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Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Review Facts

This shoe just came on the market in March of 2017. Nike is known for their use of the newest and most innovative technologies to provide their athletes with unbeatable performance and in the new Air Vapormax Flyknit, runners should anticipate nothing less.

The Air Vapormax Flyknit is a shoe that gives the runner unbeatable bounce and agility. The designers of this shoe wanted to give their athletes the experience of running on air, and they utilized cutting edge technology to provide just that. It is a lightweight, flexible racing shoe that uniquely provides extra cushioning and support. It is the ideal shoe for the runner who wants a fast ride but needs the support of a shoe that would normally weigh much more.

In addition to the thoughtful design of the underfoot, the upper offers superior fit and comfort. The Flyknit fabric acts like a second skin, wrapping the foot in secure, balanced comfort. Overall, the Air Vapormax Flyknit is ushering in a new wave of Nike design. This shoe doesn’t disappoint in the comfort, responsiveness, and lightweight departments, but because of the added technology and the newness of this model, you should brace to spend a good amount of money.

Editor's Pros & Cons

- The design of this shoe is so cutting edge that it doesn't even use a midsole. The upper and the outsole do the collective job of the midsole. This eliminates unneeded weight.

- This is a lightweight shoe that is great for long or mid distance racing.

- comfort is king in this shoe. The entire length of the outsole uses Nike's patented Air sole which provided superior cushioning and shock absorption.


- These shoes do take some breaking in before they reach their maximum comfort level.

- These do run a size to a size and a half small, especially for those with wider feet.

- These are new shoes, that use cutting edge technology. This translates to big bucks. Expect to pay close to two hundred dollars for the Air VaporMax Flyknit.

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  • Like most running sneakers, these need to be bought a half size up. The material is a little on the weak side but it looks great. Do not do too much in these as far as training.
  • I love these sneakers! I have over 100 pair and these are top 10 for me. I have arthritis in my feet and heels and these support and absorb without residual pain. I really hope they don’t ever change the design.
  • These shoes are very light weight and they have great support and comfort. They are the most original shoe that I own. They do squeak on slick surfaces, loudly.
  • The flexibility and comfort are superior to any shoe I have ever owned. The support doesn’t lack either. I plan on purchasing more.
  • I ended up buying these a half size up and they worked great. They took some time to break in but the wait was worth it. I didn’t buy these for the gym. However, I am now using these because they are that comfortable.
  • I own multiple pairs of these. I have had surgery on my spine and I was not able to do things like before until I found these shoes. I can walk for miles without any repercussion.
  • This is a very flexible shoe. I am glad they added a toe guard because this helps with the toe wear these have been prone to in the past. I wish these came in the colors the men’s do but they are great in comfort and are very, very light.
  • These have a real good bounce to them, which is fantastic! I do indoor sprints and these fit me like they were made for those type of training exercises. I have narrow feet and these run narrow, so it’s a match. I am glad I caved and spent the Benjamins.
  • I dance and do crossfit in these and they are by far the best I have ever used. I have an injury that can put me out for a time and these absorb all the pain, I think, because I am not sure where it went. They run a half size small but this is common with Nike.
  • I have plantar fasciitis and I use compression gear for my feet; these have helped tremendously with the pain. I love that they wrap around and support my heel. I do not run in these but use them after I run and they eat the pain right away. They are very stable and not as squishy as I thought they were going to be. Great shoe.
  • It took me two weeks to get these broken in. Once I did though, they are over-the-top comfortable.
  • I work in a school and am on my feet all day. I have to check to make sure I am wearing shoes sometimes; they feel like socks. Never going back to my old brand. These are top notch.
  • I do outdoor track and these have proven to be the creme la de creme of Nike.
  • The shoe looks amazing. The material of the flyknit gives a great movement to the shoe. These are really comfortable and I like I can wear them to the gym and casual.
  • These shoes run a little narrow; wide feet people, be aware. Don't try to do marathons in these, they are built for medium style running and training. The material just won't hold up. They have great flexibility, are comfortable, super light and get great airflow.
  • I am able to switch these up from the gym to the street. They look amazing and are comfortable beyond expectation. They are bouncy and airy and have a great sole.
  • You really have to break these in to get the commercial affect they use to promote, but it is there. They are super comfy and I am looking for another pair to just strut around in.
  • This neaker is pro-choice. It gives in all the right places and is true to fit. When I wear these, the profiles are smooth and look and feel like a cleet. They are great to move around in, very light and extremely comfortable. Although these are light, they still give great support. This is a great shoe for sure.
  • Although these were tight and more narrow than normal, I adjusted my feet and the laces and they got better. I had surgery on my feet and have a busted knee and I feel stronger using these shoes; that is the kind of support that I need.
  • I feel these are more an aesthetic shoe and for office work and maybe working on your feet all day. I love these shoes, I just honestly would never run in them. For the price, that kind of use would make them a disposable item.
  • These shoes were a lot less durable than I was expecting. I do really enjoy the comfort; they will be my everyday casuals.
  • I could not get these shoes to “break in”. I can't wear them to work out because they kill my heels. Very poor for the price.
  • The soles on these are very odd and they are very uncomfortable. I returned them 2 days after I bought them.
  • These run too big and the colors are way off. I am very disappointed because they are not what I expected.
  • I have had these less than a month and I am not impressed. They have virtually no support, there is a hole in one of the bubbles and it doesn’t support my heel any more. Moreover, they gave me shin splints. Big Fail Nike. They squeak ridiculously loud on all surfaces and do not feel like you are on a cloud; unless said cloud is actually cotton taped on a brick.
  • These are OK to look at and the mesh material is great. However, no sleuthing. These shoes are the most awkward shoes to walk around in because they won’t shut up. It is like you are walking around with someone nagging you; squeak alarm big time.
  • Although they look great, they ripped apart at the tongue when I slipped my foot in. Woah! That is just crappy, they were expensive.
  • It doesn't matter where you walk, these shoes are going to draw attention. They are loud and squeaky, even on concrete. The mesh material has no warmth and you cannot hide your socks, they are too short at the ankle. They also run really narrow.
  • No arch support and after 5 months they still weren’t broken in. They were too narrow as well. I wouldn’t suggest these to anyone in sports or training.
  • These sucked to run in and they ripped right out of the box right by the tongue. This material is cheap and they feel like they weren’t finished in design. All together, just very poorly made; I returned them pronto.
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Nike's patented Flyknit technology eliminates the need for an additional sock liner. This reduces friction while simultaneously lowering the total weight of the shoe. Flyknit is a light, breathable material that helps keep the foot cool and dry even on long or hot runs. Although the Air VaporMax Flyknit is a newer Nike model, it uses a tried and true technology in the design of its upper: Flywire technology. This is a technology that uses lightweight cables to secure the foot in place and offer an individualized fit for each runner. All of these design elements work together to create a snug yet breathable upper.


The most interesting thing about this midsole is that this shoe has no midsole. While most running shoes have a midsole to provide cushioning, absorb shock, and add stability, this shoe doesn't have a traditional midsole foam layer because it is designed in such a way that it doesn't need one. The upper of this shoe is made using Flyknit material which elements the need for a sock liner. The outsole of this shoe is comprised using the Air sole technology that provides amazing cushioning, stability and shock absorption. Nike felt that it didn't need a traditional EVA midsole foam, and most runners agree with them.


The outsole of these shoes is guaranteed to give the runner an experience they have never had before. The outsole is uniquely constructed, through the entire length of the sole, using Nike's patented Air Sole technology. The sole is made of air, making it completely clear and bouncy. The truly unique design element of this shoe is that it doesn't have a traditional midsole foam, instead the designers of the Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit felt that the outsole provided enough bounce, cushioning, and shock absorption that a traditional EVA midsole foam wasn't necessary. Runners seem to agree.


This shoe weighs in at nine ounces (for a men's size nine). This places this shoe at the lower end of the weight spectrum for running shoes, and although it is nine ounces, many runners commented that it feels much lighter than that. The Air VaporMax Flyknit does a great job of giving runners more cushioning and more support while still keeping the weight down and managing to feel like a fast shoe. It isn't the most lightweight option in the Nike line, but it is a great option for those who want a lightweight shoe but also aren't willing to give up all stability, cushioning, or support. One unique reason for such a lightweight feel is that the shoe lacks a midsole. The outsole and the upper do the job of the midsole, the design team decided that an added midsole foam was unnecessary and that it would just add extra weight for no definitive gain.


The upper is comprised of Nike's patented Flyknit material. This material hugs the foot snuggly but is also able to offer maximum breathability to the runner. This is key for the runner whether training for a race or working on their speed during an intense tempo run. Runners know that breathability in a shoe provides the runner with one less element to worry about.


The revolutionary inclusion of the Air cushioning on the sole of the shoe provides the runner with the feeling that they are actually running on air, which is exactly what the designers of the shoe were going for. The Air cushioning gives the shoe a very cushioned, springy feel. In addition to the comfort that can be found in the outsole, the upper is made from Nike's patented Flyknit material which fits like a glove and is still incredibly breathable. To further individualize the fit, the Flywire cables along the sides of the shoe provide each runner with a fit that is unique to their particular foot.


Runners expressed how pleased they were with the overall style and design of this shoe. The aesthetic is unique and certainly eye catching. The globe-like outsole is a see-through material that makes it look like the individual is walking on air. The color options that Nike provides range from basic (platinum, wolf gray and white) to the extreme (blue orbit). Additionally, if none of Nike's pre-made models catch your eye, they give you option of creating your own style for an additional cost.


Since this is a new shoe with a totally new design, the jury is still out on the durability of the Air VaporMax Flyknit. The design team at Nike believes that the new materials used in the outsole are more durable than traditional outsole rubber materials. Additionally, this shoe does incorporate rubber pods into particular parts of the shoe that will experience the most break down. In terms of the upper, runners reported that Flywire cables hold up well but the Flyknit material can begin to fray along the edges prematurely.


This shoe offers great protection to the runner in the form of shock absorption. The outsole of the shoe is designed an adaptive gel that effectively absorbs the shock from each foot fall. In the long run, efficient shock absorption is imperative to reduce and prevent injury. Another protective element of this shoe is the breathable Flyknit fabric that comprises the upper. Breathability in a shoe is imperative to protect against blisters and other irritants that can arise from damp or irritated feet during a run.


These shoes offer great responsiveness. The unique design of the shoe makes it feel like you are running on air. They provided excellent shock absorption and the added traction grips the road, making it easy to change directions and speeds.


Nike's patented Air sole runs the entire length of the outsole. The cushioning that this Air sole provides gives extra support to the both the heel strikers and the midfoot strikers. Extra cushioning is strategically provided in both of these areas to ensure that each individual running style can run comfortably and safely in this shoe. In addition to this, the Flyknit material used in the upper provides the runner with snug support without feeling restrictive because of its highly breathable material.


Because of the added traction offered through the unique design of the outsole, these are shoes that are good for the runner that spends a lot of time on the track or other paved surfaces. While the breathable Flyknit upper offers a snug fit, this shoe still is better suited off the trail. However, the outsole can easily take runners on groomed trails with rocky and uneven terrain for a short period during their workout.


This is the only place where runners had a negative thing to say about this shoe. If you are looking for an affordable shoe because price is your driving focus, then this is not going to be your shoe. The Air VaporMax Flyknit just launched in March and it chock full of the newest and move innovative technologies. For these reasons, you should expect to pay close to two hundred dollars for these shoes.


Runners rave about the traction on these shoes. The sole actually has TPU lugs that are incorporated into the design which gives these shoes much more traction than your average running shoe. For this reason, runners love this shoe for track workouts.


This is a very flexible shoe. Because the design does not feature a midsole, it allows for greater freedom of movement throughout the outsole. The entire length of the sole is covered in Air sole technology and the unique design of the outsole promotes flexibility. Additionally, the upper of the shoe uses Nike's Flyknit material which creates a glove like feel and doesn't restrict the movement of the foot in any way.


There are few elements of this shoe that bring extra stability to the runner who wears it. For one, the shoe offers thicker overlays along the heel and toes of the shoe. This creates a more stable upper for the runner by creating a more structured feeling. In addition to this, the outsole of the shoe is constructed from a stable gel that provides excellent responsiveness but also a very stable base for the runner. That being said, it isn't a shoe that is suggested for the severe overpronator, but those looking for an average amount of additional stability will be fine.


This shoe is going to feel more like a traditional distance running shoe because of its eight millimeter drop. Because of the higher heel drop, this shoe offers more support and stability than a more natural or minimal running shoe. However, just because this shoe offers more stability, that doesn't mean that it is a heavy shoe or isn't suggested for racing. The higher drop combined with its lightweight design makes this a great shoe for shorter to mid-distance races.
Key Features

Key Features

- Flyknit material: This material is breathable and snug. It eliminated the need for a sock liner.
- Flywire technology: These are cables that run securely along the midfoot creating an individualized fit for every athlete.
- Air sole: The air sole runs the entire length of the sole. It does the job of the midsole and the outsole so well that Nike completely eliminated a traditional EVA midsole foam from its design.
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

We know Nike provides its athletes with high quality products like shoes, watches, and clothing. This shoe can proudly join the ranks of gear and shoes that have come before it. Overall, runners should expect to find a comfortable, cushioned running shoe that is great for shorter or mid-distance racing. On Nike's website, this shoe is receiving 4/5 stars for all of its customer reviews. It is innovative and includes the newest technologies, including a unique design that leaves the midsole completely out!