaker provides a stabilized base for lifting.
      The Inov-8 F-Lite 235 V2 has a zero drop. This is because you do not need to have much cushion under your feet during cross-fit activities. The cushion that is offered is in the forefoot, and it is very minimal.
      Key Features
      - Thick durable rubber outsole provides protection as well as flexibility
      - Dynamic Fascia Band in midsole delivers a reactive experience as well as protection from fascia injury
      - PowerHeel located at the heel of sneaker provides a solid platform for weightlifting activities
      - AdapterFit in the mesh upper enables a customized and adaptable fit
      - Y-shaped heel counter keeps your foot nice and snug within the sneaker
      Bottom Line
      These are great sneakers for the committed cross-fitter or cross-trainer. They offer just the right amount of support, cushion, and flexibility to transition from running, lateral movements, jumping rope, burpees, and box-jumping. There are a number of sneakers designed for such activities out there but these have been hailed as the best for the ultimate cross-training experience. Many cross-training shoes do not include the appropriate amount of support for both plyometrics and running but there are a number of users who have said these are the first ones to meet the needs of all these activities. The price is a little up there but for such an outstanding specialized sneaker, you really can’t go wrong.
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      By Abbie Copeland
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