Nike EXP-X14

The Nike EXP-X14 shoes are the latest in the line of the brand's lifestyle sneakers, but they do incorporate a lot of performance features into them to make them more appealing to running enthusiasts. These shoes may have a lot of features that resemble a performance shoe but it is important to note that they are not, these are ultimately a lifestyle shoe. Nike integrates these shoes with a lot of their running technology to further enhance the shoes and give them a better feel. They are a remake of Nike's Zoom drive shoes from the late 1990's and early 2000's, featuring the same see-through upper design for a similar look. These shoes are the product of Nike's experimentation into sportswear shoes, which is how they got the EXP in their name. The X14 comes from the codename the company used when developing their React foam, which is also included in the midsole of these shoes. These shoes are comfortable, breathable, and exceptionally responsive. As these shoes are a lifestyle shoe, they are not technically made to be a running shoe, although that does not stop a lot of customers from wearing them on their runs. Customers love these shoes for the smooth ride and stylish look.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Nike React technology makes these shoes comfortable and responsive
  • Great support
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Cons
    • Not a performance shoe
    • Expensive
    • Runs small
    • Key Features
      The full rubber outsole of the Nike EXP-X14 is made to give the runner superior traction and impressive durability. There is not a whole lot of information out there on the outsole of these shoes, but reviewers and customers have commented that they do have great traction which is helpful to prevent against injury.
      The midsole of the Nike EXP-X14 uses Nike's React foam technology for an amazingly comfortable feel and a responsive ride. The React foam midsole boasts that it gives the runner a much higher energy return than those of other running shoes to help the runner stay comfortable and run faster. The midsole is also durable and ultra lightweight; two more things that work in their favor to make these shoes more appealing to the masses.
      The Nike EXP-X14 shoes take their upper design from Nike's history books. The design mimics that of the Zoom Drive, with their translucent design, suede heel, and TPU materials. The EXP-X14's upper also feature Flywire cables, which are little cables throughout the shoe to make sure you have support exactly where you need it to lock your foot down. The materials of the upper, in conjunction with the Flywire cables, keep the weight down.
      Everything about these shoes is designed to keep them lightweight and comfortable. The upper, with the lightweight translucent materials and integration of Flywire cables, cuts down on some the total weight of these shoes. The outsole combined with the React foam of the midsole also work together to keep the weight low. You do not want to be out on a run and have to worry about your shoes feeling like lead on your feet.
      The upper of these wonderful shoes are exceptionally breathable, which is always a plus when it comes to any kind of shoes, but more importantly, running or exercising shoes. You are going to want something that is going to allow for a lot of airflow to your feet so they can stay cool and dry, especially if you are wearing them for long periods of time. You do not want to be stuck in your shoes for extended periods of time while you feel like your feet are suffocating.
      The React foam in the midsole of these shoes is just one of the many things that makes them extremely comfortable. One customer even went as far as saying that he felt like he was walking on clouds while wearing the Nike EXP-X14. The midsole has just the right amount of cushioning that your feet sink into them but at the same time, they bounce back to their original form and give you a little spring with each step.

      The Flywire cables that are strategically placed and integrated into the upper of the shoes also help the comfort level of the Nike EXP-X14. Since the cables are inside the upper and they act similar to the cables of a suspension bridge, they will give you support and help the fit, but they will not get in your way or dig into your feet, keeping them comfy and happy.
      Nike took a page out of their history book when designing the EXP-X14's, modeling them after the Nike Zoom Drive from the late 90's and early 00's. The see-through uppers give the shoes a unique look that customers love. The shoes have "N3546" written on the medial side of them to give a little nod to Steve Prefontaine who ran a 3:56.6 mile, the fastest mile time from an Olympic gold medalist, who trained under the co-founder of Nike.

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      These shoes come in a variety of fun colors which customers just love. You can purchase the men's shoes in colors such as blue force, gym blue, ember glow, and yellow ochre; Team orange, volt, black, and Persian violet; black, wolf grey, and dark grey; and white, black and wolf grey. There are so many other color combinations and you can even design your own. The women's shoes also come in a plethora of colors, like praline, white, light silver, and bio beige; black, total crimson, dark grey, and volt; and wolf grey, clear emerald, black, and viola. Again, with the women's shoes, there are many more color options as well as the ability to design your own.
      Customers have said that the shoes seem to hold up pretty well under pressure. As these shoes have not been on the market for a long time, there is no information on exactly how long they will hold up though. As previously mentioned, these are a lifestyle shoe with performance features and not specifically designed to be a running shoe. That being said, if you use these shoes for repeated running, they will wear down quicker than they would if you were just wearing them as a casual shoe or for the occasional run. The outsole of the shoe is made out of a strong rubber that will not suffer from premature wear and tear and the upper is made out of a very durable TPU material. The part of a shoe that typically wears down the most is the midsole, but that does not seem to be an issue with the Nike EXP-X14 as the React foam was built to withstand the repeated beating into the pavement with each step.
      The Nike EXP-X14 offers you pretty good protection when you are wearing them. The outsole gives you great traction to help keep you from slipping and sliding around when you are trying to run or walk. In addition to the superior traction, the Flywire cables that are integrated into the upper give you amazing protection. The cables are strategically placed throughout the shoe to keep your feet snug and in place, so your feet are not moving around inside the shoe. The midsole, with the React foam, is great at absorbing the shock of your steps for just a little bit of added protection. You will not have to worry about inadequate shock protection when wearing these bad boys.
      These shoes are extremely responsive and customers love that about them. Nike utilizes their React foam technology in the midsole of the shoes to optimize your energy return and allow for a springy bounce with each step you take. Keep in mind that these shoes will not actually create energy out of nothing as the name suggests. When you are running and your feet sink into the foam of a normal running shoe you will lose about half of the energy you need to compress it; with Nike's React foam, you will only lose about 30%. So, no, you are not actually creating extra energy, but you are losing less energy. The extra energy you are saving will help you to propel yourself into your next step and keep you moving faster and longer.
      The Nike EXP-X14 shoes are a lifestyle shoe with a minimalist design. Even though these are not actually minimalist shoes, they are designed with some features, and as such, they do not offer high support. Most of the support in these shoes comes from the Nike React foam midsole, with the cushioning delivering an adequate amount of support. The Flywire cables also help support your feet and keep them snug and safe inside the uppers. If your feet cannot slide around inside your shoe, then you are at a reduced risk of injury.
      These shoes are considered lifestyle shoes and not performance shoes so there is not very much information from Nike themselves that state what kinds of terrains their shoes work best on. That being said, customers and reviewers have stated that they have and still do wear these shoes for gym workouts and road running without any problems. If you stick to flat non-abrasive surfaces while running in these shoes, according to customers, you will be just fine.
      The price tag on the Nike EXP-X14 rings in at $120. Just because that is the MSRP of the shoes, however, it does not mean that you cannot find them on sale somewhere for much cheaper. Customers love these shoes for their superior comfort and the plethora of color options available to them. Many own more than one pair because they could not settle on just one color scheme they liked the best. The cost of these shoes is a little on the high end for a lifestyle shoe, but that does not stop people from investing in them, as they are comfortable, stylish, and built to take a beating.
      The durable rubber outsole of these shoes has great traction. It is important to have a pair of shoes that will hold quite the grip, as you do not want to have to tread carefully when walking on wet or slick surfaces. The better the traction, the less likely you are to slide around and fall causing injury. There is not much information from customers personal experiences on how well the traction is, other than they keep their grip fairly well, and there are no negative remarks on the topic.
      The outsole may be made of rubber, but that does not mean that these shoes do not have a decent amount of flexibility. It is important to be able to move your feet as naturally as you can while wearing your shoes. The combination of the rubber soles and the Flywire cables and TPU material of the uppers allows you to have freedom while you are wearing the Nike EXP-X14.
      The Nike EXP-X14 shoes are a neutral shoe with a minimalist design. Basically, that means that if you need stability features you will not find that with these shoes. If you are one of the thousands of people who overpronate or supinate then there are other shoes out there that will suit your needs better. That being said, these shoes offer just the right amount of stability for those with a neutral gait.
      The drop of a shoe is the difference in the measurement of the heel and the forefront of your foot to the ground, or simply the height of the incline of your shoe. After scouring the internet and numerous customer comments and reviews of these shoes we were not able to find the exact drop of the Nike EXP-X14; however, one reviewer stated that they had a lower drop. For shoes in this category an average drop is 8mm to 12mm, so we can assume that the drop of these are lower than the 8mm mark, especially because these are also designed with features of a minimalist shoe.
      Key Features
      -React foam technology in the midsole
      -Available in a plethora of colors
      -Super comfortable
      -Breathable and durable
      -Lifestyle shoe with performance features
      -Rubber outsole for great traction and durability
      -Throwback design to mimic the Nike Zoom Drive
      Bottom Line
      The Nike EXP-X14 shoes are a hybrid of Nike's new technologies and old designs. The shoes get their name due to the fact that they are the result of Nike's experimentation (EXP) and the codename Nike used for the React foam technology when it was still in development (X14). The shoes give a throwback to the Nike Zoom Drive with the see-through design of the upper that customer love. You will fall in love with the amazing comfort and style of these shoes.
      Where to Buy
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