Nike Hydration Race Vest

Those looking for a simple hydration solution should consider the Nike Hydration Race Vest. This compact pack was designed with the runner in mind. It fits close to the body and is a great option for athletes who want to free up their hands while training but still have access to small supplies and water. The unisex design is adjustable and can be used with any hydration pack (up to 2L). Available in a few color selections, the Nike vest is a solid choice for the runner who wants just the basics and doesn't need a lot of extra room.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable
  • Compact design
  • Water-repellent zippered pocket for phone
  • Easy access front pockets
  • Comfortable fit
  • Cons
    • Hydration bladder not included
    • No waist strap
    • Key Features
      The Nike Hydration Race Vest was made for runners looking for a hydration option for longer runs or races. The vest features reflective portions that make it a great option for evening or low-light runs. It's a basic bag with limited space but is good for carrying up to 2L of water. The pack also has multiple small pockets that are good for storing small running supplies. The bag could also work for other activities but doesn't have a lot of extra storage room, so it's not an ideal hiking back.
      Other than a mesh back construction, the Nike vest doesn't feature any additional ventilation specific components. Users didn't seem to find any issue with the bag's ability to ventilate, though. The smaller design that sits higher up on the body is a good candidate for hot summer weather since the compact pack covers less of the athlete's back.
      The pack sits close to the body to prevent unwanted movement on the run. There's also a compression strap that helps to keep things in place. Some found the strap was particularly useful for reducing the sloshing noises caused by their hydration bladder.
      The Nike Hydration Race Vest comes in two sizes; S/M (fits up to 33-inches around) and L/XL (fits up to 35-inches around). The pack sits higher on the body than others so the circumference measurement is measured at the chest. The bag features two front pockets that cinch closed. They're easy to reach and are large enough to fit bottles of up to 20-ounces in capacity. The back of the pack also features a large zip pocket that fits a hydration bladder of up to 2L. The bladder is not included, so if you already own one that fits, you don't have to spend extra cash. There are also mini pockets at the back of the bag for storing extra goodies. A small pocket with water repellent fabric also exists and it's the perfect place to store your phone or other delicate items. The bag's two chest straps are adjustable and there are also side straps for extra adjustability. The pack sits higher on the body, so there are no waist straps to adjust. Overall, it's a fairly small bag that fits just the basics and really not more than that. It works well as a lightweight water transport and delivery system, though.
      The Nike pack is made of standard polyester and nylon. There's no ripstop material so it's a little more delicate than other bags we've reviewed in the past. It's probably not a good option for rugged excursions off-road, but it should hold up otherwise.
      The Nike bag can accommodate whatever hydration bladder you prefer, up to 2L. If you already have a bladder, you'll save some money, but otherwise, it should be easy to find something that will fit your needs. It's also possible to select a smaller bladder for shorter distances. The bag features a hole to slide your hydration bladder's tube through, and there's a clip in the chest area to secure the bladder tube so it doesn't flop around while you run.
      The vest comes in a few color options. You can choose from grey & neon green or a black option with red accents. The bag features a sleek design with a body-hugging fit. The smaller size makes it a good choice for runners who want something a little more understated.
      The hydration vest is sold at a lower price than other similar style hydration packs. It doesn't have as many extra features, but it's a solid option for the price. The bag is an older style so it's likely that you'll find it available at a discounted price.
      Key Features
      - Easy access front drawstring pockets
      - Main compartment fits up to 2L bladder (not included)
      - Adjustable chest and side straps
      - Protected zipper pocket
      - Small stash pockets
      - Comes in two colors
      - Sizes: S/M & L/XL
      Bottom Line
      Overall, the Nike Hydration Race Vest is a good solution for runners who want a handsfree hydration option but don't want all the bulk that many traditional hydration packs bring with them. The Nike pack can fit up to 2L of water, plenty for most runs, especially if you have the option to refill. It also features a decent amount of small storage space for extra little items like gels. It's offered at a great price, too. The only downside is that the bag doesn't come with a hydration bladder. But that means you can fit a smaller bladder if you so desire and get yourself some extra room to carry an extra thin layer for when rain strikes.
      Where to Buy
      By Steph Coelho
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      Where to buy
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