Nike LunarTempo 2

When Nike released the second iteration of their popular LunarTempo line of running shoes, the primary goal was to address the concerns of runners and use their feedback to make the necessary changes from the previous model. Something that is immediately noticeable with the LunarTempo 2 is the improvements to their overall appearance, as should be expected from this highly fashionable footwear manufacturer. Despite this, skeptics remained in regards to the effectiveness of changes made to the new LunarTempo running shoes. Were these changes merely cosmetic or did Nike actually put in the legwork to change components that needed updating? Upon analyzing the performance of Nike’s newest model, a clear answer is given to this pressing issue.

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Pros & Cons
  • Highly supportive knit upper
  • Snug and secure Flywire lacing
  • Greater comfort over the previous model
  • Fantastic and vibrant style

    • Gratuitous midsole cushioning
    • Excessive heel tightness
    • Not the most flexible trainers

      Key Features
      One of the most significant changes made to this 2nd-generation Nike shoe involves the outsole. An increase in traction and durability resulted from the tweaks made to this portion of the LunarTempo. A bold and unconventional choice made by Nike was to construct this outsole primarily from foam, resulting in a more cushioned ride. This foam is also strategically placed in a waffle pattern and separated into modestly sized pods. Not any kind of foam was used for this important footwear component; Nike used their highly acclaimed Lunarlon material for its excellent resiliency. This foam is also directly connected to the midsole, which helps to enhance the shoe’s support and protection without adding more weight.
      The lightweight cushioning felt by runners while wearing the LunarTempo 2 can be attributed to the oversized and full-length Lunarlon foam used to form the entire underfoot of the shoe. The decision to construct this portion as one solid piece enables this shoe to maintain a lightweight balance fine-tuned by the brilliant designers at Nike. This cushioning quality allows wearers to cruise at long distances without feeling sore. New dimensions have also been added to the midsole through the implementation of independent rubber lugs that compress slightly when weight is applied. This targeted support and feedback make this product a perfect marathon shoe.
      The upper portion of this Nike shoe is made from a tightly woven mesh material. Nike has made incremental improvements on this material for generations resulting in an extremely durable and breathable construction. Nike was adamant about having the lacing on the LunarTempo 2 placed over the top and wrapped around the foot. This was accomplished with the aid of Nike’s proprietary Flywire cable design that provides enough security to maintain a snug fit even in high-stress running sessions. Several pieces of reflective material accent the upper’s design in order to facilitate safe running in low lighting conditions. Finally, extra foam in the collar and lining increases comfort and security for the wearer.
      This shoe is very light at around 7 ½ ounces on average. While this is a feature that is sure to appeal to most runners, those who prefer a neutral footing will particularly appreciate the freedom provided through this lightweight design. Nike’s propensity for designing reliable underfoot cushioning without adding too much weight is one of their strongest selling points. The ability of the LunarTempo 2 to work with quick and naturalistic supportive transitions is due to the particular properties of its midsole/outsole design. Because of this, runners with a wide range of running experience will be satisfied with this shoe’s weight and feel.
      Nike always places considerable importance on their shoes’ breathability, with this shoe being no exception to this rule. Through the use of full-size Lunarlon foam for the entire midsole and outsole, Nike makes sure that breathability is guaranteed along the entire bottom half of the LunarTempo 2. Of course, this is in addition to the excellent airflow offered by the tightly woven upper. Most shoe companies need to make a decision between offering greater protection or ventilation with the design of the upper portions of their shoes. Nike has approached this crucial design decision by providing adequate protection and fantastic breathability.
      Most runners agreed that the comfort offered by Nike’s second LunarTempo model is considerably more impressive than the first. A welcoming amount of cushion is present in its design while still providing a firm underfoot base, facilitating comfort for every single element of a runner’s stride as a result. Runners who have tested these shoes on both fast and slow exercises found that there was no moving or slippage thanks to the shoe’s excellently snug fit. Additionally, the perforated bootie of the shoe is virtually completely detached from the upper, helping to provide a very natural feeling when running. For this reason, both beginners and more experienced trainers can appreciate the feel of these Nike runners.
      Several ostentatious upgrades have been made to the LunarTempo 2 in regards to its overall look. The first most noticeable change involves the signature Nike swoosh with its increased visibility due to the addition of reflective material. Small reflective dots have also been added near the heel, working in conjunction with the reflective accents on the emblem in order to increase low-light visibility without causing the shoe’s style to suffer. This is one of Nike’s greatest strengths: combining form and function. Customers are happy overall with the trendy and sophisticated look of these shoes and appreciate the multitude of optional color schemes available to choose from.
      Several changes have been made to this shoe’s design for the purpose of ensuring a longer lifespan and greater resistance to everyday wear and tear. One of these changes was the addition of an inner sleeve to the insole; this essentially holds the entire shoe together and provide stronger support to the wearer’s feet without adding weight or losing breathability. Nike has also added their “True Sleeve” technology to implement some distance between the upper and the wearer’s foot for even greater resiliency. Finally, the seamless construction style of the entire upper portion removes the possibility of frayed stitching, cementing the Nike LunarTempo 2 as a shoe built to last.
      Many of the features mentioned in terms of durability come with secondary benefits involving protection. For example, the aforementioned True Sleeve adds another layer of protective material between the wearer’s feet and the elements on top of the already heavily insulated upper portion. The lower half offers a similarly impressive amount of defense from stress thanks to its Lunarlon construction that also keeps the entire shoe weighing very little. Speaking of the combination midsole/outsole, the specific layout of its design provides another angle of protection by responding well enough to a runner’s movements to avoid causing undue stress that can lead to injuries such as plantar fasciitis.
      Satisfied customers of these Nike running shoes have commented on the higher than average responsiveness. Due to the LunarTempo 2’s ability to provide more front to back uniformity, a more consistently pleasant-feeling run is possible. The overall lightweight feel blended with Nike’s ability to provide a plush underfoot support makes for an unparalleled running sensation. The neutral feeling and cushioned ride works to the advantage of almost all runners; as a result, it’s highly likely to see more and more individuals turning to Nike for their high-performance running shoe needs.
      When considering all of the changes made to this version of Nike’s LunarTempo line, perhaps the most significant improvement was made to its support. In particular, changes made to the midsole lead to a stiffer construction that still feels supportive. The FlyWire lacing was also reinforced with additional foam on both sides of the upper, ensuring the perfect amount of give on a runner’s gait. Furthermore, a newly supported heel locks the foot in place without forcing undue stress to the toe box. Thanks to these changes, runners can step with confidence while wearing these shoes.
      The Nike LunarTempo 2 has an impressive ability to maintain neutral cushioning throughout long runs and on a wide variety of running surfaces, which is fantastic for novice to intermediate runners. While most running shoes have enough responsiveness and comfort to handle rougher surfaces, the durability inevitably holds them back. In the case of these shoes, durability still isn’t strong enough to handle the toughest of trail running environments but is more than enough to handle just about any other form of terrain.
      Nike’s running shoes are well-known for providing excellent value for a customer’s money. With all of the features included in the LunarTempo 2’s package, in addition to the fact that its durability is off the charts, runners may be surprised at how excellent of a deal these shoes are. Nike made the decision to add features to this shoe that make them ideal for a wide variety of running surfaces and lower their price by 10% from the last model. There’s no disputing that this results in one of the best value pick for serious runners.
      Thanks to the specific design quirks of the Nike LunarTempo 2’s combination midsole/outsole, some runners may be apprehensive about its traction capabilities. Fortunately, these fears are unfounded, since they manage to provide a level of grip and control that is on par with most similar running shoes on the market. Wearers of these running shoes can comfortably conquer most environments and conditions without any fear of slippage or injury.
      One unfortunate downside to Nike’s drastic departure from the traditional midsole and outsole design is that it detracts from its overall flexibility. The difference in feeling from most other Nike footwear products to the LunarTempo 2 is sure to alienate some and will definitely take some getting used to. Fortunately, there are still some design features that help to add some pliability to these shoes’ ride. These include a very lightweight and breathable upper and a True Sleeve sock liner, both of which offer a refreshing amount of give.
      While flexibility may have taken a hit, the new design of the Nike LunarTempo 2’s bottom half works wonders on its stability. The simple fact that two major components of this shoe that were once separate are now conjoined into one solid piece means that an impressive degree of stability is baked right into the shoe’s design. Because of this, runners who are less experienced will have an easier time settling into the rhythm of regular running and avoid some common beginner’s injuries. This feature also offers benefits for more experienced runners who may have some mechanical issues, since this design helps to ward off injuries from overpronation.
      There is a difference of around 8 mm in cushioning added to the heel of this shoe when compared to the forefoot. The purpose of this particular design feature is to accentuate support for the rear of the shoe, where the vast majority of runners are likely to strike the ground, while still providing a close grip with a runner’s toes. For that reason, most running shoes with a similar design to these offer a similar degree of heel elevation. However, this particular shoe’s heel drop tends to be on the slimmer side of the spectrum, albeit not by a very significant degree. This allows them to stay comfortably lightweight while still providing the necessary cushioning for novice runners and heel strikers.
      Key Features

      • Ultra light cushioning promotes higher speeds

      • Highly versatile on a wide variety of running surfaces

      • Breathable engineered mesh with Flywire lacing

      • Enhanced True Sleeve sock liner

      • Lunarlon injection molded EVA foam midsole

      • Carbon rubber and EVA foam used for combination midsole/outsole

      Bottom Line
      These Nike running shoes facilitate a nice, smooth feel at multiple running speeds. A consistently satisfying flow is delivered to the heel and midfoot for a very subtle and comfortable ride. Additional features and material are coupled with a lower price point than its predecessor, making the Nike LunarTempo 2 a fantastic upgrade. These lightweight sneakers go the distance and provide advanced support and durability, even on long distance runs. The Lunarlon cushioning is a welcomed feature as well, although it may take a little getting used to. All in all, these shoes are a perfect choice for any individual looking to get out there and start running.
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      By Abbie Copeland
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