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Inov-8 Terraclaw 250 Reviewed & Rated Review Facts

The Inov-8 Terraclaw 250 is a neutral trail running shoe. It was designed to go around tracks, ascend and descend, and go on a variety of trails. It has a Dual-C rubber outsole that sticks to the ground well and is also durable. The triangular lugs keep debris from getting stuck to the shoe and the pattern allows the foot to move and climb naturally. The Metaflex forefoot groove makes toe-offs easier. The midsole uses comfortable yet durable compressed EVA. The shoe has an 8mm drop and a higher stack height that makes longer runs and races easier because of speed, comfort, and stability. The X-Lock welded overlays also stabilize the midfoot and the Met Cradle System supports the forefoot. The mesh upper allows ventilation. The Double Fascia Band (DFB) Shank provides great rebounds and heel-to-forefoot transitions. The wielded overlay in the forefoot and diagonally sewn tongue help keep debris out of the shoe, and the double-layered toe cap protects the forefoot from rocks. If you are looking for an obstacle course race or trail running shoe for daily use or competition, continue reading to find out about the Terraclaw 250 is the right choice for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Great for obstacle course races
  • Excellent drainage
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable fit
  • Large toe box
  • Durable
  • Above average price
  • No rock plate
  • Blue dye bleeds onto foot
  • Sizing runs slightly small
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  • These are so freaking durable. I mean, They are beasts. I have worn them for multiple obstacle races and they are still ready for more. The drainage is super good and I am flying up ropes, the grip! These are the best mud racers on the market.
  • I was a bit worried because the other model was a little narrow and uncomfortable. These are great though. These fit wide feet great and really support during races. They feel like a minimalist shoe and the lacing really holds you in.
  • The toe protector could use a little work but everything else is great. My whole running team bought these and we kicked butt. They fit my wide feet great and they fit to size. They are durable too. I was stable on the wooden parts too.
  • These are amazing and really dig into the terrain. They climb great and as rugged as they are, they really are comfortable I do not have to worry about mud in the soe due to the good space on the bottom.
  • I have bought all the styles of this shoe; I love the. Super roomy toe and fit my obese feet great. I have had my other pair for 3 years and they still work great. They feel real balanced and are lighter than they look they are more flexible than the others and more comfortable. A real upgrade.
  • These glided over all the loose terrain in my archery training courses. They really give a lot more support than my more expensive trail shoes. Love them.
  • Traction, support and toe protection is top notch. They are real low to the ground which helps my balance. I love the wight and never get any fatigue or ankle pain. They really are great over rocky and rooty terrain.
  • These fit really good. The grip and the comfort are the best. They have a lot of toe room without moving around. The water doesn't drain like I want but we go through a lot of water.
  • These are grip masters! I love these and for the price i am over the moon. They are the best tral and climb shoes for me. They clean up super easy, a spray and go.
  • I did an 8 mile OCR right out of the box and WOWZA! These held up so good. These are lighter and more comfortable than my name brands. Super impressed and will definitely recommend them to any trail runner.
  • I have done all the races and these have all the feels. They really are so comfortable and grip and traction are phenomenal. They have great space for orthotics.
  • I was astounded by the grip in all the soft parts of the race. Don't do wet wood too good but what does. Seriously good comfort and would recommend t any one.
  • These really work with my pedals on my mountain bike. I can get off and run up the hills and they hug my feet and grip well. I like that they are cheap and affective. REally close to the Asics in cushioning. Great shoe.
  • The drain on these is phenomenal and i love how comfortable they are. They are light so water logging isn't an issue I want to add better laces but that is minimal. I have bought two pair of these and have been happy both times
  • They fit snug to the heel while giving great toe space. I had to return for a larger size , twice. They are that comfortable though, that I kept them. THey have amazing grip and are a OCR runners dream. They are actually really slim too.
  • The toes are a bit stiff but they are super light and are made really durable and great. Love these shoes.
  • These have a dreamy toe box. They are light ad really comfortable. These have great traction are very balanced, which gives me great support.
  • It really works well on the rocks. The bottom fits great and the sols are ok. I like that I can wear these on all terrains and feel secure.
  • I like that these are wide enough for my feet at a standard. They really handle terrain well and the trail runs I have done have been so god. No pain or bruising from the box. These are a really good shoe.
  • These held up through all my racing. They are great in the mud and the rocks. The water flowed right out of these. They were light and fit my foot like a glove. The toe box is epic and leves my foot cool. They are very very durable.
  • These have amazing support and the grip and lateral support is super good. These do NOT hold water and man, I am so happy. The races were soaked. I cannot recommend these enough.
  • After I ran in them, is when the magic happened. These are not made for walking and they take a good breakingin. They are really stabl for my flat feet and have good arch support on all the terrain. These grab everything you throw at it. Totally in love with these and they cannot be beat for the price.
  • These are the first shoes I have bought like this an I am really happy. I am not sure what they are supposed to do but they are gripping the trails perfect. I am not slipping and the arches hold really well. Super functional and really comfortable.
  • I thought I was getting a deal, I was getting a horrible product. They are so slippery and have no cushion at all. I could barely walk after my course for days. They did have a good water drain but everything else, FAIL. Do NOT waste your money.
  • I only used these 2 times for hiking short trail distance and they are worn down. They have tears in the fabric. The toe box cushion is really cheap and soft and is tearing. Very poorly made.
  • I really loved the design and look of the shoe. I just could not use them without pain. They crank down hard and are a bit heavy. I mean, I have injuries so thee are not good for bad feet or hamstrings. I have a high instep as well and these do not support that at all.
  • These shoes are really cheap. The color leaked into my socks and feet after a bit of moisture and the fabric sucks.
  • I am not like the toebox at all. They rub the top of my feet. Very uncomfortable.
  • The top of these hit my feet pretty hard. I could barely wear them on the trail. I had to turn around and go change my shoes. They were way too small, even a half size up.
  • I was so sad that these were so narrow. I wanted to like them. I even wore them in a race and wanted to try and break them in. They just really hurt and cramped my toes. I even traded them for a larger shoe and NOPE. BOO!
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The outsole of the Inov-8 Terraclaw 250 is made of Dual-C rubber that provides sticky traction over rocks and a variety of trail types and is also durable enough to go over abrasive surfaces without breaking off or wearing down. There is a multi-directional pattern of triangular 5mm lugs that keep debris from getting stuck to the shoe and allows dirt to come off easily. The lug pattern matches the natural movement of the foot so it can get a good grip while ascending and descending. The Metaflex groove in the forefoot allows the toes to splay and push off easily as the foot flexes. The outsole helps stabilize landings and provides light protection and energy return.


The midsole of the Inov-8 Terraclaw 250 is a full-length 6mm layer of compressed EVA foam. It is comfortable to wear and has some memory so it can match the shape of the wearer's foot. It is durable and does not wear down easily. It absorbs shock and helps spring the foot back into the air after each landing. The 8mm drop and high stack height make it ideal for racing or longer runs, with its good cushioning, slight forward momentum, and light stability when going over technical terrain. The Dynamic Fascia Band Shank connects the heel to the forefoot, creating great rebounds and smooth transitions.


The upper is made of mesh and X-Lock synthetic/textile material. The mesh upper keeps the foot properly ventilated and also helps drain water out of the shoe in case it gets wet. The X-Lock welded overlays lock in the midfoot to keep it stable and prevent sliding and prevent irritation and hot spots from the lack of stitching. The double-layered toe cap protects the forefoot from getting bruised when climbing rocks or running over technical terrain. The welded overlay over the forefoot and diagonally sewn tongue keep dirt and debris out of the shoe and prevent discomfort caused by a sliding tongue. The Met Cradle System wraps the forefoot with support. The thin laces of the Inov-8 Terraclaw 250 help secure the fit around the midfoot and the heel counter secures the heel. The tongue, heel, and collar are lightly padded to prevent irritation.


The men's shoe weighs 8.8 oz and the women's shoe weighs 6.9 oz, which is very lightweight. Designed for trail runs and races, its components are as light as possible while still being comfortable and having great traction. The outsole's rubber is thin but durable, and the 5mm lugs are not heavy. The midsole of the Inov-8 Terraclaw 250 uses a 6mm layer of compressed EVA foam, which keeps the weight low compared to other midsole foams. The upper uses a lot of lightweight mesh with thin welded in X-Lock overlays to give support while adding as little weight as possible. The toe cap and cradle system also do not add much weight to the shoe.


The Inov-8 Terraclaw 250 has great breathability and excellent drainage. The mesh covers most of the upper except the Achilles heel, a strip going around the front of the forefoot, and some thin overlays on either side of the midfoot and toes. Air flows in and out of the shoe freely. The X-Lock welded overlays still allow air to flow around them and the lack of stitching helps prevent irritation and blisters. The high amount of mesh also allows water to drain from the Inov-8 Terraclaw 250 in case there are puddles on the trail or obstacle course.


The Terraclaw 250 is fairly comfortable to wear. The width is medium and the sizes run slightly small, so reviewers suggest ordering a half-size up. The toe box of the Inov-8 Terraclaw 250 is large and roomy, which allows the toes to splay and push off naturally and comfortably. The midsole has a 6mm layer of compressed EVA foam that cushions landings. The upper has a Met Cradle System for a comfortable fit around the forefoot and X-Lock welded overlays around the midfoot. The diagonally sewn tongue prevents discomfort caused by a sliding tongue. The laces also help provide a comfortable fit around the midfoot and the light padding helps prevent irritation in the tongue, heel, and collar. The main complaint that testers had about comfort was the lack of rock plate at the bottom of the Inov-8 Terraclaw 250 midsole, which makes the bottom of the foot to feel the lugs every time they walked over a hard, flat surface.


The men's shoe is available in three colors: Black/Blue/Lime, Red/Black/Grey, and Mirage/Navy/Red. The women's shoe is available in two colors: Blue/Berry/Black and Black/Berry/Blue. The shoe is mostly covered in a mesh of the main color and has four same-color overlays on either side of the midfoot. There are X-shaped overlays over the forefoot and a toe cap in the second color. The third color is the heel counter, outside of the midsole, and logo. The outsole uses all three colors. Testers liked the style and color choices, except some of them experienced bleeding of blue dye onto their feet.


The Inov-8 Terraclaw 250 is a durable shoe. The outsole's Dual-C rubber and lugs provide great traction and are designed to go on rocks and different kinds of trails without wearing down or chipping off. The lugs were designed to keep dirt out or so that dirt can come off easily. The midsole of the Inov-8 Terraclaw 250 does a good job of cushioning and returning energy without staying compressed or coming apart. The mesh in the upper is tightly woven so that it does not wear out easily and also works with the overlays and tongue to keep debris and dirt out of the shoe. The heel counter and toe cap add durability to the heel and forefoot. The only issue with durability is that the blue dye would sometimes bleed onto the wearer's foot.


The Terraclaw 250 has some protective features. The lugs and sticky rubber protect against sliding down rocks or trails. The midsole cushioning softens landings and absorbs impact shock, but there is no rock plate so the lugs can be felt underneath, especially when going over hard surfaces. The upper's mesh protects against heat and water. The laces, overlays and heel counter secure the fit around the foot to protect against slipping inside the shoe. The diagonally sewn tongue and lack of stitching protect against blisters and irritation. The double-layered toe cap protects against bruising on rocks.


This shoe has good responsiveness. The Dual-C rubber provides some energy return and the Metaflex groove helps the shoe move with the foot. The triangular lug pattern allows the foot to move naturally as it grips different surfaces and the Metaflex groove lets the toes move in order to gain momentum. The EVA foam helps bounce the foot back into the air with each step. The upper has a roomy toe box so the toes can push off, and the fit is comfortable but not so tight that the foot cannot move or transition naturally from heel to toe. The low weight and drop also help with responsiveness, and this is a popular obstacle course racing shoe.


The Inov-8 Terraclaw 250 offers a low level of support, designed for neutral runners who do not normally need additional arch support. The compressed EVA foam supports the bottom of the foot and has a small amount of arch support, as it has some memory to form to the shape of the wearer's foot. The upper has a heel counter and padding for support around the heel, tongue padding, laces, and X-Lock welded overlays to support the midfoot, and a Met Cradle System that wraps support around the forefoot.


The Terraclaw 250 is categorized as a trail running shoe. It was designed to go over technical trails, forest trails, and paths, climb rocks and mountains, and off-road or unstable surfaces. It has good drainage so it can go over water, and is a popular choice for an obstacle course racing shoe.


This shoe has an above average price, around 1.3 times the average cost of a running shoe. It is a trail and racing shoe, which generally cost a little more than average. The lugs have great traction and the fit is supportive on the forefoot, midfoot, and heel. Lots of obstacle racers purchased this shoe because of its features and thought that the price was fair. The shoe is currently available for a full price down to 65% off, depending on the retailer.


The Inov-8 Terraclaw 250 has a good grip when ascending and descending mountains and rocks, going on technical trails and racing over a variety of surface types during an obstacle course, including wet terrain, mud, and snow. The triangular lugs and Dual-C rubber have a sticky grip and the pattern works well with the natural movement of the foot.


The Terraclaw 250 has good flexibility for a trail running shoe. The outsole has a Metaflex groove in the forefoot that allows the toes to move easily and helps pick up speed. The compressed EVA foam is flexible enough to move as the foot does and over technical terrain. The upper provides a supportive fit but is also mostly mesh, which is flexible enough to bend as the foot does.


This shoe is categorized as a neutral shoe, which means it is stable enough for most runners but does not slow over-pronation. The triangular lugs help stabilize the foot as it climbs or races. The midsole cushions landings but does not offer stability. The upper has a heel counter to stabilize the heel and X-Lock welded overlays for light stability around the arch and midfoot.


The heel is 22.5mm high and the forefoot is 14.5mm high, so the drop is 8mm. This drop is lower than a standard running shoe drop but about normal for a trail running shoe. It retains most of the responsiveness in the heel from a higher drop, but also adds stability and more evenly distributes cushioning, which helps for climbing rocks and descending trails. The drop may take some adjusting to for people who are used to the higher 12mm drop, but it is not as dramatic as changing to a zero drop.
Key Features

Key Features

  • Dual-C rubber outsole

  • Unique multi-directional triangular lug design

  • Metaflex groove in forefoot

  • Mesh upper with thin X-Lock welded overlays

  • Wielded overlay over forefoot and diagonally sewn tongue

  • Lightweight double-layered toe cap p

  • Compressed EVA midsole

  • 8mm drop and higher stack height

  • Dynamic Fascia Band (DFB)

  • Met Cradle System supports the forefoot
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

The Inov-8 Terraclaw 250 is a great shoe for someone who wants to race while going over technical terrain. It has excellent grip and is lightweight, flexible, and responsive enough to pick up speed. It has a small amount of support and stability to prevent injury for neutral runners when ascending and descending. It is durable and has a nice style with vibrant color choices. It is comfortable, has a roomy toe box, and allows for ventilation and water drainage. Areas to improve include adding a rock plate or more cushioning, fixing the problem with the bleeding dye, and making each size slightly longer so it is true to size. In short, Inov-8 Terraclaw 250 is a great shoe for short runs and races because of its weight and excellent grip, but the lack of rock plate can cause discomfort for longer runs.