Adidas Alphabounce Beyond

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Adidas Alphabounce Beyond Review Facts

The Adidas Alphabounce sneaker has had several popular designs in the past and the Beyond is an update to these.

They are not necessarily designed for performance or training activity because they are heavier and not very breathable or flexible. However, they were engineered to deliver support and stability as well as comfort for everyday wear.

The Continental rubber outsole is grippy and will provide traction and added stability as you walk. Additionally, Adidas is known for its stylish designs and the Alphabounce is no exception. Both the men’s and women’s designs are aesthetically pleasing and would be a great addition to anyone’s sneaker collection.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable and cushioned Bounce midsole
  • Large midsole and outsole platform for added stability
  • Heavy-duty heel clip will keep the heel in place securely
  • ForgedMesh upper adapts to foot shape
  • Wider forefoot suitable for wide feet
  • Affordable price point
  • Arch support is average and some say not enough
  • Bootie-like construction may not be good for very large or very wide feet
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  • The majority of buyers say the upper is comfortable and naturally flexes around the foot.
  • Even though the upper has some flexibility it still provides a decent amount of structure.
  • The width of the outsole helps to stabilize the foot. One buyer reported that it has helped him stop rolling his ankles.
  • The design is simple yet stylish.
  • The outsole is black which is noted to help maintain a cleaner look.
  • Most buyers say these work well for casual, everyday use.
  • These have a lot of structure without the extra weight.
  • Buyers say these add a little bounce to each step.
  • According to buyers, these live up to their expectations of Adidas in quality and style.
  • These are sturdy enough to perform well during training.
  • The outsole has a decent amount of grip. These are good for road running and gym use.
  • Most buyers are satisfied with the price and say they can be found discounted from some sellers.
  • The Adidas logo is discrete and doesn't detract from the classic look.
  • These have worked well for buyers with average to wide feet.
  • The sock-like design is comfortable and doesn't negatively affect ventilation.
  • The reflective accent on the heel strap adds style and a little extra safety for wearing these at night.
  • Buyer say these are comfortable enough to be on your feet all day.
  • A few buyers who have used these for running recommend them.
  • There are not a lot of reviews from avid or long distance runners.
  • For some, the outsole feels too stiff for comfortable running.
  • The sole is wide. This is a common complaint from buyers. The overall width affects the fit for people with average to narrow feet.
  • The width of the sole affects the appearance. Some buyers claim they look bulky or clownish.
  • The lighter colors may yellow over time.
  • There are some reports of quality control. One example was poor stitching at the top of the shoe.
  • Due to the sock-like design and narrow opening, some buyers complain that these are difficult to get on.
  • The design is not ideal for people with high arches.
  • Buyers do not recommend these for long distance running.
  • There are limited reviews on the long-term durability.
  • It is noted that, if buying this shoe in black, it will look more blue in some lighting.
  • One reviewer noted that when wearing these while biking, the width of the outsole caused the shoes to catch on the bike chains.
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Adidas partners with the Continental Tire company on several of their shoe models including the Alphabounce Beyond. This rubber is highly resistant to abrasion and is extremely durable, just like tires. The large sheet of Continental rubber provides excellent grip over an array of surfaces and the pattern on the bottom even resembles tire tread. Although the outsole may look like it is flush with the bottom of the shoe, it is actually slightly raised to protect the midsole from wear and tear. The material is also excellent at gripping the ground and offering excellent traction just like Continental tires. In fact, the technology in this rubber is designed for high-performance tires and increases grip and traction on wet or dry surfaces by 15% to 30%.


The shoes’ midsole is made up of a few different parts. The Alphabounce Beyond features a soft foam core which is encapsulated within a firmer and more supportive outer midsole material. Unlike many of Adidas’ other sneaker models, this shoe does not have any Boost foam in its midsole. Instead, the Alphabounce Beyond boasts different densities of EVA foam that work in conjunction with one another. The word “bounce” in the sneakers’ name refers to the Bounce foam technology in the midsole. The foam is structured in such a way as to allow the platform of the shoe to expand as pressure is applied and then spring back to its original shape once the pressure is lifted. A unique feature of the shoes’ midsole is the distinctive width of it. The sidewalls of the midsole flare out widely along the length of the sneaker. The outer portion of the midsole is what flares out and it is firmer than the EVA foam encased within. This helps stabilize your feet as you walk or run. Adidas also placed a rather large heel clip on this sneaker model, bigger than any other on previous models. It is made out of TPU plastic and hugs both sides of the midfoot and extends upward to grasp the heel. There is no inner heel counter but it is not necessary thanks to the rigid clip and thick upper; these two features combine to act as an external heel counter.


The upper of this sneaker is an upgraded version of the first generation model. Unlike many other lifestyle or performance sneakers on the market today, the Alphabounce Beyond does not use an engineered mesh on its upper. Rather, Adidas utilizes their ForgedMesh material which allows the upper to be both supportive and flexible. It has a bootie construction with the tongue and heel collar joined to form a sock-like design. The tongue and heel are also padded with foam and the inner heel area has stitched pockets that provide a better grip on your heels. The heel cup comes up higher on the Achilles and, along with the heel tab, allows for easy on and off. The insole within the shoe is extremely flush with the inside of the shoe but it is removable.


The large dual-density midsole and durable Continental rubber outsole add weight to this shoe. Because it is not necessarily a performance running sneaker, that is not such a bad thing. The men’s sneaker weighs in at 12.2 ounces while the women’s weighs in at 9.9 ounces.


The ForgedMesh of the Alphabounce Beyond does not provide an incredible amount of airflow in and out of the foot chamber. However, because this is more of a lifestyle sneaker, you won’t have to worry too much about this since you most likely won’t be running races in these sneakers. There are no technologies to wick away moisture included in the makeup of this shoe. They work great as lifestyle casual sneakers, however, and will keep your feet comfortable and stylish, even if they aren’t very ventilated.


Many users of the Alphabounce Beyond have sung the praises of this shoes’ comfort-level. The dual-density midsole provides plenty of soft cushioning while the ForgedMesh upper wraps snugly around the foot. The lacing system of the shoe allows for enough tightening to help the shoe fit more adaptable to your foot. The bootie-like construction and padded tongue and upper deliver enough comfort and cushioning around your heel and top of the foot to prevent blistering and hot spots. The forefoot area is wide enough for wide-footed individuals and is not constricting. It should be noted that several users have said the shoe tends to run a little large. On that note, if you have larger or extremely wide feet, it may be more difficult to put the shoe on and off because of the sock-like construction.


This shoe is engineered to be a high-level casual lifestyle sneaker. Classic to Adidas’ style, the company makes sure to make the shoe both comfortable and eye-catching. The ForgedMesh upper is both supportive an aesthetically-pleasing. The monochromatic colorways are subtle yet appealing and will match almost any outfit. The oversized cushioned midsole features molded designs along the outsides for added appeal. These sneakers deliver a combination of sporty-looking athletic shoes with the casual look of stylish knit casual shoes.


When it comes to durability, tires need to be durable. The outsole of the Alphabounce Beyond is made using Continental Tire rubber, therefore, is extremely durable. It protects the midsole from wear and tear and prevents abrasion damage to the shoe. Although this sneaker has not been tested for durability, other Adidas models featuring Continental rubber outsoles have been said to withstand over 500 miles of use. Unlike the typical mesh used in other sneakers, these shoes feature a ForgedMesh material in the upper which is stronger and allows for a longer lifespan of the shoe. These shoes will deliver comfort and support for a long time as long as you are using them as they are designed to be used.


The Continental rubber featured on the outsole of this sneaker delivers a great amount of protection against underfoot debris. The heavy-duty and durable outsole will help you feel comfortable and protected and you will not have much ground feel. The bootie-like construction and ForgedMesh upper will keep the foot snug and supported and you are sure to not feel much movement of your foot within the foot chamber. With that said, some users have said the shoe tends to run a little big so be sure the shoe fits the foot snugly whether you have to size down or not.


Although the name of the sneaker suggests a great amount of bounce, the Alphabounce Beyond does not add as much spring to your step as many other sneakers on the market today. Because they are lifestyle shoes, they are not engineered to give you a great amount of response as you run. Rather, the midsole absorbs pressure and rebounds back to its original shape subtly. With that said, you will feel some amount of response. The midsole, combined with the rubber outsole, will help to give your everyday step a little more response than some casual lifestyle sneakers out there today. The energy return is moderate and will give you a little more bounce than some sneakers but not as much as others.


The ForgedMesh upper, oversized midsole and plastic heel clip will keep the foot supported throughout the day. The wider forefoot and supported heel will help keep your feet aligned and comfortable. Because the upper is designed to mold to your foot shape, your foot will be supported within the foot chamber, which is enhanced by the snug lacing system. However, these are not meant to be performance sneakers so if you are in need of more support during athletic activities, you may want to consider these as casual shoes and look elsewhere for more support.


These shoes are ideally-suited for use on asphalt, sidewalks, and indoor gyms. The Continental rubber on the outsole features a tire-like tread pattern that is made to perform over both wet and dry surfaces. However, the shoe does not boast an aggressive lug system so they are not great for trail running or technical terrains. If these shoes are worn for what they are designed for, they will deliver an exceptional performance in day to day life.


One excellent feature of the Alphabounce Beyond is the fact that they are affordable. For such a comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing lifestyle sneaker, the price tag attached to these shoes is surprising. For anywhere from $75 to $100, these great-looking shoes are affordable and attractive.


Because the outsole is made out of Continental rubber, the same rubber used in car tires, it has a grippy and sticky-like performance. The tread pattern allows the sneakers to grip the ground easily and is great for everyday use or even for a light pickup game of basketball. The start and stop capability of these shoes make them excellent in the traction department.


As far as flexibility goes, the Adidas Alphabounce Beyond is not the most flexible sneaker out there. The hefty midsole and heavy-duty outsole make these sneakers a little heavier than many running shoes out there and don’t allow for a great amount of flexibility. These shoes are designed to be comfortable and durable everyday sneakers and the flexibility factor does not play into that too much. The ForgedMesh material that makes up the upper does allow for some stretch to deliver an adaptable fit but the sneaker, overall, is not incredibly flexible.


There is a great amount of stability built into the Alphabounce Beyond. The upper of the sneaker is made up of a ForgedMesh which is designed to hug the foot snugly and to provide an ample amount of stability. The large plastic heel clip works along with the oversized protruding midsole to provide a heavy-duty platform for your foot to rest on. The landing area of these sneakers delivers a great amount of stability and you will most assuredly feel sure-footed in these sneakers.


These sneakers feature an average 10mm drop which is a typical drop for many sneakers on the market today. This drop will help you feel comfortable and stable as you go about your everyday activities.
Key Features

Key Features

- Continental rubber outsole provides traction and grip as well as durability
- Oversized dual-density midsole delivers comfort, a decent level of response, and stability
- Large plastic heel clip will stabilize and support the heel and keep you secure
- ForgedMesh upper will adapt to your foot shape and deliver added support
- Bootie-like construction is both comfortable and adaptable to almost any foot
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

In the end, the Adidas Alphabounce Beyond is a great update to previous models and proves to be an excellent shoe for anyone looking for a comfortable and supportive lifestyle sneaker. These sneakers are not engineered to be high-tech performance sneakers. Rather, they are meant to be comfortable and stylish casual sneakers that will also carry you through light exercise activity. The Bounce midsole is made to deliver a decent level of response but not enough to improve your running performance. The shoes are heavier than your typical running sneaker and they do not include many technologies to deliver a proper running experience. However, they are a great addition to your casual sneaker collection.