Salomon Sense Escape

When you think of a running shoe specifically designed to traverse the trails, the shoe that may come to your mind may be made up of stiff upper, heavy-duty lugs, and variegated laces: all outdated designs. The Salomon Sense Escape is designed to be a trail-running shoe with not only performance in mind but also visual appeal. This sneaker does not have any stiff parts in its upper, nor does it look like you should be hiking the Adirondacks with LLBean fanatics. Rather, it is made up of a multiple-layer lightweight mesh upper, OPAL dual-foam midsole that provides both response and shock absorbency, and enough lugs on the bottom to ensure a safe step on the trail while not weighing the shoe down. In essence, this sneaker is made to be more like a road running shoe for the trail with its lightweight properties and high response. It has a neutral drop so would be good for almost any foot type and comes in a couple different fun and exciting colorways. This sneaker is a great option for anyone looking to expand their running to off of the road, but who you don’t want to sacrifice the style.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight upper provides breathability and protection
  • Responsive dual-foam midsole
  • Aggressive lugs on Contragrip outsole provide great traction
  • Bright and tantalizing colorways
  • Molded EVA sock liner offers support and cushioning
  • Cons
    • Tends to run narrow
    • Upper doesn't provide much stability
    • Not available in many different colors
    • Key Features
      This sneaker is specifically designed to be a trail running shoe and is built to carry you comfortably and safely over rocky terrain. The outsole is made up of a premium wet traction Contagrip material developed by the company that provides a considerable amount of grip on a number of surfaces. This rubber not only aids in grip and protection, but it also helps prohibit a great amount of wear and tear. The shoe’s aggressive lugs face different directions and help deliver even more grip over uneven terrains. When trail running, you want to be confident your shoes will not only keep you safe but will help propel you through the unpredictable underfoot landscape and these shoes will definitely deliver.
      The midsole of the Sense Escape is made up of EnergyCell+ Foam that runs the length of the shoe. Not only does this foam offers cushioning and energy return, but it is also made to prohibit sagging and wear and tear of the midsole, which can happen quite easily when traversing different terrains. Along with the EnergyCell+ Foam, the shoe also boasts a separate midsole section on the heel of the shoe that is referred to as OPAL. This additional cushioning unit provides a great amount of bounce and response on the heel strike. These two features combine to form Solomon’s VIBE cushioning system to provide a shock-absorbent, reactive, and comfortable ride.
      While trail running, one thing that runners often come across is debris entering into the foot chamber through the upper, especially if it is designed to be lightweight and breathable. Solomon developed the Sensifit system in this shoe specifically to prevent such a problem. This system is made up of specially placed layers of mesh to ensure not only a snug fit but also unrestrained coverage that keeps debris out. The thin material does not interfere with the smooth silhouette of the shoe including the sneaker’s lacing system. The shoe also boasts a lightly padded tongue and collar for comfort and an EVA insole to aid in cushion and support.
      Due to the fact that these are trail running sneakers, they may weigh a tad more than a road running shoe thanks to the larger, more aggressive rubber lugs on the outsole. However, because this sneaker is made with lightweight mesh in its upper, it isn’t very heavy on the feet. The midsole is also designed to be relatively lightweight. These are an excellent option for someone looking for a lightweight trail running shoe.
      Despite the fact that this sneaker is a trail running shoe specifically designed to carry you safely across rugged terrain, it is pretty breathable. One may think that the level of support needed to provide a great trail run might be a little confining in the breathability department, but the Solomon Sense Escape is definitely not constricting. The company designed the upper to allow for breathability but not for debris to enter the shoe, making it highly breathable.
      There are no supremely confining elements to this trail running sneaker. Rather, they offer a great amount of conformity with their layered mesh upper as well as an excellent measure of cushioning through its EVA insert and VIBE cushioning midsole. Because these are designed to help you out on the trail, they are manufactured to be supportive but at the same time, they are comfortable with their forgiving upper design and cushiony midsole. One thing worth mentioning, however, is that some users have felt that these sneakers tend to run a tad narrow. Other than that, they are praised for being both comfortable and supportive.
      Trail running shoes can sometimes look a little clunky and boring but that is certainly not the case with the Salomon Sense Escape. The colorways offered are bright, exciting, and more fun than the average trail-running shoe. In opposition to the typical trail-running shoe, the Salomon Sense Escape does not feature a boring, super-over-lug-laden outsole that would make you think you should be wearing them on an Alaskan outback trail hike. Rather, they feature efficient lugs, places sufficiently on the bottom of the shoe to provide enough traction and grip that would be beneficial on the trail. On top of that, this sneaker is designed to have a sleek and eye-catching silhouette that is sure to be admired both on and off the trail.
      The sneaker’s midsole is specifically designed to resist breakdown with its EnergyCell+ Foam. Many times on both typical running shoes and trail running shoes, the midsole can begin to sag and become misshapen with wear. To prevent this, Salomon developed it’s EnergyCell+ Foam which helps fight against this inevitable problem. Along with this, the upper is made up of layers of mesh which will help keep its shape longer while also allowing for different foot shapes to fit comfortably.
      When it comes to trail running, one thing you must ensure protection against is underfoot debris. Because the lugs on these shoes’ outsole face in a couple different directions, they ensure that your feet will stay slip-free and confident with each step. These rubber lugs will keep you safe and protected as you traverse any trail you submit to.
      The Sense Escape offers an incredibly responsive ride with its dual-foam OPAL midsole. Not only does the EnergyCell+ Foam absorb shock and reduce wear and tear of the shoe, but the separately added heel cushioning will assure a comfortable and responsive ride. While trail running, it is important to remember that you may be taking some high impact steps and you want to be certain your shoes will not only help absorb that shock but also deliver a high response on takeoff. This shoe’s engineering ensures a safe and responsive ride.
      The upper of this shoe is made up of the company’s Sensifit system, which, in essence, is basically a number of layers of mesh in order to keep the shoe both breathable yet supportive. Because of this, your foot within the sneaker will be well-supported and comfortable. The construction of this shoe is also made to prevent any hot spots and is made to prevent the foot from wobbling or leaving the sneaker unexpectedly.
      The Salomon Sense Escape is specifically designed to be a trail running sneaker. This means that it is made to traverse multiple terrains: from the smooth running of pavement to the unexpected underfoot environment of an off-road trail. The outsole and its lug system are made to ensure a comfortable and safe experience while trail-running. Because the lugs are a little larger than a typical running shoe, you may not want to use them as a road running sneaker because the lugs can trip you up on a smooth-running terrain.
      Because these are specialized shoes, designed for specifically trail running purposes, they run on the pricier side. However, because they are so well made and the company is well-known for its quality, they are a great purchase for anyone looking for specialized trail shoes.
      Trail running is not for the faint of heart; there are a number of unsuspecting underfoot circumstances that could result in falling, twisting an ankle, slipping, or even breaking a bone or two. For that reason, trail running shoes must be optimal in the traction department. In fact, the outsole of this sneaker has its own name coined by the company called the “Contragrip” outsole. Basically, this nickname refers to the fact that this sneaker can grip almost any terrain with ease. The Salomon Sense Escape offers a great amount of traction with its aggressively designed lugs and is built to provide confidence with each step out on the trail.
      With its optimal trail-running lugs, this sneaker is not designed to be an aggressively flexible shoe. However, due to its lightweight midsole and layered-mesh upper, it provides an amazing amount of flexibly being that it is a shoe designed for off-roading adventures. Some trail-running sneakers tend to be stiff and unforgiving with their leather or hard man-made synthetic uppers but the Salomon Sense Escape proves to be the exception with its mesh and lightweight midsole materials.
      The collar of the Sense Escape is lightly padded and, thus, adds an amount of stability that is needed on the trail. Because the upper is made of a layered mesh rather than a stiffer leather or man-made material, it is not as stable as some other trail running sneakers. With that said, the layered mesh does conform well to each individual foot, resulting in a more personalized fit. This means that your foot is less likely to wobble within or exit the shoe unexpectedly. Along with these features, the Contragrip outsole will keep your foot stable on almost any terrain, whether it be wet or dry land.
      Because this sneaker is engineered to be a trail running shoe, it is really more of a neutral running shoe. When trail running, your foot will come across varying degrees of terrain, hence you will end up striking the earth in different parts of the foot from time to time. For that reason, the drop in this shoe is pretty typical for a trail shoe and could be used for almost any foot type. Specifically, the drop is measured at 10mm.
      Key Features
      - Lugs on the outsole help grip both wet and dry terrain
      - EnergyCell+ Foam and heel cushioning provide responsive and well-cushioned ride
      - Multi-layer mesh of Sensifit upper provides personalized fit and breathable experience
      - Midsole material designed to withstand great amount of pressure
      Bottom Line
      When it comes down to it, if you are looking to do some off-road trail running, you have to be sure your shoe is going to help you rather than hinder you. The outsole of the Sense Escape is made to help you traverse over both wet and dry terrains, no matter what type: whether it be gravel or mud. The multi-layered upper will provide breathability as well as a comfortable and personal fit and is designed to prevent debris from entering into the sneaker. The midsole is made up of two types of foam to both add responsiveness and shock-absorption. All of these things, along with the shoe’s bright, eye-catching sleek silhouette, will help you conquer any terrain you decide to tackle.
      Where to Buy
      By Abbie Copeland
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