Nike Air Presto Essential

The Nike Air Presto Essential is Nike’s follow up to their original Air Presto. They look very similar to their predecessor, sporting the same silhouette and casual look. The shoes are extremely comfortable and lightweight. Runners everywhere seem to love the look and feel of these fantastic running shoes. The new and improved Air Presto Essential introduces a plethora of colors for you to choose from which customers like. The best part about these shoes is that they are fairly affordable compared to other shoes of their kind. If you are looking for something that is lightweight, comfortable, flexible, and durable then the Nike Air Presto Essential is the perfect sneaker for you.  

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable fit, especially for runners with wide feet
  • Stylish, with many color options to choose from 
  • Flexible
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • They do not need to be broken in
  • Reasonably priced
  • Cons
    • High arches
    • Runs large
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Nike Air Presto Essential shoes is made out of rubber with Nike’s waffle pattern for superior traction and flex grooves for impressive flexibility. The unique waffle pattern that spreads along the bottom of the outsole is one of Nike’s trademark designs and is made to give you added traction and an amazing grip while you are out on the run. One of the wonderful things about the waffle sole is that it is made of an extremely lightweight rubber to keep the weight off the shoe, while still being functional and reliable. A little fun fact about the waffle sole, they are actually made using a real waffle iron to ensure that they give you the best quality possible.
      The midsole of the Nike Air Presto Essential uses an air-infused phylon technology to ensure that you have the most comfortable run you can have while wearing the shoes. The midsole is comprised of an extremely durable foam, formed into pellets, and made into a mold to help the shoe stay comfortable and responsive. These shoes definitely give you that little spring in your step when you are running to help give you a push with every step you take. The shoes are also very helpful when it comes to shock absorption. The cushioning in the midsole helps by taking most of the impact off your feet when they hit the ground.
      The upper of these shoes is made up of an extremely lightweight stretch mesh material that fits your foot snuggly and comfortably so you do not slip and slide around inside while you are wearing them. The Nike Air Presto Essentials improved the upper from their predecessor by constructing the upper to give your feet the ability to move more naturally. The natural movement of your feet allows you to stay more comfortable and helps protect you from feeling like you are trapped in your shoes. The stretch mesh material helps keep the weight down on the shoe while allowing for maximum ventilation so you can get air flow to your feet to keep them cool and dry. The first iteration of the Air Prestos shoes was one of the very first brands of shoes that made their uppers with a design that was digitally printed, and this version follows suit.
      Everything about these shoes screams lightweight. From the super light rubber outsole to the air-infused midsole and the stretchy mesh upper, these shoes were meant to be as light as possible to give you a little bit of an edge when running. You do not want the weight of your shoe to slow you down, and you absolutely will not have that problem with the Nike Air Presto Essential.
      It is important when running, especially if you are running long distance races, to have a shoe that is going to allow for some ventilation. You want something that is going to be breathable and allow air to flow through the shoe and keep your feet nice and cool, while also allowing them to stay dry when your feet start to sweat. The beauty of the Nike Air Presto Essential is that the upper is constructed of a stretch mesh material that allows for amazing ventilation and therefore unbelievable breathability so you do not feel like your feet are suffocating inside your shoes.
      Nike boasts that their Air Presto Essentials are comfortable, and they are not lying. The midsoles are made for optimal comfort, with their cushioning being made from air-infused foam. The cushioning in these shoes give you a nice platform for you to stand on and sink into. In addition to the midsole, the upper is designed for maximum comfort, as well. The stretchy mesh that makes up the upper is meant to give you a soft and snug fit to keep your feet happy.
      The Nike Air Presto Essential gives you a plethora of colors to choose from, making it easier for you to find something that is going to compliment your style. These sneakers are perfect for almost any kind of running, but also great as a casual shoe. Many customers wear these shoes on a daily basis and love them. The varieties of colors and simple design are loved by runners and casual wearers alike. Nike’s signature ‘swoosh’ design can be found printed on the tongue of the shoe, embroidered on the forefront of the shoe, as well as on the heel.
      These shoes are made to last. The construction of the waffle sole is made of a strong rubber helping the shoe last through even the toughest of workouts. You will get hundreds of miles pounding the pavement before you have problems with the outsole of these shoes. Customers have also suggested that the midsole of the shoes has been able to stand up to the repeated pounding of the pavement when they are running day after day without too much wear and tear. Finally, the upper, made with mesh that has a little stretch to it, make it so it will be stronger and last longer. You will not have to worry about these shoes falling apart on you prematurely.
      When it comes to running shoes, you are going to want something that is going to give you adequate protection. The waffle sole of the Nike Air Presto Essential is going to give you increased protection when running or walking on wet surfaces, as the design will help you keep your grip and help prevent you from slipping and sliding around. Also, the stretch mesh upper is designed to hug your feet and does not leave a lot of wiggle room so your feet are not sliding around inside your shoe either.
      Everyone wants to have a spring in their step when they are walking or running and the Nike Air Presto Essential will help you achieve that goal. The molded foam pellets and air pockets that make up the midsole are designed to give you a higher energy return with each step. A high energy return makes it easier for you to propel yourself off moving forward. This is ideal for those who are running long distances and are running for speed, as it will take less time between steps. In addition to the bounce in your step, you will also get superior shock absorption so that when you hit the pavement you are sinking into the shoe and bouncing back and causing less stress on the rest of your body.
      These shoes offer a couple of different features to help support your feet while you are wearing them. Nike provides a strong midfoot cage, coupled with the heel counter and the snug mesh upper, giving you a shoe that is going to be as supportive as you need and that will keep your feet nice and snug. These shoes give you a lockdown fit that will keep your feet from sliding around inside your shoe while you are running.
      The Nike Air Presto Essential is marketed as a road shoe and it might be wise to stick with flat, non-abrasive surfaces such as roads, track, or treadmills. Whereas it is possible to wear these shoes while running on other surfaces, as the outsole allows for a decent amount of traction, it is best just to stick to the recommended surfaces so you do not risk slipping and falling and potentially injuring yourself.
      The cost of the Nike Air Presto Essential is relatively cheap compared to other similar shoes, especially those with the Nike name attached to them. These shoes ring up at $120 MSRP (manufacturers suggested retail price) but, as with many things nowadays, you can usually find them on sale somewhere for cheaper. Many customers have reported that they have bought several pairs of these shoes, mostly because of the variety of colors they have to choose from, but most of them said that the shoes are worth the money they paid for them and they would happily buy them again. Keep in mind that your running shoes are an investment and if you are looking for something that is going to last, you are going to probably spend a little extra money for it.
      The waffle design that makes up the sole of the shoes is made to give them great traction. The tacky rubber and waffle pattern on the bottom of the shoe will help you keep your grip, whether you are running in the rain or on a dry sunny day. You will not have to worry about your shoes slipping out from underneath you and causing you to fall.
      In combination with the waffle design on the bottom of the shoe, the outsole also features flex grooves, both horizontally and vertically to help give you the ability to move your feet more naturally and increase the flexibility of the shoe. Being able to move your feet more naturally is going to give you an edge over those with a more restrictive shoe because it allows you to run more comfortably, and in turn, for longer.
      Support in a shoe might be one of the most important things to consider when buying a pair of running shoes. It can be imperative to have proper support to protect you from injury. Your comfort level is also dependant on how well you are supported by the shoes you are wearing. It is important to note that the Nike Air Presto Essentials are not stability shoes, they are designed for those with a more neutral gait. If you are one of the thousands of people that overpronate or supinate then these are probably not the best shoes for you. They will not be as comfortable as you would expect from them and they could ultimately cause injury to your joints.
      The drop of your shoes is simply the difference in the hight of your heal compared to the height of the forefront of your feet. It is essentially how much of an incline your shoes have. When purchasing a running shoe you will probably want to find a shoe that is going to run in the 8 mm to 10 mm range. Unfortunately, after scouring the internet and reading multiple articles, we were not able to find information on the drop of the Nike Air Presto Essential.
      Key Features
      -Waffle sole design
      -Comes in a plethora of colors
      -Air-infused midsole for a good bounce and extra cushioning
      -Stretchy mesh upper for a snug fit
      -Both horizontal and vertical flex grooves for maximum flexibility
      -Additional padding on the collar and tongue for better comfort
      Bottom Line
      If you are looking for a nice, reliable pair of running shoes, or you are simply looking for an everyday casual shoe, you have come to the right place. Customers love the simplistic look of these shoes and the massive color options. Consumers will wear these shoes for numerous occasions. The Nike Air Presto Essential is super lightweight, comfortable, flexible, and breathable, all things you will want when buying a running shoe. These really are an all around good running shoe that is meant to last. The masses agree that you will fall in love with the look and feel of these shoes and they will keep you coming back for more.

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      Where to Buy
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      Where to buy
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