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New Balance 775 Review Facts

The big buzzword for this shoe is comfortNew Balance brags about the cushioning on the 775 like a new parent brags about her baby sleeping through the night.  You’re gonna hear a lot about it, but it’s worth highlighting.  The company claims every piece of the shoe is designed to allow the runner the ultimate comfort and flexibility every time they wear them, and the proof is in the performance reviews.  Runners are raving about the cushioning and bright colors available from New Balance in this style.  Even fans of the brand were impressed with the special attention the company gave to the plush design. In fact, some are buying a pair for athletics and another for their day today.  It’s a shoe aimed at the masses, so you don’t hear a lot about speed drills, marathons, and PRs, but it’s a great choice for a lot of weekend joggers who need a comfortable option for training runs, and a stylish shoe for a group exercise class or an easy stroll around the neighborhood.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Cushioning/Comfort
  • Style
  • Wide sizes available
  • Designed for mass appeal
  • Narrow toe box
  • Colors not true to advertisement
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  • These shoes look great and have so much to offer. They do not last though. After about 4 months of solid use, they fall apart in the toes. I do put a lot on these. They do the gym and the errands and the job.. Almost 24/7 shoes. Maybe that is what it is. I love them. I
  • I wear an orthotic and these work great with it without feeling cramped. They are magical and have a great neutral base and lots of toe box room. I am getting another pair to swap out with these. They are also a really good price for as good as they are.
  • No plantars pain from these. Great and stable shoe that has a lot of cushion while being nice and light. They also look great with regular street wear.
  • I wear insoles with these because I need extra arch support due to arthritis. They have a bit but I need more. They are really comfortable and have plenty of room with it in there. They also look great, nice colors.
  • I am able to tighten these well without having issues from my swelling feet. I work long hours on my feet and these have really been supportive and light. I have another pair that I use for my walks during the week. I did order a half size up.
  • These fit to size and are a super comfortable. These have a bit lower heel drop than my old sneakers so I had some adjustment pain in my calves. Now that they are broken in, or that I am broken in, Things are working great. These have a lot of support and stability, i am happy with my purchase.
  • I usually wear inserts, not needed with these They have great support in the arches, which mine are so high. These are far superior to the 890’s I usually wear. They feel like air on my feet, like clouds, I am so happy. They keep me from rolling my ankles which I do alot in my other shoes. I haven’t done it once. There is plenty of toe box space.
  • I have an odd shaped foot, wide in the toes skinny in the heel. I find it hard to find shoes that fit. These are great. A little narrow in the front but the mesh material seems good and stretchy. They seem a little cheap but I wasn't expecting gold standard from these. They are comfortable, that is good enough for me.
  • I liked these shoes. They were really great in the arch and they had a lot of cushioning. I did return them though. Unfortunately, I have a wide foot and even the wide shoe did not fit me. It wa really narrow in the toes and squished them. They are great shoes though for narrow feet people.
  • I have narrow, flat feet and these fit perfect. They are light and have a great reaction and shock absorption to them. They had no break in time and have felt great the whole time I have wore them.
  • Other than the fact that they run really narrow and need to stretch out a bit while breaking n, they are amazing shoes. They are really comfortable ad light and responsive. I have to say they are stretching out so that is nice.
  • I have purchased these 3 times now and they are the best in comfort. They fit to size and I never have any issues with them. They work great for my power walks and my light running.
  • These are really comfortable shoes. I wear them all of the time and they have a great style to them. I was happy that although they said pink they ended up being pure like the picture showed.
  • These are very supportive and comfy shoes. They are taking a bit of time to break in across the toes and the ball of the foot. They are a bit narrow.
  • These are a true to size shoe. Better than all the other NB I have tried as well. They are really supportive and have epic cushioning. I use these moderately for walking, errands, and some running. They seem to be holding up real nice and are well worth the price.
  • I had foot surgery and needed a wider style shoe. I have not been in any pain from these. They run great to size and have really showed stability in my jacked up foot.
  • These are working great for my cardio classes. They are light and cushioned well. They are a bit snug in the toes but they are stretching I feel.
  • They tend to get rocks stuck in them so I keep them to the pavement. I replaced the inserts with orthotics and they are working great. I m able to wash them in the machine without them losing their shape. I highly recommend these shoes.
  • I went up a half size er reviews and I am glad that I did. They fit perfect and have a good quality feel to them.They are super comfy and do not look bulky at all.
  • These shoes look really nice on my feet love the style. They are light and have great cushion in them. They are a bit snug around the toes, wish I could have read the reviews prior to purchase.
  • If I could have got these a ¼ size bigger, I would have sworn they were made for my feet. They are super, duper comfortable an I am able to wear them all day. I run and wear these on many different terrains and they have not failed me yet. Great shoe!
  • These shoes are comfortable but they are lacking in durability. They are one shoe in a polethera that I own and I am switching constantly. These have started to tear in the toes after very minimal wear. I am really not happy with this.
  • I bought these larger and they are still rubbing in my toes and arches. They are really not stable and my feet are moving around even though they are too tight.
  • They look good but they do NOT feel good. They fit way too snug and hurt my feet. I won’t be looking around for NB again.
  • My pinky toe is hamburger. These rubbed and squeezed horribly. It also makes my arch do weird things.
  • I bought a whole size bigger and they were still too small.
  • These looked great and got here fast, however, they had absolutely no support and they’re way too small in the toes.
  • These shoes are uneven and fit awkward. They are way too tight and one shoe was absolutely different than the other.
  • I had to return these. The left shoe was much smaller than the right. This was proven with measuring them. Super akard and have never had this happen before.
  • These made blisters all over the top of my foot. The tongue would not stay in place. They are light, that is all they got going.
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The outsole on the New Balance 775 is constructed of rubber material that provides decent traction with each foot strike. You’ll also notice some deep flex cuts on the sole, to assist with grip and flexibility. There is a downside to those cuts, however, when it comes to terrain, as objects can get stuck in them. We’ll go into detail on that later in this review.


The midsole is made of high-quality foam, and for those who like a little less cushion, or who take the time for cleaning, the insert is removable. Many reviewers were fans of leaving it in for that extra comfort. The foam resists compression, which allows the runner more comfort over a longer stretch of time. New Balance used ground contact EVA foam, which they say cushions the feet while providing a soft stride. One reviewer commented it was like “walking on marshmallows”.


The upper part the shoe is made of synthetic mesh. The tongue and collar are lightly padded, again for the comfort of the runner. However, some reviewers weren’t pleased with the tongue construction, saying it kept sliding to the side during their runs and had to be adjusted as to not show their socks. More than a few reviewers noted they needed the wide design for the roomier toe box, but a few who didn’t choose the wide option said their toes were too squished, and one even developed a blister from walking in them all day. As far as any other irritations, nothing is sown in the material, so there are no stitches to bug you during your runs, and there were no complaints about the laces coming untied or loosing during use.


This shoe benefits from New Balance’s patented CUSH technology, which allows the runner maximum comfort while adding minimal weight. The woman’s option weighs 7.5 ounces, and the men’s version is two ounces lighter at 9.5. Runners who want to race in an ultralight shoe, might choose this one for training runs, and then step down to a minimalist option on race day. Just a slight decrease in weight can help the legs feel less fatigued and give the runner an edge on the competition.


The upper is designed with mesh and synthetic materials, which allows for ample airflow during a run. Walkers and runners agreed that the shoe breathes well, although one reviewer did point out that he wanted more ventilation on the top of the toes. Because the mesh breathes, it’s also thin, and runners noticed that was an area that tended to wear out over time. Reviewers did not mention how the shoe performed in wet weather, although New Balance claims the 775 is an everyday running shoe and has the goods to tackle your toughest run. If you live in a rainy climate and find you need a shoe that lives for puddles, check out these wet weather options.


The key word for this shoe is comfort. The company claims it is stacked with technology to ensure you have a smooth, comfortable ride every time. Reviewers talked about their comfort over and over when evaluating the cushion this shoe provides, even over long-term wear. The shoes were worn for walking, running, bicycling, crosstraining, working, gym sessions and military PT, all with stellar reviews. Keep in mind that the sizes run a little small, so you’ll want to order a half size, or even a full size up from what you normally wear. But be careful not to go too big - a few reviewers who upsized their order found their heels would slip out of the shoe, even when the laces were tied tightly. The 775 is available in a wide option, a fact mentioned by many reviewers who are usually frustrated by the narrow toe box of a traditional running shoe.


Reviewers complimented the look of this shoe, almost as much as they raved about its comfort. The bright colors got a thumbs up from most runners, with some even saying they look better in person than in the online advertisements. We found them for men in yellow and black, grey and black, and black and red. For the women, there are even more color options, including grey and purple, orange and silver, blue and white, charcoal and something the company just describes as “outer space”. Be warned when it comes to color, there were a few disappointments from customers. One reviewer said the color wasn’t true to what she saw on her computer screen. She ordered the orange and said it turned out more coral. Suffice it to say the colors are bright, and fit the trend of a highly visible running or walking shoe. Many reviewers enjoyed racking up the compliments along with the miles.


New Balance says this shoe provides extreme comfort without sacrificing durability, and reviewers seem to agree. It isn’t that they went on and on about this shoes' ability to last, it’s more than the topic didn’t get much of a mention. Runners had no complaints about rips or tears in the materials, and they didn’t notice the shoe breaking down before its time. Keep in mind the mesh is thin, so it won’t last forever. New Balance estimates their shoes will take you through about 300-500 miles before they need to be replaced. The best way to know if you need to reorder is to track your miles, but every runner’s shoe is going to wear out differently based upon his or her weight and gait, so it isn’t just a numbers game. If you can see through the outsole to the midsole, if you aren’t getting the same energy in your feet, or if your shoe feels like it’s buckling when you run, it’s time for a new pair.


One reviewer who works on a concrete floor all day called this shoe a lifesaver. The cushion is a welcome reprieve for consumers who spend all day standing on their feet, and on hard surfaces. And for runners, the foam midsole absorbs significant impact for the joints, protecting the runner from the jarring motion of the run.



When a shoe concentrates this much on cushioning, it sacrifices a little in ground feel. However, this isn’t a super heavy shoe, and runners said it still allowed them to spring off their initial contact with the ground. The New Balance 775 shoots right down the middle – the wearer can get some energy off the impact, while still being protected. One extra note about contact: you might be able to hear it. Some reviewers noted a slight squeak when walking on smooth surfaces.


Some reviewers felt the New Balance 775 lacked support on the sides of the shoe, but overall it gets good marks, especially from neutral runners. The heel got special recognition from several reviewers as being especially helpful in giving the runner a supported stride.


Reviewers reported these shoes worked very well on pavement, and even concrete. However, the New Balance 775 is not designed with trail running in mind, and some reviewers noticed the indentations on the sole were perfect for picking up small rocks and carrying them along on the run. This isn’t just uncomfortable, it could cause a twisted ankle if the runner's foot is placed in just the right (wrong) way. If your regular route takes you on particularly rocky terrain, you may want to try a more pebble-friendly option.


The New Balance 775 is a fairly-priced shoe for the performance you’ll get from it, and many reviewers felt it was worth the investment. Are there cheaper options? Sure, but you don’t want to focus too hard on dollar signs and forget about the health of your feet. That said, the price on the New Balance 775 is about average for a neutral running shoe with a comfortable design. You can buy directly from the New Balance website, visit any number of department stores, or check for a discounted pair at a variety of online sites such as Amazon.



The flex cuts on the outsole optimize the traction on this shoe, grabbing the dry pavement and allowing the runner to stride along without straining or slipping. Reviewers did not mention the shoe’s performance on wet or slippery surfaces, and New Balance has not provided any definitive claims about this shoe’s traction.


New Balance promises the 775 is plush, yet flexible. Most reviewers agree the shoe has just enough give and stretch. The upper part of the shoe is made of synthetic mesh, which allows it to bend with the runner’s foot. A few reviewers found this put too much pressure on the top of the foot, but they noted this is a discomfort that eased with time.


This is a shoe for the neutral runner, so no special design is in place for overpronation. In fact, one reviewer noted she liked how the 775 didn’t come up too high on her ankle, and the degree of padding on this shoe has already been well-documented. Runners who need additional help in stability would do well with one of these options, designed especially for motion control.


This shoe has a moderate drop of 8mm. It’s not a minimalist shoe, but it’s also not a clunker. The middle ground is a great area for runners working on their 5k, or for athletes looking for a little extra cushion on their training runs. Most competitive runners are going to want a little less drop on race day.

Key Features

Key Features

• Synthetic Mesh
• CUSH technology
• EVA Foam
• Rubber Outsole
• No-sew overlay with dotted cutouts
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

When comfort is your utmost “must have” in a running shoe, you’ll be pleased with this one. Just a handful of reviewers took issue with the width of the New Balance 775, saying it squeezed their toes and made them uncomfortable, but far more praised the offering of the wide design to alleviate such pains. Runners were pleased with the fit and durability of the 775, and walkers agreed the plush sole was a big selling point. Speaking of sales, most reviewers were able to find a deal on the shoes, and felt the return was well-worth their investment. Style points were also awarded by men and women alike, and some reviewers bought a second pair, either to make their shoes last longer, as a gift, or simply to match different outfits. The New Balance 775 isn’t necessarily a competitive shoe, although there’s nothing stopping you from wearing it on race day. Most reviewers are choosing it for training runs, or just running errands. It’s a comfortable, stylish shoe that brightens up the closet of the neutral runner.