Adidas Adipower Weightlifting Shoes

Adidas is a long time trusted name in athletics, and recently they have extended their knowledge and expertise into the weightlifting arena. Their Adipower Weight Lifting Shoes include the unique technology needed to help weightlifter cutting-edge their highest level. These shoes are made using some of the most cutting-edge technologies to give elite, competitive weightlifters the edge they need. Athletes who are competing in Olympic style weightlifting found these shoes to provide them with the stability and support they need. There is nothing casual about this shoe, including the design. This is not a shoe that is good for casual day to day wear. Starting with the upper, Adidas designed these shoes to increase the stability and the support provided to their athletes. The midsole is made using a unique weightlifting chassis design stabilizes the foot and won’t compress even under extreme weights. This shoe is built to last, and athletes were very pleased with its long lifespan. Athletes need to be prepared to pay top dollar for these shoes, and it is suggested that new athlete start out with a less advanced weightlifting shoe. Due to the technology and the price tag, these shoes are best suited for elite athletes.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Specifically designed for elite weight lifters
  • Durable
  • Unique chassis system
  • Excellent stability
  • Cons
    • Not designed for hybrid workouts
    • Expensive
    • Key Features
      The key to this outsole is that it provides runners with slip-proof technology. Athletes found this to be key to giving them the extra confidence they needed to perform at their highest level. The anti-slip rubber is used to ensure that athletes are getting the most stable base possible for their toughest lifts. In addition to the anti-slip rubber, Adidas added in the Ventflow opening along the outsole to ensure that athletes get the ventilation they need to keep their feet comfortable during rigorous activity.
      The midsole of the shoe is where athletes can expect to see the heaviest, most advanced technology. Unlike running shoes, these weight lifting specific shoes are designed with a weight lifting chassis. This design provides added stability and ensures that athletes are supported during even their heaviest lifts. This engineered technology includes a TPUS midsole that provides the ideal foothold for weightlifters. The heel overlays are created to provide added stability. The entire system is injected with a lightweight polymer to increase the durability and ensure that this midsole system won’t compress regardless of the weight. For comfort, athletes will be pleased with the textile lining that provides the perfect left of cushioning and a snug fit. The Torsion system that Adidas utilizes in their design of this shoe secures the midfoot and helps to perfect weightlifting form.
      The upper is constructed with a PU coated leather. This material ensures that the shoe can stretch with the natural movement of the foot, but can also provide stable support to help keep the foot in place when it needs to. It also features a unique hoot and loop features that keep the foot locked in place during heavy lifting. This strap is adjustable and helps the athlete create the perfect fit for their unique needs. Athletes where pleased with the built-in ventilation holes that can be found throughout the upper to keep the foot cool, even in high-pressure situations.
      This shoe is not for the athlete that is looking for a lightweight, minimalist shoe. The shoe weighs in at 15oz. The higher weight is designed to help stabilize the foot and ensure that the heel stays locked in place during powerlifting moves. Although this shoe is designed for Olympic style weightlifting, the higher weight and more cumbersome feel keep this shoe from working for hybrid workouts like CrossFit.

      One of the highest rated features of this shoe is its breathability. The Adipower Weight Lifting shoe not only offers traditional breathability via the upper of the shoe, it is also designed with unique ventilation spaces along the outsole. This helps to regulate the temperature inside fo the shoe and keep the foot comfort even during long sessions.
      Weightlifters said that this shoe was the perfect amount of cushioning and snug support to help them feel secure and protected during their challenging workouts. The raised heel design ensures that the midsole won’t compress and lead to injury or discomfort during lifts. Additionally, weightlifters commented on the high level of breathability that allowed air to reach their feet and keep them cool and comfortable.
      This shoe has a distinct look and is not designed to be worn during casual activity. The unique weightlifting chassis creates look that is specific to weightlifting shoes. Athletes can expect to see the Adidas insignia along the side. This shoe is only offered in basic colors, so this is not a shoe that is suggested for athletes who crave bright, vibrant colors and patterns.
      Weightlifters commented that this is virtually indestructible. It is ideal for lifting the heaviest weight possible, and even under all of that pressure the unique chassis system holds up and maintains a new look and feel. The upper is created using a leather material that provides athletes with a puncture, scratch-proof surface. This shoe stays new looking and feeling for much longer than similar shoes on the market.

      The key protective element offered in this shoe is the slip-proof outsole and the rearfoot lockdown system that provides stability and control to the athlete. The outsole of the shoe is designed with slip-proof rubber to give athletes the confidence they need with attempting new weight. The entire shoe is created with stability features in mind to ensure that the foot stays locked in place during lifts.
      Since this shoe is not designed for movement, the level of responsiveness is relatively low. Not many reviewers commented on the level of responsiveness provided by the Adipower Weight Lifting shoes since they are not looking for responsiveness as a key feature.
      Athletes did have a lot to say about the high level of support offered to athletes through this shoe. The unique chassis system that is created for this shoe features lockdown support at the heel to keep weight in the heel and keep form correct. This helps athletes to avoid injury and pain. Additionally, the upper of the shoe features an adjustable lock and instep strap that athletes can adjust to reach the perfect level of support for their unique foot shape and their individual needs.
      This is a shoe that is solely designed for the gym. It is specific to weightlifting and due to its heavier weight and unique design, is not suggested for various workouts. This is not a running shoe and should not be used on pavement or trail running. The best terrain for this shoe is a gym surface.
      This is not a shoe for the athlete on a very strict budget. It is costly and is priced in the higher end of the price spectrum for weightlifting shoes. Due to the higher price and the specialized design, the Adidas Adipower Weightlifting shoe is suggested only for the elite athlete or the athlete that is on their way to becoming an elite athlete.

      The shoe uses a unique slip proof outsole that gives the athlete extra grip and assurance that their feet will not move during their lifts. The shoe is designed to anchor the athlete’s foot to the ground and a key element to this design is the slip-proof rubber used in the outsole. Athletes commented that no matter how heavy the weight, they never had to worry about their feet moving in ways that they didn’t want them to.
      This shoe is not created to be flexible. Instead of mesh, the upper is created using leather which provides breathability and a comfortable fit but works to ensure that the foot stays locked in place. Since the athlete will not be performing much movement in this shoe, Adidas put more of their energy into designing a shoe that was stable and secure as opposed to flexible and free moving.
      Weightlifting shoes don't offer the traditional level of stability that can be found in running shoes. These are stability shoes, but not in the traditional sense of improving gait through pronation supports. The stability in this shoe is designed to help athletes lock in place and eliminate unwanted side to side movement while they are lifting heavy weights. The shoe features a heel overlay that works to maximize stability. Additionally, the Torsion system secures the center of the foot and locks it into place. Athletes commented that this shoe provides a stable, solid platform that is perfect for heavy squats or deadlifts.

      Because of the unique chassis system created for this shoe, it doesn’t have a traditional heel drop. This shoe has a standard weightlifters heel height of .75 inches or 10 mm.
      Key Features
      - Instep strap
      - Engineered chassis system
      - PU coated upper made of leather
      - Hook and loop instep strap that is adjustable
      - Lockdown in the rear foot
      - Soft textile lining
      - TPU midsole
      - Heel overlay
      - Anti-slip rubber
      - Torsion system
      - 16.2 ounces
      Bottom Line
      This shoe is specifically designed for elite weightlifters. This shoe is not designed for runners or athletes who are looking for a cardio companion. Adidas includes unique technology that is distinct to weightlifting shoes and designed to respond to the unique needs of weightlifters. Adidas focused on stability and support details to help keep the foot locked in place. These various features range from hook and loop instep strap, PU coated leather upper, lockdown system in the heel, and TPU midsole for the ideal foothold while performing difficult Olympic style weightlifting moves. The price of this shoe is high, so those just starting out at the sport of weightlifting can purchase a shoe that is less advanced. The style is unique to the sport of weightlifting and isn’t designed to be a stylish accessory for your everyday wardrobe.
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