Nike Air Zoom Streak LT 4

The Nike Air Zoom Streak LT 4 is arguably the most lightweight and advanced racing shoe that the brand has released in recent years. At just 5.5 oz, it provides the runner with all of the tools they will need during races without adding on any unnecessary weight. The outsole stays durable and flexible while providing traction even on wet surfaces. Its midsole provides just enough cushioning without impacting the foot’s natural range of motion. Its Flymesh upper provides perfectly targeted breathability and has the added bonus of being available in a multitude of colors. All of these features combined ensure that the wearer can safely achieve their greatest speed possible. Furthermore, those who are more environmentally conscious appreciate the fact that is outsole is made with up to 96% fewer toxic emissions. However, many reviewers still note that it leaves something to be desired. Its level of cushioning makes it unfit for use as a lifestyle shoe, and its traction won’t work on heavier, more rugged terrains.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

-Fits true to size

-Extremely lightweight

-Breathable wear

-Unique color options

-Very affordable


-Lacks cushioning

-Not for long-distance runs

-Longer than average break-in period

Key Features
The Air Zoom Streak LT 4 features an outsole that’s constructed of Green Rubber, which is engineered using less factory power and up to 96% less toxic emissions than standard carbon-based rubber. Aside from being much more earth-friendly, this material is stickier at the forefoot and more solid at the heel to provide added durability and traction. Its waffle iron tread pattern strengthens the runner's grip while allowing complete flexibility. Runners who have purchased this shoe say that its improved design and materials give it much better traction than its predecessor.
Nike’s trademarked Cushlon LT foam constructs the full length of the Air Zoom Streak LT 4’s midsole. Perfect for track runners, it provides plush cushioning while still maintaining its shape after heavy usage. Its only downside, however, is that it runs thinner than most other midsole materials. Thankfully, two other features are included to provide additional support. A Zoom Air unit is fixed into the heel for added shock absorption, and a TPU shank is built into the midsole to provide additional structure. Even with these additions, however, reviewers still note that this shoe is not supportive enough for all-day wear.
The Air Zoom Streak LT 4 features a Flymesh upper, which combines durable knitting with targeted breathability. Vents are created along the forefoot and sides to better eliminate hotspots and keep the foot dry during runs. Synthetic overlays are placed over this material in order to provide more structure. The tongue is held in place at the top and sides by an internal arch strap, aided further by Dynamic Fit technology and the shoe’s lacing system. All of this, combined with a padded collar, provides a fit that’s light and comfortable yet completely secure.

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The Air Zoom Streak LT 4 is one of the lightest shoes that can be found in Nike’s catalog, with men’s shoes averaging at around 5.5 oz. An important quality of any racing shoe is to provide the runner with strong traction and support without weighing them down in any way. As with its predecessors, this model achieves exactly that. The incredible combination of its Green rubber outsole, Cushlon LT midsole, and Flymesh upper keep the runner cushioned and secure throughout their activities yet still avoid carrying unnecessary weight. Some reviewers have stated that these feel even lighter than the previous model.
It’s crucial for any racing shoe to be completely breathable, and the Flymesh upper of Nike’s Air Zoom Streak LT 4 ensures this. This surprisingly durable material is woven tightly throughout much of the shoe, yet vents are created at the forefoot and below the ankles. This allows for better targeting of hotspots to ensure that sweat is dried away quickly and the runner stays cool and comfortable while in motion. This also works to reduce odor and the likelihood of blisters and infections caused by excessive heat and moisture.
When it comes to a runner’s comfort needs, the Air Zoom Streak LT 4 more than delivers. Its outsole is sturdy while allowing full range of motion, and its midsole provides just enough cushioning without being bulky. Its upper fits comfortably around the foot and stays breathable throughout its wear as additional padding around the collar provides the perfect amount of ankle support. While it’s more than ideal for racing, this shoe would not be considered practical for everyday usage by many consumers. Some reviewers state that its cushioning is much too thin, while others say that it requires a surprisingly long break-in period.
An uncomplex silhouette paired with vibrant hues make the Nike Air Zoom Streak LT 4 a favorite choice for racing enthusiasts. Its design is sleek and simple, save for the Nike logo featured on the forefoot and arch of the shoe. What truly pleases the reviewers is this shoe’s incredible color range. Buyers can choose between navy, white, dark green, light blue, or even a bright mustard yellow. An added flair is given by the contrasting colors of its outsole and logo.
While it may not appear to be a very sturdy running shoe, especially when considering how lightweight it is, the Air Zoom Streak LT 4 has proven to be surprisingly durable. The heel of its Green rubber outsole is especially strong, able to withstand constant usage against paved roads. The Cushlon LT foam that comprised its midsole is engineered to provide just enough cushioning for natural runners while still maintaining its shape. Though breathable, its Flymesh upper is woven tightly to ensure a long-lasting wear. When combined with synthetic overlays, this feature is better able to retain its form. Yet when considering its lack of sufficient cushioning it is best not to rely on this model as an everyday shoe.
Though it provides limited protection from the elements, the Air Zoom Streak LT 4 is still able to safeguard the runner from several very common racing hazards. Though flexible, its rubber outsole provides high levels of traction even on wet roads. Its resilient Cushlon LT midsole is aided even further by a Zoom Air unit fixed into the heel to provide a greater level of shock absorption. Furthermore, the Flymesh material enables greater targeting of hotspots and provides incredible moisture and temperature control. There is, however, no information about whether or not this feature is water repellant, and the vents in this shoe appear large enough to allow some debris to get inside. For those who are looking for an all-weather running shoe, it is within their best interest to look elsewhere.
The Air Zoom Streak LT 4’s responsive qualities are built on its durable yet flexible outsole. Strong enough to withstand heavy usage on paved roads, yet carved into a tread pattern that allows for full range of motion, it provides racers with strong and stable traction even on wet surfaces. This is aided further by its Cushlon LT midsole and Zoom Air unit, which cushion the runner and supply them with just the right amount of shock absorption. Finally, its Flymesh upper makes this shoe an ideal choice for warm-weather usage by allowing for better targeting of hotspots, ensuring that the runner stays cool and dry.
For races and jogging sessions, the Air Zoom Streak LT 4 provides just enough support without any added bulk. This is mostly due to its Cushlon LT midsole, aided further by a Zoom Air unit in the shoe’s heel. Together, they give the runner sufficient enough cushioning and shock absorption while maintaining their original shapes. Other features are built in to ensure that the shoe maintains its original form, including a TPU midfoot shank and overlays fixed into the shoes upper. A padded collar and the shoe’s unique lacing system further ensure that the foot is kept in place. Reviewers do note that these are still not enough for everyday usage, as many found that its level of cushioning was not enough to meet their needs.
As a racing shoe, the Air Zoom Streak LT 4 is designed solely for use on even-level paved roads. Its outsole does provide incredible traction even on wet surfaces, but it should never be used for trail running or on uneven, jagged terrains such as gravel roads. Though durable, the outsole would soon begin to wear down after being used on more rugged paths. In addition, its Flymesh upper cannot keep out dirt or other elements and will ultimately harm the runner more than help them.
The Air Zoom Streak LT 4 is an extremely affordable shoe. This affordable price can be found on Nike’s website, as well as other online retailers such as Foot Locker and Eastbay. While it should be noted that this model does cost more than its predecessor, its improved traction, and more advanced construction are enough reasoning to some for the higher price tag.
Strong traction is incredibly essential when it comes to racing shoes, and the Air Zoom Streak LT 4 has greatly improved on this feature from the previous model. Its environmentally-friendly Green rubber outsole features a waffle iron tread pattern that stickier at the forefoot and much more durable at the heel. It’s this exact pattern, along with the consistency of its rubber, that allows the runner to efficiently grip the road underneath them even during light rainfalls. It should be noted, however, that this feature only worked on even paved roads and should not be used for trail running or on obstacle courses.
Another important feature for any racing shoe is allowing the fullest range of motion possible. Aside from being durable and providing incredible traction, the Air Zoom Streak LT 4’s outsole is also highly flexible. The deep flex grooves cut into its waffle iron tread pattern give the runner the ability to use their full foot motion and provide greater speed and balance during races. This is aided further by its Cushlon LT midsole and Flymesh upper. This shoe’s midsole material provides support and pliability without losing its shape, and the upper stays breathable and flexible without wearing down after months of usage.
It’s safe to say that, like its predecessors, the Air Zoom Streak LT 4 is not a stability shoe. Any structure that it does provide is for the purpose of maintaining the shoe’s overall shape and keeping the runner’s foot in place. Its TPU midfoot shank, synthetic overlays, and padded collar all handle this task perfectly. When it comes to correcting any form of pronation, however, there is nothing that this particular shoe can offer.
The Air Zoom Streak LT 4 features a low-drop platform, with only 4mm between its heel and toe height. While this is much too low for the average consumer, who typically prefers more heel support, it is the perfect height for runners. Not only does this low drop provide a more natural range of motion and feel much less restrictive than typical running shoes, but it also helps them move faster and respond better to various road conditions.
Key Features
- Green rubber outsole made with fewer emissions
- Durable traction with amazing flexibility
- Cushlon LT comprises the length of its midsole
- Zoom Air unit for added shock absorption
- TPU midfoot shank to provide structure
- Durable and breathable Flymesh upper
- Several eye-catching color options
- Highly affordable price tag
Bottom Line
When it comes to racing gear, Nike’s Air Zoom Streak LT 4 model definitely meets expectations. Its lightweight build ensures that the runner achieves optimal speed and balance. Its outsole stays strong and pliable as it grips the road underneath, aided further by its cushiony midsole and breathable upper. And its relatively inexpensive price tag makes this shoe especially appealing. It isn’t without its downsides, however, as its thin cushioning makes it an unfit lifestyle shoe. Furthermore, while it performs perfectly during track and field races, it does prove insufficient for trail running. Still, for those who prefer their shoes on the lighter side, this model is the perfect option.
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