Nike FS Lite Run 3

Since the 1920’s, running shoes have been a part of our lives. Over the decades, the design and quality have evolved and have even become complicated. Now, with modern technology, there is a shoe designed for almost every type of runner: runners with different strides, different types of feet, and different styles of running. It’s important to know that even though it may be designated as “the perfect shoe”,  it is only perfect for what it is actually designed to do, and, it may be completely wrong for you.  

Runners and running shoes are so widely varied that you have to ask yourself, “Will this particular shoe and what it is designed to do actually be perfect for me?” The brand of a shoe many times does not tell us much, because each brand has a variety of shoes for almost every type of runner. However, Nike is, well…..special. Not only does the company make great running shoes, the Nike brand is valued at $26 billion making it THE most valuable brand among sports businesses. Originating in America, it has become a  multi-national cooperation that is committed to the design, development, and then manufacturing of not just footwear, but also apparel, equipment, accessories, and services. 

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Offers a dual-density foam for lightweight and responsive cushioning. 
  • Breath Tech construction for midfoot support. 
  • Mesh synthetic upper for maximum breathability. 
  • Rubber outsole with flex grooves for natural range of motion. 
  • Cons
    • May need to purchase half a size smaller than your normal. 
    • Tongue and heel are pretty thin. 
    • Washing may make the upper fabrics tighter.
    • Key Features
      The Nike FS Lite Run 3 features targeted rubber outsole pods for enhanced durability. These anatomically placed rubber pods are also designed for forefoot responsiveness.
      The midsole includes materials between the outsole and the upper. The Nike FS Lite Run 3 features a dual-density foam midsole for lightweight and responsive cushioning. They also call it a 'co-molded' midsole, which means it uses 2 densities of foam for enhanced responsiveness. This midsole is flexible and helps to accommodate natural freedom of movement.
      The entire shoe above of the sole is the upper. Hyperfuse and mesh make up the upper portion of this shoe. These two features ensure chafing is kept at bay, so sockless running is possible. Hyperfuse was designed in 2010 when Nike’s basketball shoes were observed to have extreme wear and tear. Hyperfuse was soon being utilized in many of Nike’s other sports shoes. Hyperfuse is called such because of the fusing of 3 layers together: one for stability, one for breathability, and one for durability. These layers are fused together using heat and pressure, with the result being a lightweight high-quality running shoe. In addition, the lightweight mesh of the upper is considered a no-sew design.
      True to its name, the Nike FS Lite Run 3 is extremely lightweight. It is made with Breath Tech for lightweight support and has no-sew overlays. These overlays are placed over the shoe’s breathable panels and help to increase the shoe’s stability and overall durability. In addition, the dual-density midsole is designed to provide lightweight cushioning. With the womens size 8 weighing 7.15 ounces and the men's size 10 weighing 8.8 ounces, this shoe falls within the minimalist realm.

      This shoe offers no-sew overlays for enhanced breathability. But, it's the honeycomb mesh, pretty much covering the entire shoe, that allows for a cool and, likely, sweat-free run. Plus, the perforations on the upper also angle out for extra breathability.
      The Nike FS Lite Run 3 comes in narrow, medium, and wide. It is considered a ‘true fit’ shoe, where a size 6 really means a size 6. However, some runners report the shoe runs a little large and slightly wide. Those runners recommend getting half a size smaller than usual.

      Then, use a ruler to measure the heel-to-toe length in inches. Do this on both sides because right and left feet are often slightly different in size. And, be sure to measure your feet in the afternoon because feet generally swell in the afternoon. Finally, use a Nike size chart to convert the size. For example, a women’s size 6 will measure 9” heel-to-toe; a men’s size 6 will measure 9 3/8” heel-to-toe. The easiest way to find this is to go to, type in the shoe name, and then click on "size chart". It is important to note, however, that some runners report a tightening in the upper fabrics after being washed.
      Women sizes range from 5-12, with half-sizes available. Sizes 5, 5.5, 10.5, 11.5, and 12 are the most popular and sell out quickly. Comes in Gamma Blue/Black/White, Wolf Grey/Soar/White/Black, Wolf Grey/Cool Grey/White, and Black/White.

      Men sizes range from 7-15. However, half sizes are not available over 13. Sizes 7, 12.5, 14, and 15 are sometimes difficult to find. Comes in Black, Black/Turquoise, Blue/White/Volt, Dark/Gray/Red, Black/White, Gray/Black/Red, Gray/White, Gray/Blue, Black/Anthracite/Black as well as Blue/Black. Runners complement the fact that the design of the shoe they received was what was shown in the picture, and, of course, you get a vibrant Swoosh logo, but not on the side…it's on the top!
      You may ask, “How can anything so light, last very long?”. For enhanced durability, this shoe features targeted rubber outsole pods. Most runners compliment the durability of this shoe.
      Studies show that changing your running footwear often can make you stronger, faster, and less prone to injury. Correlations have been found between running in a variety of shoes and reduced injuries. Each time you run with a different pair, your feet are forced to interact with the ground differently - your stride becomes different, how you strike the ground changes, and thus your toe-off changes as well. This reduces repetitive stress and strengthens new connective tissues and muscles.

      The laces on the Nike FS Lite Run 3 have been redone due to concerns of laces coming undone during the run on the previous model. The new laces have more texture that help hold your bow in place throughout your entire run.
      This shoe features flex grooves as well as responsive cushioning for maximum comfort and movement during your run. The dual-density midsole is also responsible for the responsive cushioning.

      No-sew overlays offer support, but also the Breath Tech design contributes to lightweight midfoot support. The no-sew overlay is a synthetic skin that adds extra support without hindering airflow. This synthetic skin is called TPU, or Thermoplastic Urethane. It’s a flexible plastic used for stabilizing purposes. The molded sockliner offers additional support and a great fit.
      These shoes are primarily used for training on road surfaces. However, people who work on their feet all day report that these shoes are very comfortable and supportive. This shoe features hexagonal lugs that provide multidirectional traction. A hexagon is a plane figure with six straight sides and angles, all equal in measurement. Whereas lugs, on a shoe, refer to a thick rubber sole with deep indentations that improve the stability and traction of footwear.
      Great shoe for a great price. You can even place these in the washer, and runners report they come out looking brand new.
      Typically, the more minimalist the shoe the less the stability is offered, and more work of the ankles and feet is required. However, with the Nike FS Lite Run, the flex grooves promote the natural range of motion for a smooth and efficient stride. The natural range of motion is essential for stability during your run. The hexagonal lugs, mentioned above, also enhance the stability of this shoe.

      The Nike FS Lite Run 3 boasts a 3mm differential which is very desirable to the many runners who are interested in the theory behind barefoot running. Along with the weight of this shoe, the 3mm drop falls within the minimalist realm which may help to strengthen your foot and ankle muscles by gradually challenging them to work harder than they would in traditional running shoes. Runners with high arches tend to adjust faster to minimalist running shoes. This is likely due to the fact that high arches naturally require less support when compared to those with low flat arches.
      The Nike FS Lite Run 3 was introduced to address problems with its predecessor. It is now a high-quality, stylish running shoe that offers an excellent comfortable fit. It is so lightweight and airy that it may very well likely help you shorten your runtime. With the comfortable inner sleeve construction, you can wear these without socks. The new Breath Tech technology enhances midfoot support and fit. Many runners also report relief from knee pain with the barefoot-like, natural feel.

      In addition to the minimalist design, these shoes offer a wider toe box, allowing toes to naturally splay while running. Plus, the dual-density Phylon foam offers an amazing feeling without weighing you down. As you know, Nike's Swoosh logo design conveys fluidity as well as motion and speed. And, that is exactly what you get with this shoe. So, keep your feet happy and healthy with the Nike FS Lite Run 3. Just Do It!
      Key Features
      • Rubber outsole with pods and flex grooves.

      • Lightweight dual-density Phylon foam.

      • Mesh upper with no-sew overlays combines support and breathability.

      • Padded footbed

      • Breathe Tech system enhances midfoot fit and support

      • Pressure Mapping points to help absorb shock
      Bottom Line
      Nike was the Greek Goddess of victory, so the Nike FS Lite Run 3 allows you to up your pace, and maybe even achieve a new PR with its lightweight minimal design. This shoe features a dual density foam midsole for lightweight and responsive cushioning. It also has Breath Tech construction for midfoot support, as well as flex grooves to promote the natural range of motion for a smooth and efficient stride. Finding the right running shoe for you is a personal and ongoing challenge. It pays to learn about your feet and determine the best type of shoe to support your build and style. That being said,  I highly recommend trying the Nike FS Lite Run 3 if you are looking for a lightweight and breathable, yet durable, running shoe.
      Where to Buy
      By Nickel Thornberry
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      Where to buy
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