Nike Zoom Winflo 4

The Nike Air Zoom Winflo 4 is the newest iteration of this Nike line of shoes. The additions to this shoe feature improvement to the cushioning and durability. Runners love this shoe for its responsiveness, cushioning, and as a mid or shorter distance racing shoe. This shoe allows the runner to receive the quality and style of a Nike product without the super high price tag and features some of the newest technologies offered by the brand. The upper features Nike's patented Dynamic Fit design that actually molds to the shape of the foot and gives the runner a breathable, snug fit. The midsole features Nike's patented Nike Air Zoom midsole that offers lightweight cushioning, and finally, the outsole is made using a unique waffle design that adds maximum durability. Overall runners loved the style and the fit of this shoe, and couldn't pass p the amazing price to tie it all together.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

Superior responsiveness
Waffle designed outsole adds traction
Neutral running
Adaptable comfort


Runs a half size small
Some runners commented that the upper frays easily

Key Features
The outsole of this shoe features more traction than other shoes in this same class. The rubber used in the outsole isn't just designed to be durable, it also has a unique Waffle design which adds a high level of traction to this shoe. This makes this a versatile shoe that can not only handle road running, but also groomed trails as well. Due to the higher level of traction and grip, runners loved this shoe for cross training, and especially for speed drills on the track.
The midsole of this shoe features Nike's Air Zoom material. This is a lightweight foam that adds a high level of cushioning without adding extra weight. Runners love that this midsole helped to absorb the shock of each footfall while returning energy to the runner to keep them fatiguing prematurely. In the long run, this helped to reduce the risk of injury by keeping the proper running form intact. Additionally, in this midsole, runners can expect to find the Cushioning Crash Rail that also helps to absorb shock and create a smooth ride from heel to toe. The midsole material is flexible and promotes the natural movement of the foot. It doesn't come with added stability features that attempt to change the gait cycle.
There is a lot to love about the upper of the Nike Zoom Winflow 4. It is designed using a super breathable engineered mesh material. This allows for open air flow which helps regulate the temperature of the foot and keep hot spots and blisters at bay. Runners love the dynamic comfort at this shoe offers. There wasn't just one part of the upper that runners enjoyed, instead they had positive things to say about many different aspects. It uses Nike's patented Dynamic Fit technology which molds to the shape of the foot and provides a snug, flexible fit. The shoe also utilizes Flywire cables to create a fit that is unique to each runner. The newest iteration of this shoe features a padded tongue and heel color to protect the foot against irritation and add extra durability.
Runners love the high level of breathability offered in this shoe. Air can flow easily through this shoe due to the larger openings in the breathable engineered mesh. The upper also features Nike's patented Dynamic Fit design. This keeps the upper lightweight and flexible but helps secure the foot and offer a snug fit. Runners noted that regardless of the temperature in which they were running, their foot stayed cool and dry throughout the entire workout.
This shoe received overwhelmingly positive reviews for the high level of comfort it affords. This shoe provides the runner with added cushioning and support through the use of the lightweight Nike Air Zoom midsole foam. It also comes with added cushioning in the heel to protect the foot from impact. Runners liked that the shoe is very breathable and kept the foot cool and dry and free of irritations and blisters. The tongue and collar of the shoe are not more cushioned too.
At 9 ounces, this shoe can still be considered lightweight. Not only is it physically light, but runners also commented on how springy and light it felt to run in as well. This lightness attribute can be due to the Nike Air Zoom midsole material. Likes wise, the Dynamic Fit upper uses a very lightweight, breathable engineered mesh to provide a snug fit.
Nike does a great job of providing the runner with a shoe that is durable and powerful while also being sleek and stylish. As with most Nike shoes, this one comes in a variety of colors and styles, and if you are interested in paying a little more, you can also customize your own design and color combination. What sets this shoe aesthetically apart from other Nike's are the unique Flywire cables found along the sides. they look like a cool stylish detail, but they actually serve an important purpose in the design as well.
The Nike Air Zoom midsole provides a high level of responsiveness. Runners appreciated that this shoe helped them feel connected to the road below even with the added cushioning. The heel of the shoe features added cushioning to help absorb impact and redistribute that energy to the runner. Overall, runners felt confident changing speeds and directions in this shoe due to the high responsiveness.
The key supports of this shoe can be found in the upper and midsole sections. The upper supports the foot through the use of the Flywire cables. The cables help hold the foot in place and reduce the risk of unwanted side to side movement. They also adapt to fit of the unique foot shape and side of each runner. Additionally, the cushioning found in the Crash Rail helps the runner by absorbing the impact of each footfall and creating a smooth ride.
This is a shoe that is specifically designed for road racing. Runners love this shoe for shorter or mid-distance runs and races. It is lightweight enough to be used in speed work, but also durable and cushioning enough to take the runner on slightly longer races or training runs. Additionally, since the outsole is designed using a unique Waffle design, the shoe possess a much higher level of traction than other shoes it the same class. This makes this capable of handling groomed trails.
Runners appreciate the affordable price tag that comes with this shoe. While some Nike shoes can certainly be less affordable than others, the Nike Zoom WinFlow 4 is an affordable choice. It gives runners the cushioning and technology features, like the Fly Wire Cables and the Nike Air Zoom midsole and supportive heel unit without the huge price tag. This isn't going to be the least expensive shoe you can purchase, but it is certainly affordable to most runners.
This shoe features a higher level of traction than some others in a similar class. This can be attributed to the rubber outsole and its unique Waffle design. This design is created specifically to grasp onto the ground below the shoe and hold tight. It is sticky and provides added grip. This shoe is designed as a road running shoe but runners commented that it could nicely handle a groomed trail as well.
The Nike Zoom line is known for its flexibility features and the Zoom WinFlow 4 is no different. Runners love that this shoe gives them protective cushioning but also works with their natural gait cycle. From the Engineered Mesh and Dynamic Fit of the upper to the flex grooves and waffle design of the outsole, this shoe moves with the foot naturally and doesn't attempt to change the runner's stride.
This is a neutral running shoe. That means that this shoe is not suggested for the runner looking for support with over or under pronation issues or a runner who needs added heel support. This shoe does provide some stability support through the cushioned heel counter, but overall, this shoe is designed as a neutral running shoe for the runner who doesn't need specific help improving their stride.
This shoe features a 10 mm drop, which puts it into more of the traditional category. This is not a shoe for the runner who is looking for a minimalist or zero drop shoe. This shoe is more designed for the runner who appreciated added cushioning, especially in the heel of the foot.
Key Features
- Engineered Mesh upper provides breathability
- Dynamic Fit upper molds to the shape of the foot
- Flywire cables stretch to adapt to the needs of each unique foot
- Nike Are Zoom midsole provides lightweight cushioning
- The cushioned Crash rail along the midsole helps absorb the impact
- Waffle outsole design added superior traction
Bottom Line
The Nike Zoom WinFlow 4 is a lightweight running shoe that is perfect for short to mid distance races and training runs. It provides superior cushioning and responsiveness and runners liked it for speed work on the track as well. The upper uses Nike's patented Dynamic Fit Technology that molds to the shape of the foot providing a snug, yet breathable fit. the midsole uses Nike's lightweight Air Zoom midsole foam. The outsole of the shoe features a unique waffle design that helps the shoe latch onto the ground below it and give the runner added traction. This shoe is also under the cost of the average running shoe on the market today and comes in a wide variety of different colors and styles.
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