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Our Conclusion
The Nike Downshifter 6 running shoes are a fashionable and comfortable shoe for athletes and everyday wear. The shoes are known among runners for their enhanced traction, good support, and breathability. They are considered a good daily trainer with very stable cushioning. The shoes have full-length Phylon midsoles and solid rubber outsoles. The Downshifter 6 running shoes also have lace closures, a mesh upper, and a synthetic leather overlay. These also some of the best nike running shoes for kids you can find.
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Designed for everyday running this shoe has full length, articulated Phylon midsoles for extra cushioning and comfort.
  • The Downshifter 6 is that it is lighter than traditional running shoes.
  • The deep flex grooves allow for natural movement and transition.
  • The insole is molded, and this provides good support.
  • Cons
    • The toe box is very narrow
    • The narrowness of the shoes in general and the ability to get the customer’s required width size. This is particularly true with the women’s version, and therefore many women bought the men’s version.
    • Some felt that the cushioning, though good, was not up to the standards of high-end, high quality running shoes.
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Nike Downshifter 6 is constructed of solid rubber. This results in the increased durability and traction. In addition to this, there are deep flex grooves on the outsoles that improve transitions during the run, offering a natural feel and movement. Many users felt that the solidness of the outsole was a specific positive aspect of their overall satisfaction with this 6th generation of the Downshifter. Like many other Nike models, the outsole of these runners also has a tendency to attract and hold onto the mud. The good looks of the outsole add to the overall usual pleasing style of Nike shoes.
      The midsole and insole offer excellent cushioning with the full-length Phylon midsole and molded foam insole. This makes for a comfortable and well-cushioned run. It also reduces bulk and adds to the resiliency of the shoes. The Downshifter does not feature the inside fit-soles of many Nike runners, but these materials allow it to offer just as much comfort for your feet. There is good cushioning in the heels but not as much in the ball of the foot. There is also some concern about the strength of the foam as it is prone to breaking off at the edges.
      The upper sole is mesh, synthetic leather overlay, and lace closures. This design provided support and breathability. Some runners have noted that this mesh and the synthetic leather combination has enough stretch to allow for a free, unrestricted feel on their feet when running. The padding in the upper soles also offers an additional level of cushioning for the runner. Users are also very happy with the flat laces that add to the positive running experience because they will not unravel very easily. The materials used in the upper sole add to the lightweight aspects of the Downshifter that so many customers value so much.
      The weight of the Nike Downshifter 6 is evenly based. It is designed so that it is not too heavy for the comfort of the runner, nor is it too light to firmly plant their foot on the ground as they run. The Downshifter 6 is imported and though the shipping weight is about three pounds the shoes weigh approximately nine to eleven ounces. The lightweight materials make it less bulky and add to the runner’s ability to transition quickly and easily. Runners have noted that even though the Downshifters are well padded, they are not weighted down.
      The Nike Downshifter 6 has a reputation for excellent breathability and comfort for the runner. This trait makes the Downshifter a good choice for a daily running shoe. The upper soles are made of mesh and have synthetic leather overlays that allow for much of this breathability and support. The lets the material stretch and the runners feel both the shoe hugging their feet while their feet feel free and unrestricted in the shoe. This same mesh material allows for The Downshifter 6 also features a fabric lining that is equally breathable and adds to the comfort of the foot inside the shoe. All these design features combine to create one of the most maximized breathable and comfortable running shoes on the market today.
      The Nike Downshifter 6th Generation running shoe is designed and manufactured for the everyday runner precisely because it is geared to comfort. Each aspect of the shoe design has the comfort of the runner in mind. The upper soles mesh and synthetic design stress comfort as does the inner cushion and midsole. Also adding to the runner’s comfort is the plush collar and tongue, in-shoe fabric lining and the molded insole made of foam. The heel is also well cushioned. The deep grooves in the midsole also add to the ease of movement and comfort during running.
      Designed for comfort and ease for the everyday runner and everyday training, the sixth generation Nike Downshifter enjoys the same stylish reputation as the other members of the Nike family. The Downshifter is available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. There is the traditional Nike Swoosh on the sides and the cut of the lower soles is classic. The deep grooves cut into the lower sole are classy and designed for both form and function. It certainly aids in the runner's transition, but it also appeals to their sense of style. Everyone wants a good looking running shoe, and the Downshifter fits the bill.
      Like most Nikes, the Downshifter 6 is a highly durable shoe. It is built to last no matter how often you beat it up. Runners have been known to trek through snow, mud, and desert heat with their Downshifters showing very little wear. Another user claimed to have marched, hiked and run in them every day for the entire day for a year. They left them out in the rain and the hot sun with no ill effects. These are rugged, durable shoes that will last you for, run after run. You can wear them to work every day and still have comfortable shoes a year later.
      Any daily runner is looking for a shoe that not only offers durability but also provides their feet the protection it needs. The most protective aspects of the Nike Downshifter 6 is in the outsoles made of hard solid rubber with their deep flex grooves. The support and breathability of the mesh uppers and synthetic overlays are also protection for the runner. This also applies to the full-length Phylon midsoles that cushion the feet while running. The fabric lining and molded foam insoles also protect the athlete’s feet while offering them comfort.
      Just how responsive are the 6th generation Nike Downshifter running shoes? According to most runners, they are not as responsive as the top of the line Nike runners, but they are certainly a lot more sensitive than the run of the mill running shoes. The flexibility, breathability and cushioning of the Nike Downshifter 6 make it an extremely flexible, everyday runner or training shoe. The lace enclosures are responsive and do not easily come undone. The mesh in the uppers allows the shoes to stretch and respond to the needs and demands of the user.
      The sixth generation Nike Downshifter is known for the support it offers to the daily runner without burdening them with a heavier more structured shoe. Some of the aspects of the Downshifter that provide excellent support to the athlete include the mesh uppers and synthetic leather overlays as well as the resilient, full-length foam in the midsole. Most runners feel that there is plenty of support in the heel but perhaps not as much as they would like in the ball and the arch. For the most part, however, the Downshifter offers plenty of runner support for their price level.
      The Nike Downshifter 6 is designed for running on concrete, and the cushioning and support are built into it for this surface. It is an in-city running shoe. However, runners have been known to use the Downshifter 6 in all sorts of terrain and for all sorts of activities. This is a rugged and durable running shoe that can handle not only concrete but grass, bushland, hiking in the woods or on steep hills and embankments. Also, the shoes have withstood heavy rains and heavy muds as well as sitting in the hot desert all day long. There isn’t a terrain they can’t handle.
      One of the most popular things about the sixth generation Nike Downshifter is the price. However, you do have to watch where you buy them as prices can vary greatly. On Amazon, you can purchase the Downshifter 6 for $45.90 - $197.38 depending on size and color. The wider sizes are much higher in cost than the regular sizes. On the same shoes start at $43.00, while they are in the range of $54 at Zappos and $39.99 at the Shoe Station. A good example of the cost of the wide sizes is over $100 at Amazon and $60 on the Zappos site.
      Traction is a moderate strength of the Nike sixth generation Downshifter. The best surface for running on with the Downshifters is the road or concrete. They offer excellent traction on this surface, but it might not be as good on clay, sands or lose ground. The Downshifter has solid rubber outsoles with deep flex grooves that enhance traction and transition both. They allow the runner to move smoothly and still be able to stop or turn. Runners have had traction on wet grass, off the road, on treadmills, dancing, marching, and hiking. It is best on the road but works on these surfaces as well.
      The Sixth Generation Nike Downshifter is a very flexible shoe. It has the breathability and cushioning that makes it very flexible and responsive. It moves well with the runner and gives the support needed while allowing the flexibility to transition and move as needed. The stretch in the mesh allows flexibility. The lace enclosures are comfortable but do not undo easily, adding to the runner’s flexibility. The Downshifter is not the most flexible running shoe in the Nike line. However, they are very flexible at their price range.
      The Nike Downshifter does not have as much stability as a lot of other running shoes. It is an entry-level, neutral shoe. If you have a tendency to over-pronate, you will need something other than the Downshifter. There is as previously mentioned a lack of arch support in the Downshifter. For this reason, there is not enough solid pronation control to claim a high level of stability. This shoe is ideal for the beginning runner, the supinator, and the neutral runner. It is ranked as the 27th best Nike running shoe instability.
      The heel to toe drop on the sixth generation Nike Downshifter on both the women’s and men’s shoes is 12mm. The drop is a measure of how much taller the heel is to the toe. The higher the drop, the less efficient the stride and the more stress and shock on your legs and calves. The midrange drop for most runners is 8mm. As you can see the Downshifter is at 12mm and is a moderate shoe for heel-strikers. It is not a heel-striker only shoe. A mid-striker will be comfortable with these shoes, especially with the extra cushioning in the Downshifter heel.
      Key Features
      • Rubber outsole that is durable

      • Collar and tongue are plus and comfortable

      • Mesh upper is breathable and has synthetic overlays for support

      • Midsole has full-length Phylon for flexible cushion

      • Deep grooves in rubber outsoles for natural movement

      • The insole is molded foam for the comfort of the underfoot

      • In – shoe fabric lining that breathes

      • Classic Nike good looks and logo

      • No-sew design

      • Lace closures that don’t open easily
      Bottom Line
      The Nike sixth generation Downshifter is an excellent entry level, well priced running shoe. Buyers have also found this shoe to be comfortable enough, good-looking enough and durable enough to wear on an everyday basis whether for casual or working out. With its solid construction of mesh uppers with synthetic overlays, the Downshifter offers breathability and comfort. The outer soles are durable and rugged while the midsoles provide excellent cushioning and comfort. One of the most attractive things about this entry-level running shoe is the price. It is a Nike shoe with the looks and basic features of any Nike line for a relatively reasonable price of $40 – 60 at most online sites and brick and mortar retailers. This is an excellent shoe for the beginning runner.
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