Merrell All Out Terra Light

Merrell is known for producing shoes that can stand up to the elements and any kind of terrain. It’s no surprise that their website is “calling all outsiders.” The Merrell All Out Terra Light fits this call for people that love being active outdoors perfectly.  The Merrell All Out Terra Light is a lightweight shoe that was constructed to tackle the longest, toughest terrain you can find. It offers runners a secure fit, protection from the elements, and heavy-duty traction even in the slickest conditions. Available for both men and women, this lightweight all-terrain running shoe is sure to take you far, regardless of what your running trail throws at you.


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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Great for all terrain and activities
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable mesh construction
  • Extra underfoot protection
  • Cons
    • At the higher end of the price range for running shoes
    • Only one women’s color/style available
    • Does not have a separate tongue, and this means that if tied too tightly, the laces can dig into the foot and cause discomfort.
    • Can slip on wet surfaces
    • Key Features
      The Merrell All Out Terra Light's outsole is Vibram and constructed with the M Select Grip Technology. The construction of the Vibram outsole is of a rubber compound set in a diamond-lugged system. According to Merrell, this means that the outsole will be durable and promote stability on both wet and dry surfaces, as well as mixed terrains because it is slip resistant. The Merrell All Out Terra Light has some serious lugs. Really, you can’t help but notice them when you first see the shoe. These big lugs were definitely made to give you some serious traction.
      TheAll Out Terra Light's midsole uses Midsole Unifly Technology. The technology is known for its rigid midsole to heel counter construction, which spreads out impact shock, reduces pressure on the arch of your foot, and gives you long-lasting underfoot protection. Not only does the midsole protect your foot with Unifly Technology, it also cushions your foot with a TrailProtect footpad.
      The upper of the Merrell All Out Terra Light has a breathable mesh construction, is 3D printed and uses 3M reflective technology to make you visible in even the darkest conditions. It has a sock-like fit due to a synthetic overlay sock-lining that wraps the foot, creating a very secure fit. The upper is also made with Bootie Framework Construction. This means that the upper acts like a gaiter, keeping dirt and debris out of your shoes even in the muckiest terrain. The Bootie Framework also helps combat foot and shoe odor by breaking down perspiration with M-Select Fresh technology. The laces of the Merrell All Out Terra are composed of synthetic leather, so they are strong and durable. It is important to note that because of the sock lining, the Merrell All Out Terra Light does not have a separate tongue, and this means that if tied too tightly, the laces can dig into your foot and cause discomfort.
      The men’s Merrell All Out Terra Light has a weight of 10.7 ounces per shoe. The women’s Merrell All Out Terra Light has a weight of 8.7 ounces per shoe. These are extremely light in comparison to other running shoes but are not the lightest shoe that Merrell offers. If you are a minimalist looking for the lightest shoe possible, this may not be the shoe for you.
      If you are in search of an airy shoe that allows your foot to breathe and doesn't trap excess moisture inside, the Merrell All Out Terra Light is a great choice to meet your needs. The breathable mesh and TPU upper construction allow your feet to breath, even with the tight Bootie fit of the Merrell All Out Terra Light. A breathable shoe means that your foot will dry quickly if you are running in wet conditions. Dry shoes mean that your feet and shoes will be less stinky, and it will also help battle bacteria build-up.
      The Merrell All Out Terra Light is fashioned with the TrailProtect footpad. This footpad offers extra cushioning for your feet while helping you maintain a smooth gait, even through tough impacts and rugged terrain. It’s also very comfortable for all-day wear, such as on a long hike or trail run. The shoe does have an in-shoe toe spacer and a slightly narrow toe box, which may cause discomfort for runners with wide feet. Additional discomfort could be caused if the laces are tied too tightly because of the shoe lacking a separate tongue.
      The men’s Merrell All Out Terra Light is available in three color options: Dark Beige, Bright Blue, and Black. The women’s Merrell All Out Terra Light is currently only available in Bright Red. For men, there is a nice offering of brighter colors and more neutral hues. Women, however, will need to really like a bright, show-off, colorful shoe if they are interested in the Merrell All Out Terra Light. Wearers of this shoe will also have to adjust to the tongue-less design. Instead of a tongue, the shoe has a sock lining, so it looks like you are wearing a perfectly coordinated sock with your shoe, giving this shoe a bit of a unique edge in the style department.
      Don’t let the near weightlessness of these shoes fool you. The Merrell All Out Terra Light was built to last. This shoe offers hardcore protection from all angles, and its sturdy construction won’t give in to even the toughest jump, hardest rock, or largest tree root that attacks you on the trail. This shoe will last through daily training runs, some races, and then some more daily runs. It will definitely take you far and give you your money’s worth.
      The boot-like construction of the Merrell All Out Terrell Light provides protection for your feet from the painful debris that can often be encountered during trail running. The combination of water-resistant and breathable materials help to keep your feet dry, protecting you from blisters, soreness, and bacteria that cause foot odor and other foot skin ailments. The Merrell All Out Terra Light is also equipped with a toe guard and reinforced panels which will protect your feet from rocks and other jagged things lurking on the trail. This shoe truly provides runners with 360 degrees of foot protection.
      The Merrell All Out Terra Light does a great job of responding to even the toughest impact. The combination of the Vibram outsole, deep lugs, and TrailProtect footpad works together to minimize any impact (and resulting pain or shock) your foot might feel during your run. Plus, the sock lining makes it feel like your foot and shoe are one, giving you a greater sense of control as you speed through the trail.
      The first way the Merrell All Out Terra Light supports your foot is with its sock liner. The sock liner hugs your foot, making you feel truly connected with the shoe. The TrailProtect footpad keeps your foot cushioned and helps absorb shock while you run. The Unifly technology of the midsole also helps absorb shock, keeping the arch of your foot pain-free even on an extra bumpy terrain.
      The Merrell All Out Terra Light is made to conquer any terrain, from smooth to the roughest you can imagine. It can handle a rough terrain with lots of loose grit, and the padding and protection provided by the footpad and lugs keep your feet from feeling even the pointiest of rocks. If the trail you are conquering smoothes out a bit, no need to change shoes. The All Out Terra Light will keep you running strong even on paved surfaces. The shoe does still slide a bit on wet or icy surfaces, so you still have to watch your step if running in any type of slick conditions.
      The Merrell All Out Terra Light is priced comparably to other high-end running shoes. They are a bit more expensive than your average running footwear. However, their long-lasting durability and ability to adapt to any terrain make them worth the splurge. For you bargain shoppers, keep your eyes peeled. Word is that this some styles of this shoe are being discontinued, so deep discounts may be available in the near future.
      The Merrell All Out Terra Light is constructed with a Vibram outsole characterized by M Select Grip Technology and has extra deep lugs. This shoe has especially good traction on loose surfaces, such as natural (unpaved) or gravel trails, or rocky hills. However, like many other shoes, it can lose traction on extra slippery surfaces like ice. So, if you plan on going on a winter trail run, you still need to make sure to take your time and watch your step.
      Even though the Merrell All Out Terra Light is, well, a lightweight shoe, it is not necessarily the most flexible, especially in the toe area. The toe box is a bit narrow, which can pinch the toes, nor does it give very much. Add to that the built-in toe spacers and you may be in for some cramped toes until you break this shoe in.
      On uneven terrain, this shoe has great foot stability. The all-around protection and tough construction of this shoe allow you to keep moving (and stay upright) while combating rocks, tree stumps, hills, and whatever else you encounter on the trail. However, you lose a bit of stability on wet and slippery surfaces, so you will still have to take your time if you notice some soggy terrain along your route. Additionally, because of the low profile design, it may not be the most stable runners that tend to roll their ankles, especially on very uneven trails.
      Both the men’s and women’s versions of the All Out Terra Light have a 6 mm drop. This is an average heel-to-toe differential for a running shoe, but it is definitely not a minimalist shoe. However, its light weight may be convincing enough to get minimalist runners to give it a try, even with a 6mm drop.

      The Merrell All Out Terra Light runs a little small. Be sure to try this shoe on before deciding on the size you will purchase. It might not be the size you normally wear, even in Merrell shoes.
      Key Features
      • Lightweight
      • Protective sock liner
      • Deep lugs
      • 3M Reflective Technology
      • Water-resistant, breathable materials
      Bottom Line
      Definitely give the Merrell All Out Terra Light a try. It’s a great choice if you want a lightweight shoe that treats your feet right by protecting them from the elements and absorbing heavy-duty impacts, and if you are a runner that changes terrain frequently. This shoe has enough grip and stability to get you through any trail, wet or dry, but maybe not an icy one. The Merrell All Out Terra Light is a shoe that will keep your feet protected and comfortable and will last you for miles and miles.
      Where to Buy
      By Taren Weidaw
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      Where to buy
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