Nike LunaRacer 4

Nike is well known throughout the running world, and they boast a wide range of running trainers for various purposes, but the LunaRacer line is definitely one of their more unique ones. The LunaRacer’s main claim to fame is its exceptionally low weight, in tandem with its solid cushioning, which is manifested in its midsole and outsole material. The LunaRacer 4 is primarily a shoe for racing and is especially good for long distance races, due to its light but cushioned design. Notably, the LunaRacer 4 has also updated several of its features from the third edition, including a changed upper and removal of the Nike+ pod slot. As a whole, the LunaRacer is a great shoe, particularly for long distance races.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Extremely lightweight design
  • Flexible and breathable upper
  • Solid cushioning through the midsole
  • Good overall comfort
  • Cons
    • A bit on the pricier end for racing shoes
    • Less durability on outsole than a more standard trainer
    • Less stable than a more standard trainer
    • Not suitable for rough terrains or intense conditions.
    • Key Features
      The LunaRacer 4's outsole is standard waffle. Waffle outsoles are designed to have more traction through their shape and patterns on the bottom. They are made out of a fairly standard rubber though, designed to be lightweight and durable. Nike also chose to include extra durable carbon rubber on frequently impacted areas. This carbon rubber is a standard in many of Nike’s outsoles due to its ability to help prevent wear over repeated races and runs. The outsole as a whole is fairly standard for a racer. It offers what is expected of a racing shoe, but not too much more when it comes to features or technology. That said, the outsole still is definitely solid and usable.
      The midsole of a shoe is located between the inner sole and the outsole. The midsole is responsible for energy return, and for protecting and cushioning the foot on impact. It is a highly important part of the shoe, especially for racing shoes which really need every bit of speed possible. The midsole of the Nike LunaRacer is made of a unique Lunarlon foam. Lunarlon is a bit different from other commonly used materials, like phylon or EVA foam, because it is significantly lighter. In addition, it offers solid cushioning and helps redistribute force upon impact to better support the foot. This material is one of the main selling points of the different Luna lines offered by Nike. It is present throughout the midsole, making the midsole one of the more impressive technical aspects of the shoe.
      The part of the shoe that encloses the foot from above and also stabilizes is known as the upper. A good upper protects the foot effectively and allow does not limit flexibility or breathability. The LunaRacer 4 features an upper made of Nike’s Flymesh technology which is mesh designed. This is a very popular choice for running trainers. A mesh upper provides good flexibility and breathability thanks to the holes it has in it. Also, this upper contains Nike’s Flywire overlays, which are another staple of Nike shoes. These are basically cables, placed in certain spots on the upper to give extra support. Finally, there is an EVA foam lining in the upper to make the inside more comfortable. The upper is a pretty strong part of the LunaRacer and is very solid overall.
      Weight plays a pretty important factor in the functions of a shoe, especially when running is involved. Most racing shoes are lighter to increase the speed. The LunaRacer 4 weighs about 6 oz. This is fairly light and a strong feature for the LunaRacer 4.
      Breathability can be thought of as the air flow in and out of a shoe. Breathability is necessary, as a shoe lacking proper breathability is often hot, and causes sweaty feet and potentially blisters. The mesh design in the LunarRacer inherently increases breathability making this shoe a fairly breathable shoe.
      The Lunaracer 4 is a very comfortable shoe. The special Lunarlon promotes this a great deal, with its good cushioning and support. Additionally, the upper does well to secure the foot through the Flywire technology, while allowing for flexibility with the mesh design. The midsole and outsole are the main components that make the LunaRacer 4 a comfortable shoe.
      Nike is a huge name worldwide when it comes to fashion and style. The LunaRacer 4 is another pair of well-styled shoes released by them. The LunaRacer 4 has a clean and sleek style and comes in a myriad of different colors, for women and men. The shoe, though stylish, is probably not suitable for use as a day to day shoe since it offers less support than a traditional trainer.
      Durability is something that should be thought about when looking at any pair of shoes. For racing shoes, durability is a bit different since they tend to get fewer miles put on them than trainers. The LunaRacer 4 is decently durable thanks to the carbon rubber put in the outsole. However, they probably cannot put as many miles on them as regular trainers. This shouldn’t be too much of an issue unless you are planning to use these shoes for daily running, which is a bit uncommon for racers of this type. Overall, the LunaRacer 4 is not super durable, but that is to be expected for a racing shoe of this kind.
      When it comes to protection, the Nike LunaRacer 4 does a decent job. The Flywire technology does a great job securing the top of the shoe while protecting the foot from the elements. The outsole and midsole also do a good job of insulating and stabilizing the foot, especially with the cushioning offered by the midsole’s Lunarlon material. These factors all work in tandem to make a shoe that protects your feet fairly well.
      Responsiveness is basically the ability of a shoe to give back energy from every strike. Essentially, this details how the shoe feels and also its response to a runner’s strides. The LunaRacer 4 has pretty good responsiveness, partly stemming from the midsole's material. The Lunarlon material is designed to return energy well, and this lends itself to solid responsiveness to, which is really useful for a racing shoe. The very light weight of the shoe is another factor that helps this.
      The LunaRacer 4 has pretty good support. The main pieces that contribute to this are the upper, through its solid design and wire overlays, and the midsole, from its cushion. The upper adds some support with the Flywire technology, which helps stabilize the foot. The midsole adds some support with its Lunarlon material. These traits together create the Lunracer’s support, which is good overall. It is important to remember that the support of racing shoes is often less than that of trainers.
      The Nike LunaRacer 4 are most suited to sidewalks or roadlike surfaces. However, they would work on less extreme trail or grass surfaces as well. They definitely should not be used in more intense conditions, such as in icy areas, or exceptionally rocky trails. They should not have too much trouble with rain, but they aren't entirely waterproof.
      Price is huge in any decision to buy shoes. The Nike LunaRacer 4 is a bit on the higher end for racing shoes. Nike shoes generally fall higher on the price range for shoes, and the LunaRacer 4 follows this trend. The shoe still is reasonable for the features received in turn, however, in terms of quality and technology.
      Traction refers to how well a shoe can grip different surfaces. This is useful for safety purposes and also for efficiency. The traction on the LunaRacer 4 is pretty good, thanks mostly to the outsole's material and also the square design of waffle trainers. Traction will definitely fare best on city terrains.
      Flexibility helps to prevent sprains and twists to your feet and allowing for effective movement. For the LunaRacer 4, the midsole and the upper are what make the shoe fairly flexible. Again, the midsole's material, the Lunarlon, allows the shoe to flex and also a healthy movement range. The flexible mesh upper also contributes to the flexibility of the shoe. Overall, the LunaRacer 4 is a shoe with good flexibility, which is definitely necessary for a racing shoe.
      Stability indicates the ability of a shoe to support the feet and prevent random deviations. This is very handy for preventing injury. The LunaRacer 4 is pretty stable, though not as stable as a more standard running trainer. Lighter shoes are often not as stable as heavier trainers, and the LunaRacer 4 is no exception. Still, the LunaRacer 4 still does a decent enough job at stabilizing the foot through its upper and midsole.

      The drop is the heel height of a shoe. The LunaRacer 4's drop is 7 mm. 7 mm is normal for this type of shoe and is not really good or bad at all. The drop shouldn’t be a big issue for most with the LunaRacer 4.
      Key Features of the Nike LunaRacer 4
      •Waffle outsole for better traction

      •Breathable upper with mesh design

      •Additional overlays on upper

      •Special midsole made with Lunarlon

      •Fashionable design

      •Solid assortment of colors
      Bottom Line
      Overall, the Nike LunaRacer 4 is a very solid shoe. Between its unique midsole, its lightweight design, and its well constructed upper, the LunaRacer 4 has a lot to offer for those seeking racing shoes. For anyone seeking a quality racing shoe for road races and does not mind the slightly high price tag, the LunaRacer 4 is a great choice.
      Where to Buy
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