Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32

The new Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 is one of the longest-running shoe series in Nike's history, and now it has been extended by this model. It is a very well-cushioned, lightweight shoe that will be best for those who prefer neutral shoes for shorter, more energized and fast-paced workouts; however, it can be equally good for longer runs, too. If you like your shoe to snug your feet and offer a medium cushioning without too much of support, this is the choice you should make. This model comes with an improved amortization and more support for the feet.  The sole has been designed so the runner can achieve greater speed. The shoe itself is very light and is very breathable. It is lighter than its predecessor - the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 31. However, overall the Pegasus Zoom 32 has not changed much, just enough so that it is slightly better than the previous, proving that the series is not running flat on innovation and improvements.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • The upper unit made of Fly mesh that is cloth-like, extremely breathable, plush and comfortable on the feet.
  • Integrated Zoom technology in the midsole to offer maximum cushioning and support throughout training sessions.
  • Extremely flexible forefoot that allows the wearer to conduct toe-offs more efficiently and naturally.
  • Cons
    • The lining of the collar is not as durable, and once it peels off, the shoe loses its natural appeal.
    • The neutral look will not suit people who are looking to make a bold statement.
    • Not suitable for rough terrains.
    • Key Features
      The outsole of this model, just as the previous versions, is made out of Blown Rubber Crash Rails. The Blown Rubber is a type of outsole that is used by most top running shoemakers. It is a rubber compound that is either expanded or mixed with air and provides better cushioning than carbon rubber, making the shoe more plushy It is a feature best priced by runners who prefer a more cushioned ride. However, the downside of this material is that it is not as durable as carbon rubber.

      The Nike designers have also included Carbon Rubber within this shoe, to make it more durable, which helps to achieve better durability and more traction for the runner. Even more so, the outsole has been perfected by adding inclusive responsive cushioning on the underfoot and the Environmentally Preferred Rubber in the toe area to offer a smoother transition. The toe and forefoot area have also been implemented with the Cross Rocker that encourages the runner's natural strike and a Crash Pad in the heel, to help soften the impact of the feet hitting the surface and make the transition softer, more enduring.
      The midsole of this shoe is made of the Nike CushIon Foam technology, which is mostly used for running and training shoes to keep the weight down to a minimum. This material is a mix of Phylon and Rubber Additives and is the best known for its ability to provide superb cushioning and assures stability, as well as for its capability to absorb the shock that generates when the feet is striking the ground. The CushIon Foam is very responsive, very light and provides a very bouncy feel for the runner. The midsole has also been implemented with the Nike Zoom Air technology in the heel that provides extra cushioning for the feet and plays a part in easing the transition of the stride of the runner.
      In designing this shoe model, Nike strives for even more comfort and perfect design than the previous versions aiming to provide the best fit and snug feeling for your feet. A combination of Flymesh fabric and Flywire cables was introduced in this shoe, reaching an outstanding comfort and a fit that adapts to the runner's feet, snugging and embracing the feet. This feature makes the shoe the top choice for those, who prefer a fast-paced workouts where the comfort of the feet is most important. Flymesh is a lightweight material that Nike uses in several other models of their shoe and has been recognized by many runners thanks to the comfort feeling it offers, it is also highly breathable, keeping the feet well ventilated during the run, while the Nike Dynamic Flywire cable system provides an increased support around the runners midfoot and allows a more tailored to the feet fit.
      The Pegasus 32 is a neutral lightweight daily training shoe that has been designed specifically for more comfort and speed while capable of withstanding longer runs, too. By redesigning and upgrading the upper with a Flymesh fabric, this shoe has been made lighter than its predecessor weighing 9.90oz for male models. It will be the perfect choice for those, who have been used to running in a lightweight shoe that can still offer enough cushioning for the feet to feel comfortable even during longer workouts.
      The new seamless Flymesh upper is responsible for the high level of breathability this shoe provides, allowing the feet to stay well ventilated and comfortable during fast-paced or long workouts. The Flymesh fabric is a highly porous material that allows the air to circulate the air freely.
      This is a high performance, neutral, lightweight shoe that has been designed for speed and comfort. The main feature of this shoe is the implemented Nike Dynamic Flywire cable system. This technology provides a better fit for the runner by offering extra support in the midfoot area of the feet, and at the same time allowing the runner to achieve a more customized fit that will secure the feet in the most comfortable fit possible. The Flywire system is comprised of cables in the midfoot area allowing the fabric to wrap around the feet. These cables have been connected to the lacing system allowing more manipulation between the Flywire and laces. There is padding on the tongue, too, thus making the shoe even more comfortable. If you are looking for a comfortable everyday trainer, this is the right option for you.
      The genius of this shoe model hides in a plain sight. It is a casual looking shoe, and the design does not include bright colors or attributes that will catch the eye for those, who prefer a shoe that will attract attention. This said the neutral look of the shoe will ensure that it looks just the same after you have done 10 miles of 100 miles in it. The upper mesh is made out of a cloth-like seamless fabric that is pleasing the eye. The lacing system matches the color of the upper mesh in a very elegant and stylish, yet subtle way. This shoe can be worn not only during your training, every day jogging session but also on a day to day basis, where you need to look acceptable but still want to stay comfortable.
      Although this is a lightweight trainer that has not been reinforced with the high level of cushioning, some runners might think that this model could not withstand long-range workouts and are not durable. However, that is not the case here. On the contrary - many runners have praised this shoe for its durability during marathons and everyday training and have become to be one of the best-reviewed models in the series. The midsole has been provided with a full-length CushIon foam, this foam is known for its durability and is used by many other shoemaker companies. The outsole is made out of Carbon rubber. It is a very durable material that will also provide a high level of traction with the surface and will make the shoe last longer.
      When it comes to protecting the runner's feet, this neutral everyday running shoe should be on the top end of the list. As one of the main features that provide a high quality of protection for the feet is the introduction of the Nike Flywire cable system. It has been integrated with the seamless upper mesh and joined with the lacing system, this innovation provides a better, more customized approach to fitting the shoe for the runner's feet, ensuring that it will not be distracting and allow the shoe to move as one with the feet.

      The snug fit will offer the runner a reassuring feeling that the shoe will not move or juggle even on a rough terrain, providing a good feel of the ground. Extra protection for the runner's feet is also achieved by implementing a full-length midsole foam that will not only provide a good response for the runner but also plays its part in absorbing the shock of the feet striking the ground. T

      The same effect is being extended by implementing the Zoom Air technology. This technology is made out of tightly stretched tensile fibers that are knit inside a pressurized Nike Air unit. This technology not only provides a more responsive and energetic run but also extra protection for the runner's foot while on the run. It gets better - the midsole has been implemented with the Nike Heel Zoom Air bag that has been embedded within a firmer EVA casing, this technology ensures that the impact of the foot striking the ground is being absorbed in the best way possible.
      The Nike Zoom Air technology implemented in this shoe provides a great level of responsiveness for the runner. This is a lightweight shoe that is highly responsive cushioning technology that provides a spring-like motion for the runner, offering a high level of bounciness. As it is very thin, it brings the foot closer to the ground and provides more stability and a better feel of the terrain. A great deal of the responsiveness has also been achieved with the help of the composition of the midsole and the inner linings. The midsole is made out of a combination of the CushIon Foam and Zoom Air, these two technologies provide a good responsiveness and comfort for the foot and will offer a smooth and soft ride.
      One of the most important additions to this model when talking about the support has been the introduction of the Nike Dynamic Flywire cable technology. The cables have been joined with the lacing system and ensure a better, more customized fit for the runner that will support the feet during fast paced and long workouts. The Nike Air Zoom Airbags in the heel will provide higher energy return and more comfort, supporting the runner's feet along the way. It also plays a major part in the stride transition for the runner, providing extra support and helping to gain more speed. Thanks to this very thin cushioning system, it has allowed the designers to keep the feet closer to the ground, allowing to achieve a higher level of stability and a better feeling of the terrain. More support has been attained with the help of the full-length midsole cushioning that helps to absorb the impacts of the stride.
      This shoe has been designed so that it can be used on any terrain the runner wants to run on. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 is composed of Blown Rubber Crash Rails and Carbon Rubber to offer maximums grip on any terrain, no matter if it is raining outside, or the terrain is rocky or simply asphalt. That said, however, it will feel most comfortable on the road, as the cushioning of this shoe is not really made for the rough terrain surfaces and the runners might find a little bit unsteady on such terrain. However, the low drop of the heal to toe ensures that the stability will feel good enough even on such surfaces.
      The pricing of this shoe falls within the middle range of the shoe price list. It is cheaper than its predecessors and a bargain considering the improvements that have been made since the earlier versions.
      The incredibly good traction of this shoe that will allow it to be worn in rainy conditions as well as on slippery or rough terrain. The combination of Blown Rubber Crash rails and the Carbon Rubber material in the heel section provide the incredibly good traction of this shoe and will allow it to be worn in rainy conditions as well as on slippery or rough terrain. Carbon Rubber is a material that is being used by most top end shoemakers as it does provide a very good traction with almost every surface, allowing the runner to feel free and confident with his movements. The waffle outsole design along with the Environmentally Preferred Rubber in the forefoot area also ensures that the highest level of traction and cushioning is offered
      Those who have been running in this model have already admitted that this is a very successful model regarding comfort and overall design. The flexibility of this shoe is no exception. The seamless upper mesh will provide the best fit for the foot while the Dynamic Flywire technology will allow securing the feet so that the upper snugs it and moves along with the runner's stride, allowing the runner to feel comfortable. As the midsole foam is softer than that in the previous model, the flexibility in Pegasus 32 is also, therefore, increased.
      The stability of this shoe has been attained by implementing Heel Counter technology which provides increased stability by securing the heel in its place. The heel has also been equipped with a Crash Pad that not only reduces the shock of the foot striking the ground, but also increases the overall stability of the shoe against the terrain. This has been reinforced with the Nike Zoom Air cushioning technology.
      The heel-to-toe drop on the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 is at 10 mm for both men and women. This can be considered to be a standard drop and will provide a better stride motion. However, if you have accustomized yourself with a lower drop shoe model, you should go easy when breaking them in.
      Key features
      • The upper unit made of Fly mesh that is extremely breathable, plush and comfortable on the feet.

      • Integrated Zoom technology in the midsole to offer optimum cushioning and support.

      • Significantly lighter than its predecessors.

      • Extremely flexible toe area that allows conducting of toe-offs more competently and naturally.

      • An intricate lacing technique that provides an exact fit as indicated on the box.

      • Streamlined toe to heel design that offers an anatomic fit for the foot.

      • Integrated Fly mesh and Flywire technology that provides a more secure fit and enhanced comfort.
      Bottom line
      The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 is an affordable shoe that has an abundance of features that complement each other and is a durable and reliable option for a neutral runner. This model has been praised by many runners due to its high level of comfort and excellent cushioning and energy return. This has been considered as one of the tops running shoes for road and can be used for short, fast-paced everyday workouts as well as for longer runs ( even marathons), as the cushioning provided in this model is more than enough to help the runner feel comfortable and good during the run.
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      By Ryan Sabin
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