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Our Conclusion
The New Balance brand has worked tirelessly to create top-performing shoes for runners of all kinds. This new shoe offering from New Balance - the New Balance Vazee Rush - brings yet another perfect combo of technologies to ensure maximum performance.

The Vazee Rush is a great option for runners who are new to the scene but still want to make sure they can go fast and have the right protection while they train. The shoe is built with lightweight materials which make it ideal for faster running. The REVlite construction of the shoe ensures wearers are comfortable no matter what activity they choose to do while wearing the shoe. The shoe also manages to stay responsive in a variety of conditions and provides a supportive base for runners. Again, this is a great shoe for new runners just heading out for their first training runs.
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Pros & Cons
  • Can be used for a variety of training needs
  • Great style and bright colors
  • Good traction
  • Built with lightweight materials
  • Cons
    • If not laced properly, can create blisters
    • May not be true to size
    • Key Features
      The New Balance Vazee Rush has an outsole made up of blown carbon rubber. This type of material ensures that runners can easily grip underfoot. The carbon rubber grips surface even when they are wet. The lugs underfoot are not very aggressive so the shoe is not made for trail running. These shoes are better suited for running on pavement. This is a perfect shoe for beginners who want to run fast on the roads.
      The New Balance Vazee Rush's midsole contains REVlite material for cushioning. This material provides great energy return without adding to the overall weight of the shoe. The shoe's midsole also features a separated heel counter. This component provides support for the wearer. Overall, the midsole provides a nice amount of rebound and a pretty smooth ride.

      The New Balance Vazee Rush features a mesh upper made of synthetic materials constructed in a boot-like shape. The shape ensures the fit is secure, while the mesh enhances breathability. The interior of the shoe features a built-in liner that is attached to the upper material. The fits quite snugly but doesn't feel overly tight when worn. The shoe also features a seamless upper construction which further enhances the comfort of the shoe.

      The upper's mesh material ensures the wearer's foot does not overheat and remains comfortable no matter what the conditions are. The fit of the upper is further enhanced by the well-padded tongue.
      The New Balance Vazee Rush weighs about 229 grams or 8 oz for the men's version. For women, the shoe averages about 181 grams or 6.4 oz. The shoe is pretty lightweight and performs well when worn for speed work and other types of fast runs.

      The New Balance Vazee Rush features a bevy of components that enhance breathability. Runners should never end up feeling uncomfortable in the Vazee Rush, even when the weather is unseasonably warm. The inner liner wicks away moisture quickly meaning that blisters should be a thing of the past in this shoe. The very well-ventilated upper of the Vazee Rush ensures that the wearer's foot remains cooled off and comfortable even when running hard and in hot weather.

      The shoe's outsole materials and midsole REVlite components ensure that runners get a comfortable ride out of the New Balance Vazee Rush. Each part of the shoe works to ensure the runner gets a nice wear experience in this piece of high-performance gear. The fit of the shoe is meant to greatly reduce the chance of developing hot spots. The extra padding in the tongue area and heel collar add another aspect of comfort. The interior of the shoe bumps up the shoe's comfortability even further. The shoe features a nice wide toe area with breathable mesh to enhance comfort in the forefoot area. For beginner runners, the shoe offers comfort and performance all in one package.

      The New Balance Vazee Rush is offered is a variety of color options and features an eye-catching design. The shoes can easily be worn outside of training and are perfect for running or a variety of cross-training activities. With its bright color offerings, the Vazee Rush is sure to appeal to many types of runners.

      The New Balance Vazee Rush has an upper made up of strong yet breathable materials. The upper acts like the bones of the shoe, keeping it intact and strong at its core. The shoes are anything but heavy so they allow you, the wearer, to get in fast runs but they are supportive enough to keep you from experiencing injuries.

      The New Balance Vazee Rush features a flexible construction and a durable outsole. On a whole, the shoe is able to withstand a lot of use. From its outsole to its upper.
      The New Balance Vazee Rush is great for runners just starting out. The shoe provides the perfect amount of protection for neutral runners. The blown carbon outsole ensures the shoe can handle each hard footfall. The midsole's REVlite construction also helps to diminish the amount of impact the runner feels when moving forward. These two parts of the shoe help to pad the wearer while they run and ensure you get a lot of miles out of the shoe.

      The New Balance Vazee Rush is made up of various technologies which enhance the smoothness of the ride. The shoe provides a smooth ride even when the weather is stormy and wet. The shoe's fit ensures that the wearer feels secure and can run fast without feeling unstable and sloppy. The upper of the shoe is outfitted with tough mesh which helps to ensure a locked in feel. The midsole materials and inner liner both work to enhance the shoe's energy return

      Don't just buy a shoe without figuring out whether you pronate or not. It's important to know this information so you can choose the best shoe for your foot, especially when you're just starting out as a runner. The New Balance Vazee Rush is a neutral trainer so you'll want to choose this kind of shoe if you do not require much support. There's still enough of a supportive base to ensure you don't experience sloppiness, but if you overpronate you will want a dedicated stability shoe.

      The New Balance Vazee Rush isn't intended to be used off-road. Take this shoe with you to the gym, for runs around the block, or on park paths. You can tackle those kinds of surfaces even after a fresh bout of rain and the support you get won't change or diminish. The shoe also ventilates well so whether you're cooped up indoors with A/C or outdoors in smoldering heat, you'll feel comfortable.

      The New Balance Vazee Rush is an affordable option for new runners. The shoe ranges from $80 USD to $130 USD.

      The outsole of the New Balance Vazee Rush features tough material that is meant to keep runners from sliding when surfaces get wet. The blown carbon material that covers the outsole ensures the wearer gets adequate traction. The lugs don't do well when the running surface is uneven since they are flat but on pavement or other less technical terrains, the shoe does just fine.
      The New Balance Vazee Rush offers a great degree of flexibility. Since the upper and interior are made without seams, the upper is highly pliable without sacrificing protection. The outsole, though rigid, still has some flex to it. The shoe's midsole, which contains REVlite, offers a great degree of energy return and is soft enough to ensure the shoe remains flexible overall. Thanks to this flexible design, the shoe rides smoothly and fits very comfortably.

      Thanks to the New Balance Vazee Rush's sock-like fit the shoe embraces the wearer's foot like a giant bear hug. This comfortably tight fit ensures the wearer feels stable so they can go fast when training. The shoe's outsole, composed of carbon rubber, ensures the wearer grips the surface underfoot and feels secure when running over even terrain. The midsole cushioning, made of REVlite, provides adaptable cushioning for the wearer that feels great even when going fast over flat terrain.

      The drop on the New Balance Vazee Rush is about 6mm for both men and women's options. This is a smaller than average drop that ensures decent ground feel and encourages more of a natural ride.

      Key Features
      •Bootie construction


      •Seamless application

      •REVlite cushioning material

      •Synthetic/mesh upper

      •Molded sock liner

      •6mm heel-to-toe drop
      Bottom Line
      This is a great option for new runners. The New Balance Vazee Rush is supportive, contains ample cushioning and is light enough for runners who are new to the sport but still want to go fast. The shoes are affordable and durable so they're a great buy even for new runners. Although they don't have the newest technology, they're still constructed with solid materials and are offered at a decent price point so they're great for runners who have just signed up for their first long-distance race and are eagerly anticipating their first training runs.

      The versatile shoe offers excellent performance on the roads. Newbies who are speed demons will enjoy the lightweight construction of the New Balance Vazee Rush since they are durable and offer great grip in a well-fitting package.

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