Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33

Nike is perhaps the most well-known athletic garment company in the world. Their “swoosh” logo is iconic and immediately identifiable, and the reputation they have built over the decades is the envy of their competitors. With brand loyalty unlike nearly any other shoe company, Nike has lines of shoes that have dozens of editions out, with each one becoming best-sellers and well-loved by runners and athletes alike.

This brings us to the shoe under consideration today: the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33. The thirty-third(!) edition of this long-running and immensely popular shoe, the Pegasus 33 retains Nike’s reputation for producing running shoes that help runners manage longer miles and for runners seeking a great daily trainer.

In fact, the Pegasus 33 is yet another in Nike’s stable of great sneakers that is adaptable to be a great all-around daily shoe. One significant addition is the update of the Air Zoom unit in the forefoot, which provides more propulsion during take-off. The outsole also underwent a significant update, with the addition of hexagonal lugs on the medial side that run from heel to forefoot, which provide greater traction.

Gone are the two forefoot flex grooves, instead replaced by one deep flex groove and with improved rubber articulations throughout the outsole for increased flexibility. More precise placement of the Flywire cords allows for a slightly softer upper, while the newly engineered upper mesh enhances the overall comfort after lace-up, providing a sock-like feel.

Nike aims to produce only winners, and the thirty-third edition of the Air Zoom Pegasus is clearly a winner. Providing the stellar performance runners have come to expect from this line, the Pegasus 33 is outstanding in terms of comfort, breathability, and traction.

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Pros & Cons
  • Supportive cushioning is great for those with heel and calf sensitivity issues
  • Flywire cables placed in the midfoot offers security after lace-up
  • Ventilated upper mesh
  • The rubber sole is more segmented, providing enhanced flexibility
  • Cons
    • Shoe may run narrow
    • Not suitable for barefoot runners.
    • Key Features
      The well-known Waffle pattern of the outsole in the Zoom Pegasus 33 has been updated with the placement of numerous hexagonal lugs that cover the medial side from heel to the forefoot. Gone are the two flex grooves in the forefoot, instead replaced by one deeper flex groove with substantial cuts across the crash pad the and crash rails for enhanced flexibility. High-wear areas are covered with sturdy carbon rubber while the forefoot is made of blown rubber for enhanced traction.
      The namesake Air Zoom cushioning comprises the midsole unit of the Pegasus 33. This is where Nike follows the “if it ain’t broke…” philosophy, one that has served them well for decades. With decent durability and great responsiveness, the Air cushioning units are placed in the heel and forefoot areas, while for improved stability Nike has placed a cellulose board on top of the heel Air unit.
      Nike’s proprietary Flymesh comprises the upper unit of the Pegasus 33, which after lace-up provides a sock-like fit and superior breathability. With Flywire cables that are connected to the midsole that provides solid midfoot hold after lace-up, the cords are covered in a soft lining to prevent them from causing pressure on top of the foot. In addition, an interior heel counter provides support and security. The only printed overlay on the upper is Nike’s signature Swoosh logo.
      The average weight of the Pegasus 33 is 9.9 ounces/281 grams for men and 8.6 ounces/244 grams for women. This keeps the Pegasus 33 in the lightweight category, although it’s slightly heavier than other comparable trainers.

      The weight of the shoe is kept off thanks to a durable and efficient rubber outsole design, while the Flywire strings in the upper provide a sleeker running experience. The weight is balanced with the drop to give a comfortable and smooth foot strike, which enables the natural range of motion during a run at a comfortable stride.

      The four main size categories offered by Nike include Narrow, wide, Regular, and Extra-wide. The available size option varies from 6 to 15. Moreover, customization of size facility is also available online with NIKEiD.
      The breathability of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 is the core feature of the shoe, where the improved engineered Flymesh upper offers superior ventilation the feet. The internal sock lining gives the fit a pocket feeling, as well as providing a breathable fit to the feet, which is similar to the feeling that can be found with the Salomon Sonic Pro.

      The sock lining also helps manage excessive sweat and maintains hygiene during long runs. The ultra-breathable fit of the shoe is optimized with its lightweight feel and is designed to provide a highly breathable running experience during serious running sessions.
      The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 is designed with a flexible but snug upper that uses Flywire technology to provide a custom fit to the runner’s foot, providing strong midfoot hold while running. The flywire cable in the upper and flex groove in the outsole keep the foot in place while providing a secure, comfortable stride to the runner.

      The sock-like fit of the Pegasus 33 allows for the foot to breathe easy while also providing comfortable wear in extreme weathers. The Zoom Air fit in the forefoot of the Pegasus 33 gives a bounce in the heel that is much improved from the Pegasus 32. The durability and much stronger grip are provided by the durable outsole that gives excellent feeling in longer runs of even 50+ miles.

      The comfort and fit are further aided by the responsive cushioning feature that is assisted by the Zoom Air placed in the heel, which works in conjunction with internal fibers that spring back fast. The mesh inner sleeve wraps give a plush and comfortable cushioning to the feet. The overall fit is further aided by the midsole cushion foam that gives a springy feeling, along with an internal heel counter that protects the back of the sole.
      Through its unique style that’s part of Nike’s signature aesthetic, the Pegasus 33 looks sleek and sharp while running on tracks and trails. The previous editions lacked the streamlined silhouette that is introduced in the Pegasus 33.

      Since this line is made for men, women, as well as kids, Nike offers the ease of customized designs to the users where they can decide to style their own Pegasus 33 with their own exclusive upper graphic designs using NikeID online.

      With its association with Mo Farah, Nike also allows its users to style the Pegasus 33 by using the metallic gold logo of Mo Farah. Moreover, the customization of style also offers to add a personal name, favorite numbers or personal messages on the Pegasus 33.

      The available color ranges of the shoe for both men and women vary. For women, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 is available in White/Pink, Blast/Electric, and Green/Black combo. For men, the Pegasus 33 comes in Concord/Black and Electric Green/White. As anyone familiar with Nike knows, they rarely disappoint when it comes to style, and the Pegasus 33 is no exception.
      This is Nike we’re talking about, and specifically their Air Zoom line. Again, a shoe doesn’t make it to its thirty-third iteration if they have a reputation for falling apart. The cushioned responsiveness of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 is highly durable, with its mixture of pylon and rubber additives that make it a long-lasting shoe.

      Some reviewers have noted that the Pegasus 33 has received an enhancement in its overall durability thanks to the changes in the lateral and forefront outsole grooves, having been reduced from two to one and with enhanced flexibility throughout the rubber outsole instead.

      The durability of the heel has been enhanced to assist in encouraging natural strides,
      which translates to smoother foot strikes, all leading to less wear and tear of the shoe over time, reminiscent of the Asics Gel Venture.
      The responsive cushioning in the Pegasus 33 is the key to its competitive edge and a core function of its design that differentiates it from prior versions of the Nike Air Zoom. The smooth ride it provides is aided by the responsive cushioning that gives a comfortable hold at the heel and forefoot, remaining soft and responsive throughout a run.

      The springy ride adds to the overall pace while running, and further goes to show how much Nike knows about the business of providing runners with exactly what they want in a trainer.
      The incredible protection and support the Pegasus 33 offers is provided by pylon rubber support as well as the installation of Flywire cords in the upper that gives the trainer a more stable and resilient feel, which helps prevent slips and injury. The Flymesh material and inner sock lining add to the overall protection by giving a sock-like pocket feel to the foot while in a pair.
      The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 has received a good amount of praise thanks to its solid neutral support. The outsole of the shoe is built with special synthetic rubber that allows flexibility when the runner changes direction, which is further enhanced by the deep flex groove cut into the forefoot and improvements throughout the outsole that allows for greater flexibility in the rubber.

      The rubber lugs of hexagonal shape are arranged in a matrix on the medial and lateral side of the outsole to provides more support to the overall shoe frame, while the Air Zoom midsole provides cushioned support in the heel and forefoot. The Pegasus 33 also features Nike’s standard neutral arch support.
      The rubber lugs of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 enable serious longer mileages. While it sings on standard running surfaces, a light trail or two won’t present many problems to the runner. Of course, Nike wants to appeal to everybody, so the Pegasus 33 is also a great everyday sneaker for around the house or while going about the business of life in general.
      Nike is one of the premier brands in the world of running shoes, and they put out a huge volume of various shoes that appeal to a wide swath of the population for various purposes. The Air Zoom Pegasus 33 isn’t the most customized running shoe, and for barefoot runners or those looking for rugged trail shoes, they won’t find what they’re looking for here.

      But everyday runners looking for a comfortable trainer that performs well and provides great support, responsiveness, and versatility will be pleased by the Pegasus 33. That said, it also carries a Nike price tag, so expect to pay more for a pair of these shoes than just a comfortable loafer. Then again, you wouldn’t go running in a pair of loafers, would you?
      Featuring the familiar “Waffle” pattern on the outsole, the Air Zoom Pegasus 33 also has hexagonal lugs running along the medial side of the outsole, which provides additional traction and greatly aids in gripping the ground while changing direction in a run.

      Although it may not be the most tenacious traction available, it is the Nike standard—which means it’s highly versatile and can be depended upon in a variety of conditions.
      The flexibility of the Pegasus 33 is aided by a deep flex groove cut in the forefoot of the outsole. Besides this, the responsive midsole design also has some give to it while remaining firm enough so as not to damage the runner’s foot. Its Flymesh upper is similarly pliable and conforms to the shape of the runner’s foot.
      The solid structure of the shoe is maintained by the lateral and medial sides of the shoe by adding a matrix of hexagon-shaped rubber lugs. The Flywire cord in the upper provides a solid midfoot hold after lace-up, while the responsive cushioning adds to the overall stability of the shoe.
      Featuring a 10mm heel to toe drop, the Pegasus 33 isn’t looking to rewrite the rules of the drop in a sneaker. Indeed, this is the industry standard drop, which most runners will find immediately comfortable.
      Key Features
      • The flymesh upper is engineered for maximum breathability for comfort and a snug fit

      • Flywire cord provides great midfoot hold after lace-up

      • Soft and responsive cushioning is aided by forefoot and heel Zoom Air technology

      • Deep cut groove in the outsole provides excellent flexibility

      •Silhouette streamlining adds to the flexibility and sleekness of the shoe
      Bottom Line
      Nike seems to never disappoint or misfire. There may be a hiccup here and there, but this company knows its business almost too well. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 is reflective of their constancy: now in its thirty-third iteration, this sneaker continues to give runners and everyday wearers alike exactly what they want.

      With a snug but comfortable fit, responsive midsole, lightweight and breathable upper, and signature Nike style, the Pegasus 33 is for runners who are looking for a dependable everyday trainer. By tweaking a proven formula ever so slightly each time out, Nike continues to improve upon an already well-liked line.
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