Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse 3 Reviewed & Rated

The new Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse 3 has improved upon their previous version. This time it features plush cushioning in the midsole and extra protection in the forefoot thanks to a rock pate. The Dynamic Fit and Flywire technologies enhance a sock-like fit while the Phylon foam midsole provides extra responsiveness. Reviewers have described these shoes as a really good fit for backpacking adventures and long runs over uneven terrain. These running shoes are very comfortable and feature a wider forefoot area that provides space for more natural movement. If you have an ultra marathon in mind but don't have the right shoes yet, the Wildhorse 3 could be the answer you are looking for.

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Pros & Cons
  • Solid traction
  • Stylish
  • Seamless upper
  • Good cushioning
  • Supporting
  • Protective
  • Cons
    • Can feel narrow
    • The lace system is not the best
    • Not suitable for people with wide feet
    • Heavier than the previous version
    • Key Features
      The Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse 3's outsole has improved since the last iteration. With larger lugs in the central area of the midsole and more prominent lugs on the edges, the Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse 3 brings even more traction and grip to any kind of terrain. The lugs are 4 mm deep and a bit more squared, but still, use the same waffle pattern of the previous version. Flex Grooves in the forefoot area bring extra flexibility to the shoe. The rubber compound used in the outsole provides excellent grip, even on wet surfaces. A rock plate has been incorporated in the forefoot area and will protect you from all kind of sharp objects found on the trails.
      As their name says, they feature the Air Zoom technology from Nike. The Air unit placed in the heel area allows for softer landings which in turn provides more protected, responsive runs. A full-length Phylon midsole foam provides more cushioning and durability than EVA midsoles. The midsole technology provides a more responsive run by enhancing a more natural movement thanks to the responsiveness and resilience of its materials. The shock distribution and absorption are remarkable due to the combination of the Phylon and the Air unit. The very responsive and cushioned midsole makes this shoe an excellent choice for ultra marathoners.
      A double-layered open mesh covers most of the surface of the shoe and provides more breathability than the Wildhorse 2. The upper is very durable. It will definitely keep the debris out of your shoes. The material used for the inner lining of these shoes has been improved and many reviewers have stated that the Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse 3 is a great shoe to run in without socks. Welded overlays enhance the protection and durability of the shoe. They integrate that with the Flywire lacing system, which only ads to the solid structure of the shoe.

      The Dynamic Fit system provides extra support and a great natural fit for these shoes. The Dynamic Fit system also provides extra support in the arch area. The molded EVA sock liner provides extra comfort.
      The Wildhorse 3 is a bit heavier than their predecessor. The average weight of the men’s shoe is 306 grams (10.8 oz.) The average women’s shoe weight is 252 grams (8.9 oz.) The weight of the shoes will not stop you from having a very comfortable, responsive ride.

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      The double-layered open mesh allows for good breathability which is a great improvement from the previous version. These shoes will keep you cool and dry for longer, providing a more comfortable ride. The temperature of your body is affected by the temperature of your feet. The human body loses a lot of heat through the feet. The cooler you keep your feet, the cooler you keep your body. The open mesh of these shoes will help with faster evaporation of moisture within the shoe. That will keep blisters and hot spots miles away from your feet.
      The Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse 3 can keep you comfortable during long and hard runs, including ultra marathons. The resilient and adaptive cushioning from the Phylon foam in the midsole and the Air unit will keep your feet extra cushioned while out on those long runs. The Dynamic Fit system allows more natural movements to your feet while keeping them locked tightly to the shoe. The upper is very protective yet very flexible.

      The outsole of the shoe is designed to take you through any kind of terrain. You will feel a remarkable comfort while wearing these shoes. However, some reviewers have pointed out that the shoes can be too narrow, especially if you have wide feet. However, some reviewers said this shoe is very comfortable if you suffer from plantar fasciitis. Especially if you pair it with night splints for plantar fasciitis.
      The style of these shoes is great. The double-layered open mesh makes them look strong but very flexible. They look just like they feel. The shape and pattern of the outsole make them look fast but protective. The Nike logo on both sides of the shoe makes them look classy. They come in a combination of colors. Some of them are Night Maroon/Ember Glow/ Black/ Ocean Fog, Armory Navy/Legion Blue/Electro Green/Blue Lagoon, and Black/ Wolf Grey/Cool Grey/Dark Grey.
      The material of the Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse 3 is of great quality. The outsole comes with a 054 Super High Abrasion rubber that extends the life of the shoe. The Phylon foam midsole is more durable than EVA midsoles and combined with the Air unit in the heel area, they provide extended durability. The lining in the interior of the shoe is very durable yet soft enough to make you want to run in them without socks. The double-layered upper provides extra durability to the shoe while being very flexible, breathable and lightweight.
      This version of the Wildhorse line features a rock plate in the forefoot area of the outsole, which shields the shoe against any sharp objects you may find on the trail. Unlike the previous version, these shoe does not feature a toe cap. The double-layered mesh upper provides great protection from any debris on your path.

      The flexible and durable open mesh has been made to last. The Dynamic Fit system provides the best fit possible. The sock-like fit enhances your balance, responsiveness, and stability. The traction of these shoes is remarkable. You will not find a surface that will make you slip. The Phylon foam midsole and Air unit provide impact absorption and distribution, making it easier on your joints and in turn decreasing chances of injury.
      These shoes are very responsive. That’s why they have been chosen by professional runners to tackle ultramarathons. The solid traction allows more speed and security step by step. The responsive midsole provides a very smooth heel to toe transition.

      The Air unit in the heel area absorbs and distributes the shock of the impacts of the landings. The Dynamic Fit provides a great sock-like feel. The welded overlays also help to bring structure and perfect fit to the shoe. These features make for a responsive run.
      This time, the Wildhorse 3 comes with a bit more full length including the Phylon foam midsole and the Air unit. Both technologies combined make this shoe a very supportive shoe. Reviewers with plantar fasciitis have stated that these shoes provide more support than other similar shoes. The Dynamic Fit system and the Flywire cables really help to wrap the midfoot for increased support.

      This time, the Wildhorse 3 features a heel cup that is harder and more defined, providing a better fit, and increasing the stability of the shoe. The EVA sock liner is well cushioned as well. If you under or overpronate, we suggest checking for the right orthopedic insoles. These shoes allow you to change their insoles so you can get Plantar Fasciitis inserts on your own.
      The Wildhorse 3 is a trail running shoe. With enhanced traction thanks to changes in the lug patterns, these shoes can take you virtually anywhere you want to go. The great traction makes it responsive when running on the roughest terrain.

      The grip over wet surfaces is remarkable as well. These shoes also provide a bit more protection to the underfoot thanks to the rock plate inserted in the forefoot area. Ultramarathons have been not obstacles for runners wearing these shoes. Great comfort, protection, and responsiveness can help you conquer rocky trails.
      This shoe goes for about $110 USD. The price may increase or decrease depending on the size, color and if it's for men or women. It's a very good price, especially for all the top technologies from Nike in this shoe. If you are looking for that extra touch of comfort for your next trail run, the Wildhorse 3 is a great choice.
      The outsole of the Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse 3 provides optimum traction on almost all kinds of surfaces. The redesigned waffle pattern with more squared and deeper lugs make this shoe ideal for trail running. Icy, muddy, wet, loose rocks, sand, and many other surfaces can be tackled by runners with ease in this shoe.
      The flexibility of these shoes makes them very comfortable. The Flex Grooves in the forefoot area bring extra flexibility to the shoe. The Phylon foam midsole has also been designed to be flexible, responsive and durable. The double-layered open mesh upper bends move and adapt to your feet. They are a little less flexible than the previous version because they feature now a rock plate. However, they are still very flexible.
      The main components that provide stability are the Flywire overlay system, the solid heel cup and the combination of the midsole and the double layered upper. Apart from providing great cushioning and protection, the Air unit adds some stability to your runs. All these components work together to provide solid stability.
      The drop of the Wildhorse 3 is 8 mm. The heel height is 28 mm and the forefoot height is 20 mm.
      Key Features
      • Waffle pattern in the outsole
      • Phylon midsole
      • Molded EVA sock liner
      • Dynamic Fit system
      • Nike Air Zoom cushioning
      • Flywire system
      • Rock Plate
      • Double layered upper
      Bottom line
      The Wildhorse 3 is a greatly improved version of the Wildhorse 2. The Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse 3 with its new features has proved to be great for long runs and really rough terrains. The Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse 3 has a gained a good reputation for its great performance as a solid choice for ultra marathons. Nike has also released a waterproof version of this shoe.
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      By Brian Price
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