Nike Train Speed 4

When buyers first look at the Nike Train Speed 4, they'll instantly be drawn in by its uniquely stylish design. Its upper combines mesh and synthetic leather with specially-placed cutouts for breathability. Crosshatched Flywire cables are placed between these two layers and are integrated into the lacing system for more secure stability. And its multiple colorways provide both vibrant and neutral options for training enthusiasts. When they try it on, they'll immediately take note of its narrow, form-fitting design that prevents accidental foot removal. Upon wearing it for some time, these same buyers will experience how the shoe's multi-directional traction, low-to-the-ground profile, and extremely versatile wear carries them through everything from basic gym workouts and weight-lifting to high-intensity cross-fit. Though it should be noted that its narrow design is not meant for certain foot shapes and that some have experienced durability issues after only a few wears, those who do find their perfect fit are more than happy with how this shoe performs.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons

-Eye-catching design

-Reasonable price tag

-Lightweight comfort

-Fit for several different workouts


-Fits very narrow

-Lacks durability

Key Features
All listings and reviews indicate that Nike did not go with any kind of special compound when it came to designing this shoe's outsole. Instead, it appears as if a standard rubber was used. What truly gives this feature its incredible performance are its aggressively-patterned lugs and deep flex grooves. Together, they equip the wearer with multi-directional traction on a number of different surfaces as well as a natural flexibility that makes workouts easier and more efficient.
Nike swapped out the Train Speed 3's Zoom Air unit with an injected-unit foam midsole for the fourth version, giving it a more lightweight wear. It also comes equipped with recessed TPU in the forefoot area for added responsiveness and flexibility. Aiding in shock absorption is a removable foam insole placed inside the foot chamber, which also reduces the risk of injuries and long-term pain. Reviewers don't seem bothered by these changes at all, noting that it still provides them with a comfortable and supportive wear.
When designing the Train Speed 4's upper, Nike went for the same low-cut profile that they used for its predecessor. In a notable departure, however, they decided to use a combination of synthetic leather and mesh when constructing it. The mesh forms a breathable base, while the leather material is laid over most of the foot and features a number of diamond-shaped cutouts for proper airflow. In between these two layers is a series of crosshatched Flywire cables that also make up the shoe's lacing system, providing a more form-fitting wear. A thin tongue and padded collar also keep the foot locked into place. Finally, its fabric inner sleep wraps completely around the foot like a sock and draws away moisture for a more comfortable fit.
According to other online reviews, the average weight of the Train Speed 4 is around 9.6oz. Since this particular model is only available in men's sizes, this is actually considered to be very lightweight. Those who train regularly look for this quality in all of their footwear, as it allows them to reach their highest speed possible and won't impact any of their movements as they go through their routines. Thanks to this quality, reviewers have found an incredibly easy and versatile wear in this model.
The inclusion of synthetic leather on the Train Speed 4's upper makes some consumers nervous over whether or not it would affect its breathability. Thankfully, Nike seems to have thought about this and taken steps to ensure proper ventilation. As a first step, a series of diamond-shaped cutouts were made all along the forefoot and down towards the sides, providing more targeted airflow towards the areas that would need it most. Second, these two layers are separated by crosshatched Flywire cables, allowing a small amount of room for additional air to pass through. And, finally, the fabric inner sleeve was created to absorb sweat and keeps the foot as dry as possible. This results in a sufficiently comfortable wear that still keeps odor and irritations at bay.
For the most part, reviewers seem to be satisfied with the level of comfort that the Train Speed 4 provides them. Though the injected-unite foam midsole also provides cushioning, the inclusion of recessed TPU and a removable foam insole ensure the wearer stays comfortable during intense training sessions. The fabric inner sleeve forms a snug fit around the top of the foot and even has moisture-wicking properties. This also aides in the surprisingly breathable nature of its uniquely designed upper. On the other hand, this shoe's narrow design does make it unfit for wide-footed consumers. And some felt that its underfoot cushioning did not provide enough arch support.
Even if they weren't thrilled with its performance and comfort-level, many reviewers still found the Train Speed 4 to be an incredibly eye-catching piece of footwear. The combination of synthetic leather and mesh for the upper, as well as the series of cutouts all along the forefoot, make this model stand out amongst other training shoes that are on the market. Reviewers are also pleased with the number of color options that are available to them. Though basic black and white is always a go-to, different shades of blue, green, red, and neon are always appealing.
One of the areas where the Tarin Speed 4 is considerably lacking is its level of durability. Though most reviewers haven't pointed out any kind of early degradation, several others have reported issues after wearing it only a few times. Some state that the sole unit begins to come apart or fall off completely after just a few weeks. Others claim that the sides of the upper started to rip after one month. After giving an initially positive review, one Amazon reviewer had to make an update saying that the tongue came off after they only wore it twice. Those who are still interested in buying this model would be wise to check the listing reviews or purchase from an outlet with an excellent return policy.
The inclusion of synthetic leather over breathable mesh gives the Train Speed 4's upper a layer of protection against potential training hazards. And the components of its midsole unit, including the removable foam insole, work together to ensure that the foot is properly cushioned and each impact is absorbed. This reduces the likelihood of injuries and chronic pain. When paired with the shoe's form-fitting wear, which prevents accidental removal, it becomes a shoe that's well equipped for anything that a cross-trainer might encounter.
By swapping out the Zoom Air unit for an injected-unit foam midsole, the Train Speed 4 could have risked losing this line's responsive nature. However, it seems as if Nike planned ahead when redesigning this feature. Recessed TPU was placed into the forefoot of this unit to aid in dispersing energy and to ensure a more flexible wear, allowing it to be more versatile as the wearer goes through a series of different workouts. Bolstering this further is the inclusion of the foam insole, which serves as added shock absorption.
Reviews are split when it comes to how supportive the Train Speed 4 actually is. Some feel that they have sufficient enough cushioning that safeguards against chronic pain yet doesn't impede on their intense workouts. The low-cut collar and additional padding fully support the ankles while still permitting full mobility. And the inclusion of synthetic leather, crosshatched Flywire cables, and a snug inner lining ensures that the entire top of the foot feels secure yet comfortable. Still, those with flat feet claim that the design of its underfoot cushioning unit doesn't give enough arch support. Though the foam insole is removable, this shoe's narrow fit may not be suitable for some custom inserts.
As a training shoe, it's obvious that the Train Speed 4 works best in a number of different indoor athletic conditions. Those who weight-lift, cross-train, or even use the treadmill have felt completely secure and supported during their workouts. Even so, reviews indicate that buyers have also purchased these for casual everyday wear. Though reviewers say that they feel perfectly fine as they walk along streets and sidewalks, it's unclear if this could be the cause of the durability issues that they experience down the line.
On average, training shoes do cost significantly less than those that are meant for trailing or even basic running. When compared to a number of other models that are on the market, the Train Speed 4 is a little more affordable at just $100. This price can be found at a number of online retailers such as Jack Rabbit and Finish Line, with even lower prices available on Amazon and eBay. Though many reviewers consider this model to be very well priced, its inconsistent durability and improper sizing have others wondering if making a purchase is even worth it at all.
Those who train heavily need an athletic shoe with a great deal of traction and that's exactly what the Train Speed 4 provides them. Though a basic rubber compound makes up the outsole, its aggressively patterned treads ensure multi-directional traction that keeps the wearer going to matter what their current activity may be. Those who cross-train, use the treadmill, or even run track, claim to feel completely secure throughout their intense workouts. Though some buyers do wear this model out in casual settings, there is no indication of how well it performs on wet surfaces.
Despite its snug wear, the Train Speed 4 has to be easy to move around in if it's going to be fit for extensive training. Along with the aggressively-patterned treads, deep flex grooves are also called into the forefoot and heel units of the outsole for a more pliable wear. And the inclusion of recessed TPU in its midsole unit encourages flexibility even further. Of course, these features only work properly if the wearer finds their correct size.
Most of the stability offered by the Train Speed 4 is through its incredibly snug wear. Its narrow, form-fitting design is intended to keep the foot locked in place and prevent any type of accidental removal during training. The fabric lining fits tightly around the top of the foot, ensuring that it doesn't even wobble. Though this would have worked sufficiently enough with the mesh upper, the inclusion of synthetic leather, a padded collar, and crosshatched Flywire cables provide the wearer with even more stability. And the responsive nature of its midsole unit stabilizes by safeguarding the underfoot against impact.
Most indoor training shoes feature a low-drop platform, as it provides the wearer with better balance and posture as they take on difficult workouts. The Train Speed 4 provides this in the form of a 4mm heel-to-toe drop. In addition, its overall platform height is made to be very close to the ground to enable greater control over each movement. There is still enough heel cushioning to placate those who might need additional support. As for those who require a zero drop platform, they would be wise to continue looking for other models.
Key Features
-Rubber outsole with aggressive-pattern treads
-Injected-unit foam midsole with recessed TPU
-Removable foam insole absorbs shock
-Synthetic leather and breathable mesh upper
-Flywire cables provide a form-fitting wear
-Low-cut profile with padded collar
-Multiple color options available
-4mm heel-to-toe drop height
Bottom Line
For the most part, reviewers seem to be perfectly satisfied with how the Nike Train Speed 4 fits and performs. Lightweight and comfortable, its snug-fit ensures that it stays on all day throughout all forms of intense training. Its low platform ensures greater balance and control over every movement, and its multi-directional traction keeps the wearer secure and stable no matter what their current activity may be. And its appealing design does wonders when it comes to drawing in buyers. All this said, its narrow form doesn't take many foot shapes into account. And its inconsistent durability has some questioning if they should even purchase it for someone else. Hopefully, Nike will take these into consideration when they get to designing this model's successor.
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