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Weightlifting shoes are gaining popularity in the world of lifting and CrossFitting so, naturally, there are more options to choose from than just a few years ago. When these specialty sneakers first came out, they were nothing great to look at. It is a bonus that as things gain popularity in the marketplace, they tend to become more aesthetically pleasing. The Nike Romaleos 3 is a sleek looking lifting shoe. It is designed to keep your feet supported and give you more efficient lifting workout. Many CrossFitters, as well as powerlifters, have worn the Nike Romaleos 3 and commented on how much it improved their overall workout. While lifting shoes are not absolutely necessary, the Nike Romaleos 3 will not only support you. They will help you achieve lower squats and better body alignment in terms of lifting. The durable rubber TPU outsole is designed to provide excellent grip on flat surfaces. It has a 20mm drop which will help you gain an expanded range of motion. It is made to offer a supremely snug fit to help your feet stay stable and, unlike its predecessor, it offers a flexible forefoot. On top of all that, the Nike Romaleos 3 comes in lots of colorways. You can personalize your lifting shoes to whatever suits your fancy.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Breathable mesh upper allows optimal airflow into the foot chamber
  • The outsole is made with TPU rubber designed to grip smooth surfaces well
  • Medial velcro strap helps to keep the shoe snug 
  • Flywire technology helps shoe have a more personalized adaptable fit
  • Two insoles provided 
  • Aesthetically pleasing with lots of colorways options
  • Cons
    • Expensive
    • Some users said shoes broke apart after a few months of use
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Nike Romaleos 3 is made up of a durable and solid rubber material and is designed to deliver great grip on flat surfaces such as rubber flooring or platforms that you might come across during your CrossFit or weightlifting workout. This weightlifting Nike Romaleos 3 has a sole that features a Honeycomb TPU plate.

      Thermoplastic polyurethane is a combination of hard plastic and soft silicone, which adds to the durability of the Nike Romaleos 3. This material is also resistant to grease and oil and protects the outsole from abrasion. The heel of the Nike Romaleos 3 outsole is made from this TPU material and is hollow. However, Nike Romaleos 3 does have pylons within the shoe to give it structural rigidity. The forefoot of the Nike Romaleos 3 is very bendable and flexible, allowing for great calf-raises and will give you the ability to move around a little better in them. The flat, harder heel will help you achieve a deeper squat and keep you supported.
      Since the Nike Romaleos 3 is a weightlifting or powerlifting shoe, it is not meant to have a whole lot of support going on in its midsole. With that said, you do need some support when you are lifting. That is why Nike includes two removable insoles that you can choose from, based on your needs and your workout. One of the insoles is “soft” and one is “hard”. With that said, the soft insole isn’t extremely soft, but it is meant to support you better during a workout such as CrossFit. The harder Nike Romaleos 3 insole is designed to give you the stabilization support you need when you are weight or powerlifting.
      The upper is made of a breathable mesh with a synthetic leather overlay. The overlay protects the mesh while allowing airflow into the foot chamber. Nike’s Flywire technology is used throughout the sneaker’s upper and is most prevalent on the top two eyelets. Flywire technology uses strong thin nylon cords to provide support without added weight. It also helps to keep your foot from wobbling or excising the shoe. Over the lacing system, you will find a thick velcro strap that you pull across the sneaker and fasten in order to achieve a snug and secure fit. The Nike Romaleos 3 tongue is very thin and not padded. One user commented that it feels so thin that he felt like he needed to be careful when pulling it, to prevent it from tearing.
      The Nike Romaleos 3 is a little lighter than its predecessor, the Romaleos 2. With the harder insole in the shoe, it weighs 15.4 ounces, while it weighs in at 13.3 ounces with the softer insole inside.
      The mesh upper of this shoe provides a good level of airflow in and out of the foot chamber. Although the mesh is covered by synthetic leather, designed to add support and aid in durability, it is surprisingly breathable. The horizontal cuts in this synthetic leather material allow your feet to breath while keeping the shoe’s shape and adding support.
      Weightlifting shoes need to be snug in order to keep your feet in place within the sneaker. The Nike Romaleos 3 is a snug-fitting shoe, as it should be, and runs true to size. This particular weightlifting sneaker is said to be better for people with a wider foot, yet it will feel snug on wide and regular width feet. The padded heel collar adds comfort and will help prevent your foot from slipping.

      The Nike Romaleos 3 isn’t meant to be worn for anything other than CrossFit workouts or weight/powerlifting. If you were to wear them around as regular lifestyle sneakers, you’d probably feel a little uncomfortable. But because they are designed to deliver a more effective lifting experience, they are built to keep your feet safe, secure, and comfortable while lifting. In this respect, they are considered to be comfortable.
      Powerlifting shoes are not really meant to wow in the style department, but you do want to have some good-looking flat sneakers on your feet when lifting tons of weight. One great thing about the Nike Romaleos 3’s is that they come in many different exciting colorways. You could go with the basic white with black detailing, black with white detailing, or spring for a bright pop in your weightlifting wardrobe. They offer a functional but sleek design and are emblazoned with plenty of Nike’s signature swooshes.
      The rubber outsole featuring the honeycomb TPU plate is very durable. If these shoes are worn solely for their engineered purpose, the outsoles should hold up quite well. However, this shoe’s durability comes into question when it comes to the upper portion. Because it is made using lightweight mesh and has a super-thin tongue, some users worry it may rip or tear easily during a heavier lifting session. On the flip side, this mesh is covered with a stronger synthetic leather that is specifically designed to prevent such a shoe-tragedy.
      If you are opting for weightlifting shoes, then you definitely want them to aid in protecting your hard-working feet. The solid rubber making up the Nike Romaleos 3’s outsole will protect your feet from slipping as well as from underground debris. Weightlifting can be dangerous for feet if you aren’t careful with the weights, no matter what shoes you have on your feet. So if you drop a weight on your toe at the gym, not much will protect you. But at least with Nike Romaleos 3, you have a durable synthetic leather wrapping around your forefoot so at least there is a mild level of protection.
      A responsive weightlifting shoe is nothing like a responsive running shoe. You aren’t looking for shock absorbency or propulsion, and you certainly don’t want to add spring to your step. Rather, a weight or powerlifting sneaker needs to respond to your feet taking a beating as you lift heavy weights. In that respect, the Nike Romaleos 3 is designed to keep feet stable and held in place as you apply pressure, so in that regard, they are responsive considering what they are designed to do.
      If there is one thing you definitely want your weightlifting shoe to provide, it would be supported. The Nike Romaleos 3 helps to support your weight as you squat into them or as you push through them. Depending on what your workout entails, you can either use the soft insole to support you a little better when moving around the CrossFit box, or you can opt for the harder insole in order to better support you as you lift. These particular sneakers will help lifters who tend to have a narrower stance because they will aid in you getting deeper into your squat while keeping your back straight up and down. Several users have commented that the Nike Romaleos 3 helped them to break parallel in a squat because of its support.
      These shoes are designed to be worn indoors while working out. Since the Nike Romaleos 3 are weightlifting shoes, they should be worn in the gym or on another flat surface where you will be lifting. They can also be worn in a CrossFit box. They are engineered for these specific types of workouts and are not well-suited for other terrains.
      Weightlifting and heavy lifting shoes are not a ‘must’ in the lifting world. In fact, many weightlifters lift barefoot. However, if you are going to spring for a pair of lifting shoes, then these are going to set you back a little. They are specialty sneakers so the price tag is pretty hefty. With that said, many people have said that the Nike Romaleos 3 is worth the price.
      This weightlifting shoe is engineered to provide a great amount of grip at the gym. Because it could be extremely hazardous to your health if you were to slip while lifting heavy weights, Nike designed the outsoles of the Nike Romaleos 3 to deliver lots of grips. The rubber outsoles are specifically designed to help your feet grip flat, smooth surfaces while lifting. They are patterned with enough grippy design to keep you sure-footed.
      The Romaleos 2, this sneaker’s predecessor, was not very flexible at all. Unlike that shoe, the Nike Romaleos 3 has a more flexible forefoot. In fact, if you depress the outsole of the forefoot, you will feel its indent into the sneaker and will do the same if you depress the inside of the forefoot. This flexibility isn’t something that is absolutely necessary when it comes to powerlifting, but it does help your feet achieve better calf-raises and will feel less stiff on the foot than some lifting sneakers. The flexible forefoot will also help you achieve a better CrossFit workout than if your sneakers were inflexible.
      Weightlifting shoes are designed to keep your feet stable in the sense that you don’t want your feet moving around under you as you lift. With the grippy outsole and the velcro medial strap, these shoes aren’t going anywhere. The Nike Romaleos 3 snug fit and solidly-supportive outsole will help your feet stay stable underneath you. The honeycomb TPU heel, when combined with the harder insole, will keep your feet stable and supported throughout the toughest lifting workout.
      The drop in these shoes is 20mm. This is more than most running shoes, as it should be. The 3/4” heel will support your heavy lifting workouts while the slimmer forefoot will help you focus your weight in the heel.
      Key Features
      - Flexible forefoot allows for a more natural range of motion in the foot
      - Honeycomb patterned TPU heel plate for added stability while lifting
      - Synthetic leather over a breathable mesh upper adds durability and airflow
      - Velcro medial strap over laces to give you a snug fit
      - Flywire technology aids in providing a personalized molded fit
      - Two removable insoles provide the appropriate amount of support depending on your workout
      Bottom Line
      While you definitely need to wear shoes when participating in exercising activities such as CrossFit, weightlifting or powerlifting shoes are not necessary. Many lifters choose to lift barefoot, while others choose flatter sneakers such as Converse. However, if you are looking to get deeper into your squat or want some additional support that your plain old feet or Converse sneakers can't offer, then weightlifting shoes may just be on your radar. Due to the 20mm offset, the Nike Romaleos 3 will help give you a larger range of motion and may even aid in helping you break parallel in that squat.

      The TPU outsole will help you grip the floor easily while the snug fitting upper, complete with a velcro medial strap, will keep your feet snugly in place beneath you. Users have said that these shoes have helped them achieve personal records, compared to other sneakers or going barefoot. So if you are looking to up your game as far as lifting goes, or if you want some suitable shoes under your feet at the CrossFit Box, then the Nike Romaleos 3 may be the shoe for you.
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