Nike Revolution 2

The Nike Revolution 2 is a versatile daily trainer that fits well and offers a comfortable ride in a stylish package. This shoe is a great option for beginners looking to try out the sport of running as the shoes can perform well for many uses. The affordable shoe works well as a dedicated gym shoe or for daily run training. The upper features faux-leather that still provides a well-ventilated run experience. They breathe well and ensure temperatures don't soar inside the shoe.


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Pros & Cons
  • Great style and colors
  • Wide toe box
  • Soft padding in the heel area
  • Neutral Shoe
  • Cons
    • Poor arch support
    • They are a fairly old model
    • Not a good trail shoe
    • Key Features
      The Nike Revolution 2 has an outsole that delivers traction on all kinds of terrain. The waffle pattern also contains flex grooves and deep lugs which enhance the shoe's overall flexibility and grip. It's to be noted, though, that the Nike Revolution 2 performs best on even surfaces, and particularly on pavement since it's not a trail shoe. There is no extra support and protection coming from the outsole, however, the control of the shoes makes them great for all kinds of gym workouts.
      The midsole of the Nike Revolution 2 has an adequate cushion. Even though there's a lot of foam inside the midsole, the shoe remains pliable. The ample midsole cushioning pads the wearer underfoot without hindering a smooth transition. The Phylon technology in the midsole enhances the overall comfort of the shoe.

      The Nike Revolution 2 running shoe is breathable due to its upper and the materials it's made of. The faux-leather material breathes while still providing support. The inside of the shoe is meant to remain dry even when faced with wet conditions. In addition, the laces of the shoe were praised by runners who enjoyed the generously padded area. The upper has enough flex to ensure a comfortable ride and the shoe has an interior that's almost seamless so it can easily be worn without socks.
      The Nike Revolution 2 is quite a lightweight trainer. The women shoes weigh an average of 7oz. The men shoes are slightly heavier but still very lightweight. Compared with other shoes in the same category, the Nike Revolution 2 is really a light shoe.
      The Nike Revolutions 2 ventilates very well. The mesh upper provides exceptional breathability. Some reviewers have pointed out that you can wash them in a washer and they will dry very fast.
      The Nike Revolution 2 provides comfort in a variety of training scenarios. The shoe was specially built for those with a neutral gait or those that under pronate who require extra cushioning and support when exercising. The various technologies used in constructing the shoe ensure a nice comfortable fit. The rubber outsole helps with shock absorption from each stride; the elasticity EVA midsole offers padding with each step and the mesh upper helps to get a great sock-like fit around the foot. The shoe should make you feel comfortable while you attempt to go fast. The comfortability that the Nike Revolution 2 provides makes the shoe an excellent choice for new runners or repeat gym attendees.
      The Nike Revolution 2's different color offerings are sure to please a variety of runners. The style of the shoe is very classic according to some reviewers, that makes them really good for wearing with any outfit. The shoe offers protection, a light construction, and an attractive style so they can be worn during your day to day routine. As they come in many combinations of color so you can combine them with almost any shorts, sweatpants, leggings and even jeans.
      The Nike Revolution 2 is constructed quite solidly. The upper is composed of tough synthetic leather which offers durability but ensures a comfortable fit as well. In addition, the EVA midsole and rubber outsole are also built with durability in mind.

      The Nike Revolution 2 aims to enable neutral runners to run while feeling supported and comfortable. Even though the shoe is lightweight is still offers adequate protection and support for wearers, particularly when running on even ground. Reviewers have stated that you can run long distances road surfaces, that is why these shoes are great for beginners. The feel of the shoes is great, that will keep you motivated running and exercising. The shoe's midsole adds padding to attenuate shock. The mesh upper ventilates and helps to stop blisters in their tracks
      The Nike Revolution 2 is nice and responsive, especially on even terrain. The ample EVA midsole cushioning and the great fit that the upper ensures, make for a smooth ride. The shoe's rubber sole features a waffle shape design and deep lugs, which provide good traction and grip while acting as protection acting to provide good shock attenuation. The Nike Revolution 2 provides a smooth transition while you run and will keep you protected at the same time. The well-padded tongue and the amply padded heel collar also act to enhance the shoe's fit.

      The Nike Revolution 2 features a wide design that's meant to accommodate a variety of runners. The wide width of the shoe, though, does not mean that support is diminished. The outsole, made of rubber, the EVA foam midsole, and the faux-leather upper make the shoe great for new runners just starting a training plan.

      The Nike Revolution 2 can be used on or off-road although they are not proficient when it comes to climbing or descending inclines. Keep to even surfaces and you'll no doubt experience a smooth ride. The well-ventilated upper works to keep you at a comfortable temperature and the rubber sole grips the terrain well.

      The Nike Revolution 2 is a very affordable option for natural runners. The lightweight trainer is a great low-cost option for runners just starting out who aren't sure about spending money on expensive shoes.

      The waffle design of the Nike Revolution 2's outsole provides good traction underfoot. The deep lugs also help to grip the ground. The shoe is grippy enough to be used on and off-road but it's not great when the weather turns rainy. The lightweight trainer provides a smooth ride, especially on even terrain.
      The Phylon EVA midsole material is long-lasting and protects well against impact. It also happens to be quite flexible. The Nike Revolution 2 was described as very flexible by a multitude of reviewers. The smooth ride offered by the shoe translates to a running experience that's very comfortable.
      The midsole, outfitted with Phylon EVA, the upper which has various well-padded sections, and the tight fit of the shoe ensure that the wearer gets a stable ride. The TPU synthetic material that's used in constructing the upper enhances the shoe's stability. In addition, the outsole promotes a grippy ride.

      The Nike Revolution 2 features a 6mm drop and provide an adequate connection with the surface underneath the runner.

      Key Features
      •Shaft measures approximately 3" from arch

      •Rubber outsole

      •Padded tongue, collar & footbed

      •Wide shape

      •Full-length Phylon EVA midsole

      •Waffle-shaped outsole with deep lugs

      •Offered in a variety of colorways
      Bottom Line
      The Nike Revolution 2 is a great option for beginners who are looking for an affordable daily trainer that can be used interchangeably for training and casual wear. The tough outsole and Phylon EVA midsole pad well underfoot and offer supreme comfort. The upper breathes well enhancing the comfort even more. The shoes are highly recommended for new runners with a neutral gait.
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