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The Nike Zoom All Out Low features state of the art technology. It utilizes some of the newest and smartest updates to make the runner as comfortable, secure, and overall satisfied as possible. From the Flywire cables of the upper to the translucent waffle rubber of the outsole, this shoe is designed with the needs of the runner in mind.

The upper of the shoe is highly breathable and features signature FlyWire cables. These cables individualize the fit for each runner. The midsole is made from a unique material that is able to give the shoe cushioning without adding extra weight. The Air Zoom pressurized midsole material is highly responsive and runners love the added support it provides. Finally, the unique Translucent Waffle rubber of the outsole adds durability and traction. Two of the key features that runners loved about this shoe was the style and the comfort.
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Pros & Cons

- Customizable fit and style

- Extra comfort and responsiveness

- Breathable upper


- Pricey

Key Features
The Nike Zoom All Out Low has a unique Translucent Waffle outsole. This design is made from a durable rubber that protects the rest of the shoe from wear and tear and also provides amazing traction and grip to the runner. The outsole is also very flexible due to the flex grooves that are provided to the runner in key areas like the forefoot. By having the flex grooves along the forefoot, it promotes a natural toe off gait cycle, which protects the runner from an unnatural and harmful stride.
The midsole foam that Nike selected for this model is Cushlon. This foam runs the length of the midsole and runners reported that it is cushioned but still very responsive. The cushioning of this midsole foam is designed to keep its shape, and is durable and doesn't break down easily. In addition to the Cushlon midsole, this model uses a pressurized air unit, the Zoom Air, which provided tongue energy return and responsiveness. Runners reported that this element of the shoe helped them reduce premature fatigue.
The upper of this shoe is constructed using an Engineered mesh. This material achieves a good mix of snugness and breathability. This shoe also features Nike's patented Flywire cables. This strings are found on the sides of the shoe and are connected to the lacing system to provide an individualized fit and more support for the runner. Nike also incorporated smaller details to ensure a comfortable fit through the upper. The tongue of the shoe is padded as is the collar. This helps reduce friction with can lead to painful and distracting blisters. Runners reported that the heel of the shoe fits securely and doesn't move around. It grounds the foot and keeps it secure throughout the run.
This shoe weighs in at 11.1 ounces. This isn't the most lightweight road running shoe, but the midsole does offer two different levels of cushioning– the cushlon foam and the Zoom Air pressurized unit– so many runners felt happy to trade a few extra ounces for the added comfort this shoe affords.
The upper of this shoe is constructed using an engineered mesh material. Even during hot weather, runners reported that their feet still felt cool and dry.
As usual, Nike does not disappoint in the style department with the Zoom All Out Low. Runners can choose from a selection of standard color options. Nike provides options from subtle grays and blacks to more vibrant blues and pinks. In addition to the standard color options, for a higher price tag, they have the option of designing their own style and color combination. Runners loved these shoes for everyday wear too because of their stylish aesthetic. These shoes look great on the start line or paired with jeans to run errands around town.
The midsole of this shoe uses Cushlon foam, which runs the length of the shoe and provides cushioning that is also very responsive. It also utilized the Zoom Air unit to provide energy return to the foot. This helps keep the runners comfortable by keeping the foot from fatiguing prematurely. Not only does the upper of the shoe feature an engineered mesh that gives the runner a breathable ride, it also comes designed with Nike's patented Fly Wire Cables. These are lightweight strings along the side that connect to the lacing system and allow the runner to really customize their fit. This gives them even more comfort. Nike really considered all of the large and small details to give the runner the most comfortable ride possible. The tongue of the shoe is padded and the collar of the shoe is also padded to eliminate friction and provide runners with added cushioning.
One of the ways that the Nike Zoom All Out Low protects the runner is by promoting a natural gait cycle. The flex grooves that line the forefoot of the outsole promote a strong toe-off. Another area of protection that this shoe offers is through the added traction provided through the unique translucent waffle outsole. Runners reported feeling safe running in slippery conditions because of this design element of the shoe. The heel unit provides protection by locking the foot down and reducing the risk of friction which can lead to uncomfortable blisters that can cut a good run short. The underfoot of the shoe provides lugs and extra traction. Runners loved that they felt protected in slippery and slick conditions.
Runners reported that the outsole of this shoe holds up well against speed work and aggressively long miles. The outsole is made from a translucent waffle material which protects the rest of the shoe from wear and tear and holds up against the elements of the road. The Cushlon midsole of this shoe is also very durable. It maintains its form and holds up against wear and tear. While the upper is designed for breathability, some runners reported that this engineered mesh began to wear down quicker than they would have liked.
Runners love the responsiveness of this shoe. Reviewers commented that they felt very connected to the road without having an extremely low heel drop. It provides the perfect amount of cushioning and support without sacrificing responsiveness. Runners reported that the Zoom Air unit which is a pressurized unit found in the midsole of the shoe provides excellent feedback and absorbs the harmful shock of the road. Although this midsole gives extra comfort and the outsole is supportive, both elements are thin enough to provide extra responsiveness to the runner. Runners reported that they were able to feel the road below them, and this shoe responded quickly to changes in pace and directions.
From the upper to the outsole, runners report that this is a very supportive road shoe. The upper provides support through the individualized fit afforded thought the Flywire cables. The midsole of the shoe features a responsive Zoom Air pressurized unit absorbed the shock of each footfall, protecting and supporting the foot. Finally, the outsole features some gripping lugs to support the runner on steep uphill climbs and downhill descents.
This shoe is suggested for road running, track workouts, and treadmills. The translucent waffle rubber outsole adds extra grip to the shoes because of the lugs used in the underfoot design, which means they can also be taken on groomed trails. However, for the more extreme off-road adventures, runners should select a different shoe.
Nike is not a low priced brand, but overall, runners know that they are paying for a stylish, trusted running companion and are generally happy to pay the higher price. This shoe is on the higher end of the price spectrum and is not for the runner who is trying to find a very affordable running companion.
The translucent waffle rubber of the outsole provides added traction for this shoe. Runners reported that they felt safe running in slippery conditions or up or down steep inclines and declines.
Due to the flex grooves that line the forefoot of the outsole, this is a very flexible shoe. The engineered mesh of the upper combined with the Flywire cables also provides the runner with a flexible upper. Though the shoe fits securely and snuggly, runners never felt restricted in their movement.
This shoe is marketed as a neutral running shoe, but there are elements of the shoe that runners felt gave it some stability as well. For starters, the patented Air Zoom pressurized unit provides great feedback and responsiveness. It keeps the foot stable but doesn't eliminate flexibility for the running experience. Another element is the Flywire cables of the upper. These, along with the heel guard in the heel of the shoe, help keep the foot securely in place and reduce unwanted side to side movement.
The heel drop on this shoe is 8 millimeters. This is a good option for the runner who is looking to move away from a more stable shoe and down to a more natural running experience. It has been suggested that runners don't go directly from the 12 to the zero heel drop, so this is a good height to ease the transition.
Key Features
- Flex Grooves on the forefoot provide the runner with flexibility and a positive toe-off gait cycle
- Translucent Waffle outsole adds traction and durability
- Cushlon midsole material is cushioned and designed to last longer
- Zoom Air provides superior responsiveness
- Flywire cables provide a secure, customizable fit
- Engineered Mesh upper provides maximum breathability and airflow
Bottom Line
This shoe is for the runner who is looking for a comfortable, stylish, high tech road running companion. In terms of comfort, the upper is extra breathable and features flywire cables to create a unique and customizable fit. The midsole is made from Cushlon midsole foam and Zoom Air pressurized unit to provided superior responsiveness and cushioning without adding extra weight. This is a neutral running shoe, but between the midsole and the outsole, runners reported that the shoe felt very stable and supportive. Runners love what is one of the signature Nike design elements, which is the ability to customize their own shoe to fit their own style.
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