Inov-8 Mudclaw 300

You wouldn’t take tires without tread off-roading, so why would you go trail running without the proper shoes? When conquering challenging courses paved by dirt and mud you need shoes that provide superior grip and traction. Inov-8 is a British company that is making its mark in the United States for their renowned ability to produce durable and lightweight trail shoes. If you are an avid trail runner or looking to explore mother-natures rugged outdoors you’re going to need the right equipment. The Inov-8 Mudclaw 300’s are built for some muddy off-roading with all the qualities, from 8mm spikes on the outsole to metatarsal protection in the midsole, that are needed to conquer any rough terrain you may encounter.

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Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight  for a sturdy trail shoe
  • Breathable/ fast-drying mesh upper
  • 8 mm studs on outsole provide optimum grip
  • Perfect shoes for mud runs
  • Cons
    • Minimal arch support
    • Smaller fit/narrow
    • No 100% traction on wet surfaces.
    • Key Features
      The outsoles of these Inov-8 Mudclaws are made of high quality endurance rubber, made for rugged durability and anti-slip traction. The 8mm studs that are placed in a multi-directional pattern, allow for an aggressive grip on the bottom of this shoe. The studs are made of both medium and hard rubber for optimal grip. Runners raved about how absolutely amazing the traction and grip these shoes provided. They were highly suggested for mud runs and obstacle courses. These outsoles are ready to conquer any tough terrain; loose sand, dirt, mud, incline, or decline.
      EVA cushioning line the midsoles, the memory foam allows for perfect comfort and form-fitting feel. The moderate underfoot cushion has a meta-shank rock plate that protects the metatarsals and designed for more natural foot movement. Runners reported that the arch support is lower than most shoes that had worn before but after wearing them a couple time and adjusting to the support, they were pleasantly surprised with how much they liked the shoes. The midsoles also have a shock-zone that allows for a quick bounce back and shield the foot from uneven terrain.
      The synthetic mesh that makes up these Inov-8 Mudclaws, is a light and breathable material. Making them a great option for mud runs. With a reinforced protective rand wrap overlay for added form-fitting support. The upper support lacing is attached to the nylon webbing, which cradles and secures the toes, perfect for running on rocky/gravel trails. The inner part of the shoe is also lined with a mesh sock liner, which is also made of a water wicking material. The reinforced toe is another feature added for extra protection from rough trails.
      Inov-8’s have managed to create trail shoes that do not come with the extra weight of a durable, well-built trail shoe. These Mudclaw’s have a rugged look but a lightweight feel. Runners who wore these shoes commented on how light they were compared to other trail shoes. Inov-8 is known for producing lightweight trail shoes, and these definitely prove that.
      When you are out on a trail, running through the mud, you want shoes that are going to allow your feet to breathe and keep out any unwelcome moisture. The mesh material that makes up this shoe is a quick-drying and breathable synthetic mesh. Praised for excellent ventilation and ability to drain out water quickly, trail runners found these shoes perfect for mud runs. These Mudclaws also have a water-resistant coating to help keep unwanted moisture out of your shoes.
      For most runners, they were unsure about the feel of these shoes at first. They are slightly different than what most were accustomed to, but for those who gave them a second chance, they were highly satisfied. With a low drop and shorter heel these shoes can take a little getting used to, but give them a chance! The EVA cushioning offers moderate support for the foot and the shoes are a precision fit. If you have a wider foot, you may consider getting a half size larger or ordering wide. These shoes do have a narrow fit. Most runners found the shoes to be very comfortable for long distance trail runs, everyday trainers, and perfect for races that involved some rough terrain.
      The Inov-8 Mudlcaw 300’s have a 6mm drop, like most of the trail shoes they produce. The low drop allows for a more natural feel, similar to the anatomy of the foot.
      The style of this shoe is simple and tasteful. With the classic Inov-8 logo on the side and a minimalist appearance. While the shoe does not come in a wide variety of colors, the blue and red in modest looking, while still having an added flare of color. The yellow and black shoe is another option for those looking for a brighter colored shoe.
      Inov-8 knows what it takes to make a trail shoe that can handle the elements and the Mudclaw 300’s are no exception. Runners loved how well the shoes held up through tough courses like the Spartan race and many other difficult courses. The high-quality rubber that makes up the outsoles is long-lasting and durable, customers stated the spike grips did not wear down easily and kept their grip even with high mileage on them. Many said these shoes were so durable that when it was time for a replacement shoe they ordered them again!
      These shoes offer plenty of protection from the rough terrain of rugged trails and slippery mud runs. The outsoles are well equipped with spikey gripping to prevent slips and falls. The reinforced foot bumper is an added shield for the toes from unsteady and rocky terrain that is often found on trails. While the inside of these shoe works equally as well with the meta-shank rock plate that provides support underneath the toes. Very few runners had any complaints about aches or injuries caused by the Mudclaws.
      The quick release cleats that cover the outsole allow each step to flow into the next with an aggressive grip that prevents sliding. While the shock wave padding in the midsole is designed for a more natural foot movement and an added subtle bounce to the step.
      While the arch support in these shoes is minimal and with a 6mm drop, some runners found that they did not have enough arch support. Others found that these aspects were different at first because they were used to more support, but found that after a couple of runs they got used to the lesser arch support and enjoyed running in the shoes. The reinforced upper mesh lining that forms the shoes allows for a form-fitting feel. The heel of the shoe is lower than most but hits a spot that does not rub against the heel, again the lower heel was something that most runners adjusted to like.
      The name of these shoes speak for themselves, Mudclaw 300’s, were made to run in the mud. Runners applauded the shoes ability to grip and keep traction during mud runs. These Inovs also perform well in loose sand, snow, and rocky terrain, as well as inclines and declines. So if the mountains are calling your name, these shoes are ready to take you there.
      Inov-8 Mudclaw 300, range from $80-125. This is an average price for a good pair of running shoes. If you are looking to invest in a good pair of running shoes built for off-road rides, it is definitely worth it to spend a little extra. Runners felt that the shoes were well worth the money and offered the key features they were looking for in a trail shoe.
      Just looking at the bottom of these shoes, you can tell that they mean business! With 8mm studs made of high-quality rubber with medium and hard sticky studs, the traction was described by users as amazing and unbelievable. Many commented that they work extremely well in muddy conditions. The only complaint that some runners had was they did not have 100% traction when it came to flatter wet surfaces.
      Key Features
      •EVA Midsole cushioning with memory foam

      •Meta-Shank Rock Plate for added protection of the feet

      •High-quality endurance rubber outsole

      •8mm Studs made of medium and hard sticky endurance rubber for flawless traction

      •Fast-drying synthetic mesh upper

      •Protective rand wrap overlay at upper
      Bottom Line
      The Inov-8 Mudclaw 300’s have rave reviews from runners who loved them for mud runs and trail races because of their ability to provide aggressive and consistent grip through mud, loose sand, inclines, declines, and anything else these trails could throw at them. With 8mm cleats made of hard and sticky rubbers, Inov-8 definitely knows how to make an outsole armed for rough terrain. While the upper mesh material is fast drying with a water resistant coating for protection from soggy feet. The shoes are lightweight and breathable and are comfortable enough to wear for long distance runs. So if you are in the market for some good trail shoes for your next mud run, consider giving the Inov-8 Mudclaw’s a chance.
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      By Tiffany Howard
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