Saucony Hurricane 15

The Saucony Hurricane 15 is a stability road running shoe. After studying the biometrics of athletes in order to maximize performance, Saucony invented PowerGrid, a midsole-based stability and cushioning system. The Hurricane 15 also uses a Support Frame to lock the heel in place, an SRC crash pad to slow the inward roll of the foot, and a medial post to help control over-pronation. The Sauc-Fit saddle gives a secure fit and the dual-density mesh gives the shoe breathability, durability, and flexibility. Engineered with over-pronators in mind, the shoe is stable enough to prevent sliding or rolling, but flexible and light enough for long distances or everyday use.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Designed with moderate over-pronators in mind; excellent stability
  • Good arch support
  • Stable and durable enough for heavier or injury-prone runners
  • Most reviewers found the shoe very comfortable: good cushioning, no blisters or irritation
  • Good for long-distance runs or as an everyday shoe
  • Cons
    • Slightly expensive for a road running shoe
    • Some testers experienced calf pain or shin splints due to the lower drop compared to previous shoes
    • Some reviewers found the toe box to be slightly too narrow; potential buyers may need to order a half or full size up
    • Key Features
      The outsole is made of rubber for durability on hard or uneven surfaces. As a road running shoe, the Hurricane 15 has treads to grip dirt, gravel, or paved roads, and can also provide traction on hills. The shoe has grooves for flexibility that allow the user to move quickly and easily. It also provides support and stability for neutral runners, over-pronators, and injury-prone runners.
      The midsole uses a few different technologies to help prevent over-pronation. PowerGrid foam both stabilizes and cushions the midsole while giving a springy feel. The SRC crash pad absorbs shock and helps slow the inward roll of the foot. The medial post helps control over-pronation by blocking the foot from rolling. The shoe offers a good amount of arch support. The cushioning has holes for added breathability. The 8mm drop helps promote a more natural gait. The midsole provides support and stability, and is flexible and responsive enough to allow comfortable movement.
      The upper is made of synthetic and nylon materials. The Support Frame locks the heel in place and the Sauc-Fit saddle gives a secure fit that stabilizes the foot. The tongue, heel, and collar are padded for additional comfort and support. The laces provide a snug fit and the stitched-on overlays provide structure. The mesh is dual-density for breathability, durability, and flexibility. The toe box is too small or narrow for some runners but fine for most others. The upper protects against sliding or rolling, which help prevent over-pronation or injury.
      At 10.8 oz for men and 9.1 oz for women, the Hurricane 15 is a bit heavier than some road running shoes, but not so heavy that it feels clunky or interrupts the smooth ride. Features that add to the weight are the stability features. Although engineered to be as light as possible, the midsole's cushioning has to be sturdy enough to prevent over-pronation. The upper has more overlays and support than other running shoes. Taking away from the weight are the high amount of mesh in the upper and the technologies to make the supporting features as light as possible.
      Overall, the Saucony Hurricane 15 has good breathability. The open mesh has big and small holes that allow the foot to breathe. The stitched-on overlays that provide structure and stability only take away from the breathability a little bit, and the heel and toe do not have holes that allow the foot to breathe. However, the midsole cushioning does have holes to help allow air to circulate around the foot. Most testers did not have any problems with breathability and were able to run long distances or wear the shoe all day, but some experienced overheating while running in hot weather.
      Most testers found the Hurricane 15 to be very comfortable. PowerGrid, the SRC crash pad, and the mesh and padding in the upper all give the shoe a nice amount of cushioning. The upper's laces, Support Frame, and Sauc-Fit saddle provide a nice fit. Testers did not experience blisters or irritation. The shoe is light and flexible enough to move easily in, but stable enough for over-pronators, injury-prone runners, and heavier runners. However, some reviewers thought that the toe box was too narrow, experienced shin splints or calf pain due to the change in the drop from previous Saucony shoes, or noticed their feet got too hot in high temperatures.
      The Hurricane 15 is available in three color choices for men and four for women. Men can choose between Silver/Blue/Yellow, White/Black/Green, and Silver/Red/Black. Women have the choice of Silver/Green/Pink, Vizipro Pink/Black/Citron, White/Blue/Citron, or White/Purple/Yellow. Not all sizes are available anymore because the Hurricane 15 is an older shoe and has been discontinued. Most reviewers liked the styles and colors, but some thought the colors were too bright, even brighter than they were in the photographs. Potential buyers who cannot find the shoe in their preferred size and/or color should consider purchasing the Hurricane ISO 2 or Hurricane ISO 3.
      The shoe has great durability on all three levels. The outsole's rubber can go for many miles without wearing down, with some reviewers using it either for long-distance runs or as an everyday shoe. The midsole's PowerGrid and crash pad cushioning can also last for many runs without starting to deteriorate. The upper materials designed to lock the foot in are sturdy, and the dual-density mesh is designed to not tear during runs. Heavier and injury-prone runners wore this shoe without a problem because of its high level of durability. The only problems with durability came in after a few hundred miles or when wearers used the shoe for things other than road running, such as running on heavy trails.

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      The Saucony Hurricane 15 offers some protection. The outsole is thick and durable enough to prevent the user from feeling cracks or unevenness in the ground. The SRC crash pad in the midsole absorbs shock to cushion landings and protect joints and the PowerGrid and medial post protect the joints from rolling when going downhill on roads or paths. The upper provides light protection against accidental stubbing, as well as protecting against the cold and wind.
      Most of the shoe's responsiveness comes from the midsole. The midsole uses PowerGrid technology to stabilize and cushion the foot while giving runners a springy feel to their step. The outsole has grooves and the upper is flexible enough to allow runners to move quickly and easily. The shoe is sturdy enough to keep the foot stable but light enough that it doesn't weigh the runner down when picking up speed or going long distances. The drop promotes a more natural gait compared to a higher drop, as well as some forward momentum.
      As a stability shoe, the Saucony Hurricane 15 offers a high level of support for neutral runners or over-pronators. The outsole provides stable lower support and lifts the foot off the ground. The midsole has PowerGrid to support the foot, an SRC crash pad to slow rolling, and a medial post to block the foot from rolling. There is also a good amount of arch support. In the upper, the support frame locks the heel in place and the Sauc-Fit saddle, collar, tongue, and laces give surrounding support to the top of the foot.
      The Hurricane 15 is a road running shoe. It has treads for gripping hard surfaces such as dirt or paved roads, gravel, paths, or light trails. The grooves give the shoe flexibility for picking up speed or going up and down hills. The shoe does not have lugs or spikes to go on heavy trails, snowy, icy, or slippery terrain.
      When it first came out, the Saucony Hurricane 15 was slightly more expensive than the average road running shoe because of its extra stability features for over-pronators. Although some runners did not like the toe box size or had trouble adjusting to the new drop, the shoe has midsole features that add stability in the heel, midfoot, forefoot, as well as a secure upper and a decent amount of cushioning, which make it worth the extra investment for runners who need extra stability because of over-pronation, weight, or being prone to injury. Since the shoe was discontinued, many retailers have lowered their prices. Not all sizes are available anymore, as the more common shoe sizes sold out, but some colors are full price, while others are listed at less than half the original cost. Potential buyers who cannot find the shoe in their size should look into the Hurricane ISO series.
      The Hurricane 15 provides great traction on roads and decent traction on light trails. The shoe has treads to grip hard surfaces such as dirt, asphalt, or concrete while walking or running. The Hurricane 15 gets good traction on trails as long as the surface isn't too wet or slippery, where spikes would be helpful, or too technical, where aggressive lugs would be needed to grip the trail without sliding.
      Although categorized as a stability shoe, the Saucony Hurricane 15 has just enough flexibility to allow runners to comfortably pick up speed, go on hills, or wear the shoe for long periods of time for long distances or as an everyday shoe. The outsole has grooves that allow the shoe to bend with the foot. The midsole's cushioning is flexible enough to spring the foot forward during takeoffs and cradle the foot during landings. The upper allows the foot to move comfortably while keeping it locked in place to prevent sliding or rolling.
      As a stability shoe, the Hurricane 15 received high marks by reviewers and retailers in this category. The outsole helps stabilize the bottom of the shoe to prevent rolling. The midsole has PowerGrid to stabilize the foot, a crash pad to slow the inward rolling of the foot, a medial post to stop the foot from rolling or sliding beyond that point, and a good amount of arch support to prevent inward rolling for runners with low to medium arches. The upper uses a Support Frame to lock the heel in place and a Sauc-Fit saddle to stabilize the top of the foot. The stability features make the Hurricane 15 a popular choice for over-pronators as well as runners who are prone to injury.
      The heel height is 28mm and the forefoot height is 20mm, giving a drop of 8mm. Saucony switched from 12mm, the standard drop since the 1980s, to an 8mm drop in order to promote a more forward or midfoot strike. A slightly lower drop also distributes cushioning a little more evenly in the forefoot and midfoot instead of mostly in the heel, which helps promote forward momentum in non-heel strikers. Most reviewers who previously used the older shoes with the higher drop did not notice a difference in feel, but some runners experienced calf pain or shin splints due to the adjustment.

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      Key Features
      • PowerGrid gives midsole-based stability and cushioning

      • Support Frame locks the heel in place

      • SRC crash pad slows the inward roll of the foot

      • Medial post in midsole helps control over-pronation

      • Sauc-Fit saddle ensures a secure fit

      • Dual density mesh allows the shoe to breathe well while remaining durable and flexible

      • 8mm drop
      Bottom Line
      Overall, the Saucony Hurricane 15 is a great shoe for road runners who need extra stability in their shoes. Support and stability are offered at every level, making the shoe great for over-pronators, runners who need some arch support, or runners who are prone to injury. Neutral runners can also use this shoe, but may prefer a lighter shoe if they don't need the extra support and stability. The Hurricane 15 is comfortable and lightweight enough to be worn for long distance runs or as an everyday shoe, and flexible and responsive enough to allow runners to pick up speed. It has good breathability and is durable enough to maintain the level of stability over time and to support heavier runners. The styles were popular with most reviewers. Although slightly expensive for a road running shoe, many retailers have the shoe on sale if it's not sold out because it's an older, discontinued shoe. Possible areas for improvement include widening the toe box or creating shoes in different widths with different toe box sizes, improved breathability in hot weather, less bright color/style choices, and possibly adding more cushioning for runners who experienced problems with the new smaller drop. In short, the Hurricane 15 is an excellent choice of road running shoe for runners with a variety of profiles.
      Where to Buy
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