Mizuno Wave Legend 3

Mizuno is a company that has been involved in the sports world since the early 1900s, mostly in baseball and golf. The first venture into athletic shoes came in the early 1980s, which may place them late to the game in some consumer’s opinion.

Fortunately, the shorter span of time they have been in this market doesn’t have an effect on the quality of the products they offer. They produce high-quality long distance shoes, vegan shoes, and even some of the best overall shoes. The Wave Legend 3 offers up a solid road shoe with a design built to help control motion and provide arch support to runners that have overpronation issues.

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Our Conclusion
There's not anything about the shoe that stands out from the crowd, but it will give you your basic needs and offers a bit of support for those that need it. Mizuno's shoe prices can reach the sky sometimes, but these are priced fair enough to knock them up a point or two. Although, the pros don't outweigh the minor complaints the shoe has a whole lot, but the complaints aren't extreme, although there is an upgraded version out. Mizuno has better, but the shoe is decent.
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Thicker forefoot and cushioning that previous version of the Wave Legend
  • This shoe provides excellent stability and motion control for those that overpronate.
  • There are a variety of color options available.
  • The Wave Legend 3 is reasonably priced in comparison to other similar shoes.
  • Cons
    • Ventilation is sub-par in comparison to higher end Mizuno shoes.
    • Weight is higher than some similar performing shoes out
    • Slightly larger heel-toe drop in comparison to many popular shoes
    • Key Features
      The Mizuno Wave Legend 3 utilizes the reliable carbon rubber outsole that is well known for durability and strength. The X10 rubber provides solid ground contact and grip to keep you connected to the road. This layer provides the strength and durability that Mizuno is known for in their shoes without breaking the bank.
      The midsole on the Wave Legend 3 utilizes Mizuno’s iconic Wave technology, similar to what is featured in the Wave Rider series.

      This mechanical design is meant to replicate the way waves disperse force. This offers superior shock absorption ability with a high level of durability. The hardest heel strikes will be absorbed and the Smooth Ride system will help your transition from heel to toe. Additionally, there is a midsole foam made of an AP+ material in order to provide responsiveness similar to what was in the Wave Prophecy 2.

      The final layer is SR Touch cushioning and EVA foam with proprietary technology to enhance midsole durability.
      The Wave Legend 3 features a designed upper made of more durable and breathable AirMesh. The synthetic overlays offer both support and structure while also creating a unique design.

      The upper also features Dynamotion Fit to help the foot move in comfort and support. Traditional laces replace the Bio-Lock system that was used in earlier versions of this shoe. This shows the commitment that Mizuno has of returning to tried and true methods while still using innovative design.
      This shoe comes in at 10.8 ounces for men and 9.3 ounces for women. This is not the heaviest of road shoes, although it is heavier than some of the more minimalist options offered by Mizuno.

      Still, this shoe is light enough to keep you moving for miles on the highway. The trade-off of slightly more weight for more durability and support, though, is an understandable one. Many runners won’t notice the minor weight increase, but you will notice the high comfort level and longevity of these shoes.
      The upper of the Wave Legend 3 was redesigned with additional overlays to offer support and lock the midfoot in place; however, this does create slightly less breathability that other available Mizuno shoes. Some runners may feel that this shoe doesn’t keep their foot as dry as expected, but the mesh does allow for a good bit of air movement and ventilation.
      The Wave Legend 3 offers a high level of comfort due to the exceptional cushioning system, which stops strong strides from slowing you down. The upper is flexible but offers strength and support to help keep your foot comfortable. When you run in shoes that are both comfortable and supportive, you will likely be able to complete more runs, more training, and more enjoyment as well.
      Mizuno is well known for offering stylish shoes that feature brightly contrasting colors and simple but catchy designs. The Wave Legend 3 is no different in that regard, offering options of red and silver, alloy and black, or blue and white.

      These bold contrasts are markedly noticeable and obvious because the logo is large and covers roughly half of the side. These shoes are as stylish on the track, road, or just while you are out picking up groceries or walking across campus to class.
      Simply put, the more durable a running shoe is, the better value it is for the money. With the Wave Legend 3 coming in at a lower cost than many other Mizuno shoes, but still offering superior durability, it is obviously a good choice for those seeking a good return on investment.

      The Mizuno X10 carbon rubber outsole will not only make sure you can grip the road but make sure there will be plenty of runs for you to test that grip.
      The sole of the Mizuno Wave Legend 3 creates a responsive and safe base on which the shoe is built. The upper creates a solid cover which tightens down around the foot and keeps it secure. The switch back from the Bio-Lock lacing system to traditional laces creates a secure fit, which keeps the upper solidly on your foot and keeps debris from the road out. The cushioning in the forefoot is also a bit thicker, which creates more shock absorption during hard runs.
      The midsole of the Wave Legend 3 offers superior responsiveness due to the proprietary technology inside. This and the combination of multiple layers of midsole make sure that your foot will be ready to respond to any small changes in the road underneath.

      The AP+ layer adds very little weight but a large amount of response and is used in various Mizuno shoes. The Smooth Ride system helps ease transitions as you step through your stride, but it also helps you feel connected with the road as it responds to even minute changes.
      The Wave Legend 3 from Mizuno offers a high level of support due to the layered midsole and upper. Designed for motion control for those that overpronate, this shoe offers additional support in the inner ball of the foot.

      These shoes offer enough support to be used for daily running and racing while not causing a large number of problems. These running shoes for flat feet will create enough arch support that they should be able to complete runs without pain and injury. For those that suffer from either overpronation or flat feet, the Wave Legend 3 may be just what is needed to offer the right support and comfort.
      The Wave Legend 3 is designed to offer you a road shoe to keep you running for a long time and in comfort. With the outsole made of X10 offering superior grip to most surfaces, this shoe can stand up to the toughest tarmac with ease.

      Similar to other Mizuno road shoes, the Wave system is meant to support you and offer just the right amount of flex and give, meaning you can enjoy these shoes on the road for miles to come.

      The price of these shoes is lower than many others of the same brand. In comparison to other road shoes, the price is similar to average, but thanks to the durable X10 outsole, it will give you more value per mile than many other shoes in a similar price range.

      The upper and the midsole are also made out of high-quality materials and hold up to the elements, meaning that the price you pay will be well worth it in the long run.
      The Wave Legend 3 will provide a high level of grip and traction control in most situations because of the high-quality outsole made of carbon rubber. Beyond the material of the outsole is the design and form of it. The tread is built to provide you with traction even when running in rough or wet conditions, or even beyond the road and into the weight room or during other activities.
      In terms of flexibility, the Wave Legend 3 offers a surprising amount for a shoe of its weight and design. By utilizing a unique, multi-layered midsole, these shoes offer superior flexibility and can adjust right to your foot and the ground underneath it.

      Some of the design even uses proprietary technology that is specific to Mizuno and offers extra flexibility. The outsole features material cut in just the right area to help flex it to make more ground contact and flex around what happens to be underneath you.

      There are also bigger and deeper flex grooves in the forefoot than were available in previous versions of this shoe.
      The Mizuno Wave Legend 3 is designed to be a stability shoe, offering support that will keep you stable even if you have very flat feet. Often, runners with flat feet suffer from pain when running or end up feeling unstable on the even secure ground.

      With the Wave Legend 3, you will avoid this feeling or the related pain and injuries because it is designed around offering support in the way that is most beneficial to those that need it.

      By creating a layered midsole able to withstand even the toughest jarring hits but still being supportive, this shoe keeps you moving forward in the most stable way possible. Given that these were designed for road use, one of the most important things in the area of stability is that they must support the arch enough even when under stress from the tough terrain.

      The Wave Legend 3 does not disappoint in this area. In fact, it holds up well in comparison to the best stability shoes.
      The Mizuno Wave Legend 3 offers an average heel to toe drop which varies depending on gender. The men’s version features a 30mm heel and a 17mm forefoot, meaning a 13mm drop. The women’s version features a 30mm heel as well, but an 18mm forefoot height, meaning a 12mm drop. Runners that like having the drop in their shoes often are those that heel strike first.

      A 13mm (or 12mm) drop is not unheard of, but it will facilitate the step through on the stride from heel to toe. As the runner rolls through their step, the take off from the forefoot creates a bit of pop or spring to help propel you forward.
      Key Features of the Mizuno Wave Legend 3
      • The unique midsole system on the Mizuno Wave Legend 3 creates layers of responsive, comfortable, and breathable cushioning.
      • The Mizuno X10 outsole provides grip in even compromised roadways as well as durability due to the carbon rubber design.
      • The Mizuno Wave Legend 3 is available in a variety of color combinations to match with your favorite running gear.
      • The change back to a traditional lace system instead of a Bio-lock system keeps the shoe securely attached to your foot without any problems.
      Bottom Line
      The bottom line with the Mizuno Wave Legend 3 is exactly as expected. With legendary cushioning, this shoe offers a soft ride and support to even those with the flattest arches.

      The redesigned upper offers more security and a nice style with contrasting colors to catch the attention of all those stuck in their car as you run down the highway. For a shoe coming in at the lower end of the Mizuno price spectrum, the Wave Legend 3 provides high-quality materials, design, and execution to offer a great value.

      All that is left is to strap on your GPS watch and hit the road.
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