Nike Flex Fury 2

This second generation of this popular shoe is made with minimal construction to attain the highest speed. It has a one-piece upper made of flexible mesh, and Flywire cables to stabilize and add support to the minimalistic midsole. The outsole is pressure-mapped for the most cushioning and comfort with a dual density midsole for a smooth run. The outsole also features hard rubber pods in the areas of high wear and tear. They weigh in at around 8 ounces. Let's take a closer look at the Nike Flex Fury 2.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • The shoe is lightweight, and this makes it appealing to the runner. 
  • The fit is enhanced by the Flywire cables that have been added to the midsole medial and lateral sides.
  • There is plenty of cushion adding to the quality of the feel and comfort for the runner.
  • The upper is mesh and provides excellent ventilation and flexibility for the runner.
  • Cons
    • Several users complained about durability. There seem to be issues with the tread and the stitching after running several hundred miles.
    • Some felt the mid-section was too narrow and was uncomfortable for some runners.
    • There were some complaints of the back of the shoe rubbing on the runner's heels even when the rest of the shoe fit perfectly.
    • Key Features
      The outsole on the second generation Fury 2 is made up of lightweight rubber pods that are pressure-mapped to create the most possible cushioning. This also creates durability in the areas of the shoe that are most susceptible to wearing out. This is done by increasing the weight of the second-generation shoe. These shoes are built for natural flexibility and the outsole supports and encourages this. This flexibility and support are best suited to providing an appropriate cushion when running on hard surfaces such as concrete. This shoe provides a solid grip on these surfaces. The cushioning is even more precise due to the dual-density between the midsole and outsole. However, there have been complaints about the rubber peeling and separating from the outsole.
      The Fury 2 for both men and women features a cushioning system well suited for the everyday runner. The dual-density midsole is made of foam and is minimalistic to keep the shoe lightweight for the runner. This system delivers maximum cushioning that is comfortable, responsive, and efficient. This allows the runner to take off quickly and attain maximum speeds. The women’s version of this shoe fits runners well, and the cushioning on the midsoles meshes well with the cushioning on the outsole. The midsole foam is removable, but some runners have complained that it has a tendency to slip.
      The Fury 2 is a new version in the latest line of runners that is being praised for its minimal construction. It features a flexible, one-piece mesh upper designed for breathability and flexibility. The new Flywire cables add support and stabilization. These cables also support the midsole. The mesh upper allows for lockdown support in the places where it is most needed. Fast take-offs leading to maximum speeds is the goal of the upper design. The upper is praised for adding style to the traditional Nike design.
      The second generation of this model weighs less than its predecessor as it is designed to offer the runner a quick burst off the starting line in order to reach maximum speeds quickly. The shoe weighs between seven and nine ounces depending on the size. This shoe is imported, so you will see that the imported weight as substantially more than the actual shoe weight. Runners using this shoe report that it is lightweight enough to feel as if you are barefoot and not wearing a running shoe at all. The Flex 2 is made of all lightweight materials, and even though it is light, it still offers the comfort and support that runners want.
      One of the most important aspects of any good running shoe is breathability and the second generation is no exception to this rule. The upper sole is made of layered mesh with Flywire cables that has great breathability. This minimalistic style of Nike running shoe is already well known for its fast start and good speeds, while at the same time allowing the shoe to breathe and be comfortable for the runner. This next generation shoe shares the technologies that make Nike a household name while remaining breathable at the same time.
      Comfort is debatable with this model as most customers have been jubilant with the shoe while others currently complain about certain aspects of the design The cushioning is good, the dual density midsole is smooth, and the upper sole breathes well. All of these factors lead to a significant daily running or walking shoe. However, several runners have complained that this shoe has a high back on the heel that rubs the heel of the user when they are running. Many have complained of blisters or raw patches on their upper heels from running.
      Designed for minimal interference with quick starts and maximum speeds, the Fury 2 also has a reputation for style. The layered mesh uppers with Flywire Cables are fashionable. The cables themselves offer stitching that adds to the shoe’s style. The second generation comes in a wide variety of styles and colors. It is the look that attracts the buyer first then they learn of the minimalistic design for speed. From purple to red to blue, white and black, this model comes in sharp, attractive colors.
      Durability might be the biggest question mark of all for the 2nd model as we have previously mentioned. There are issues with the cushioning in the inner sole slipping. There are issues with the lower sole ripping and the tread peeling off. How extensive these issues are is unclear, but with the Nike reputation for excellence, the company cannot afford a line that has any major problems of this kind. On the other hand, many runners report that they love the shoe for a daily runner, walker or even to wear to work.
      This running shoe is a daily runner that offers protection as well as comfort but might not satisfy every runner in this category. Because it is designed with minimal construction for maximum speed, it has less layering and cushioning than some of the other Nike runners. The outsoles are lightweight rubber pods that are pressure-mapped to create the most possible cushioning. This also creates durability in the areas of the shoe that are most susceptible to wearing out. This offers the protection most runners need. However as previously mentioned some runners have had issues with the backs rubbing their heels raw or causing blisters. Still, others have complained of feeling stones through the bottoms of the shoes once they are broken in.
      Responsiveness is an interesting category for the Fury 2 that was designed for speed. To be a fast flat runner, this shoe is lightweight – lighter than its predecessor – minimally reinforced and malleable. At the same time, its Dual-density midsole gives it a bounce that others in its class simply do not have. The Flywire cable support also makes this shoe more responsive than you might expect. The cables prevent the runner from dragging the shoe when running because it allows the shoe to fit like a glove on the foot. There is no loss of energy or delay in the ‘foot-to-shoe movement.'
      This shoe provides the minimum in support as it is crafted as a fast, flat runner. At the same time, this second generation shoe offers more support than the previous version. In particular, the durable Flywire cables over the layered mess makes for more support than the original Fury has. The design offers as much support as possible in this type of runner and has it in the places where it is needed the most. Arch support is also a little questionable in this shoe as it is a neutral running shoe.
      This shoe is a fast runner built for a road terrain, concrete or blacktop. They are also good in the gym as well. They are not recommended for tougher terrains and are usually a race shoe or an everyday casual. It is a top pick for many reviewers as a performance shoe but limited to the terrains of the gym and the road. It does its best on concrete. As a performance shoe, it is not as rugged or durable as others in the Nike line.
      This is a performance shoe. It can run in cost anywhere from $45 to $90 based on whether it is a child’s, women’s or men’s shoe. It also varies greatly by where it is purchased. Many first time users are surprised by the combined durability and price. You will not be buying this shoe for its longevity. You are buying it for its performance ability, speed, and quick starts. This is a flat racing shoe, and in that respect, anything between $60-$90 is a good price for an adult shoe.
      With this type of shoe, you are looking at minimum traction due to the design purpose. Since it is designed to be lightweight and minimalistic, it does not have the support for traction that other lines of Nike running shoes have. It is not designed for traction. It is designed for speed. At the same time, the rubber of the outsole unit can provide some traction and some protection from the daily wear and tear. This rubber is not designed to be as premium traction that you get with other lines of prominent running shoes.
      The flexibility of the Fury 2 falls in the range of as much as possible for the running shoe it is. Designed to be fast more than flexible, the Flex Fury 2 upper sole has a minimal mesh that provides flexibility. It is more flexible than the Flex Fury 1. The forefoot is very flexible and leads to a genuine feel of running almost barefoot. Most runners were happy with the flexibility of these performance running shoes as they expected more responsiveness and speed than flexibility. The Nike Flex Fury offers all three.
      Regarding stability, this is a neutral shoe in respect to its design for the neutral runner. What this means for you is that if you have a tendency to over-pronate, the Flex Fury will not be the right shoe for you. This is a performance, fast running shoe that has neutral arch support. This means that the stability is average at best for all runners but magnificent for the supinator. It is ranked overall as the twelfth best Nike running shoe. The Flex Fury 2 can handle different running styles but not a strong over-pronator.
      Both the men’s and women’s Nike second generation of this shoe has a toe drop is 6mm. This is a measure of how much higher the heel is to the toe. If the drop is high the stride becomes less efficient, and there is more shock on the calves and legs of the runner. Most athletes prefer an average drop of 8mm. The Flex Fury 2 is very close to that average with more emphasis on striking with the toe than with the heel. These runners would also be comfortable for the mid-striker as well.
      Key Features of this model:
      • The foam midsole is dual-density for more responsiveness on taking offs

      • The mesh upper is layered, and the Flywire cables have been added for support.

      • The mesh upper also offers good breathability and flexibility

      • The Nike Flex outsole is pressure-mapped for the best cushioning possible.

      • The shoe has a minimal construction to be lightweight and fast.

      • With a seamless upper the shoe offers a snug, comfortable fit.

      • Neutral arch with a 6mm drop

      • Designed for speed this version of the Flex Fury only weighs between seven and nine ounces.

      • The toe box is reinforced for longevity.
      Bottom Line
      The bottom line is that the Nike Flex Fury 2 is an outstanding racing shoe. It is rank as the 12th best overall Nike running shoe and many experts choose it as the best among performance running shoes on the market. It is designed to start fast, run fast and finish fast. Because of this, it is not a shoe for longevity. It is a shoe for racing and performance. In that respect, it is worth every penny even at $90 a pair. If you are buying a daily walker or casual runner, you might want a less expensive, more durable shoe.
      Where to Buy
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